Two Girls, A Guy and a Blindfold!

Big Tits

Travis awoke in a dimly lit room and immediately realized that he wasn’t alone. He could barely make out the figures in the room, but it was light enough to determine that there were two ladies present. He could vaguely see that one of them was his sexy longtime lover, Jacqueline, but he couldn’t quite figure out the identity of the second lady nor could he readily determine why she was in their bedroom. After all the drinks he’d consumed last night waiting for Jacquie at the bar, he could recall little of the previous hours.

In truth, they had returned to their posh Upper East Side apartment several hours ago and it was now late at night. He was still a bit foggy and tried to get up to use the restroom when he realized that his hands were cuffed to the bedposts. Laughing it off, he called to his girlfriend Jacqueline, “Very funny, babe. Please get these things off of me. The joke is over.”

She walked up to him and smiled, “Well, look who woke up! Hey, sleepy head. I was getting worried that you had consumed too much wine and were never going to get up to help entertain our guest. We’ve grown impatient waiting for you.” As she said this, Jacquie and a rather petite young blond woman walked to the edge of their lavishly adorned king size bed.

“Baby, your biggest fantasy is about to come true. Do you remember how I always promised you a threesome, but never quite got around to it? Well, it is going to happen NOW! You may have been a bit too drunk to realize that this sweet young lady was hot for you when you danced with her at the bar a few hours ago. Since you were in no position to take the reins, I decided to dance with her myself and check her out as a possible partner for us. We got along great and as she was rubbing her beautiful body up against me during a slow dance, I realized that she and I were REALLY hot for each other. Candace and I are going to make all of your dreams come true,” purred Jacqueline as she stroked Candace’s long blonde hair and ran her fingers over the 22 year old’s tanned and very hot body.

“Wow!” exclaimed Travis, not exactly sure what the appropriate response was when being offered a threesome by your girlfriend, “That’s incredible, honey. But I have to get up to use the restroom first,” said the handcuffed man. “I’ve got to go pee if you want me to perform. What’s with the handcuffs, anyway? Did you think I’d run away?” he joked.

“Oh, no, baby. I have no doubt that you’ll want to stick around for this. I just want to do it MY way for a change. I am in control and you’ll do as I say,” said Jacquie in that sweet sexy voice that always got her man going. But he knew she was serious. When she got out her dominatrix hat, there was no joking with her! She enjoyed the role to the utmost and took it seriously. She was clearly in charge and would get her way. She had done this before during their years together, but never with another person present. It would be interesting, thought Trevor, to see how this played out. He wasn’t going to complain!

The pair had a great life and sex was off the charts for both of them since they met three years ago. Although he was 50 and she, just a few years younger, they took pride in caring for themselves and it showed in their New York-style sophisticated good looks. Many people remarked that they looked younger than their stated years. He was six feet tall and had the very broad shoulders, sandy blond hair and good looks that caused women to go wild.

Travis’ sensuous blue eyes were always the thing that made women crazy over him; making them feel like the only woman in the world, he could charm females of any age and he often did just that! He had women eating out of his palm everywhere they went and it was something that had caused Jacquie concern at the beginning of their relationship. Three years into it, she realized he was totally hers and the decision to share him could be made without fear.

Jacqueline, at 48, had no trouble attracting men either. She had long dark hair, an olive complexion and a friendly personality that often confused men into thinking they could get her into bed easily. She would have made a less secure man insane with fear if she were that type. She had no desire for any other man and made it known as soon as she realized the intentions of her “fans”.

Their relationship was rock solid and, although they had spoken about a threesome in the throes of passion, neither was interested in having an affair. They decided long ago that a threesome would be the only way they would ever have sex with anyone else. Now, it appeared to Travis, this fantasy was about to come true!

He now felt himself getting hard and both ladies saw this through the thin down comforter that was keeping him warm. He noticed that Jacqueline had taken the time to light the fireplace in their master suit and he, again, began to wonder how long he had slept. He also noticed some blankets on the floor by the fire and looked at his woman questioningly.

