Three’s Company


The man at the counter held the packet of condoms above his head and shouted across the store, ‘Rob, how much for the Trojans?’

The girl looked down in avoidance of the other shoppers. Bemused by the cliché, she was still embarrassed. Gazing at her among the other shoppers were people she had grown up with and friends of her father.

The till rang $1.59. She grabbed the bag from the clerk slipping out the store, her chin held high but her face flushed. Although she was twenty four, she could still be made to feel like a child.

On arrival at their apartment she was greeted with a smile and a kiss by Scott. He had been living with her for a few months. He knew all about how she loved sex. He called her by her middle name, Maria, when he wanted to address the dirty slut within her. Sometimes he would use it in public, passing privately between them his own perverted thoughts involving her.

‘How was your day today sweetheart?’ Scott asked with a smile.

‘Oh, boring, but its looking more interesting now’ she replied.

‘I like your skirt, why don’t you pull your panties down so I can fuck you?’

‘Sweetheart, have you forgotten? I invited Kevin over for dinner tonight, he will be here in an hour.’ Kevin was an old flame from Maria’s past, now they were platonic friends.

‘Oh yes, well, I can come quick. I know how Maria loves a quick hard fuck. Now bend over.’ he proceeded to undo his zipper.

‘No! Wait until later, I have to cook dinner now. Kevin will be here soon,’ almost as an afterthought she added ‘Why don’t you come and help me, I could use a spare pare of hands.’

He followed her inside and she quickly unpacked the food to begin working on dinner. She bent over the sink to wash some tomatoes for the salad. Her skirt was short. Scott could see the flesh near the top of her firm smooth thighs and the outline of her buttocks. He felt instantly horny.

Picking up a freshly washed cucumber from the draining board, he had a smile of bemusement on his face.

‘Darling,’ he whined, ‘you know I don’t like cucumbers’ he said.

She smiled in return. ‘Kevin does’.

‘Oh. Does he now?’ a mock grin on his face.

From behind her, he slid the cucumber smoothly up her inner thigh and stopped firmly on her panties over her pussy. The sensation brought her instant pleasure. He held it pressed up hard against her clit, unmoving. A small round wet patch soaked through to the outside of her panties. She froze in place and flared her buttocks out hard, her eyes clamped shut with pleasure. She felt him pull her knickers sideways to expose her moist glistening pussy to the air.

After giving the hard cucumber a few teasing licks, he rubbed the end of it over her bare clit. She let out a moan of desire. Slowly, he worked it around her soft opening, teasing her while working it inside. Deeper and deeper he went on each stroke. So fat was the cucumber, it was stretching her wide, filling her glowing desire up fully and deeply inside.

Faster and faster he worked the cucumber into her wet pussy, fucking her hard while she screamed with delight. His pants were around his ankles and his hard cock pulsating. He put the tip of it to her ass and started to push gently. She howled in delight when she realized what was about to happen. Slowly but surely he started to enter her anus with his cock, making space where there shouldn’t have been any. An initial but mild flash of pain quickly turned into a deep satisfying sensation down below, filling her loins in a way that she had never felt before.

He worked both his cock and the cucumber in and out of her at the same time, fully occupying both her pussy and her ass. She was still bent over the sink. Her teeth were clenched and she was gasping and groaning like a dirty slut being fucked harder than ever before. At times he would move them inside her in unison, at others he would alternate, all the while keeping the rhythm of both cucumber and cock moving faster and faster. Harder and harder. Deeper and deeper. She was totally helpless as an orgasm began to well up deep within her.

‘Yes baby, fuck me, it feels so amazing. go on, fill my body as hard as you can’

She was pushed rapidly over the brink of a powerful orgasm which ripped through her body convulsing and screamed through clenched teeth, her mouth spraying the air with spittle.

‘I am coming baby, yes, yes, harder, harder, I am coming now. Now!’ she had to spit the words out.

Her whole body was shaking as he was ramming her pussy and ass at the same time. After a final loud scream of bursting pleasure, her body went limp and her head sagged low. She let out a low moan of fulfillment. Carefully, slowly, he removed the cucumber and then slid his cum covered cock from her anus.

