The Victory Party Ch. 01-02


The Victory Party: Michael’s Special Halloween

Content: This is adult reading for discriminating readers. The story is fictional and fantasized, not based in reality. Safe Sex practices should be followed, but are not as part of this fantasy. All rights reserved and may not be reposted or sold for profit. Can be reposted with approval of author.

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Chapter One: Dare and Bare

Michael could not believe what had happened to the Halloween party after he left it. As he arrived back at Linda’s place at about 10:30, the crowd was reduced to about 12 people, but things were wild and raucous.

When he walked in, his friend, Frank, practically sprinted up to him and said, “Hey! You wouldn’t believe what they’re doing. They are going to play some kind of strip poker with a sex game.”

Michael and Frank had just played their final high school football game of the season that afternoon, although not the last of their senior year. Michael was very sore, but happy, since the Vikings won the game and he had played well, scoring three touchdowns. He quickly realized that some of the foxiest chics in school were still at the party.

Michael said to Frank, “Well, are you gonna do it? You gonna take off all your clothes in front of these chics?”

Frank smiled. “I’m not thinking about me. Just think what it will be like to see Jeanie, Debbie, Linda and Maria naked. That’s what I’m thinking.”

Before Michael answered, Linda, who was hosting the party, ambled over to them and said in a foxy voice, “Well, are you guys game? You want to play ‘Dare and Bare?’ “

Michael looked at Frank, shrugged his shoulders, and they both nodded affirmatively, although they knew nothing about the game.

“Good,” Linda said, with a sexy tone to her voice. “Here’s what we’re doing. We’re splitting into two groups. You and Frank will be in the group with Debbie, Jeanie, and Maria. I am going to go between the two groups, so I will play some in each and show everybody the rules of the game. Your group will be downstairs in the family room, and the other group will be upstairs in the living room. There are a few bedrooms for afterwards, if you get my drift.”

Linda walked away, rolling her eyes at the two young athletes, while concomitantly swinging her sexy hips.

Linda was a statuesque redhead, about 5′ 10″, and she was one of the most knowledgeable girls in the senior class when it came to sexual matters. She had been sleeping with guys since the eighth grade.

Linda’s sister, Mary Ann, was supposed to be chaperoning the party, but she had passed out from drinking too much vodka and orange juice, and the screwdrivers left her zonked out in the bedroom. So this was a no-holds barred party.

While they were both seniors in high school and wanted to appear to be debonair about the whole situation, Frank and Michael were not as conversant with sexual practices as they tried to show. Actually, they were both a bit shy. This opportunity presented them with an eroticism that they had never experienced before.

Add to that the fact that four of the best looking girls in their high school were in their group, and they were excited. In addition to Linda, Debbie was a beautiful blonde, with hair that graced a flawless complexion. Her hair reached down to the middle of her back, and her derriere was round and enticing. She was reputed to be great at fellatio, although neither Michael nor Frank could vouch for that fact.

Maria was a petite brunette, just about 5′ 1″, with small titties but a beautiful smile — very sensual. She was dark-complexioned and lithe, with a firm, athletic body.

Then there was Jeanie, who was perhaps the most delectable and desirous of the girls. She featured brownish-auburn hair, accentuating a beautiful face with two dimples that highlighted her thin lips. She was well-built, with some round, firm tits that every guy in the school just dreamed of squeezing, and an ass that was simply awesome.

Linda led the group downstairs. The girls, all 18-year-old seniors at Lake View High, had been drinking and their inhibitions were pretty well removed, although none was sloppy drunk.

When everyone in the group of six arrived downstairs, Linda moved all the furniture back from the middle of the room. She then had everyone sit in a circle. “Okay, here’s how it goes,” she said. “You play strip poker, which is actually blackjack, with the person who wins the hand getting to remove an article of clothing from any of the other players. That can be a lot of fun, taking off another person’s clothes. That person who wins then keeps the clothes that he or she gets, and the player who loses it can only get it back after the game, for certain favors, if necessary. Then when we get so far, I’ll come in and have an ‘all or nothing hand.’ That means that whoever wins, all of the others strip the rest of their clothes off. Then comes the real fun Escort bayan part.”

