U-N-I Ch. 12


February 6th, 2014. The day of the O2 concert had finally come. On the previous night, it had been bloody hard to find sleep. We hadn’t had sex, but we had cuddled and talked a lot, trying to make sure everything would be perfect, down to the littlest details. We knew there would always be things we wouldn’t be able to control during the show, which was fine, but we wanted to be prepared for anything and everything that might happen.

We had discussed all the things we were both willing to do to show the fans that we were a couple, because we were very much aware that many of them wanted to see some ‘Myemers’ action. Would we kiss on stage? Would we talk about it in between songs? Would we look at each other on some meaningful lyrics? We didn’t want to plan everything, there was of course many things that would just happen on the spur of the moment but at least, we agreed on what we both felt comfortable saying and doing on stage as far as our relationship was concerned. Rob had warned me that I might get embarassed a lot if he ended up saying a few of the things he actually had in his twisted mind, but oh well, I would just let him surprise me.

When I woke up, I was amazed that we had been able to sleep rather peacefully through the night, despite the excitement and adrenaline running through our veins. I woke up before Rob. He was only wearing boxer briefs under the covers. He had his back to me but seemed to be still asleep. I was hard. Not only that but my morning wood was throbbing as I began to rub my hand against it. I pulled down my own boxer briefs and it stood upright, leaking precum. I began stroking my uncut cock, feeling the head become stickier each time the foreskin moved back.

I moved closer to Rob and ran my hand over his shoulder blades, placing small kisses on his soft golden skin and slowly sliding my hand down and under his briefs until it was on his firm ass cheek. I squeezed it tight, feeling his muscles, which gave me an adrenaline rush. Fuck, I was excited. I pressed my body even tighter against his own and he started to wake up.

“What you doing?” Rob breathed with a smile, still lying on his side, turning his head slightly to look at me.

“Oh babe, fuck, I need you!” I breathed as I kissed the back of his neck and pressed my cock against the fabric of his underwear, horny as hell.

“Yeah,” he groaned, sensing my horniness.

My hand left his firm butt and moved up to caress his pec and pinch his nipple, before traveling down to his rock hard abs. Somehow, my mind drifted back to the concert and the 20,000 people who were going to admire him and cheer for him and another surge of adrenaline shot through me.

I slid my hand down to his cock and squeezed it firmly before pulling down his underwear. I needed to have him, to fuck him maybe, I didn’t know, I just needed him, badly. I was now oozing precum like crazy, and I let my cock run up and down his crack. My erection was throbbing with need and anticipation.

“Oh God, Mark,” he groaned with hunger, still a bit sleepy, having just woken up but he could for sure feel how bad I wanted him and how sexually excited I was.

I rubbed my dick harder against him and it brushed past his hole but didn’t go in.

Soon, he was fully awake though, including his cock. When I started sliding my hand up and down his shaft, he turned around urgently, flipped me on my back and straddled me while he humped his cock against me, giving me what I needed. He shoved his tongue into my mouth, his hand grasping my face.

I responded immediately by kissing him harder than he was kissing me, and grabbed the back of his head. We kissed hungrily, sucking, licking, tongues wrestling, so overwhelmed with lust and desire that I wasn’t sure what to do next.

My hands roamed up and down his strong back and I grabbed, squeezed and massaged his ass cheeks with both hands. I wanted to do all sort of things to him, to lower my mouth onto his cock and let it slide down my throat or to lower my face into the crease of his ass and push my tongue deep into his tight hole, making him moan until he would beg me to fuck him. Instead, all I was able to do was to pull him hard into me and move my body up and down underneath him as he humped against me, moaning uncontrollably. We held each other tight and kissed passionately, gasping for air, panting and whimpering.

Our cocks were sliding all over our stomachs, leaking, wet with precum. I didn’t know what to do with myself. I needed to get off so badly that I just didn’t know what I wanted anymore. I felt overwhelmed and too excited to even talk. Breaking our tight grip on each other to get the lube or even suck each other off was out of the question. I couldn’t let him go and he felt the same way. There was an urgency in our moans that told me we were not gonna last very long. I could feel his cock poke me in the stomach and the friction against my own cock was bringing me close.

He sucked my earlobe, sending chills down my body and I raised trabzon escort my knees to wrap my legs around him. I locked my legs on each side of him and we simultaneously pulled each other closer.

