The Visit Ch. 06

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The very next morning after they arrived home she called his mistress to get the key. He was devastated when Tweets told him that she was out of town until the end of the week. She told him not to pout, that it was just little longer till she got the key. During that time she also had her way with him in every room in the house, in the pool, on the patio and even in the garage.

On Friday night after dinner as he was cleaning the dishes she came up behind him. He could feel her dick slide between his legs as she pressed up against him. She nibbled on his neck and ears. “Do you want to ejaculate?” she hissed seductively into his ear. Her hands reached around and fondled his balls and cage.

“Yes.” he moaned. She moved back and he felt a lubed finger push its way inside of him. Then two. Then three.

“I found how you can, but you have to want it.”

“I want it.” he replied. She removed her fingers and felt her shaft slide up the crack of his ass. He rocked back to match her movements.

“I don’t believe you.” she whispered in his ear. Her hands pinched and toyed with his nipples. “Prove to me that you want it. Show me that you want me to fuck you.” She raked her nails down his body and stopped to knead his swollen balls. “So full. Show me how horny you are to have your bride empty them.”

“Tell me.” he said as he spun around to face her. “I want you to fuck me till my balls are empty. Tell me how.”

“Show me you want it.” He spun them around again. Kissing her hard and deep he pulled her over to the table next to them. He fell back onto the table and raised a leg. She sensed what he was doing, grabbed his ankle and then did the same with the other. She held his legs up and apart. She moved around trying to find his ass. “Do you want this?” she said; looking into his eyes. She pushed in a little. “Do you?”

“Yes!” he gasped as the head easily slide into him.

“How bad?” she said as she rocked her hips just enough to keep the dildo inside him.

“Oh, please.”

“Please what? What would you give to have me stick my cock in you? What would you offer me to give you the fucking you so desperately crave?” She pushed in a bit further before pulling out. Holding the tip at his sphincter. “Do you want to ejaculate?”

That did the trick. “Oh yes. Yes. Please tweets.”

She pushed the tip in a bit further. “Well, what is it? What would you give?”

“What ever you ask for my bride.”

Mm, I could ask for a lot, but I won’t.” She pushed the dildo in slowly. “For now.” Then pulled out. “Tell me. How bad do you want your wife to make you ejaculate by fucking your ass?”

“Please my bride. I’m begging you. Fuck me till I ejaculate. Please. Please.”

She had him pull his legs into his chest as far as he could. She then eased her shaft in and out; looking for his prostate. It didn’t take long. His body twitched each time her head grazed his engorged prostate. “Keep your legs there.” With one hand she kneaded his balls as she kept the pressure on his gland with her gentle thrusts. With the other and she started to massage the perineum area. Gently at first, trying to gauge his reaction. Careful to make sure she did this correctly.

“How’s that feel? Good?” she said looking down on him. “Are you ready for me to get that key? Ready for that big moment?”

He started breathing heavy. The thought of getting the key. Freeing his caged cock. Getting an erection. The sight of her over him with her pony tail flopping behind her, pumping away, her breast swaying back and forth was too much. “Ugh. Fuck. Yes, fuck me.” Visions of his cock shooting his load filled his minds eye. He moaned and begged like a sex starved nymph. “Please. Oh, please. Fuck me. Fuck me good. Good and hard. Fuck me. Harder. Harder!”

Then suddenly without warning his PC muscle spasmed. Again. And again. And again. He felt his ejaculate splash onto his chest and abdomen. He looked down in astonishment at the mess that now coated him.

She smiled seductively as she slowed her movements before pulling out of him slowly. “Oh my. Oh my. That was the most erotic thing I’ve ever seen!”

He looked at her puzzled.

“I read that if a man was horny enough, if he wanted it bad enough then he could cum like a woman.” She scooped up a dollop and rubbed it on his lips. “I guess someone wasn’t lying when they said they really Ataşehir Grup Escort wanted it. My little horn dog. So turned on by his wife spreading his legs and fucking his ass that he gushes cum from his little cage.” She giggled seductively.

He was totally confused. What did she just say? Is that what just happened? Why was he still so horny? Why didn’t it feel like he just had an orgasm? He licked up the cum she fed him. She was so hot. He wanted her so bad. He needed the cage off. He would do anything she asked. He had never felt so willing, so eager, so wanting to please anyone as bad as this. “I don’t think I came.” he stammered. His balls began to ache and feel as if they were imploding.

“Wow, I can’t believe that. Can you? I’ve never seen you cum so hard. Even with your device on. Imagine how hard you’d cum if you were erect. I can’t wait to get that key.” She walked off, her heels clicking on the floor. He watched her as she left. Admiring her shapely legs, her firm ass and her harness that was the object of his supposed satisfaction. He got to his feet. His legs were wobbly and shaky.