Everybody in the group was following Linda’s instructions very closely. Most of them were slightly inebriated, so this was fun. Neither Frank nor Michael were close to being drunk, even though Frank had been drinking.

Frank looked at the girls in the group and realized that probably none were still virgins, but they were not sluts, either. He wasn’t certain about any of them. Frank’s penis had been hard for a while, although he was trying to hide it through his jeans. Michael was getting hard, too, but was attempting to be cool about his.

Linda continued with her instructions. “Then the winner gets to have someone remove the remainder of his or her clothes, so everyone is naked. The winner of each hand also picks one of these cards,” she said, selecting the top one from another deck, “and then gets to keep it for later. That person may sometimes be blindfolded, and then must pick out who he engages in the act with. For example, let’s say I pick this card. ‘It says, ‘While you are blindfolded, have one of the players offer their cock to you. You must keep your hands behind your back and not touch anything but the penis with your mouth. You must suck it for 15 seconds, no longer, and then pick out whose it was.’ If you pick out the right person, you get to continue.’ Sounds cool, eh?”

After the game had progressed for a little while, it would not matter how few clothes were remaining. Michael proved to be the early winner, and he already had a blouse of Jeanie’s and Maria’s bra. In a period of about a half hour, the group’s dress was in various stages of disarray. Michael noted that the unmistakable smell of sex was in the air, along with an allure of perfume and pussy, that entrancing combination for guys.

Jeanie, who made no bones during the game about her desire for Michael’s body, was down to a pair of black silk, high cut bikini panties. Maria was the best dressed girl in the class, but had lost everything but a pink thong that barely covered much of her mons, and hardly any of her rock-hard buns.

Frank was the first to go to complete skin, and the group yelled with glee when Maria finally pulled off his boxers, unleashing his raging cock. It was not terribly big, between five and six inches, but at that stage of Saturday night, the girls were happy to see any cock. Everyone was wet and horny.

Linda finally came back from the other group and entered the game, standing in just a pair of silk, high cut aqua-colored panties. She had a set of boobs that wouldn’t quit, the size of grapefruits with dark-brown nipples the that measured the size of a half dollar. She announced that it was time for the final hand, all-or-nothing. Continuing his run, Michael won the last hand.

As hostess, Linda informed the group that she had the pleasure of removing Michael’s black silk jockey shorts, choosing to do it with her teeth. Once she pulled the shorts over his erection, which was more than eight inches long, she received applause from the group, as did Michael, with the girls “Oooh’ing” and “Aaah’ing.” She then grabbed it and placed it in her mouth.

The others quickly yelled foul, “Hey, that’s not in the rules.”

“Sorry, I got carried away,” Linda said, flicking her tongue around her lips in appreciation.

The girls were admiring Michael’s body, and not just his sizable erection. “Just like Adonis,” Jeanie, who was also the class valedictorian thus far, thought. Black hair over his awesome chest, with pecs and biceps that simply lent credence to his macho charisma. His skin was dotted by black and blue spots in some areas, mementos of the afternoon’s clash on the football field.

Linda then picked up the blindfold. “To show you how to do it, I will use this card. Jeanie, could you help me? I will kneel down blindfolded, and you put the guys’ cocks in my mouth. Then you time it for 15 seconds. I will do both, and then guess which is which.”

Jeanie stood up and sauntered over to the two guys. She had a way of wiggling her hips that drove guys crazy. As she was doing that, Linda put on the blindfold and knelt down on the floor in the middle of the group. The guys were thinking that they would like a shot at those 34C’s, but her mouth could suffice. Everyone was watching intently. Jeanie came to Frank, smiled at him, and then put her hand around his cock. Frank was in heaven, since he simply adored Jeanie. She pulled him lightly toward Linda, then placed his erect penis into Linda’s mouth. With her hands behind her back, Linda quickly got to work. She worked her mouth up and down his cock, then pulled away and just lightly flicked her tongue around the head of it. Frank moaned, trying to disguise his voice. “Oh, Ooh, Ooh.” Linda then engorged it once more before Jeanie said, “Your 15 seconds is up. Now for the next one.”

The other girls who were watching Linda Bayan escort — Maria, Debbie, and Jeanie — realized that she was a master in the art of fellatio. They also knew that with only two guys, picking one would be easy. Frank’s cock was less than six inches, but thin. Michael’s was long and thick and over eight inches long, making a significant difference in the two.

