The Vassal Academy Ch. 10


Part 10: Study And Understanding.

The morning started and Devon told Jeannette to use the restroom on this floor, let the girls know it’s allowed for morning routine.

At Breakfast Devon dove right in. “Ann, we were talking last night, and we decided it was time to start living up to our slaves expectations, and so we’re making a few small changes.”

“Oh? They overdressed?” Ann asked smiling sweetly. “Those collars cover so much don’t they?”

Rebecca giggled and said. “No, we need to start bedding them. Taking them to our beds. They expect a great deal more sex than they’ve been getting.”

“So after sleep training, we’re going to start to do just that.” Devon said.

“Oh, feeling a little edgy?” Ann asked with a knowing smile.

“We’re also going to be adding more Bondage, and this is something I was thinking about this morning.” Devon said.

“Woke up thinking about tying up the girls? What a surprise.” Ann said.

Andre chuckled and then laughed. “Wow.”

Devon sighed and said. “As I was saying, we’re adding some bondage. Rebecca how’s Geneva’s posture when she’s not in class?”

“Like most novice slaves, she reverts to slouching as soon as she’s out of class.” Rebecca replied.

“Thomas is Diane still using her hands too much at station six?” Devon asked next?

“Yeah, we’re working the problem, but she got used to it on two and four.” Thomas answered.

“So here’s what we’re going to do. We’re giving Geneva a posture collar and leather corset from downstairs. She’s going to wear them all day through dinner. To improve her posture.” Devon turned from Rebecca and to Thomas and said. “I want Diane’s hands bound behind her on station six. Get a strap from downstairs, and bind them behind her, up high.”

“Devon, how about wrist and ankle bindings as part of their uniforms? In addition to the collar.” Thomas asked.

“Nice touch, makes binding them faster, and easier.” Devon said. “We’ll look at it.”

“So now I’m to be trained in tying people up?” Ann asked innocently. “Who do I practice on?”

“There’s only one way to learn that Ann.” Thomas smiled at her.

Ann gave him a blank look and then turned to Devon. “Are you joking?”

“I didn’t say that.” Devon said smiling.

Ann shook her head and grumbled under her breath.

“Devon, if I may offer a quick suggestion before getting the items I’ll need to wrap up Geneva. May I borrow her for a night, or two?” Rebecca asked.

Devon raised an eyebrow. Rebecca took this as Devon requesting an explanation. “I promised Geneva that I would make her lick me to several orgasms, and I’d reward her by allowing her to masturbate, and then chain her to my bed and let her sleep on the floor.” Rebecca shrugged. “I’d hate to be accused of not keeping my promises.”

Ann shook her head and looked at the table to avoid the looking at everyone else who was laughing.

“OK, so you want to sleep train her the old fashioned way? Fine with me.” Devon answered.

“If it wouldn’t be too inappropriate, I’d be willing to train Diane tonight.” Thomas said.

Devon nodded. “Don’t wear them out you all. We do need some work out of them. If they’re stumbling on tired ankles all day, they’re liable to get hurt.” Devon said.

“Tired ankles?” Ann asked.

Andre answered as Thomas and Roberta moved to get the items and get to class. “Their ankles would be tired, because their legs were up all night.”

Ann hung her head as Devon roared with laughter at the look on her face. “I give up.”

“Let’s go Ann, we have work to do.” Devon said. “I believe it’s no rest for the wicked?”

Ann shook her head and said. “Somebody tell me when I went insane.”

Devon handed her some books and said. “Corporate reading list. These are the fantasies that our slaves base their version of slavery on. I’m afraid you’ll have to read dirty books.” Devon said seriously.

Ann sighed. “Are you going to mock me all day long?”

“No, but your expression was priceless.” Devon said. “We’re going to tour the training area, and then we’re going to remove a door from one of the sleeping rooms, in anticipation of Cathy’s arrival. This afternoon, we’re giving a tour to Mistress Ariana, and her slave James.”

“Finally a male slave.” Ann said. “You’re probably jumping for joy.”

“A client’s slave.” Devon said. “I still want at least one here for us.”

Ann shook her head and took the books to the trainer’s offices. It was an open area with four desks, which were to be used to report on training and to perform other administrative duties.

After an hour or so Devon called to her. “I’m going to tour our trainees, and see how they’re liking the addition of the bondage. Would you like to join me?”

“Certainly, I’ve been wondering if the descriptions of the bondage I’ve been reading is accurate.” Ann said rising from her chair.

