Unconventional Awakening Ch. 03


I was a mixture of emotions as I entered my room, and wondered if the same was true for Paul and Peter. I immediately peeled off my sweater and jeans, and noticed that the crotch of my jeans was soaked! I was embarrassed, and glad. Glad that my jeans were of the heavier material, and contained my excitement, as I noticed a heady scent of arousal greeting my nostrils.

I suddenly felt an urge to sniff the wetness, and as I did my nipples felt a tingle and my pussy twitched. What was happening to me? I felt like I was becoming a horny teenager, something I wasn’t when I was younger. I inhaled the intoxicating aroma and rubbed the rough wet material against my face and kissed the crotch of my own jeans. I then sucked on the wetness and trembled.

I threw down the soaked jeans, and went into the bathroom to refresh myself. I looked in the mirror and was amazed at the reflection of the woman within. She was glowing. Her nipples were hard and erect. And her well groomed pussy was covered with dew. And the person staring at her was feeling a continuous wave of tingles course though her.

I stepped into the shower and lathered my breasts and felt the tingles continue. My nipples were so stiff. And I nearly slipped as the soft roughness of the terry cloth washcloth rubbed my pussy, and grazed my clit. For some reason, I felt a need to make sure my buns and rosebud were also squeaky clean. After I was confident that I was squeaky clean I dried off quickly and slipped on a bath robe supplied by the hotel, and just as I was securing the belt, I heard a knock at my door. My heart leaped as I went to it and asked who was there.

“Paul,” followed by “Peter.”

I opened the door, and they quickly stepped in. I could smell the scent of aftershave, and both Paul and Peter’s hair were still somewhat wet. They both looked kind of sexy with their hair not completely dry. They were dressed in jeans and sweaters, and wearing loafers. I felt practically naked in my robe. I could almost feel my boobs sway and jiggle as I walked, and noticed that both Paul and Peter were enjoying the sight before them.

Given the lateness of the hour, and the fact that we had to be ready for our respective workshop programs by 9:00 later this morning, we knew the nightcap was going to be a short one. Or so we thought.

I asked both Paul and Peter if they wanted anything, thinking of a drink. They both said yes, but were not referring to beverages. Paul came up to me and embraced me, and our mouths came together automatically. The scent of his aftershave assailed my nostrils, and the taste of toothpaste was delicious on his tongue, which was busy exploring my mouth. I felt weak in the knees as he kissed me, and was glad for his strong embrace.

My breasts were crushed against him, and I could feel a hardness pressing against me. The feeling of his hardness made my nipples tingle and my pussy throb. We continued to kiss for a few moments, and then I felt Peter’s presence behind me. His soft warm breath nuzzling my neck and his hands softly massaging my back. It felt like my pussy was dripping!

Paul broke off the kiss and we regained our breathing. I realized we were all very excited, but also a bit nervous. Where was this heading? bedava bahis I was practically naked, with my nipples aching to be touched, caressed, softly or maybe not so softly tugged and my pussy on fire. And both Paul and Peter, although still fully dressed, the hardness in their jeans giving away their desire, as well as the look in their eyes. I had never experienced this type of arousal before, nor ever felt that I could have this effect on another man, let alone two men.

Here I was now, knowing that I wanted to make love, not to just one man, but two. Something I had scoffed at, repeatedly during conversations of fantasies with my husband. Why had I been such a fool? The idea of making love to and being made love from two men was filling my mind with all sorts of erotic images. God, how I wanted to feel a cock fill my mouth while another cock fucked my pussy. What was happening to me?

I think Paul and Peter were also weighing their thoughts. The hour was now past one, and we decided to sleep on our thoughts and feeling. There was a very high current electricity in the air, one that surged though each of us.

I kissed Peter good night, and enjoyed the feeling of his tongue dancing in my mouth. Both men were good kissers! And Peter slowly stuck his hand in my robe and caressed my breast as we ended our kiss. The look of desire told me that he enjoyed what he had felt, and the wetness between my legs told me that I wanted more.

Before they left, they wanted to see what they were going to miss, if that was all right with me. I said turnabout was fair play, if I showed them what they were going to miss now they would have to show me what I was going to miss. The throb in their jeans gave me the answer.

So, since it was two to one, I said that one of them would have to show first. Paul opted to be the one, stood up, and slowly stripped. My breath caught in my throat as he stripped, as I never have had a man strip for me in a way that was to be sexy. I watched as he pulled his sweater over his chest, enjoying the hairiness and pretty well kept form.

I giggled as he pulled his sweater off completely enjoying his tousled appearance.

I gasped as he began to remove his jeans, and understood why his bulge was so evident. He wasn’t wearing any underwear! And the first sight of his cock nearly dropped me to my knees. It was very firm, with a bulbous circumcised head. His balls were a handful, and he must have been a good seven inches in length and two inches in diameter. My knees were giving out. I sat down on the edge of the bed.

When he stepped out of his jeans, I was in a trance. I knew that I wanted him. To make love to him. And feel him making love to me. To have that cock fill me, and feed me a load of his cum. I was wondering what it would feel like to feel his cock slide into me, filling me, fucking me. What was happening to me?

He let me know that it was now my turn to make good, as he sat down in a seat near Peter. Slowly I stood up, on at first unsteady feet. I played with the belt to my robe, and slowly it opened. It fell to the floor, but I held the robe closed at the waist. I slowly pulled open the top part of the robe, feeling like s stripper, hearing stripper casino siteleri music playing in my head. I gyrated as I opened just the top of the robe.