“Oh fuck, I need you so bad,” I moaned, as I used my tongue to part his lips.

He opened his mouth and his tongue met with my own. They swirled around each others, as I felt the pleasure increasing within me. I was so hard, it literally hurt.

“I’m here. I’m here,” he panted as his mouth left mine and fastened on my neck and traveled down my shoulders.

I suddenly felt the need to take control again so I used my legs and arms to roll him over onto his back, and we continued kissing hungrily, not really able to stop, until I looked down at his hot torso and I ached to worship it.

His arms lifted and he grasped the headboard behind him as I started sucking on his nipples, causing him to moan in delight. I looked up briefly to see his arms flexed, thinking that there were few sights as hot as a naked man with his hands behind his head.

As I continued thrusting my cock against him, he opened his legs and raised his knees. The base of my penis slid over his balls and in between his ass cheeks. I was aching for release. My pole was slick with sweat and precum and it easily slid back and forth between his silky cheeks. It felt amazing. His body trembled and he pulled me closer to him, tightening his legs around me.

“Oh, fuck me babe. Fill me with your cock!” he pleaded.

I started thinking about lubrication but I was too overcome with passion to get the lube and he knew that. He spat in his hand and urgently reached down for my cock, making it even more wet and slippery than it already was. I looked down at his cock. It was engorged and leaking profusely, wetting his stomach. I grabbed his legs and pulled him toward me as he raised his knees. I guided my cock to his hole and pushed it inside him.

“Holy shit,” he grunted loudly, making me stop to make sure he could take it but finding it hard not to slam into him, pound his ass and fuck him deep to finally spill my load inside him. I was feeling so caught up in the intensity of the moment that I was ready to explode at any moment.

“Fuck, yeah, shove it in me.” he arched his back and pushed back against me.

He sighed and moaned sensually as I pushed all the way into him. My body shivered as I entered him and my cock was so fucking hard that it was throbbing inside him, his ass was as warm and tight as ever. I would have loved to sink my cock deep inside him forever and fuck him to orgasm but I didn’t think I’d be able to last long enough to make him cum.

“Oh fuck Rob, I’m gonna fuckin’ cum,” I moaned with a sense of desperation.

“Oh yeah, cum in me, just do it,” he urged, grabbing my back to pull me hard into him,

“Oh, deeper babe. Your cock feels so hard!” I could feel him clenching the walls of his anus, urging me to pound into him.

We crashed our mouths together in another hot kiss as I started thursting hard and deep. His hand ran down my back and I grabbed his hair. When I broke the kiss, I slowed down, trying to resist the urge to cum, he exhaled loudly and small smiles spread across our faces. His eyes were twinkling as we looked lustfully into each other’s eyes. I needed to get off so bad, I immediately began to rock my hips again, thinking that I could try as hard as I could, I wouldn’t be able to hold off.

I fucked his hole and tapped his prostate, knowing I was about to explode and he moved beneath me with an urgency of his own. I took a few more strokes in and out and I felt myself start to shoot, my toes curling up. My body shuddered in complete ecstasy as I let my orgasm overtake me,

“Oohhh… ohh fuck,” I cried out, burying my face into the crook of his neck, “I, ohh Rob, ahhhh,” I groaned low and long, filling up his ass and we grabbed onto each other.

I enjoyed the incredible feeling of release, panting heavily. It took a while for my orgasm to subside and when it did, I was almost relieved that the intensity was over. I’d kept fucking him long after I had stopped ejaculating, not really wanting to come back to reality when I felt another dry, second orgasm rip though me. I shuddered again and kept rocking slowly in and out, feeling almost dizzy.

Once fully spent, I brought my hand to his hardness and tightened my grip on him, determined to get him off as hard as I could. Sweat was beading up on his forehead as he continued to enjoy my cock inside of him. I stayed buried deep and slowly thrust my hips, barely pulling out before pushing back in to massage his prostate. Soon, he was also losing control of himself. Now it was he who had no idea where he was, no sense of space and time. He cried out, a sure sign that he was going to cum. I urged him to give it all he had. He didn’t disappoint as his cock widened in my hand and rope after rope of white-hot cum spit out of his cock. I could feel it pulse tunceli escort with each shot, as he squirmed and convulsed beneath me, struggling for air, struggling to return to reality. When he finally came back, he looked at me, fire in his eyes, and reached out to kiss me. Slowly I pulled out of him and kissed him back then rolled off of him.