Jeanie smiled at Michael, waving her index finger at him with a come-hither look. Michael walked over to her, aware that the others were admiring his cock. Jeanie lovingly placed her right hand around the erection, while bending it back to his stomach as she approached him. She pressed her body against his, turning his head as she leaned toward his ear. “Man, I want that beautiful cock in my mouth — and elsewhere,” she whispered seductively. Then she placed his cock in Linda’s mouth, and the clock was ticking. Linda had no difficulty choosing which was which, as Michael pulled away with his engorged manhood dripping with Linda’s blessings.

To start the real action, Michael had the first opportunity to use one of his “pleasure cards.” He handed Linda the card. She announced it to the crowd, which was waiting in anticipation. “While you are blindfolded, you must suck the nipples of three women, and then identify each one of them. You cannot touch any of the women with anything except your mouth.”

Needless to say, Michael was in heaven. Linda then picked the three, which included Jeanie, Debbie, and herself. Michael stood in the middle of the crowd, blindfolded, with his erection flagging solidly in front of him. First, Jeanie approached him from the side, taking one of her bounteous tips and placing the nipple in Michael’s mouth. “Aah, Ooohh,” Michael said in appreciation, swinging his tongue around the nipple before taking a real bite of the breast. Jeanie moaned, “Oooohhh … ” She tried to disguise her voice.

Then came Debbie, whose breasts were firm and conical, with some thin, pink nipples. Michael first bit lightly into the breast, then licked around the nipple and the tit itself. Third was Linda, and she offered Michael her breast. This was not a challenge, since her tits were women’s, the other’s merely girls.

. . . Finally, Michael was down to his third card. “Blindfolded, sit in a chair. Put you legs together and have three of the women come and sit on your lap for 20 seconds. They will try to get you off, and if they do, they become the winner. If not, you win and they are at your beck-and-call.”

The first of the women to challenge Michael was Maria, whose little cunt would be filled completely with his member. The slim brunette placed her legs on each side of Michael’s, then slid her pussy over his manhood. Maria demonstrated that she was up to the task. Once she was firmly riding his raging erection, the clock started, and she just about jumped up and down, contracting her pussy in a way so that Michael was moaning. “Aaaahh, yesss! Yesss1” The group was cheering her on. But after 20 seconds, while his cock was sopping, Michael had not come.

Next came Debbie, who featured a bigger, but not as experienced, pussy. She approached Michael, sat down, and promptly got to work, moving up and down and working her slippery juices over him. Then for the last five seconds, she wiggled around and around and tried to bring him off.

No luck. She got off, swinging her butt, obviously upset at not winning and getting to use one of her pleasure cards.

Then it was Linda’s turn, and she sat on him and immediately started using the muscles of her pussy, contracting and releasing. Michael knew who it was just by her obvious mastery of the technique. He realized that it would be tough to last 20 seconds, but he did so, continuing his reign as champ.

Chapter Two: Post-Game Action

The games continued, until Linda announced that it was time for the climax. Realizing that there were only two cocks available and four pussies, the girls picked up their clothes and quickly scurried to the side of one of the guys.

Jeanie immediately moved over to Michael, going over and grabbing his cock and whispering, “Come on, guy. I need this bod of yours. And I never had one this big.” Michael was not certain if she was telling the truth, but at that point, he did not care.

Jeanie had the clothes she had won in her one hand, with Michael’s cock in tow with the other, pulling him by his erection to the first-available bedroom. Michael looked at the armful of clothing that he had won, noting three pairs of panties, two bras, a miniskirt, and a pair of jeans. He figured that he would score at least twice, with no one leaving without a skirt or jeans.

They then decided to climb the stairs, glimpsing into the living room to see how the other group was doing. They were shocked by what they saw. Billie Gonus was lying on his back with his girlfriend, Lily, above him with her pussy pumping Escort his meat. No surprise there, since they were a pretty hot number.

However, the shocking thing for these youngsters was that this was a DP, with Eddie Harlon’s spread legs on Lily’s sides, his cock firmly entrenched in her ass. Lily was squealing like a pig in heat, “Oooohhhh, Ooooohhh!” Jeanie was experienced, but not with that. A relative novice, Michael had no idea that such a trick existed.