His mind was in worse shape. It flashed images through his head at rapid fire speed. The cage. Her strap-on. His Mistress. Phase Two. The video. The pictures. Phase three. His wife. The honeymoon. His ejaculation. Her pleasure. Phase four. His milkings. The couples on the balcony. Him sucking on her dildo. Him wearing her strap-on. The key. On and on. Over and over. After he finished up he cleaned up and went to bed. Tossing and turning. Thinking only of serving his bride.

The following day he made her an early dinner at her request. After she was done she excused herself, got dressed up and drove off without an explanation.

She tingled with anticipation and apprehension. Finally, she would reap what she had sown. Harvest the fruits of her labor. She laughed out loud at all she had accomplished. Months of her time and effort. She had spent a lot of money, but that had been taken care of once they were married. She was devastated when he broke up with her. So much so that she hadn’t had sex with another man since. Just women and she always made it a point to be on top. Except for one and she was on her way to see her. ‘Clingy and controlling. Well I know who’s controlling, but look who’s clingy now!’ she thought. ‘I’ll control how tightly he’ll cling to the little finger he’s wrapped around.’ She giggled.

She could still remember the day she found him and found out his little secret. It took a lot of patience to make it all work. His mistress was all too eager to turn up the pressure and drive him right into her waiting arms. Along the way they found themselves enjoying each others company.

Her car found its way to his mistresses place in no time. It was a large place in a very nice part of the city. When his mistress opened the door Tweets embraced her and kissed her passionately. They lingered in each others arms for a moment before his mistress broke away and motioned her inside.

“How was it? Did he do it? Does he suspect anything? Tell me everything.” she asked as she led them to her office.

“Oh no, not a thing, nothing and he did it all. Just as you laid out. It was so hard though. Not having him eat me out once or even touch my breasts, but I think it was worth it.”

“Oh my gosh! Of course it was. Two weeks of him serving you in such a submissive fashion, then only to continue it in your house when you got home. Subliminally and subconsciously the seed was planted. All done with his total compliance.”

“I know!! At first I could tell he did it out of fear, but in no time at all he wanted it. He really wanted it. The look in his eyes said it all.” she paused and gazed into her eyes. “OH! That little thing you told me about. Well, I did it last night.” she leaned in with a concerned look. “He’s been weird since though.”

“Don’t worry about it, honey. That’s a good thing. He’s trying to process what is happening. You’ve been dominating him indirectly; without his knowledge, but with his consent. A woman I worked with a long time ago called what you’re doing the power of penetration. Basically, by having a penis inserted in you you are submitting to it, allowing it to invade you, conquer you. All I did was create the ideal environment for him to surrender to you. Willingly.”

She Ataşehir Manken Escort paused and sipped her tea. Tweets looked at her. Admiring her natural beauty. Her calm controlled demeanor.

“You don’t need whips and leather to control. All you need is this.” She tapped her temple and winked. “You see I just put all the ingredients together in the right order. His own mind is cooking it up for you as we speak. Right now he’s thinking about why he came when you fucked him. He’s thinking of how good he made you feel every time you came when you fucked him. He’s thinking of how good it would feel if it were him on top of you. He’s got all of that sexual energy building up with no release. No where to go but in; into the deepest depths of his own subconscious. Going to places he didn’t even know existed.”

She refilled their cups and continued. “He’s thinking of the cage he has on and how it got there. He’s wondering about the things I was going to make him do. He’s wondering if he could have done it. To be used by another man simply for pleasure. Wondering if it’s the same as being taken by you. He’s wondering what it would be like to be you. To cast off his inhibitions and discard the taboos of society. To surrender himself; as you had done to him in college.”

“Wait!” Tweets had startled her and herself at her tone. “I don’t want to turn him into some spineless sissy prancing around in my panties!”

“Calm down.” Her voice was even, serene and soothing. “Neither am I. . . but he will if you want him to. What I am saying is that you have unlocked his secrets and he doesn’t even know it. You’re like a spy who has pulled off the perfect mission. Think about it. You know what is going on in his head and you control his orgasms. Now you’re going to go home later and do as I told you to do. This will solidify everything we’ve done and by tomorrow night he will be yours forever.”

Tweets sat for a moment, allowing her time to digest everything. “Anything.” she whispered.

“Yes. He’ll do anything you ask. You’re in charge. Always be in charge. Never let him think otherwise. Remember. He has submitted to you because you have invaded and conquered him. That’s what the past three weeks have been about. You got what you wanted. Enjoy it.”

His mistress stood up. “Here, let me show you something before you go.” They walked down a hallway to another room. It was small, very small. So small that his mistress was right on top of her. “Sorry, this room was made for only one.” The only thing in it was a window to another room with a speaker above it and a bar stool. They looked out the window. Other than the two naked men standing face to face, whose genitals were locked in a pillory, the room looked like any other ordinary recreation room. Large rugs, plants, paintings, a TV and even a pool table.

Tweets could see that they each had one hand free and were masturbating each other. She stared in fascination at what she saw. His mistress was right next to her. “These two willingly submitted to this. Neither are gay nor have they ever touched another man before this.” She paused to look at her, but Tweets still had yet to divert her gaze away from the window.

