Two’s Company, Three’s A Party…


NOTE: This is based on an actual event, therefore names have been changed to protect the innocent! (well, obviously not innocent, because otherwise…) This story was written in co-operation with “Lydia”.

Well, what started as a fairly average night ended up as one hell of a party! I had arranged to meet one of my mates in the pub, as we always did on a Sunday. We were both in a sports club, and most of the club congregate down there on a Sunday. As it happened, I was with my special friend Lydia that evening. Lydia and I had been introduced by a mutual friend a couple of weeks previously, and had been having a secret, and very very sexual affair ever since. I knew she was very kinky, but had no real idea that she was really up for all things we’d talked about. Anyways, I’d decided to invite her down to the pub as well.

We got to the pub a fair bit after we should have, as we got a bit carried away while I was getting changed. As the cab pulled up outside, we were both already a bit tipsy, but something tells me that alcohol was not really a contributing factor to what was to follow.

We walked into the pub, and immediately saw my friend through the haze of cigarette smoke that is inevitable in the kind of pub it is. Stu waved us across to where he and some of the other guys were sat, so ignored him and went to the bar first! (well, you have to have your priorities set, don’t you?) Then once we had our drinks, we ambled over. Now, stu is quite a big guy, a bit younger than me. He’s about six three tall, and solidly built with it. Well, Brick shit house would be more accurate. Lyd has told me on many occasions that one of the things that pisses her off about Portsmouth is that most of the bonus veren siteler blokes are too small, so I reckoned Stu would be right up her street (little did I know this would later be the literal case!). I knew that he’d like her too. She’s a pretty brunette, ish, with a great curvy figure, and fantastic E cup tits. She’s also not shy about showing them off either, which is a major turn on. That night she was wearing a great top, red lycra, with a plunging neckline, leaving almost nothing to the imagination.

Stu’s eyes immiediately went to her cleavage as I introduced them. They were both checking each other out, but still trying to be subtle about it. As we sat drinking, and chatting, Lydia and I played footsie under the table. By the time last orders was called we were all getting on like the proverbial house on fire, and agreed that it would be a shame to end the night so early. Stu said he had a few beers at his, and we could all pile back there if we wanted. As it was a Sunday, and nothing else would be open, we decided to go for it. Now, during the course of the evening, During Bar breaks, and toilet stops, both stu and Lyd had commented on the other while they were away. As you could imagine, this set my mind racing.

As we left the pub, I leant close to lyd, and whispered just one word..


I wish I could describe the look of pure horniness that came into her eyes. It was like watching a fruitmachine light up. Wow.

Well, as we walked back to stu’s place, Lydia and I were flirting and touching each other up, so that I could hardly walk straight, cos the strain of my cock against my trousers was so strong. Thank god it was a dark bahis night. I could feel the heat of her pussy even through her jeans. I was so damn horny.

Stu still had no idea what we had in mind, and I didn’t know how he would react,so the plan was to crash on his couch, and watch a film, and Lyd would test the waters, so to speak. Unfortunately, when we got back to his, stu’s housemate was still up. Unfortunately, brian, while an ok guy, has the sex appeal of a road accident. He’s short and scrawny, and not exactly good looking. And he managed to unwittingly foil our plans by inviting himself into stu’s room to watch the film with us. In a way it was good though, because he took the armchair, leaving the rest of us squidged together on stu’s huge grey leather sofa. Lydia was in the middle, with one of us on either side. During the course of the film, thankfully with the lights off, I could see her stroking stu’s thigh, as well as mine. We were playing footsie too, and my hands wandered as much as I dared. Watching her, I could tell she was getting really horny, and occasionally my touch would elicit a barely stifled gasp. I could see stu occasionally stroking her thigh as well. I still didn’t know if he had cottoned on. He seemed quite intent on top gun.

Lyd and I were hardly looking at the screen! Once or twice, she looked up at me, and the sexual energy in our gaze nearly made me groan aloud. I had a permanent hard-on. Its just as well we’ve both seen the film loads, and know when to make appreciative comments. Speaking to stu afterwards, he still hadn’t figured it out by this point. Brian, apparently still hasn’t! He soon figured it out, when I whispered to lyd, and she moved deneme bonusu her hand from his thigh to his hard cock. She found him very hard, and was quite happy at the size of his bulge. Fair to say he was in proportion!

As the film reached the end, lyd and I were both praying that brian would leave so we could get down to it. Thankfully, as the credits rolled, he left, to go back to his own room, and leave us in peace. Stu grabbed us all another drink and came back to where we both still sat, now watching TV. He sat down in his old seat, and it was a matter of seconds before Lydia had her hands rubbing both of our cocks. I looked across at stu and grinned. He grinned back, and stood, walking across to lock the door, before quickly returning. By the time he got back, I was snogging lyd fiercely, and playing with her gorgeous tits. As stu sat down, she turned and kissed him too, and I knew how good it must have felt to him, because I heard him gasp. Mind you, she was unzipping both of our trousers as well…

I decided we had been tortured enough, so undid her trousers. Her pussy was so wet and juicy, I knew she would be coming very quickly. I certainly had no trouble easing my fingers into her lovely hole… pretty soon stu had taken her top off, the her bra, liberating her fantastic breasts, and letting hi get his first good look. Pretty soon, both he and I were sucking and nibbling on a nipple each, and taking it it turns to finger and play with lyd’s clit. Its just as well the sofa was leather, because her when she came, she gushed hugely. She’s like that whith a really good one. I knew it was coming, but she still surprised me at just how much she sprayed. I was even more surprised she managed to keep quiet, as she’s normally quite vocal. She just sat there, cumming, and mouthing obsceneties, cursing the pair of us for inflicting pleasure on her. That just turns me on all the more, so I knelt in front of her, and spread her legs…

To be continued!

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