The entire length of the cucumber was wet with the juices from deep inside her. He placed it on Escort bayan to the chopping board and proceeded to casually dice it into small slices. Wet and dripping with her pussy juices, he tossed it into the salad bowl along with the lettuce and tomato already there.

‘I enjoy cooking with you Maria’ he said, as he slipped from the kitchen to get washed and dressed. Her body just shaking in reply.


There was a rap at the front door of the apartment.

‘That will be Kevin’, Maria shouted from the bedroom, where she was busily fitting her breasts neatly into a black velvet dress.

Scott opened the door to find a well presented handsome looking man on the step.

‘Hello, you must be Kevin’ he said as he extended a hand in welcome.

‘Pleased to meet you’ replied Kevin.

They shook hands firmly and the guest presented a bottle of wine.

‘Ahh, come in then, lets get started right away’

All three of them were soon sat around the table drinking wine, talking and laughing together as they prepared to tuck into their meal. Although both men had not met before, they had heard plenty enough about each other and were quick to make friends.

Maria reached out and passed the salad bowl to Kevin.

‘Would you like some salad dear?’ she asked casually.

‘Certainly maam’ came the reply. A knowing look and the flash of a smile passed between Maria and Scott as Kevin helped himself to a generous portion from the salad bowl.

‘Mmm, this salad tastes delicious Maria’ he said after a couple of eager mouthfuls.

‘Yes its wonderful’ piped up Scott as he chomped through another slice of cucumber. ‘I never really liked cucumber until now, but this tastes delicious’ and with that he flashed Maria a grin who returned a smile back.

They sat for some time after dinner, drinking and telling each other funny stories. The evening flew past quickly as they laughed and joked together into the wee hours of the morning.

Kevin suggested he should get a cab home, being far too intoxicated to drive. Maria and Scott insisted he should stay the night, driving back home in the morning. Kevin happily agreed to this without realizing what he was letting himself in for.

They all retreated to the bedroom for a smoke. The TV at the foot of the large double bed playing out MTV in the background. All were sat up puffing away. Maria conveniently wedged between the two men, feeling snug as they continued to chat, smoke and laugh.

When it was time to sleep, Maria insisted that Kevin should stay in their bed with them rather than on the uncomfortable sofa. Kevin looked too stoned to argue and Scott just nodded in agreement, knowing only to well Maria’s true intention. Everybody seemed happy enough.

The bedside lamp dimly lit the room. All three were lying down on their backs with music playing gently in the background. Maria could feel the warmth of two bodies pressed up on either side of her, the sensation arousing her deeply. She gasped breathlessly when she realized that both the men were stroking a hand gently upon each of her shoulders. A warm and sensual feeling built up within her as each hand grew slightly bolder in its movements. Suddenly four hands were stroking up and down her body, only just avoiding her breasts and pussy.

Reaching down with both hands, she squeeze, and to her delight found two hard erect cocks in each palm. At that moment a rush of desire yearned through her body originating from her pussy, wetting her panties throughout.

She felt almost paralyzed with lust as she let go of the two hard cocks. She couldn’t separate out who’s hands were who’s between then two men still pressed up close either side of her. The touch was smooth and soft, sending tingles of joy wherever they went. She lay passively while the two men worked her body in unison together. She wondered at how it felt as natural and ordinary as if it were a single man. Her pussy was now yearning with an intense desire to be filled.

Both men worked her top off and rolled down her panties, a different hand on each side pulling in unison, rendering her completely naked. Still lying on her back, both men turned into her, rubbing their bodies on hers.

‘Very nice’ Kevin commented when he looked down and saw her soaking wet shaved pussy. He had never seen it shaved bald, and loved the way it now appeared. Another pair of hands were caressing her breasts while a mouth was kissing hers passionately. The warmth and passion going between her and the two men flowed in the same way as with one. This new sensation was somewhat surprising and incredible.

