Treasure Beach for Three


I kept stealing glances at my wife’s tight, black yoga pants which were clinging to the contour of her ass like a second layer of skin. A thin seam in the fabric ran down her crack toward a small cameltoe hump that was just barely visible as she bent down to check the zipper of her travel bag. The pants were on the shiny side, giving her well-rounded cheeks a sexy sheen from the punishing afternoon sun that was otherwise slowly roasting the hundred people that stood alongside us in the customs line.

Alice’s hair, pitch-black as the pants she was wearing, has the type of natural wavy curl that many women spend good money trying to replicate. She’s an Irish Italian mutt, just like me, and it shows in her pronounced facial features and her fair skin. She thinks her ass is a little big but I think it is beyond perfection, especially for a slim, athletic woman in her thirties. The college-aged girls in line, who were only an hour or so away from going “wild,” were boring in comparison with their straight ponytailed hair and boyish shapes. I would take my curly-haired, bubble-butt wife any day over them.

Alice wheeled her bag a few feet forward and turned back to me with a smile. Unlike me, she was not going to let a long line dampen her spirits. We were in Jamaica and it was our first sojourn to the Caribbean for a beach-style vacation. She could barely contain herself.

After we were free from the customs line, we quickly spotted our driver brandishing a handwritten sign with our name on it. He escorted us to his car in the parking lot and offered to sell us some weed before our butts even hit the seat. All the drivers do this, right? After some hesitation we decided that there was no harm in buying a couple of joints from him for the beach. We were on vacation, dammit.

With the rental house being on the other side of the island, we knew that we would be getting in late. We bought some essential survival supplies from the local Mega Mart by the airport: rum, limes, mixers, a case of Red Stripes, and something called Dragon Stout that the beer enthusiast in me just couldn’t resist. With that, we were whisked through the middle of the country.

The sun set at the start of our journey and the island mountains came alive with house lights that seemed to reflect the stars in the sky. Bouncing violently on the beat-up highway, our vehicle was constantly dodging pedestrians, motor scooters, packs of dogs, and the occasional wandering goat. After a few hours, the driver suddenly stopped the car in front of a big beachside house. “Here we are, mon!” he announced to the both of us, startling us awake from a unintended nap.

We got out of the car and strained to see our rental property through the darkness. With our bags in tow, he led us past the gate and down to the back porch to the first floor of the duplex. We were surrounded by the sound of chirping crickets and the waves pounding on the beach. After a quick tour, we took the driver up on his offer to buy a few joints and tipped him well. We found ourselves alone in that strange place in the middle of the night. As much as we wanted to feel excited, we never felt so stranded and out of our element.

Without any city lights or streetlamps of any kind, it was really too dark outside to get a real feel of our new surroundings. I struggled to envision a relaxing vacation after all of the hustle that began somewhere around 5 am that morning. We decided to unpack a few essentials, filled up a few glasses with rum and ginger beer, and set out to explore the property.

“Should we go down and check out the beach?” I asked Alice, holding up the beach-access gate key.

“Hell yes!” she blurted. A few sips of alcohol and her enthusiasm was already back in high gear. Me? I was just damn tired.

I unlocked the gate and a few steps down the stairs was all it took to find ourselves starting back at the immense sea from an entirely empty beach. We sipped on our drinks, quietly admiring the dazzling view of crashing waves and the starlit sky. For a guy that grew up in rural Ohio, it was pretty overwhelming.

I tossed and turned that night with dreams: surreal reimaginings of the long car ride through the country and visions of our endless floating backyard where the approaching shapes of ancient vessels were beginning to take form in the distance…


“Jamaica! Jamaica!” my wife squealed, shaking me awake.

Was it Christmas? Nope. It was March 31st, the day before our wedding anniversary. We were married five years earlier on April Fool’s Day. We couldn’t pass up a good deal on the reception venue, not to mention, a sly joke to show off our sense of humor. I guess a lot of other couples have claimed this day as theirs, so we’ve found out over the years. At the very least it’s an easy date to remember.

I covered my face with a pillow as Alice pulled aside the shades, assaulting me with the bright glow of the morning sun. She lay back onto the bed next to me, nudging me impatiently. Escort She already smelled like suntan lotion.