Sweaty and covered in cum, he exclaimed,

“Jeez, that was one hot fuck! A great start to a great day!”

I giggled and snuggled closer to him. I nuzzled my face into his neck and gently kissed, smelling his scent. We lay there for a few minutes, trying to slow down our heart beats but I started to feel a rush of adrenaline again, knowing we were going to feel like this on and off all day long. I could tell he was feeling it too.

We didn’t talk for a moment and tried to relax in our post orgasmic bliss. But the butterflies in my stomach just wouldn’t stop coming and going.

I took a couple of deep breaths in and out,

“Oh my god!” I exclaimed,”The anticipation’s killing me already!”

“It’s gonna be the longest day of our lives!” he sighed deeply.

“Let’s hope not! We should be busy enough. The worst is always between eight and nine!” I said.

“Then, it’s gonna be the longest hour of our lives!” he laughed.

“Fuck!” I breathed, “Come on, let’s get a move on. I can’t lie in bed, I need to get fucking busy!” I said to him.

We got ready and went to Damon’s place around 11am. Then we headed to the venue all together for sound-check in the arena. We stopped first for brunch though. We knew our support band was rehearsing until at least one or two pm so we were in no hurry to get there. We wanted to hang out together and just talk, have a laugh and unwind around some good food. We didn’t want to let the nerves get the better of us. The concert was all we talked about though.

We had rehearsed harder than ever to be ready for that first concert of the tour. And we did feel ready. We were so anxious to play the new songs live, as well as the old ones really. It was already scary when the album was released to have people hear them and comment on them, but now, to play them live and to see people’s reaction was terrifying. It was even more terrifying because we hadn’t played a real live concert for over a year. We knew it was like riding a bike and that we’d be fine as soon as we stepped on stage, but we were still very nervous about that first gig. I think some of the reasons why we were so nervous was because it was going to be a very special night. Our very first concert after coming out publicly. Our families were coming, except mine of-course… There were going to be many journalists and important people in the business in the audience, a few artists as well. We knew Bono might be there, he had told us he would most likely come. Rihanna was there to sing ‘Princess of China’ with Rob for the first and probably the last time of the tour, except if we could manage to make our schedules match during our tour in the States. All of this made the whole thing fucking scary!!

Moreover, we had taken another direction on a few of our new songs, so we weren’t sure how they would be received. For instance, ‘Hurts like Heaven’ ,’Princess of China’ or ‘Every teardrop is a waterfall’ which was about coming out were very different and sounded a lot more pop, whereas our older stuff was darker and more about dealing with emotions that you find hard to control. A lot of the lyrics in our new album were about being and sticking with the people you love, together as a group, as a couple, despite living in a kind of dangerous and scary world. We really wanted this new tour to be about happiness, joy, energy, light and freedom of expression. We wanted to let the public see more of who we really were as a band, as a group of friends but Rob and I as a couple also. We knew a lot of them wanted to witness the bond between the five of us on stage, but more especially between Rob and me. Therefore, we needed to let more of our inhibitions go and to express the very blood in our veins, so we tried to set ourselves high targets and to aim for the stars!

Thanks to Rachel’s artistic influence, we got drawn toward graffiti type painting. We had hired an artist and a designer she knew from her school to help us paint absolutely everything, all the guitars, all the instruments, all the amps. For our stadium tour, we were going to paint the stage floor as well as a drape that we we wanted to put over the back of the stage. We wanted everything to be covered in luminous paint to take over the whole arena or stadium and make it feel like it was ours. There would also be a lot of lightning effects and a huge screen behind us, as well as on each side of the stage.

We needed people to see that we were a gang, like a family really. We knew one of the reasons people connected with us so much was because of our chemistry and we wanted that chemistry to be the first thing that they’d notice, zonguldak escort so there needed to be a unity between us, and having all of our instruments painted in a similar manner was a way to unite and to burst into a riot of color, joy and music.

As we stepped on stage, Jordan exclaimed,

“Man, I still can’t get over how huge it looks from here. I can’t wait to see this place filled with people!”