In Oral Arts, Diane was trying to pass station six. Her arms were bound painfully behind her in a leather arm binder that ran from her shoulder to her wrists. Thomas had shown little mercy in the binding. Devon looked in and gave a short nod to Thomas. illegal bahis

He walked to Ballet and looked in the doorway. Diane was wearing a posture collar, which extended her neck and made it impossible for her to turn her neck or to look down. Her skin was a bright red where Rebecca had been correcting her. Her waist was cinched tightly and painfully in a leather corset. Geneva’s breasts were squashed painfully in the corset and it looked like she was in hell. One thing belied that impression, and that was the small smile on her face as tears ran down her cheeks. Devon looked at Ann and found her shaking her head. He gestured towards the stairs.

Down in the Dungeon he walked around the various items. Obviously debating what he would put Cathy, or others in this week.

He stopped beside a small cage, slightly larger than a dog cage. Too small for a person to stand, sit, or even lay down comfortably. He nodded and walked to a large wooden frame. He ran his hands over the bindings, and looked at the ankle bindings. He nodded again.

“Make a decision?”

“I think so, but I need your help.” Devon answered. “Strap me into this please.”


“I’ll talk you through it.” Devon said. In ten minutes he was in the frame, his arms and legs stretched apart, his weight supported by his arms, and his legs. He nodded and said. “Yes. This will do nicely.”

“For what?”

“To humiliate, degrade, and cause Cathy to start looking at her own soul. Leave me for an hour, then return and release me please.” ??Ann had to be told a second time before she obeyed. She was at the top of the stairs looking at her watch almost constantly. She was listening for signs of distress.

After an hour, she walked down and over to Devon. He was there hanging in the chains. His eyes were closed and he seemed to be breathing slowly and deeply. “Devon?”

Devon opened his eyes. “Right on time. Excellent. If you’ll release me now.”

Ann moved to the wrist and then hesitated. She ran her hand along his arm and said. “I don’t know, I think this is the first time I’ve had you at my mercy.”

Devon smiled and tried to shrug. “I presume you can do whatever you wish now can’t you?”

She looked at him and shook her head. “You wouldn’t freak out if I walked in with a bullwhip would you?”

Shaking his head he had the same thin knowing smile. Diane gave his crotch a friendly squeeze. Then she undid his bindings starting with his wrist and then moving to the ankles.

Devon moved his limbs and said. “Ok, from now on we undo the ankles first. My sense of balance was suitably affected, which meant that we should start low and release our way up.”

Devon walked up the stairs and to the Admin area. He sighed and sat down. “Almost lunch and then we have a tour. Thankfully your Father didn’t come then, I think that little scene would have gone differently with an audience.”

Ann nodded. Then she called out. “Jeannette. Has the Sheriff called us?”

“No Mistress.” Jeannette said from the doorway.

“I think Mistress Ann is beginning to realize your value Jeannette.” Devon said.

“Yes Master. Her wisdom is obvious.” Jeannette said and then turned and went back to her desk.

“Shouldn’t I give her a few lashes for that?” Ann asked smiling.

Devon shook his head. “No, but you could give her some bondage. Chastity belt and some nipple clamps perhaps.”

“I meant to ask you, I borrowed something from Rebecca, and I wanted to clean it and give it back. I washed it, but she said sterilized. How does one sterilize something here?” Ann asked.

“Oh, the Monkey Rocker. We have wipes. Jeannette will show you. Roberta suggested I order one for you. We have one downstairs, I’ll give you that one and order another one to replace it.” Devon said.

Ann lowered her head blushing bright red. “You people have no shame. None at all.”

Devon smiled for a moment and then he sighed. “I need to talk to you Ann, and make a request. I’m intending to have you observe much of Cathy’s training here, asking questions of what you saw, and learning by observation.”

“OK. I kind of figured that out.” Ann replied. “What’s the request?”

“Andre will be whipping Cathy, probably Tuesday afternoon, in the dungeon.” Devon began.

“OK, so you want me to be unobserved? Where should I be for that?” Ann asked.

“Anywhere but the Dungeon. It will be by your standards extreme, and cruel. Andre will be whipping her to a state of extreme sexual arousal, and forgive me, you’re liable to try and stop it at the wrong time.”

“You don’t want me watching the whipping? How badly is Andre going to hurt her?” Ann asked. “Planning on beating her into submission are you?”

Devon shook his head. “No, that doesn’t work. Not on the first day. Takes months of continuous beatings. No, whipping her to a state of sexual frenzy, where she would do anything to fuck. I mean anything. However it appears quite barbaric to the uninitiated, and I’m afraid that is you.”

Ann looked at him through narrowed eyes. “You have got to be kidding. You think you can whip someone into a sexual casino siteleri frenzy? Am I working for a madman?”