‘Has anyone got condoms’ whispered Scott without breaking the sound of the music in the background.

‘I didn’t think to’ replied Kevin, not expecting the need to arise.

Maria had no choice, she was determined that these two Bayan escort men would fuck her tonight, after all her hard work and effort, she would win her reward.

Quickly she blurted ‘I have some in my bag’.

She knew as well as Scott that there were none in the apartment. They had no need for them and all had been thrown out long ago. He knew she must have bought some especially for this night, seeing straight through her dastardly plan. He smiled at her ingenuity and noticed the cunning with which she had engineered the entire evening to arrive at this moment. He had his suspicions earlier, but now they were confirmed.

‘Maria, you dirty dirty slut’ he whispered in to her ear. She chuckled back a sultry note.


Kevin inched slowly down the length of her naked body, kissing her on the way down. Finally his head nestled between her legs. His head moved forward to take her wet pussy fully into his mouth. He worked his tongue around the edges, filling himself with juices. Pleasure wracked through her body as he worked the tip of his tongue inside her. His hands were running around the back of her body, holding her naked buttocks firmly. Pleasure rippled through her as both the top half and bottom half of her naked body were being caressed and kissed passionately by the two naked men. She lay flat on her back, legs cocked into the air giving Kevin a better reach of her pussy. Occasionally they would swap, taking left and right sides of her and then top and bottom, always meeting up in the middle. The feel of four soft warm hands fuelling her burning desire. Back and forth they went as she reached out with both hands squeezing two different cocks in each hand. So much was going on to her body at once that the feelings of sexual desire and pleasure overwhelmed her.

She realized she was like a virgin again, suddenly unsure about what to do with the two hot naked male bodies in bed with her. The uncertainty quickly faded as new ideas flooded into her head. She had to think creatively to discover new sexual positions, now limited only by her imagination. The possibilities that dawned on her were greater than ever before.

She clutched the head pressed into her wet pussy, licking out every part and touching her all around below. Scott was now over her head and with her free hand she guided his cock towards her mouth. She held it firm rubbing it up and down, sucking and licking his balls from underneath him. She ran her tongue all along from the base to the tip of his penis and then slowly swallowed it whole in her mouth. The other mans mouth was still suckling her clit, sending waves of delight through her body. She screamed and moaned, unable to contain the pleasure inside her.

Taking long and perfectly timed strokes up and down the hard erect cock filling her mouth with the taste of man, she brought him closer to the brink. Two fingers of one hand were also wrapped around the base of his cock, moving up and down with the motion of her head. She brought her other hand up and caressed his balls. Her eyes were open and she could see he was kneeling up over her at the side of her head, his cock buried deep in her mouth. Pleasure contorted and twisted his face to a grimace of delight. She could see and feel another mans head deep between her legs, pressed hard into her pussy nibbling gently on her clit causing waves of rapture to course through her body. She was moaning and groaning in time with the motion on the hard cock filling her mouth.

She felt her pussy tingle as the tongue that was licking it all around pulled away. The two men rolled her gently onto her side and Kevin lay up tight behind her placing the tip of his long hard cock on her ass. He pushed very gently against her opening, cock moist and lubricated. It was so wet that it slid gently and slowly into her anus. As it penetrated she screamed and thrashed her body in a wild uncontrolled frenzy of passion. The amazing sensations made her scream louder than ever before, only to be muffled by the cock filling her mouth completely. The intensity made her whole body vibrate all the way through and onto the two cocks now buried deep within her. Both men groaned as they could feel the vibrations shooting through them, sending waves of pleasure into their loins.

With one cock ramming her anally and the other pounding into her mouth from the front, she continued to scream in pleasure for what seemed an eternity. ‘MMMmmm’ she cried over and over as a continuous powerful full body orgasm shook her to the core of her being.

