Tommy , Liza’s Fantasies Ch. 01


WARNING: This story is about what happens to a marriage and the lives of the two people involved in it. It’s a very sad story and one that involves cuckolding. So if you don’t like these types of stories stop here and don’t read any more or you’ll be pissed off. If you get pissed off from reading this story, don’t flame me it won’t do any good. If you read it after you have been told, you’re a Dumbass! You have been warned!!!


This is a story about a woman we’ll call Liza and her husband who we’ll call Tommy. They seem to be very much in love. They’re a young married couple in their late 20 early 30s who have begun talking very seriously one night after some passionate sex about each other’s fantasies.

It seems Tommy wants what most married men want and that’s to add another woman to their lovemaking. As for Liza’s fantasy well you will have to read the story since that’s what it’s about. But so that you’ll know and understand, there was only one way each could have their fantasy. They have both agreed that if Tommy could find a woman that was interested in sex with Liza and him, then she would allow this woman to join them in their bed for three-way sex. And if Liza found what she was looking for regardless of if she found it before Tommy found that special woman, then Liza could complete her fantasy. First come first serve was now their favorite slogan.

There were of course other rules that were agreed to by both of them. But the major rule was that Liza would accept adding another woman and allow her husband’s fantasy to happen the way he wanted it. And with that Tommy agreed to allow her the same freedom. That is, if she finds what she wants she will be allowed to experience it too the way she wants it.

OK. Now some background is needed here. Liza and Tommy had actually met and corresponded with each other for a long time over the Internet. And then one day she was finally coming to visit him. She had her visa and was already on the plane that was coming from an Eastern Europe country liberated when the Soviet Union broke up. The fighting there had finally stopped but it was no life for a young lovely woman. They were being raped and made into whores daily by the organized crime and ex-army officials.

Liza was one of those young women whom would have been an ideal whore for some man or organization. Sex slavery was ramped in her country now. She was able to escape. She was think with blond hair and a tight trim figure of 90 30 90 cm. Which converts to around 34 24 34. She had a trimmed bush around large thick pussy lips and nipples that were blood red and hard and thick when she got excited. Her face was cute not beautiful but most women who are thin and in their late 20s are cute. It was her smile, which was contagious to Tommy. And in a few works Liza was a piece of ass to most of his male friends.

Tommy was average with light brown hair and medium build. He wasn’t very large anywhere. But Liza loved him deeply and was a good wife to him.

Finally Liza was able to escape and was now coming to America to visit him. She was hoping to be able to stay in the USA and work hard towards the American dream. From his correspondences she was hoping Tom would ask her to marry her after they got to know each other better.

When Tom met her at the airport and after going through customs and all the clearing she had to complete now because of the terror threat he knew he had strong feelings for her. When they were done with the forms and paperwork, Tom took her to his home where she would have her own room and would live there.

As she was gathering her luggage she was socked to see an African as she called it standing there to help her. She was fascinated with the man. He stood well over 6 foot tall and had huge shoulders she guessed from lifting all the suitcases and luggage all day long. She asked Tom what and who he was. Tom told her he was a black man, or slang was nigger but most people didn’t use that term any longer. He told her there many blacks in the states both male and female.

As she looked at the first black man she had ever seen except in films, she wanted to know about them. She told Tommy that there were no blacks where she came from, none at all. She had never seen one in person. The color of his skin and the size of the man helping with her luggage fascinated her.

The trip from the airport to Tom’s home was all new and very exciting for Liza. She had never seen so much wealth and new things as he drove down the highway. Such big house and expensive buildings, she was sure al Americans were rich! But as they drove Liza remembered he big black man. On the way home she asked Tom to tell her all about them. Tom told her about slavery and then freedom achieved from the Civil war and Martin Luther King etc. He told her what he knew.

As the days and weeks passed Tom took good care of her and introduced her to all of his friends and family. She was welcomed into the group with opened arms and after a bahis siteleri month knew a fairly large number of people in the city. Americans all seemed very friendly to her.