“No you aren’t, and we’ve done it many times, and forgive me, you would have no idea what you were seeing. You would have to see it, or better yet experience it first hand to really understand. I don’t think you’re ready to do that, which means that you would better serve Cathy by being somewhere else but the Dungeon.” Devon said.

Ann stared at him and then said. “If you instruct me not to go down to the dungeon, I will obey. I’ll probably station myself on the stairs, and listen for safe word when she ends the play.”

Devon nodded. “She’ll be screaming, crying out in pain, in humiliation, and in anger. Listening to it may cause you to try and rush to her rescue. It would serve her purposes for you to do that. Ann, just avoid the training wing then.”

Ann looked off and said. “You’re going to torture the woman aren’t you?”

“Not in the way you think, but yes.” Devon said. “Once she’s in a state of sexual need, we’re going to lock her in that cage, and leave her, hands bound to the cage of course, to keep her from any relief.”

Ann shook her head. “You can’t whip someone into a state of sexual frenzy.”

Devon smiled slightly. “Want to bet?”

Ann narrowed her eyes at him and said. “Let me guess, if I can last an hour I win?” ?

“An hour would be a good start. Like another shot at the twenty grand?” Devon asked.

“Devon you’re joking.” Ann said.

“No, I’m serious. I never joke about money. This evening, after dinner, you go down with Andre, and you do it just like Cathy will, naked, hung and stretched, and whipped.” Devon said. “You can work out the fine rules with Andre, for example, ignoring your pleas for sex.”

“You think he could have me begging for sex by whipping me?” Ann said shocked. “You are insane.”

“Ann, you’ve endured our skills at the hands of Jeannette. Let me guess, she placed one hand casually on your pelvic bone, notice I hadn’t asked anything about that time until now, not even of her.” Devon said.

Ann glared at him and then nodded. Devon continued. “That hand started to warm you up, get your sex talking to you didn’t it?”

Ann hesitated again and then nodded. Devon continued. “That hand placement is strategic, much more so than it would seem at first. The whipping would have a similar reaction, only on a much larger, and more system wide. Cathy will be begging for sex, and would happily take on a dozen men in her search for relief. Andre is very good, among the best I’ve ever seen, which is why he’s doing this. I believe in this task, he is slightly more competent than I am.”

“No one can be made to want sex.” Ann said defiantly.

“You were, last night with a belt.” Devon said. “One hour at the lowest possible setting.”

Ann looked out the window in mixed shame and humiliation. “How do you people know all of this stuff?”

“We’ve learned. We’ve studied, and we’ve taught.” Devon said. “We were trained to be sex slaves, and then trained to be trainers.”

“Jeannette touch, it was among the most delicate I’ve ever felt. Sometimes I couldn’t tell if she was kissing, licking, or just breathing on me.” Ann admitted. “I tried to ignore it, God knows I did. Her hand, it just rested there, and then before I realized it had moved, it was making small circles. Devon, I reacted, and big.”

Devon nodded. “The buzzer told the tale, one and then two minutes later another beep.”

“I would have sworn on a stack of bibles that she couldn’t have done that to me. Now you want me to get whipped, so another of my prejudices will fall away. What happens if I like it? Does that make me a submissive in reality, and I should take my clothes off and put on a collar?” Ann asked quietly. “I can’t do that Devon, I just can’t.”

“No it doesn’t make you a submissive, no more than any of us other trainers. It would prove you are human, and give you insight into what Cathy will be feeling Tuesday afternoon or evening.” Devon picked up a pen and looked at it. “The only difference is you won’t be locked in a cage overnight, your frustration unattended. Hers will be.”

“Are you sure that’s really necessary?” Ann asked.

Devon nodded. “I need her to take her soul out and look at it, and see if she likes what she finds there. If I’m right, her submissive streak will start to really come out then.”

“If you’re wrong?” Ann asked.

“Then we teach her as many techniques as we can, and wish her and David a happy life.” Devon said. “Because we’ve doomed them to misery. Cathy will keep topping from the bottom, and David will figure it out sooner or later. His ego will be smashed, and she’ll move along, more jaded, more callously to the next victim.”

“Is it really that important?” Ann asked.

Devon nodded. “It is. For them, and for us. This is very serious business.”

Ann looked out the window. “If you don’t have anything else for me, I think I’ll walk about a bit, perhaps chat with Andre.”

“He’s a very talented trainer, you could learn a lot from him.” Devon answered without any poker siteleri expression on his face.

Ann walked off and went upstairs, finding Andre in the day room reading a novel. He set it down and said. “Hello Ann, taking a break from following Devon around?”