“Oh, sweetie, bahis siteleri I wish you would have woken up earlier. Candace and I were getting better acquainted on that rug by the fire. I think you would have enjoyed the sight,” purred his lover as she raked her fingernails lightly over his swelling erection.

“Look, Candy! I told you that he gets hard easily. Just the thought of us getting it on makes his cock rock hard. Imagine what he would have done if he had been awake while you were licking my pussy! I think we’re going to have to demonstrate again so my man can watch

us both come a few times.” Turning to him she said, “You would enjoy that, baby, wouldn’t you?”

“I would give anything to see you two beauties enjoying each other’s bodies. But, first I have to get up and use the restroom. After that, I’m all yours!” he promised. He was getting excited envisioning these two lovely women naked and licking one another. This scene was making him insane with lust. He was finally going to experience the threesome he’d always wanted. Just thinking of all the hot things they would enjoy caused more than a little pre-cum to drip out of the head of his throbbing cock.

As she reached under the sheets, Jacquie exclaimed, “Oh, look, Candy. He’s already shooting some pre-cum for us!” She ran her fingertips lightly over the head of his penis. She then did something he’d never forget; she ran her cum- wet fingers over Candace’s mouth and shared the generous gift with her new friend as she kissed and licked the blonde’s sexy lips. How was he ever going to hold off long enough to please these two when they were already making him crazy, he thought to himself?

Candace looked amazing, dressed in a pretty pink bra with lace panties that were obviously wet in the crotch area. His girl was dressed in a similar fashion, but her matching black bra and panty set was, simply put, HOT!

He pondered the age of their new friend for a moment. She was wearing a bra and panty set that looked to be appropriate for a teenager as it was more innocent and sweet, while Jacquie’s was definitely designed to set a man on fire. Well, he thought, they’d met her in a bar so she had to be 21. That was good enough for him. Obviously, both sets of lingerie on these particular women were driving him wild!

Candace then did something that took the lovers by surprise. She straddled the hunk on the bed, pinning his body tightly to the mattress. Up until this point, he had been alone on the big bed with the two women standing over him. “Oh, yeah! You’re not kidding about the size of his cock, Jacquie. It feels so huge rubbing against my pussy lips ~ even through the sheet!” moaned the young girl in ecstasy. She continued to grind her panty-clad pussy against his cock as Jacquie placed her hand behind Candy’s head and kissed her sensuously. It was so hot seeing them kissing up close. His dream was coming true and he knew that this was going to be FUN!

Jacquie stopped kissing the hot blonde long enough to stare into her man’s eyes and say, “If you haven’t noticed, baby, we’re in charge here. You are going to do exactly what we say. We want you to stay in the handcuffs for now. We will give you instructions, but we don’t want you messing this up by trying to do it your way. Not that your way isn’t great, but tonight we are taking total control!”

“But I have to pee!” he cried out.

Jacquie took the key out of her nightstand and loosened the cuffs from the bedpost. She then fastened the cuffs together. No sense in giving him any freedom at this point since he’d have to get used to giving them control for the next few hours. “Okay, we’ll help you. Get up!” she said as she led him to their en-suite bathroom.

“Candace, I’m going to let you get your first glance of my man’s rock hard, perfect cock. Take it out of his boxers and help him aim,” commanded Jacquie, who was clearly the one in charge for now. He couldn’t believe that she was going to make him pee in front of this girl, a total stranger. He started to protest, when Jacquie cut him short, “Don’t think about complaining. You are keeping those cuffs on until I say otherwise. Understand? Now let’s get this over with so we can get back to the party.”

He could see that he wasn’t going to win this battle. He tried to pee with his cock in the girl’s small warm hand, but it was nearly impossible with his raging hard-on. He was ready to give up, but due to the urgency of his situation, he began to shoot a stream into the toilet with a force he hadn’t seen in a while. He kept going until he was finished and then stood at attention for the next set of instructions, his cock still hard and throbbing.