“They can’t see you; it’s a two way mirror. Each one had told me that they would be willing to tease another one of my subjects as a sign of their devotion. I told each of them that I was pleased with their offering and would grant them a chance to cum. So what I did was come up with a devious plan. I told each of them separately that they would have to stroke a cock for an undetermined amount of time. If that cock went soft or came they would be punished. They were quite shocked when I put them together and told them that this is their chance to cum.”

Tweets didn’t look away. “So one is trying to tease the other without letting him cum, but hoping he can cum while being teased.” She could feel herself tingling as she listened to them moaning softly to each other. She’d never seen this before. Her nipples hardened and her crotch grew damp. “Bound by their libido.” she whispered.

“Yes. They always are. Fun isn’t it. So desperate, so frustrated. Denial will break down any barrier. Besides I’ve been so busy that I had to come up with a way to maximize my time.” His mistress could see the gleam in Tweets eyes as she watched them, even though she knew Ataşehir Masöz Escort Tweets would deny it if she asked. “You know you’re a natural. You have a hidden talent.”

Tweets felt her breast brush against her arm. “I could use some help around here. I’d teach you the ins and outs.” Tweets could feel her breath on her neck as she spoke. She tried to turn to her, but she couldn’t help but stare at the men. She felt her lips on her neck. “I’d love to have you around here. . .Helping. Think it over. Talk to your husband. Let me know.” She could feel her eyes burning into her. They both looked out the to men. Gently pumping the others cock, staring at each other. Their legs beginning to quiver and their breathing labored. “They’re not going to last much longer and it’s time for me to disappoint them both.” She let out a sigh. “Too bad maybe I’ll let them try again next week.”

“Wait here.” She worked her way out of the room. Tweets was now visibly excited by the display before her and began rubbing her legs together. His mistress walked into the room with the her pets. “Hello my playthings.” She circled around them. “Are we having fun stroking cocks for their Mistress?”

They shook their heads and mumbled “Yes Mistress.”

Tweets hiked up her dress and rubbed herself through her panties, which by now were soaking wet.

“Mm, you two have pleased your Mistress today. So willing so devoted.” She picked up a some lube and drizzled it onto their shafts and hands. “Here this should help. Feels so good doesn’t it, bringing pleasure to my drippy little dicks.” She circled again, stopping when she was facing the mirror. “Look at yourselves.”

Tweets pushed her panties down and slid a finger inside of herself. She looked up to see them all turn and look at her. It seemed as though mistresses eyes were looking right at her as she slid her panties off. She sat down on the stool and leaned back on the wall. Her legs opened wide, her fingers probing and massaging and her eyes fixated on his mistress.

“Look my pets. Look at the pleasure you’re bringing each other. If I were watching this erotic spectacle; I too would be touching myself. My hands caressing what is forbidden to you. Exploring myself in the most intimate manner. Giving myself the orgasm you so desperately desire.”

Tweets pushed her finger in further finding her special spot. Her other hand kneading the folds of her pussy, rubbing her clit. She listened as his mistress continued to speak, not to her pets, but to her as she pleasured herself. The hidden voyeur.

“Look at yourselves. On display for pleasure. Not your pleasure. Stroking, pumping and jerking those cocks. Not out of desperation, but devotion. So devoted to my pleasure that you’ve forsaken your own.” She pinched their nipples. “Oh the pleasure you’re bringing. You have no idea. I’m sure. Perhaps one day it will be yours.”

All eyes were fixated on Tweets. Or so it seemed. She shuddered and tensed as she felt her climax envelop her in the booth just as mistresses pets in the other room started to quiver and beg for relief. Her head fell back and she let out a guttural moan as her fingers found their mark.

When Tweets finally opened her eyes and regained her composure mistress was not with her pets and their hands were locked at their sides. Both of their cocks were so engorged that they had a purplish red glow to them. Their heads were limp and their chests heaved. She quickly stood up and straightened out her dress. No sooner was she done the door opened up and mistress popped her head in. “Enjoy the show?”

All she could do was nod as she was still trying to compose herself from the spectacle that she not only witnessed, but mistress had slyly made her a part of.

She led them back out to another room where she plucked an envelope out of a filing cabinet. “Here is everything you came for.”

Tweets took the envelope from his mistress. However, she held onto it for a second. Their eyes met. “Remember what I said. I’m serious. Let me know.” Tweets grew flush at the prospect.

“I…I’d uh…I’d have to think about it. I have a lot to do right now.” she replied. She embraced her and their lips met. She crushed into her, her tongue invading his mistresses mouth. “Thank you. Thank you for everything and yes, yes I will let you know.”

“I think you already have.” his mistress smiled coyly as she forced her still wobbly legs to her car.

She got in her car and drove home. On the way she thought about everything she had done to make this happen. But most of all she thought of mistress…and the two men. Fascinated by what she’d seen. ‘Bound by their libido.’ she thought.

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