Top Becomes a Daddy Bear’s Boy


Uncle Bob had taken me out fishing again, it was a beautiful summer day, a perfect day to be out on the lake. I always enjoyed spending time with him when the opportunity arose.

My Uncle was a rugged, mid 40’s, 5’10, 250 plus pound, hairy brute of a man. I loved checking him out when he wasn’t looking, maybe too much. It’s just that when his shirt was off, and his hairy chest and belly were exposed, I couldn’t help myself. He never seemed to notice, lucky for me, I guess he just wasn’t all that observant.

We were spending the day on a small nearby lake not catching much, eventually the conversation drifted toward dating.

“So, you’ve been single for quite a while, any prospects in the area? If not, I know a coworker of mine would be interested in meeting you.”

Uncle Bob had been aware that I was gay for quite a while and we’d previously discussed my type, middle aged big burly hairy bottoms. I was surprised by his lack of reaction when I first told him, he seemed entirely unphased. I always appreciated that I could talk openly with him.

“Unfortunately, everybody around here seems to be a top. As a top myself, it’s a bit of a deal breaker. Who is this coworker? Do I know him?”

“I don’t think you’d know him, he’s not on any of those apps you younger guys are always using. He’s a widower since his wife passed a few years back and he says he’s ready to try something new. His name is Mike. If you’re interested, I’ll give him your number. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised!”

“Okay, if you say so, Uncle Bob. It’s not like I have anything to lose, right?”

The next morning, I received a text from Mike, he was asking me if I’d be up to meet for coffee at noon. He suggested we meet first at a well-known local café. I was free since I had recently been laid off, now between jobs. I replied that I’d be happy to meet him at noon and that I was looking forward to it! I did my typical morning routine, eat, brush my teeth, shit, take a shower, and also looked online for any job openings in the area. Eventually it was time to head out and I made my way to the café, ready to meet up with Mike. I made it to the café five minutes before noon, it seemed that Mike had made it there before me, he noticed me first and was waving to get my attention.

Mike was gorgeous, he had a similar build to my Uncle but had to be at least 6’3 and 300lbs. He had chest hair peeking out from the top of his dress shirt, a big round ruggedly handsome face, a bald shaved head, and a Side escort thick brown beard just beginning to grey. I was already imagining stripping his clothes off, bending him over, and having my way with him.

“Hey! You’re Josh, right? Your Uncle has told me a lot about you. I’m Mike!” Mike said as I approached. He had a deep manly voice that I found extremely arousing.

“I’m surprised this guy is a bottom!” I thought to myself. “That’s me! It’s nice to meet you Mike,” I said with a friendly smile. “My Uncle barely told me anything about you, I guess you’ll have to do it yourself!”

We spent the next couple hours telling each other about ourselves, Mike occasionally telling me a funny work story about my Uncle. He was the definition of charming. I occasionally caught myself getting lost in his deep voice, my eyes darting between his face and the chest hair exposed by the undone top button of his shirt. Once we were acquainted, Mike suggested we head over to his place and get to know each other a little bit better. I had been daydreaming about undressing him and burying my face in his big furry butt since meeting him, so I wasn’t going to turn down his offer.

I climbed into the passenger seat of Mike’s truck and admired the brute of a man in the driver’s seat. Mike’s big rough meaty hands firmly gripped the steering wheel, I couldn’t help but follow them to his thick, hair covered forearms, exposed by his rolled-up sleeves. Mike’s large firm belly stuck out below his barrel of a chest. Gazing down I starred at his sizable bulge, his pants appeared to be ready to burst at the seams.

“For what has to be a 300-pound man, Mike sure holds his weight well,” I thought to myself. Before I knew it, Mike was parking his truck in the driveway and I was following him into his house. The whole way, I couldn’t stop from staring at his gorgeous ass, each step, his pants struggling to contain its mass.

Once inside, Mike showed me to the living room and said, “Make yourself comfortable, maybe turn on the tv and find something to watch. I’ll grab you a beer and then clean myself up a bit.” He then walked to the kitchen to grabbed me a beer. He returned and handed me an open beer “I’ll be back out in 15, just going to take a quick shower and clean myself up a bit.”

“Okay sounds good, I’ll be right here waiting,” I replied.

I just finished the beer as the bathroom door opened up and Mike stepped out wearing nothing but a short white towel. I couldn’t help but stare Escort side at his large furry body. A thick brown pelt, still wet from the shower, covered most of his chest and belly. “Josh, move to the bedroom and I’ll give you a full body massage. I just got a new massage oil custom made; you’ll be the first to try it!”

