The Very Bad Dog Ch. 01

Ball Worship

Walking into the bedroom, I see at once that my little toy has torn up the cushions. An attention-grabbing stunt for not getting a pet in the morning. Oh, for god’s sake. Not again. This is what you get when you bring an animal into the home. It just never does what it’s told. Life stops being about you.

‘Troy!’ I start to call, ‘Bad dog!’

Troy’s hovering in the corner with his ass waving in the air. I march over, my high heels disappearing into the long plush strands of the carpet. I reach for him by the collar and he trots along with me obediently, back to the scene of his crime: the bed.

‘Did you do this? Did you? Bad, stupid dog!’ He bows his head in shame, but he’s rubbing against the hand holding the collar.

I pull back in disgust. ‘Troy. You will not.’ I point back at the corner. ‘There. Now.’

If I slam the door, Troy will see a stop point to my anger in the near future, an end to his penance, so I close it quietly and lock it with a key.

In the evening, Sabrina comes. I lie back on the kitchen counter with my high heels on and digging into her shoulders while she licks my cunt. The spike of the stiletto is a corrector, a choke chain. This is how Sabrina learns how to eat my cunt correctly. This is how she learns to be a very good girl. I am loud when I come and through the bedroom door, the disobedient dog begins to howl.

When Sabrina leaves, a smile on her face and my cunt warm across her lips, it is already canlı bahis late, but you know, with animals, you simply should not give in to their every whim. You do it once and you do it every time. He simply must learn.

Adrian answers at the first ring and is only too eager to come over.

Adrian says, ‘What would you like, goddess?’

‘I’d like you to use me and fuck me as hard as you can. Until I scream.’

‘Do you mean you’d like me to come, goddess?’

‘Yes, Adrian. This time I would,’ I say. He’s surprised at this. He spent months in chastity.

But eager. His cock is already straining against his jeans.

‘Not out here,’ I say, ‘In there.’

I unlock the bedroom door and Adrian follows me into the room. The dog remains in the corner, but it takes him a moment to recall his place, to hike his ass up onto all fours with his head bowed down. He’s waiting for an acknowledgement.

Oh, Troy. You’re still a bad dog.

‘Take all of your clothes off, Adrian. I should like to get a good look at your big cock,’ I say.

‘Yes, goddess,’ he says, scrambling. His cock already glistens with pre-cum as I get on all fours on the bed. Adrian rubs his cock up and down my slick seam and it is as though he cannot quite believe he’s being given permission.

‘Fuck me, Adrian. Now.’

He reaches to grab my hands behind my back and uses them to brace himself and shove his cock into me in one kaçak iddaa long stroke. Pulling on my arms holds me up and holds him in.

‘Harder, Adrian. Be a good boy. You don’t want to be a bad dog again, do you?’

At this Adrian grunts, drops my arms, grabs my hips and starts ramming into me with renewed force. His flesh is slapping against mine loudly. I feel his cock hitting my cervix and a twinge of pain. There. That.

A good dog senses its master’s – or its goddess’s – feelings and moods. So Adrian senses that this is pleasing me. He is close to coming, as am I, but I’m not quite done yet.

‘Fuck my ass, Adrian,’ I say, a gift I’ve never granted him before. He starts to rub my asshole with his fingertip, wetting it with my soaking cunt, but I am impatient. ‘Be a good boy, Adrian. Don’t make the goddess wait all night.’

He slides up and back into me, forcing himself into my ass and he cannot hold back his moans of pleasure at this, my best little dog. Oh yes, he’s delighted.

He slides three fingers into my cunt to keep fucking me there while he pounds my ass and I scream. The only thing louder to my ears is Troy’s mournful silence in the corner.

Adrian starts to come into my ass, shaking and quaking and holding onto me.

‘You’ve been a very good boy, Adrian,’ I say.

‘Thank you, goddess,’ he says. ‘May I?’

He points toward my ass. ‘Don’t be a presumptuous little dog, Adrian. kaçak bahis Go now.’

I call the bad dog from the corner. ‘Troy. Come to goddess.’

He walks on all fours, wobbling. He really hasn’t gotten that quite down pat yet.

‘Stand up,’ I say, ‘Now, eat my ass. This is what happens to bad dogs who interrupt and make messes.’

Troy sticks his eager little pink tongue in my ass and starts lapping Adrian’s cum from my ass obediently. Putting a flair into it, he swirls his tongue along my asshole and starts fucking my asshole with his tongue.

‘Presumptuous dog,’ I say, looking down to see his erection straining between his legs. ‘You just can’t help yourself, can you?’

I slip one heel off and slide my leg along his body, till the arch of my foot is along the shaft of his cock. ‘Would you like to use my feet, little dog?’

‘Yes, goddess, please,’ says Troy, pulling his tongue from my asshole.

‘Why should I let you, dog? You’ve been very bad.’

‘I’m very sorry, goddess.’

‘Do you deserve the privilege of servicing my perfect feet?’

‘I do not deserve it,’ he says, his face ashen with shame, ‘But please, goddess: I will do my very best.’

I rub my foot along his cock two or three times, watching the pre-cum bead along the head.

‘That’s too bad, bad dog. Bad dogs don’t get rewards like my perfect feet,’ I say. ‘Back to the corner.’

‘Yes, goddess. Thank you, goddess,’ he says.

This is what you get for bringing an animal into your home. Life stops being just about you. It always wants something.

As Troy lies down to sleep, his cock still hard and caught by the moonlight coming in the window, I roll onto my back and smile.

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