“Yeah. Andre, Devon said he didn’t want me in the dungeon when you’re working Cathy over. Would you object to me being there?”

Andre frowned. “Ann, I’d suggest in fairly strong terms that you find something else to do, in another part of the house.”

“Will it be that rough, really?”

“Yes, before, during, and after. Especially after.” Andre said softly. “She’ll be crying, sobbing, and screaming out her rage and frustration.”

“Will it work?” Ann asked.

“The whipping? For the arousal, certainly. For the breakthrough that Devon seeks, I honestly don’t know.” Andre said. “I would take either end of the bet, it’s that close a thing.”

“Devon also suggested that I endure some of what Cathy will go through.” Ann said.

?”Devon is a very good whip handler.” Andre replied.

“He said you were better.” Ann said.

“I’m honored that he believes so.”

“You won’t speak ill of him at all will you?” Ann asked.

“Not in this lifetime.” Andre said. “He’s a brilliant trainer, and a gifted Master. There are those who are a little better than him at an individual task. There isn’t anyone I’ve ever heard of that’s better than he is at all of them.”

Ann sat down. “About the whipping. Devon said I could work out the rules with you beforehand, to ignore my pleas for sex for example.”

“If you request that, I will oblige you.” Andre said.

“You wouldn’t suggest that? The ignoring my pleas?” Ann asked.

“I wouldn’t Ann. Forgive me, but you’re a novice here, and you have no concept of what you’re going to go through.” Andre shifted to look directly at her. “We joke, we laugh, and we smile. In this we’re comfortable with our skill and knowledge. Before I stop, you will be in a state of sexual frenzy unlike anything you’ve ever known.”

Ann swallowed hard. It couldn’t be that good could it? “Sexual frenzy? You make it sound like I’m going to lose all control.”

“Ann, it’s when you lose control, and I keep whipping you that the frenzy comes on. If you say no sex, I will comply. I would not suggest it.”

Ann nodded slightly. “I don’t believe I’ll lose control Andre, but I won’t ask for that limit. How should I dress?”

“In the chains, you won’t be dressed.” Andre said simply. “I suppose you could wear a thong, a small one, but I’ll need access to everything.”

“Yeah.” Ann said rising. “I’ll see you after dinner Andre.”

“After dinner Ann.” Andre said and returned to his book.

Ann walked out of the room wondering if it was going to be that good. Sexual Frenzy? Ann wanted to say it was impossible, but at the same time, she’d personally seen and experienced things that are supposed to be impossible. There were a lot of impossible things going on in this house.

Geneva was kneeling and looking up hopefully at Mistress Rebecca as the class ended. She was covered in red welts and had tried to please Mistress.

“Better Geneva, some improvement.” Rebecca allowed. “You still want to hide that cunt from me. I don’t appreciate that.”

“I’m sorry Mistress. I’ll do better.” Geneva promised.

“I’ll see that you do.” Rebecca promised. “I want you to come to my room tonight. Now that you’re in phase two, I’m allowed to use you from time to time. Tonight will be your first attempt to please me.”

“Yes Mistress. I’ll do anything to please you.” Geneva said suddenly glowing with pride.

“If you do please me, I’ll let you masturbate and entertain me.” Rebecca said softly. “Perhaps I’ll even let you use my Monkey Rocker, if you do your best that is.”

“Yes Mistress. Thank you Mistress.” Geneva said.

“Your class is finished. Go now, and see to your chores. After your chores are done, report to me in my room.” Rebecca said with a wave of her hand.

“Yes Mistress.” Geneva said and stood gracefully and walked out of the room. She was aware that she wasn’t allowed to remove her collar or waist cincher until after dinner except as directed by a Master.”

Thomas glanced at the clock and decided it was time. “That’s enough Diane, I’m reasonably please with your efforts.”

Diane pulled back and knelt awaiting Master Thomas to release her hands, and dismiss her.

“Stand slave.” Thomas said and then did something he’d never done before. As part of the effort to draw out Diane and make her feel more appreciated, Thomas was about to do something that almost never happened at the old farms. He was going to study the slave and show appreciation for her attributes. In short, he was going to appear as though he was attracted to her.

Thomas lowered his gaze to her breasts, and then down to the bare crotch. Diane kept her head down, but noticed that Master Thomas was inspecting her. She almost raised her head expectantly, but kept it down. Thomas walked around her slowly as though examining her carefully. He ran a hand over her shoulder, and then as he walked around to the front of her ran his hand down to her breast. He rubbed a thumb over her nipple, and it immediately perked up beneath his touch. He rubbed it with his thumb for a moment and then gently brushed his hand across the sensitive underside of her breast.

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