“Sounds perfect! As long as it comes with a happy ending,” I said excitedly as I got up and made my way to the bedroom.

“Oh, you’ll enjoy the whole thing! Maybe not as much as me though!” Mike said as he collected the massage oil and a large towel to put on the bed. “Get your clothes off and lie face down on the towel, I’ll start on your backside,” Mike said while positioning pillows on the bed and lying the towel down on them.

I stripped my clothes, proudly revealing my young athletic body. A generous amount of body hair and my large stiff 8″ cock, now exposed for Mike to see. I confidently stepping up to Mike, wrapped my arms around his thick waist and stretching upward before pressing my lips against his. Mike wrapped his arms around my upper body, pulling me tightly against his belly. Kissing back deeply, he opened his mouth to let our tongues meet just for a moment then pulled away, leaving me wanting more.

“How about you lie down now Josh, I’ll get you warmed up; the evening will be much more pleasurable once I’ve worked on you!” Mike said as he pushed me towards the edge of the bed, his focus now on opening the bottle of oil.

Once I was lying down on the towel, Mike moved to the bed and poured a generous amount of oil on the small of my back. Mike then started spreading the oil around with his large strong hands. Once he had the pool of oil spread around, he moved to my feet and started thoroughly massaging the oil into my skin. As he worked his way up my body, being careful not to miss any spot, I began to feel extremely relaxed. I noticed anywhere the oil was spread, it began to warm up, reaching an almost uncomfortable temperature. The massage was beginning to make my body feel like putty under Mike’s large meaty hands. Working his way up from my feet, Mike began massaging my butt, spreading my cheeks and sensually rubbing the oil in my crack. My mind began to slow down and I couldn’t concentrate on anything but the warmth and pressure of Mike’s hands. He continued working his way up from my butt, ending by massaging the oil into my scalp.

After finishing my whole backside, Mike said, “Okay boy, roll over and I’ll do what needs to Side escort bayan be done on your front.” I barely noticed, unable to focus on anything but the warmth radiating through my body and the sensation from Mike’s hands. “I guess the activating agent in your beer has started working with the oil on your skin. You’ll be helpless as the oil removes all your hair follicles, you’ll be the smooth boy you were meant to be,” Mike said with satisfaction as he effortlessly rolled me over and repositioned my body. With my front now facing up, he lathered the oil over the rest of my body, making sure to use a copious amount anywhere with thicker hair. When finished, the only parts of my body not coated were my eyebrows and eyelashes. Even though Mike had finished massaging the oil into me, I could still feel the sensation of his thick hands smoothly rubbing over me, radiating with warmth.

“I guess I’ll have to carry you to the tub myself eh boy, can’t have you in bed with all that loose hair falling out,” Mike said as he picked me up off the bed. He carried me to the tub, bathed me, and brought me back to other side of the bed before putting me under the sheet. Once done with me, Mike tidied up, repositioned the pillows, and climbed into bed with me, discarding his towel somewhere along the way.

“Fuck! You’re so much hotter smooth, boy.” “I’ve got another surprise for you tomorrow but you’re just going to have to wait for it,” Mike said as he pulled me tight against his body and began dry humping me. Unaware of the situation, his furry body felt amazing sliding across my now smooth backside, I let out a soft moan as Mike’s hard cock forced its way between my soft, still slightly oily cheeks.

“See, boy, I knew you’d enjoy it! You were always meant to be someone’s boy, you just didn’t want to admit it,” Mike said deeply as he continued to dry hump my smooth cheeks. After a few minutes of Mike’s hard cock sliding back and forth between my soft smooth cheeks, Mike began to let out deep grunts each time he thrust forward. Not long after, Mike let out a long grizzly moan as his body began shaking, his hard cock pumping cum, dousing my smooth cheeks. Mike slowed down as his cock began to soften “Fuck! Now that you’re hairless, you’re almost perfect! Soon to be daddies little boy,” Mike said with satisfaction.

“Going to have to tie your hands though, don’t want you doing something you’ll regret in the morning,” Mike said as he leaned over and grabbed a pair of handcuffs from the nightstand. Mike cuffed my hands behind my back, rolled me over and pulled me tight against his large furry body. “Sleep well, you’re going to have a long exciting day tomorrow, you’ll need your rest,” Mike said before kissing my neck and falling asleep with me in his arms.

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