“I can’t believe this view! We are right on the sea! Right on it, Tom!” she said, shoving me over and over again until I finally pulled away the pillow and acknowledged her.

“It is pretty nice,” I agreed coyly. She sneered at me in playful annoyance for failing to match her level of excitement.

I sat up and stretched, taking in more of the backyard view. A hammock was gently swaying in the breeze, the garden was gleaming in the morning sun, and a strip of calm blue sea was visible just above the backyard fence.

I squinted my eyes, noticing the missing lock on the beach-access gate. “Hey, where’s the—,” I was suddenly interrupted by the sight of the door being pulled open. A woman stepped into the yard.

“What the?!” Alice gasped in surprise.

The woman was wearing a blue bikini and strolled through the backyard like she owned the place. Her flowing black hair and light brown skin appeared damp from a swim. She proceeded to pull the lever for the outdoor shower—a feature of the property that we didn’t even know existed—and stood under the falling water, eyes closed and smiling.

“I thought we had the house to ourselves?” I asked.

“We definitely do,” Alice assured me

“I guess she’s a trespasser?” I suggested.

“A bikini-clad trespasser who is stealing shower water?”

“Yes, exactly,” I confirmed. “They’ve got a big problem with this on Treasure Beach, so I was reading.”



Alice shoved me again and turned her attention back to the women. We were both unabashedly admiring her body. She was very well-endowed and her bikini bottoms seemed to be sagging from the falling water, revealing the top of her buttcrack. Her bottoms had a ruffle trim, kind of like a bikini meets sexy underwear.

“What should we do? Go say ‘Hi’?” Alice asked.

“Sure, why not? Wait—” I said with a hand on her shoulder. The woman untied her bikini top and our mouths dropped simultaneously. She tossed the top with abandon and stroked her big caramel-colored breasts and dark nipples for a few moments. Then, she proceeded to pull down her bikini bottoms.

“Umm, I probably shouldn’t go out there now,” Alice said, gawking at the sexy nude stranger. I felt my briefs popping up with a hard-on and carefully pulled the sheet up to my waist.

“I saw that,” Alice said, somehow spotting my movement even though her eyes were fixated on the shower show.

More details came into view: the sexy curves of the woman’s naked ass, the slit of her pussy, and the faintest pubic stubble above it that indicated she was more than a few days into a bikini wax. She hung her bikini on the nearby clothesline and and dried off with a towel before wrapping herself in it and lying back comfortably in one of the backyard chairs.

“Okay, I’m going for it,” Alice announced. She hopped up from the bed, wearing only her lacy beige panties. Her pale C-cup breasts were always a sight to see: perfectly round and symmetrical and complemented by her deep pink nipples. She pulled up some short butt-hugger shorts and slipped on a tight, nearly see-through tank top, perhaps in solidarity with the towel-wrapped stranger that she was about to approach.

“Stay close, in case I need to call for backup,” she instructed.

“Sure thing.” I leaned back with my arms folded behind my head to watch the show.


Her name was Mala and she was visiting from London. The name clued me in to the fact that she was part Indian, not to mention her big exotic eyes and golden brown skin. Her rather large breasts and her accent, however, were British through and through. We would later learn that Mala is from Surrey, where her posh schooling imparted her with a proper accent that would make her right at home on the BBC News. Her looks, however, would make her right at home on Page 3 with best nude cover girls that the UK has to offer.

As I joined the conversation in the back yard, I learned that Mala had booked the upstairs unit and we had the downstairs. Yes, the property was a duplex, but Alice seemed to think that we would have the place to ourselves, from what I recalled. I admit, I was not very helpful with the planning so I could hardly complain.

Mala was very understanding of the situation; when she learned that we were on a wedding anniversary trip, she graciously offered to find a new place for the remaining days of her trip.

“No, we don’t want to kick you out,” Alice said to Mala, who seemed perfectly comfortable discussing the situation with us wrapped in only a beach towel. “You already paid and you got here before us. We’ve got separate units. We can just share the backyard, that is, if you don’t mind sharing it with us. Right, Tom?”

Alice looked at me pleadingly, hoping that I would be cooperative; she was always the peacemaker. “Besides, it’s my fault,” Alice continued. “I Escort bayan didn’t completely read through the details. I thought we’d have the whole property and I was wrong. If anyone is going to find a new place, it should be us.”