The cock in her mouth came out fully and slid down the front of her body easing onto her clit. All the while, the other cock was ramming her hard anally. The feeling of the cock rubbing against her clit caused her now unmuffled screams to release. Slowly the cock was worked into her pussy. She went totally wild, thrashing and screaming Escort about the place in rapture. There didn’t seem enough space, but somehow she felt both her holes filled up deeply and completely. She couldn’t believe the sensation as it swept all around her down below, setting her whole body on fire. She couldn’t control the convulsions wracking through her. She couldn’t stop screaming, to the point of almost crying.

While two cocks inside her, she could here Scott calling out, ‘you dirty slut’ over and over in between thrusts and grunts of pleasure while pounding his cock hard into her pussy. His mouth was over hers and his naked body pressed flat against her front. Kevin was pressed naked and flat against her back. He was groaning and shaking as he worked the whole length of his cock in and out of her anus. She could do nothing but thrust down in time and hard onto the two cocks penetrating her simultaneously.

So intense was the orgasm that shook her that the tendons along her neck bunched out while she screamed and convulsed in time with the two cocks thrusting deep inside her. Two naked bodies were pressed tight either side of her own bar the pair of panties hanging still half around her ankle as she came with sheer intensity. On and on her orgasm passed through her body, filling her with pleasure.

When her orgasm finally subsided the two cocks were removed slowly from her body. She shuddered at the sudden loss of contact and ceased the opportunity to get up on all fours. Arching her back out and thrusting her ass into the air, Kevin resumed fucking her from behind. Scott’s was lying on his back and from above she slid his cock into her mouth. All the while she was being pounded back and forth, Kevin thrusting deep and hard into her from behind, slapping against her ass. She resumed to suck Scott as before, both hands working his lower body. Her head bobbed up and down as the entire length of his cock was sucked in. Faster and faster she went, the vibrations of her moaning running the entire length of his body.

Her hand worked its way back and forwards along the cock and balls in her mouth, each time a finger going closer to his behind. Her head moved up and down in time with her body which was still being fucked hard from behind. The moaning from her mouth was vibrating hard on him as she touched the tip of her finger directly to his hole. He let out a low groan of pleasure. Methodically, she worked her finger deeper and deeper until it was stroking his prostate deep inside his body.

The cock still buried in her anus pounding into her sent waves of pleasure through her body. A hand was stroking her clit and all around her pussy. Hot cum burst suddenly into her mouth. She went faster and moaned louder as the continuous spasms of Scott’s orgasm worked its way through his body shooting hot salty fluid down her throat. She slipped the tip of his penis out of her mouth and continued masturbating it hard, letting the last few shots drop into the end of her open mouth. She worked the cum around her lips with her tongue, reveling in the taste, smiling with laughter and glee. Excited and aroused, she was worked into another frenzied orgasm by the feeling of cum splattering her and the sensations of the cock still mercilessly pounding into her anally. Once again, the air was filled with her screams as her body convulsed as yet another orgasm pulsated through her.

Finally, all motion slowed, all ending up still and satisfied. Two naked men were lying next to her, hands still touched both. Condoms and clothes were strewn across the bedroom floor. Both men started drifting into sleep along with Maria.

She mused about how natural and intense it felt. She had been intimate and passionate with both men at different times in the past. The familiar passion and energy feeling was retained with them both together. The way they coordinated together to fuck her made it seem as natural as being with just one man but twice as pleasurable.

Looking at the clock snoozing off, she saw it was into the early hours of the morning. They had been fucking and sucking all night. She realized for the first time that sex with two guys takes twice as long. She inwardly smiled, wondering greedily how much longer it would take if there was yet another person, falling slowly to sleep with her head nestled between two shoulders. Her last waking thought was a promise that she would have this much fun more often in the future.


Maria awoke as the morning light filtered through the window. The fog of her sleep passed and she realized she was pressed between two naked bodies either side of her own. She had a hand resting on each man and slowly she slid them both down to their groins. To her surprise, she took hold of two hard and erect cocks. She smiled as she could feel two pairs of hands gently stroke her shoulders. Once again, desire filled her loins and she moaned with the pleasure pulsating through her wet glistening shaven pussy. It was all happening all over again. Maria shuddered in delight letting out a deep moan of pleasure as two cocks were about to fill her once again.

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