She became especially close with one girl in particular who was Mary. They became very close and good friends doing everything together. Liza could talk to Mary about everything that she didn’t quiet understand. She seemed to be interested in everything and in a few weeks they had gotten along greatly with each. When she wasn’t with Tommy Liza and Mary would spend most of their time together going shopping and having lunch. It was nice to have a good friend already to hang with while Tommy worked.

But as the weeks past Liza realized that she was becoming short on money and didn’t want to keep asking Tom for more. So Mary got her a part time job at the drug store down the street from where Mary lived. As they worked together now Mary was always going to lunch or for a drink after work. They had really hit it off.

Meanwhile Tommy was falling deeper in love with Liza with each day that passed. Liza had agreed to move her belongings to Tom’s room and sleep with him. They had now begun having sex. Tommy was deeply in love with her and soon she was screwing him almost every night. Liza did everything that Tom asked her to do. They confided in each other and seemed very, very happy.

Liza loved America and was beginning to fall in love with Tom a little too.

With about a month to go on her visa they both began to worry a great deal that she might not be able to stay in the states and would have to go back to her old country. So one night after a long slow love session where Liza made Tommy almost scream with his sexual lust, Tom asked Liza to marry him.

And Liza of course told him yes. She did it because she actually did love Tommy. But she also wanted to stay in the USA. She figured she could make a go of it and was sure she would fall deeper in love with him as time passed. So they got married the following weekend and began to live happy ever after.

But that’s only in Fairy tales! Real life can and is most of the time much different.

As Liza became more and more an American she got a real job and she didn’t see Mary as much as she use to. She missed her and every chance she got she would hook up with her for a drink or lunch or shopping. Then one day Liza saw Mary sitting with a black man. Liza hesitated to approach her friend since she was sitting with a man and it wasn’t her boyfriend. When Mary saw her best friend she waved to Liza and she joined the table.

Leon was introduced to Liza and Mary told Liza that Leon worked with her. He asked her to join him for lunch today and she had agreed. The three of them sat and ate and talked and Liza found Leon to be very nice and funny. She also felt he was charming but very forceful the way he controlled both ladies.

After Leon got up to leave he picked up the tab for all three lunches and thanked the ladies for the company. He told them they were both very lovely and he enjoyed having white women eating lunch with him. He told them that he every guy in the place jealous of him for sitting with the two most beautiful women in the place. The girls laughed and after Leon walked away Mary told Liza that he was always a charmer and chased women like a dog. They laughed and kidded about men and how they were always trying to get into their panties. But Liza was very interested in him. She asked Mary how well she knew Leon and if she was cheating on her boyfriend with Leon?

Marry looked a little surprised that her best friend would ask her that but she told Liza she wasn’t cheating on her boyfriend. She had known Leon for a long time, even before her boyfriend. She told Liza that Leon was a very good friend. Then she smiled at Liza and said, “You know what they say about black men don’t you?”

Liza looked at her strangely and said, “What? Know what about black men? Who are they?”

Mary laughed and said, “No Liza there’s a rumor that all black men are…….well”, she held up her two hands about a foot apart and said, “long!”

Liza looked at her friend with a question on her face. Mary laughed again and said, “They say black men are big between their legs Liza. She held her hands up again about a foot apart and say, Big like this”

Liza blushed and then laughed and the two women laughed and chatted for maybe 20 more minutes about black men. Then they went back to their respective jobs.

But Liza was now wondering about what she had learned today. She had always felt that some black men were very sexy. Their dark skin and most of them were big and many were strong looking. Since she hadn’t really seen one in 20 of her 21 years, she was fascinated with them. Now she had been told that they had large cocks and for some reason her pussy was getting wet. She smiled as she daydreamed about what it would be liked to be fucked by one of them. What would it feel like having canlı bahis siteleri a big black man between her small white thighs pumping a big cock deep into her body? She smiled and felt her pussy become even more thrilled and moist by what her brain was thinking.