“Please, I’m happy to share. You don’t seem like dodgy types,” Mala remarked playfully.

“We’re happy to share as well,” I confirmed.

Like us, Mala was also in her early thirties, but unlike us, she was traveling alone. This was actually her second stay at this particular rental property.

“Is it just you then?” I asked her.

“Tom,” Alice cut in correctively, worried that Mala might be a sensitive about traveling alone.

“It’s fine,” Mala assured us. “Yes, just me. You see, London is a city of people stacked on top of people. I’ve got three flatmates to deal with on a daily basis. I much prefer to take holiday alone.”

“Well, so much for that, thanks to us,” I added dryly.

“No worries!” she assured us. “I’ve been here for a few days now. I don’t always travel with people, but I do fancy meeting people. That’s part of the fun! Treasure Beach is a little town, so it can get a bit lonely. You’re first time?”

“Yes,” we replied in unison.

“If you’d like a guide, I can show you to the swimming coves?” she offered generously. “You’re never going to want to leave. I go for a swim every morning and there’s hardly anyone in sight. It’s fabulous!”

“Can we go?!” Alice asked me, squeezing my arm and nearly bouncing with excitement.

“Okay, after breakfast,” I agreed. “I’ll bring the camera. And lots of sunscreen.”


Mala was not exaggerating: the swimming coves were magical. She led us a quarter mile down the coastline and we saw only a handful random locals and tourists along the way. The first cove that we encountered was very active with waves so the three of us settled onto our beach towels and lotioned up, waiting to see if the cove might calm down enough for a swim.

I had been working out regularly, well ahead of the trip, so I was pretty proud to show off my upper body as I pulled off my shirt. My chest had a healthy patch of hair, which I knew at least Alice was quite fond of, and my arm muscles were nicely defined without looking scary. I recently shaved off my winter beard and was looking forward to getting some sun on my face.

Alice’s wore a mismatched bikini with a white patterned top and pink bottoms. Her bikini bottoms were quite skimpy; they weren’t exactly a thong, but thin enough to ride into her buttcrack and get some sun on her cheeks. It wasn’t the first time I’d seen her in a bikini, of course, but it was wasn’t exactly normal attire back home in Cleveland. It gave me a thrill to see her showing off her body with such abandon.

Mala offered to take our picture, so Alice and I gladly posed together in front of the waves. Our first dip into the warm water was exhilarating. The currents felt safe enough, so we ventured out into the water, swimming with the waves and laughing as they collided with our bodies.

After I had my fill, I hopped out and dried off. Mala handed me the camera and happily took my place, splashing and giggling alongside Alice as they continued to enjoy the active sea. The waves continuously threatened to pull off their bikinis. Both of their bottoms, in particular, were not faring well and they had to regularly pull them back up to their waists in embarrassment. I looked down at my crotch with a raised eyebrow: easy now.

“Is it okay if I take some pictures?” I asked.

“Yes!” Mala replied.

“What the hell have you been waiting for?!” Alice joked. A wave crashed at her back and she spat out some salty sea water with a laugh.

I snapped pictures as they posed in the water. They put their arms around each other and stood side-by-side, so close that the sides of the breasts pressed together. That was a keeper.

I lay back on my beach towel and lit up one of the joints that the driver sold to us. Soon after, the ladies came running out of the water, eager to join me. We passed it back and forth as we dried off in the sun. After we finished the joint, we made our way back to a more peaceful swimming cove which was nearly as still as a backyard pool. This time, instead of playing in the waves, we just floated quietly and enjoyed the marijuana bodybuzz complimented by warm water that surrounded us.

Alice and Mala decided to hold in their breath to see how long they could float on their backs and showed off their pouring cleavage in the afternoon glow of the sun in the process.

“Do you have any dinner recommendations?” I asked Mala.

“I do!” she replied.

“Do you want to join us for dinner?” Alice asked her.

I was a bit surprised by Alice’s invitation, expecting that she might prefer alone time, but who was I to complain? Alice seemed really taken with Mala and it was pretty relaxing to just hang out and let the girls do most of the talking. They came off like Bayan Escort old friends after only a few hours.

“Yes, thanks! I’ve got just the place,” Mala assured us.