Hustling up behind Jeanie and Michael was Maria. “Hey, I want to go with you guys,” the petite brunette said, “because there is only one guy down there for three girls.” Michael wanted her too, but had no experience with a threesome — yet!

“Sure,” Jeanie said, “but I get to have this macho hunk fuck me first, and hard, just like you’re running over one of those football players.”

Jeanie had pulled up to Michael and planted a kiss squarely on his lips, then trailing her tongue over his. “I want everything you’ve got, stud.”

She began frenching him as the two could not keep their hands off each other. Then Jeanie was forced to fit herself into the action.

Michael was not a virgin, but he was not as experienced as Jeanie was. She was on the rebound from a two-year affair, a torrid one from all accounts. The guy was Rex Knight, a 20-year old stallion from a neighboring town with some reputed proclivities in many sexual areas.

Jeanie and Michael fell onto the bed, their hands and bodies moving so fast with passion that they were already panting. With Michael working his way toward Jeanie’s pussy, Maria slid under him and grabbed his monstrous erection. She was a wizard at bringing guys off, but realized that Michael needed only a little lubrication before jumping aboard Jeanie.

As Michael used his fingers and tongue to ready Jeanie for the coupling, she reached a fabulous orgasm. “Ooooh, yes! I looooove that! Keep doing it, pleeeeeease!”

Finally, she exploded in a gush of watery feminine juices. “Oooooh, Oooooooh, Oooooohhh! Yes! Yesssss! Yesssss!”

After the climax, Michael wanted to climb aboard, but he was willing to let Jeanie direct the action. She wanted it hard first, so they used the good-old tried and true missionary position, with his fabulous bod pumping her and pumping her and pumping her, just as she desired.

Jeanie lay back on the bed, her brown eyes glazed with passion, gazing at the ceiling and praising heaven for having provided her with an insatiable sexual appetite. Michael moved above Jeanie and could not believe the pink delight that he noted beneath him. He had dreamed of this, but it was a masturbatory delight, not the real thing. Maria moved above Jeanie’s mouth, allowing her access to Maria’s pussy to prepare her for further action.

Once inside, Michael started slowly, pulling out to the point of almost leaving, and then bringing himself back, teasing Jeanie, whose pussy lips contracted with each movement, with this action. But then he plunged in the whole way, pumping his engorged cock into her to the hilt. She was wet, but had not expected such a sensation. Michael was big and thick, very big and very thick, something that she had not experienced with Rex, despite his reputation.

Jeanie was moving into his thrusts and moving and moving. “Ooh, Ooh, Ooh. Harder! Harder! Harder! Yeessss! Yeeesssss! Yesssss! Finally, Michael could last no longer, depositing his masculine fluids well into Jeanie’s pussy as each collapsed onto one another, leaving Maria dripping with anticipation as she witnessed the action.

However, Jeanie had one more request, one for which Michael was not experienced. As they lay there, kissing and preparing for round two, she asked, “Please, Michael. Do one more thing to me, please!”

“Sure,” Michael said, eager to please his mate, who had just put forth a performance worthy of an Academy Award.

“There are two parts to it. First, fuck me with that huge cock of yours right up my ass. I love that. And then Maria, I have my video camera here. Could you film it so that we can watch it when we’re done?”

“Wow,” thought Michael. “I’ve never done either of those.”

But he agreed.

So Jeanie went to her knees, taking a look at his now recumbent organ, which was moving from its flaccid state to semi-erection. As she was working on that end, Michael embraced Maria, who was attractive to him with her lithe, supple body. They kissed as Michael’s hands roamed Maria’s body, caressing her small titties and moving to her pussy, which was drenched as she awaited the action.

However, Jeanie wanted it quickly. She had Maria place some lube in her puckered opening, and Maria then helped place Michael’s cock inside of her. While Jeanie leaned over the bed, Maria placed the engorged penis into an unfamiliar orifice.

Michael moved inside slowly, realizing how tight it was. But once inside, Jeanie moaned, “Give it to me — hard!”

Michael obliged, moving his cock in and out quickly. He brought her to orgasm quickly, and he took little time fulfilling her desire while retaining some of his manhood for Maria.

Next: Chapter 3: Maria and Michael

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