After work she walked home and at dinner she talked to Tommy about what Mary had told her. Tom said that sure some black guys were really big, just like some white guys. But most were the same size of white guys and that it was just an old wives tale about them all having big cock. While he talked to her about old wives’ tales and about black men having big cocks she wondered if he was just saying that or if he knew for sure.

She began to talk with others girl from work. She asked questions like she was just wondering. She needed more information. And when she did, she always heard the same thing. The rumor was that a black man’s size and endurance when it came to sex was better than any other race. And yea sure they weren’t all huge or handsome or beautiful but some were. And sure they didn’t smell very good after they worked hard and perspired but then neither did whites or Asians. Then one girl told her she had been with a couple of black men. Liza listen to everything the woman told her.

She said that when a black man had finished fucking her he didn’t smell very good. But in the next breath she told Liza that if she could find one with a really big cock and she let him fuck her, well Liza wouldn’t care about how the looked or smelled. They were forceful and took what they wanted from the white women. It wasn’t gentle and it was very sexual and more like fucking to relieve the lust!

Both women were laughing and as this woman talked to Liza and explained more and more about her experiences, Liza was sure that the big black men with those with big black cocks were throwbacks to the Zulu’s race in Africa.

They talked each lunch hour for a few days as Liza gathered more and more information about black men from this new female friend. The woman only told Liza this information when they were completely alone and she asked Liza to keep it a secret since the other woman was married. Liza promised she wouldn’t tell anyone.

The woman told Liza that the blacks she had been with were wild and free and more animalistic in bed, then the white men she had been with and that included her husband. In fact fucking a black man was nothing like fucking a white guy. She told Liza that the black men she had been with over the years took what they wanted from her almost like she was a whore. They didn’t hurt her but told her what to do and what they wanted to do to her. It wasn’t love, no, not at all but more like pure animal lust. Liza was wet again between her legs and both her nipples hurt they were so hard.

As the days past, Liza found herself talking more and more with this woman who had told her all about the times in her life when she had fucked black men. All but one was before she got married. But she said she still had the urge to try one again. Then she did, she had cheated on her husband but only once. The woman told Liza that she was looking for ways to get her husband to agree and allow her to fuck another black guy now and then. But she knew he would never go for it he didn’t like blacks and would leave her if he found out she had cheated on him. So the lady decided she didn’t want her husband to divorce her and she just had her fantasies and masturbated to them.

Liza said she too had this fantasy and that she wonder if her husband would allow here to try it? She told the lady that people in Eastern Europe knew about the blacks and Latinos and that they has some sort of sexual power.

The woman told Liza that most men think that’s just an old wives tales. She agreed that not all of the black men she had been with were big, and in fact out of the four she had sex with only one was over 6 or 7 inches. But that one was at least 9 maybe10 inches long, thick as her wrist and hard as iron. Then she told Liza that this black man could fuck her long and hard. She said, “He just seemed to go on and on and on and on. She ended her conversation by telling Liza that most black men were just like white men when it came to size and endurance. She laughed and said most cum to quickly. The two women both laughed at that remark because Tommy was one of those men, who climaxed to quickly as far as Liza was concerned.

Oh, it wasn’t that Tom didn’t satisfy her, he did very much. But, it was a combination of his wonderful tongue fingers and cock that did it. If Tommy didn’t work on her for a long time, then his cock hardly did the job. But her opinion of a marriage wasn’t just the size of Tommy’s cock or how many times he made love to her. She loved him and didn’t complain about his size at all.

Liza told the women that in her old country the women fantasized about black men too sometimes. It was a huge taboo but when women talked about those sort together güvenilir bahis without men around, every once in a while the topic of the black man came up and the women would all laugh and wonder how it would be to have sex with one of them. Of course none of them ever did since there were no blacks around.