I can’t lie: the impending dinner for three, not to mention the fact that we were sharing a house, had me feeling a little presumptuous about the possibilities. My wife was pretty open about her attraction to other women, but it was just a fantasy. Sure, she made out with a few girls in college, but how far would she really be willing to go?


“This is the best part of the property, in my opinion,” I heard Mala announce as I was locking up the beach-access gate. The sound of falling water and giggles soon followed, catching my immediate attention. My wife and her new friend were enjoying the outdoor shower together and I wasn’t sure what to do next. I hesitated to approach and stood for a minute at the gate.

“Will you get a picture?!” Alice begged me. “When’s the next time I’m going get to shower outside?!”

“Go ahead Tom,” Mala encouraged.

I didn’t need to be asked twice. I hopped to it, fumbling to turn on the camera, and began to snap some pictures. The falling water sparkled in the sunlight as it crashed off of their half-naked bodies. Mala and Alice were not naive about the suggestive nature of situation and had some devious smiles on their faces as they posed together under the shower.

“This is why I love it here,” Mala explained to Alice. “One can get away with anything…like this.” She reached back to untie her top. “Is that alright?”

“Yes,” Alice said in nervous anticipation. “I think I’ll join you!”

I was staring on in disbelief and my swimming trunks were dangerously close to a pitched-tent situation. The ladies removed their tops and propped up their big breasts into the stream of falling water with giggles. I continued to take pictures, waiting for them to object. They never did.

Alice whispered into Mala’s ear and they turned their backs to me, looking over their shoulders with smiles. They pulled down their bikini bottoms slowly, just enough to reveal their full butt cracks to me and laughed as I snapped a pic. That was a keeper.

My wife, the merciless tease that she is, knew all too well that a seemingly innocent “mooning” was more than enough to get me rock hard. Yeah, I’m kind of a butt guy. I took a seat on the back porch, trying to nonchalantly conceal my erection. They turned off the shower and began toweling off.

“So, what about six for dinner?” Mala suggested. She covered up her breasts with a towel and I just sat there like an idiot, staring up at her.

“Is that alright, Tom? That way we can eat at sunset,” she explained.

I cleared my throat. “Yes, of course.”

“That sounds perfect. We’ll meet you down here!” Alice said to Mala.

With that, Mala made her way through the yard and up the stairs to her second floor unit. Alice quickly stepped inside, leaving me for a turn in the shower. I turned on the outdoor shower and was quite surprised that the water was a comfortable, warm temperature. The girls had their fun, so I didn’t see the harm in pulling of my swim trunks and taking a proper shower. There was even a bar of soap.

My cock was poking out, still semi-swollen from the scene I had just witnessed. It occurred to me that I was beyond sexually frustrated. The first night in the country was so hectic and the morning surprise of a nude stranger in the backyard managed to thwart any sexual activity for me and Alice. After everything that happened on the beach and in the backyard, I was about to explode. Despite the fact that I was showering outside, I took my cock into my hand, strongly considering what needed to be done…

“Hey there!” Alice called out as she tapped me on the back, causing me to jump. “Busted!”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” I replied with a smirk. “I’m just showering over here. I thought you were getting ready for dinner?”

“Actually, I’m getting ready to give you a blowjob,” she countered, to my surprise. She stepped under the falling water with me, consumed with lust from her playtime with Mala and took me into her hands like she meant business. The glare of her big brown eyes was on me as she crouched down and stuffed all seven-and-a-half inches of my manhood into her throat. She bobbed aggressively, coating me with sticky spit and making sloppy gagging sounds that I didn’t even know she was capable of making.

“Do you need some release after watching Mala and I shower together?” she asked. She teasingly slapped my shaft against her face and rubbed the head of my swollen cock across her nose, giggling at my bug-eyed reaction.

“Oh god yes,” I replied.

Sweet, merciful Alice stroked me aggressively, slurping at the tip of my head until I exploded with a jetstream of cum across her cheek. She smiled encouragingly and aimed my cock at her forehead, eager to feel my hot mess dripping down over her face. It wasn’t the first time I had given her a facial, but I had never seen her give herself one. She was so eager, so incredibly hot for my load. She slid my cock across her face and slurped up some sticky samples of semen as I groaned with pleasure.

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