“Yeah, it’s incredible,” Dylan agreed. “There’s no one here yet, but you can feel the energy… you know what I mean?”

“Yeah, totally.” Jordan agreed. “I love this place!”

Rob walked to the far left side of the stage, and after a moment, I walked over to him.

“You’re not freaking out, are you?” I whispered into his ear as I stood behind him, feeling my own heart beat rapidly in my chest.

He turned his head to smile at me,

“No,” he reassured me, and added shortly after, “well, not yet.”

“Good,” I said, as I wrapped my arms around him from behind and kissed his cheek. I could see that we were being filmed from afar by a cameraman who was filming us as we were getting ready for the tour. It was backstage footage for our next dvd. But I didn’t care. It felt so nice to be able to show affection wherever, whenever. Had we not been out, this was not something I would have done, as innocent as it was.

“You’re gonna knock them dead. I know you will!”

He grinned and placed a kiss on my lips

“Let’s do the instagram video,” he suggested as he took his phone out.

He positioned his phone so that the stage could be seen behind us,

“Alright, ready?” he asked.


He pressed the record button and joked,”

Hey UNIners, we’re here, we’re queer!”

I smiled as I wrapped my arm around his shoulder and added,

“As you can see, the stage’s ready! We’re about to start sound checking.”

And he finished by saying,

“If you couldn’t get tickets, tune in to Radio one for a live broadcast. Don’t miss it, it’s gonna be phenomenal!” I pressed my lips against his cheek as he said, “See you all tonight!”

As soon as he stopped the recording, we heard someone scream my name. I rapidly turned around to see the lead singer of our support band rush towards us, looking totally hyped and excited,

“Hey, hi. How’s it going?” I asked him, laughing at his excitement.

” Brilliant! Bloody hell, I’m so out of control! I just can’t wait! We just finished rehearsing. The stage’s all yours now!”

“How’d it go?” Rob asked him.

“Fucking Amazing!” he said with the enthusiasm of a six year old getting his favourite toy on Christmas day, “I think my ears are permanently damaged though, even with the earplugs! We’ve never played this loud before.”

“Yeah, I know,” I said, “better get used to it!”

This band was actually the one which I had worked with Damien in the studio. I had talked to Dylan who had loved their songs first. Then, since we still hadn’t found a support band we liked, we suggested them to Jordan and Damon, who agreed immediately that they were a good choice. There was something about them that reminded me of us. We figured it could give them an opportunity to get noticed. It took a bit of convincing on my part as far as Rob was concerned. It meant talking to Damien again, but he was outnumbered so he didn’t put much of a fight. I actually asked Dylan to call Damien for me to know who was managing them as I didn’t even feel like talking to him again.

“Mark, Rob, would you please come over here?” our tour manager called, the tone of his voice making it clear that it was now, not later.

“Hey, have a good one,” Scott said. “We’re having a few drinks in our dressing room, so join us later if you can!”

“Oh yeah, I will,” Jordan agreed as he heard Scott’s invitation.

“Uh, Jord…” Dylan said. “Don’t you think it’d be better if you didn’t get drunk quite just yet!”

Jordan made a puppy face and answered,

“Yes, sir!” he joked.

Dylan shook his head, not loving being the daddy of the band, but knowing that he was. Indeed, whenever he saw that one of us was doing or about to do something stupid, he was always the first one to say something about it.

“Guys,” Tom called as he walked on stage, “we have fifteen people who won the ‘Radio One’ competition coming in right now. They’ll watch the sound check and there’ll be a meet and greet afterwards. Don’t let them distract you. We need to be done by five.”

We got everything ready and began rehearsing the song we would open the show with. “Hearts like Heaven”. We played the intro close to one another and watched each other play to make sure we were playing good together.

Rob sang those lyrics,

Written up in marker on a factory sign
“I struggle with the feeling that my life isn’t mine”
It’s so cold, so cold

See the arrow that they shot, trying to tear us apart
Take the fire from my belly and the beat from my heart
Still I won’t let go
Still I won’t let go of you, ooh-ooh
‘Cause you do
Oh you use your heart as a weapon
And it hurts like heaven


Yes, I feel a little bit nervous,
Yes, I feel nervous and I cannot relax,
How come they’re out to get us?
How come they’re out when they don’t know the facts?

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