The woman told Liza that if she was thinking of actually trying it that she should be extremely careful. It could destroy her marriage. Liza asked her why and the women told her that certain sexual diseases in their city were the highest in the country. She said that most black men won’t wear a condom and that many had a lot of sex with a lot of different women! It was open season for AIDS and the numbers growing larger all the time in the black community. And finally she told Liza that most men don’t like their wives having sex with men to begin with, but to have sex with a man from another race was even more threatening to all races.

Liza told the women that she had masturbated a number of times thinking about a big black cock fucking her. She asked the lady if she had any ideas on how she could get her husband Tommy to consider letting her try one. The lady didn’t have any idea except to just come out and ask her husband. The woman asked if she knew what Tommy’s favorite was and Liza told her what she was sure was his favorite.

Then the woman said Liza should talk with her husband about their favorite fantasies. And after he told her his greatest fantasy she should tell him that her’s was to try sex with a black man. Then she should tell her husband that if he let her have hers she would let him have his. That is if she was allowed to fulfill hers sexual dream of having sex with a black man, that Liza would let Tommy have that other woman as he had always wanted.

Liza wondered if he would go for it or not at all. After all it was just sex there wasn’t any love involved? She wasn’t sure how Tom would fell. Finally the woman told her she should plan the timing of her talk around right after she had given her husband some fantastic sex. She should make sure she had given him the best sex she could. That Liza should use it as sort of after sex foreplay. That’s when men would pretty much give a woman most anything they wanted as a thank you for fucking them. Then if he said yes, Liza should fuck him again even if she had to suck him long and hard to get him hard again. If she did it and Tommy told her yes, Liza should let her know and she would help her further.

Weeks past and finally Liza decided she would try it. But she was worried about what Tommy would say and think of her. So like the woman had said, Liza would ask her husband about his fantasy first. Then she hoped he would wonder about hers and ask her. That way it would be Tommy asking her and not vise-versa. She smiled at that idea. She would have him thinking it was his idea to talk about it and that’s when she would take the chance and drop it on him.

That night she decided to do something about the plan she and her new friend had cooked up to try and fulfill Liza’s fantasy of having a black man fuck her. She was scared but as time went on and she saw white women with black men and black women with white men she knew she really wanted to try it.

Then on Friday, Liza decided to make her move on Tommy. Just as soon as they had finished eating dinner she would seduce him. She got an hour of from work and went home. She bathed and changed into the sexist baby-doll out she had. Tommy had actually purchased it for here as a wedding preset. She only wore it on special occasions. Then she fixed his favorite meal and waited for his arrival. If everything when as planned tonight she would have Tommy actually agree to allow her to have a black lover.

Once would be enough she was sure just to get it out of here system. But what if Tom found a woman and invited her back to their bed. Liza was a little scared about that idea. Would she be able to have sex with another woman? Would she be able to let her loving husband fuck another woman while she was with them? She didn’t know the answer to those questions. She would worry about him later, Liza said to herself that she really needed to do this.

She would face the questions later on about having her husband add another woman to their love making.

When he came home she kissed him hard and long as she felt his hands come in contact with her breasts! She didn’t deny him. She let him touch her and feel how wet she was already. He told her he loved this appetizer before dinner. The way Liza was giving him everything without hesitation was sort of new to him. Usually Liza was more reserve than this but he liked it!

Liza hadn’t done anything to her husband this in a very long time. He had enjoyed all of her as he licked and sucked her breasts and fingered her so wanting to be fucked pussy. Then he surprised her by picking hr up and placing her ass on the kitchen table and began licking her hole wildly.

“Oh Tommy your tongue feel so good. Oh yes baby! Eat me! Eat my pussy make me cum baby!” Liza moaned out the words as she closed her eyes. But it wasn’t Tommy she was thinking of no she was imagining a big black face between her legs sucking and licking her cumming pussy with a long tongue!

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