“Shake it gently, Candace. We don’t want to hurt that beautiful tool. I plan to make good use of it for the next several hours!” chimed his lady love. “Good job, stud! Back to bed, sex slave. You’ll get further instructions when we get you settled in,” stated his suddenly dominating canlı bahis siteleri girlfriend. This was a side of her he rarely got to see. He started wondering exactly was going to happen, but then decided to just allow the process to unfold. This was a huge turn on and it was something he’d always dreamed about, so he wasn’t going to spoil it by asking a million questions.

“Okay, Candy, help me cuff him back to the bedposts so he can’t get his hands free. He has a tendency to take over in the bedroom and tonight he’s at our mercy. We can do anything we want to him,” laughed his excited girlfriend.

Candy’s mouth watered at the sight of his raging hard-on, but she knew better than to take action until she was given instructions. Jacquie was firm and had a tendency to get upset if things didn’t go her way, the 23 year old had already learned. The older woman had definite ideas for this threesome. After giving each other multiple orgasms as the man slept, the two girls had reviewed plans for the event. It seemed that Jacquie wanted the ladies to be in charge and Candace, having a bit of a dominating side herself, had voiced no objections.

But, for now, all she could think about was wrapping her hungry lips around that thick, long, and very stiff cock! Her mind was going crazy with possibilities and she knew she’d have to suck him off soon. She wanted to taste more of his delicious cum and the need was becoming urgent. She admitted to herself that it had been fun licking pussy earlier, but that only gets a girl so far. Candace had a definite taste for cock and this man’s raging hard on would be more than adequate to satisfy that desire. Being a college student (she was attending a local university to complete her graduate degree in psychology, of all things!) afforded the young girl plenty of opportunity for both men and women.

Last night, seeing how hot this older, more experienced guy was, she immediately began to think of ways to get him into bed.

She’d enjoyed flirting with him at the bar and was majorly disappointed when his girlfriend arrived and claimed him as her own. The tall, confident, raven haired Jacquie immediately dragged him away from Candace, despite the fact that he had been dancing and flirting with her for over an hour. She remembered how he had complained that, although he loved his hot girlfriend, she was always late meeting him places. Candace knew that Travis was upset with his girlfriend and, as he flirted with her, she wondered if that was the reason for him downing so many dark beers.

Coming back to present, she thought how much she would like to capitalize on Jacquie’s failure last night by taking over and having HER way with this man! It would be fun to help him make his girlfriend pay for her neglect; after all, she should know better than to keep a hottie like him waiting! There would always be girls ready to take care of this sexy older man if his girlfriend couldn’t be bothered showing up on time ~ girls like Candace. Hot young things who craved an experienced, sexy man would be swarming this guy, she thought. Look at last night; before she got up the nerve to hit on him, there were already four girls dirty-dancing around the smoking hot Trevor.

This was going to be fun, thought Candace. According to the girlfriend, this threesome was about giving him his fantasy. He revealed to her that he’d always wanted to be tied down and have a woman take control. How much better that it would be for two women to pamper, spoil, and surprise him, she realized! These two were more than prepared to give this man all he could handle. It would be such fun to tag-team him and make him moan! She’d take every chance she could to ride that throbbing tool, Candice realized!

Before the girls secured him back to the bed, Jacquie had removed every shred of clothing from his toned and hot body. But, unlike the regular rushed routine when they make love, her actions were more controlled. She ran her hands up and down his naked torso and raked her nails lightly over his thighs, never quite touching his raging erection. She licked his body slowly, starting from his neck and working her way down. He just noticed that there was this sensual music playing in the background and it added to the erotic energy in the room. The light from the fireplace flickered over the smooth, moist skin of the two women who were taking him over for as long as they wished.

Candy whispered something in Jacquie’s ear and she looked surprised. She moved aside and allowed the younger girl to take over. As Candy licked the man’s hot body, he could feel her wet pussy dripping onto him. She was damp and he could tell that she was excited at the prospect of fucking him. He got harder as he watched this young girl run her tongue over his body, slowly making her way down to his throbbing erection. Jacquie went behind Candy and slowly removed her bra, stroking the girl’s 34 C’s as she did this. He realized that, while her breasts güvenilir bahis were a bit smaller than his girl’s D-cups, the nipples were hard and her areolas were huge and already turning him on ~ big time!