I could see that both Paul and Peter were almost holding their breath. Did I have this much power? Did they have similar ideas of wanting to make love to me that I had of them? The music continued to play in my head, and my breasts were now bare, my nipples hard. Paul’s cock gave a twitch as I caressed one breast and then the other. And they both moaned when I tugged on one nipple, stretching it taut. It felt incredibly sexy, and I was aroused as I felt my turgid nipple between my fingers.

I was imaging that one of them was stretching out my nipple, seeing just how far it could be pulled out from my boob. Ohh were my juices flowing!

I couldn’t take it any longer, and I quickly opened my robe. Now it was their turn to gasp, as my pussy was very wet, and the scent of my arousal filled the air. I shrugged off the robe and slowly turned around, so that they could see my ass. And I did something I never did before. I bent down at the waist, and spread my buns apart, looking at their faces, and bulges, as they looked at my rosebud, and pussy, all wet and juices flowing down my thigh. My boobs were hanging down, and according to my husband look awfully damn good when they hang down like this. I slowly ran a finger from my wet pussy to my ass, and caught my breath when the tip of my finger touched my rosebud. Evidently all parts of me were feeling aroused. And judging by my captive audience’s responses, they were on the edge too.

I slowly stood up, and turned around, as naked as Paul, and evidently just as excited. I sat down on the edge of my bed, and Paul who was sitting in a chair next to Peter as I put on my show, came over to me and sat next to me. I felt a shiver go up and down my body as Paul seated himself, feeling the warmth of his body so close to me, and knowing that we were both naked. I looked down at Paul’s crotch and enjoyed the view of his erect hard cock rising from his groin.

The shaft was coursed with veins and I imagined that the blood was surging through them keeping his card rock hard. Paul seemed to enjoy my overt looks at his cock, and leaned back on his hands, so that his cock was easily accessible. Oh, what were his thoughts?

What would he have done if I was to lower my lips to his cockhead, graze it with my warm breath, wondering if I was going to kiss him? I admit I had thoughts of lowering my head, making it obvious that I was open to exploring his lovely cock with my lips. Yes, I wanted to feel the tip of his cock grazing my lips. My lips brushing the tip, feeling the satiny smoothness of his cockhead pressed against my lips.

Would Paul let me be in charge? Would he allow me to decide how I wanted to make love to his cock? Would he have the patience? Would he allow me to tease him with my lips, and then feel his cock slide into my willing mouth, feeling his monster filling my mouth fully. Would I swallow his cock? Would I be able to take him entirely into my mouth? Would I gag? Or would I be able to gradually let myself relax and feel his cock slide deeper and deeper into my hungry mouth, until it was bahis siteleri buried in me. I looked at Paul with a sense of longing, and then looked back to Peter.

And now it was Peter’s turn.

Peter took a few seconds before he stood up. I think he was as weak kneed as I was before. He pulled off his sweater, revealing a nice torso for a 40 something guy. I noticed his nipples were hard, and wondered if that was a sign of arousal. It wasn’t cold in my room, far from it, it was hot! His chest was also covered in a fine down of brownish hair. I wondered what it would feel like to have his hairy chest rubbing against my boobs, our nipples rubbing against each other. I was turning into such a slut!

The sound of a zipper being pulled down brought me out of my reverie. I licked my lips as I watched Peter slowly pull down his jeans, and noticed he was having difficulty sliding it past his bulge. And he too wore no underwear. When peter finally managed to drop his jeans below his hardness, I was treated to a nice view of a cock different from Paul’s.

Peter’s cock was just as firm, but not as think, but made up for in length. Up until now, I was used to my husband’s cock, which up until now I had found fulfilling. Peter’s cock looked to be a good eight inches plus in length, and about an inch and a half in girth. The head of his cock wasn’t as bulbous as Paul’s, but all in all, I was horny as hell. I wanted to experience both of these men as lovers. Peter’s balls were bigger than Paul’s and hung down in his sac. Peter slowly pulled on his cock, as if showing it off to me from different angles. He stoked it and enjoyed my reaction as it twitched, and a drop of fluid oozed out of the tip. Peter cupped his balls in his hand showing me how soft they were. And then Peter turned around, showing us his muscular butt.

He mimicked me, and bent down from the waist, and parted his legs. He pulled apart his buns, and his hairy rosebud winked at me. I wondered what it was like to kiss and lick a man’s ass. I enjoyed having my ass licked and kissed, as a prelude to more invasive stimulation. But what would it feel like to kiss and lick a man’s butt? Would he enjoy it?

So many new questions had flooded through me today. Questions I was sure I would have dismissed as perverted or yucky before, but now seemed not only ones that made me tingle with excitement, but were challenging me to keep an open mind. Was my husband correct? Would I be a totally different woman if I just let myself go? Could I be a totally sexy and desirable lady who could be in control and enjoy sex in ways unimaginable, if only I could allow myself to think beyond what I had been brought up to think?

All three of us were now naked, and I must admit I was enjoying seeing Paul’s and Peter’s hard cocks. They both jutted out from their groins at an angle yet seemed to defy gravity. I was having ideas about both of them, wanting them to make love to me, but fearful of these thoughts too. Plus we all knew that we should have been asleep a while ago. What do we do? My passions told me one thing, and the small rational part of my brain told me another. We all seemed to be nervous at this point. I was amazed at having two rather good looking men in my room naked, with cocks very hard. I was also amazed that I too was as naked as they were, and I could see the hunger in their eyes. A hunger that both furthered my arousal and desire to submit to my lust, as well as a newly formed sense of what I could be.

To be continued…

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