Jacquie moved off the bed and he idly wondered where she was going. Did it really matter, as long as she allowed Candy to keep pleasuring him? No, he decided, it truly didn’t. He suddenly recalled dancing with this girl last night and the thought of how badly he had wanted to just leave the bar with her came over him. She was fucking hot and he was upset with his girl, so he actually thought about doing this hot young slut in the parking lot. He was that turned on by her hot little body rubbing up against him as they danced. He remembered feeling her hard nipples brushing up against his chest as he grabbed her and pulled her to him during a slow dance. He was so happy that his girl had decided it was okay to play with the hot young blonde, because, in his more sober state, he knew he would never really cheat on his lover.

Jacquie came back to the bed and slipped in next to the new lovers. She looked at Candy for approval and reached behind her boyfriend’s head to tighten a silk scarf over his eyes. He reacted with shock, but Candy just kept licking, sucking, and stroking his body. He was more turned on than he’d ever been. His rock hard cock kept jerking against Candy’s breasts as she rubbed them over him and he felt as if he was ready to explode. He was even more excited with the blinders on and knew that the sky was the limit with his horny, hot girl. He only hoped that Candy would be as adventurous and free as Jacquie. This would be something he would never forget, and he knew that already. Just the fact that HIS girl had taken the initiative to bring another girl into their bedroom was more of a turn on than anything he’d ever experienced. He knew it would just get better from here!

He heard the buzz and, somewhere in the back of his mind, he wondered about strange the noise. No matter, really, since he was getting head from one of the hottest girls he’d ever seen! No sense in complaining, he thought to himself. Then he felt a strange sensation, like a gentle vibration, moving over his already rock hard nipples. One of the women had taken Jacquie’s vibrator and, set on high, and it was causing the most erotic sensation on his nipples. His cock was liberally leaking pre-cum and one of the women ~ he thought it was his girlfriend ~ was sucking on the tip of his rock hard dick, taking in every drop of the delicious nectar.

From the girls’ perspective, it was fun watching him thrash under their expert hands and mouths. They were enjoying the sight of his gorgeous body and it turned them both on to know that they could do whatever they wanted to this hot man. They had made plans while he slept and actually acting on them was causing both of their bare lower lips to drip love juice all over their guy and the expensive bedding. If either of them was worried about this, you couldn’t tell. In fact, the activity turned Jacquie on immensely. Just watching her man with another girl was a big enough turn on; having herself touched and explored by the delicate hands and expert tongue of this beautiful girl was a thrill that she had not fully anticipated.

As Candy sat on top of the hardest cock she’d ever seen, she worked over the body of the willing victim with the tingly end of the vibrator. Seeing this and watching Candy drip her love juice all over his cock, Jacquie could not resist running her tongue over the bare lips of their new lover near the place where they were joined together. She could not get over how delicious the juices of this young girl tasted to her. She briefly envied men and wondered how they ever stopped licking their girl’s pussies in order accomplish the other, more mundane, tasks of life. This was something she could enjoy doing 24/7, similar to her obsession with sucking her man’s cock.

As he felt the pussy rubbing his hard cock, he also realized that there was a tongue swirling around inside the girl. It was a turn on and he wished he could watch. Was that his girlfriend licking pussy? The thought made his cock feel as if it would explode. But he had amazing stamina and he knew he had to hold off cumming in order to please these two horny sluts. The sensation of the vibrator exploring his sensitive nipples and the wet, dripping pussy that was on his cock was thrilling enough; but when he felt a tongue running over his balls, he thought he would pass out! She was sucking and licking them for all she was worth and he knew it had to be his woman; she LOVED to suck on his balls as she stroked his hard cock and he was used to a lot of stimulation in this area.

All of a sudden, the girl on top of him got off and he felt the vibrator running up and down his leaking cock. The girl who was sucking his balls stopped to allow the vibrator to roll over them and he knew he’d died and gone to heaven. It was incredible! His cock was being stroked and his balls were being teased. At the same time, he heard the girls kissing and moaning. He knew they were also playing with each other and that excited him more than anything. He truly hoped they would allow him to watch their love-play before this night was over.

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