Unconventional Ch. 02

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Big Tits

“Okay, I’ll bite. I’m still a little confused about what happened last night after I blacked out, but I can talk this out over breakfast, guys. You’re all my guests, if you’re hungry and want some yourselves,” I offered anyone who wanted to eat a chance at my expense.

“Ah, don’t sweat it. I’ve covered the whole thing last night and this morning. I took over the bill for your suite, booked a couple more, and paid for everyone’s breakfast this morning, including yours, studmuffin. Face it, babe. You’re stuck with me, just like Ronnie here. I’m not giving up that fine cock of yours for nothing or nobody, whatever my past fuck-ups. I’m not giving up this dick, either, as it happens. I dare say that Joey ain’t gonna give it up, either,” Christy pointed to my ex-boyfriend, who sat there smiling at me.

“Ronnie’s your husband, right?” I clarified, looking at the redheaded man who saved her a spot on the loveseat.

“Yeah, that’s the guy. Once I stopped worrying about my eventual damnation, I discovered that I could cut loose and just live my life on the path to Hell. If I’m gonna burn, and maybe so, maybe not, I might as well as enjoy the slide down. That’s when I gave up the ass and agreed to take the plunge with Ronnie here, who’s a hedge fund manager and divorced himself. Between his money and the rather generous settlement that you didn’t have to give me, yes, I looked that up, I have more than enough to cover this whole thing,” Christy sat down rather gingerly, as if her bottom was rather sore.

“Very well, but what does this have to do with Gary’s wife needing to talk?” I inquired, still rather perplexed.

“I … need to have a baby. My hubby … he did something that made sense with his last wife, but not so much since, and it’s been difficult to undo the damage, even though he reversed the vasectomy,” Mrs. Gary informed me with her adorable accent.

“You’re saying that Gary is sterile,” I cut to the chase now.

“Exactly. His real name is Todd, but yes, he’s sterile. My name is Natasha. I’m from Singapore, but I left as quickly as I could get out of that place. Too damn strict! Everything controlled, regimented, repressive. It started out as a green card marriage right on the heels of his divorce, but I was always good to him and I really wanted to stay and have his babies. Todd … let’s just say that he has always been wild and kinky, so in the past, we’ve settled this with a hall pass for certain occasions, while being careful otherwise in case ICE gets the wrong idea. I certainly have my own freaky fun, also with a hall pass.

“Todd … he wanted badly to knock me up, as I said, but we’ve learned that reversing his vasectomy failed in this case, for all practical purposes. Anyway, last night presented us with the answer. Another man’s sperm. Many men’s sperm, in fact. If I get pregnant, have the baby while married to Todd, he’s presumed to be the father, at least in this state unless otherwise declared or challenged, and the doctors aren’t required to give out too much information. The more sperm that is put in me, the better my chances, and the more different men give me their sperm, the more the odds improve as well. I need to make a baby, please!” Mrs. Gary finally told me their real given names.

“So, why corner me specifically?” I confronted Natasha now, liking her very much indeed.

“Two reasons. One, you’re the last one to know about this, having collapsed and blacked out while many of us enjoyed your body, it seems. Two, when you are alert, you seem like the natural leader of this little group or club or whatever. You can make sure that I get enough sperm to get me pregnant! I’m not fertile again until the last night of CosCon, but on that night, I hope to have a gang-bang, with your consent, that is focused on me getting every possible load in my twat. I do mean every load. No other holes, no other women that night.

“Other nights, I’m not jealous and I don’t care. If you want the other women fluffing, sitting on your face, or even pegging you, that’s fine, but I want every single drop of cum to be shot up inside my cunt that night. That especially means yours, as you’re my first choice to knock me up. I want your baby or their baby or someone’s baby, but I want a baby! Anyway, that’s my proposal to you, that you organize a gang-bang that focuses on getting me knocked up. You can even film it,” Natasha explained her position, a smile growing on her face.

“A breeding party, then. That’s doable, at least from my perspective. I would love to host that. It will be an interesting challenge, to say the least. Anyone else want a breeding party in their honor soon?” I turned to the ladies, curious to see if anyone would bite.

Every single fucking woman in the room raised her hand! I was stunned by that, literally dazed and confused by the sheer popularity of said idea. I didn’t realize that, at some point, the women of this growing crowd or circle or whatever had formed the night before had embraced the idea of gang-bangs. None of the men raised an objection, either. Was there something lately in the water in Kadıköy Öğrenci Escort this town, or something else that might lead to this potential baby boom? Were all of the men really on side or were they just muted by shock?

“Look, babe, I think that I speak for all of the ladies around here, but once that gang-bang begun with me in your honor became popular as an idea, it just … took on a life of its own. The men all took blue pills, they fucked each of us until they dropped, as did you, and they also fucked each other when there wasn’t a woman available. That was half the night for most of them, even with the gang-bangs. You got up a few hours later after falling asleep, but I think that you were sleepwalking or something to be honest. Either way, you were an animal that time and before, of course!” Katie told with a tone in her voice showing that she was in awe of my sexual prowess.

“Dude, you’re like my god! My fucking idol! It was the most awesome thing that I’ve ever seen! You were a fucking beast, mindless perhaps, but ruthless in screwing Christy when we arrived and several others before you collapsed for the night. By then, we decided that you’d earned your rest, but what you did was the stuff of legend. I’m still not sure how conscious you were, but what you did was amazing, man!” Ronnie told me in a very slurred statement of admiration.

“He doesn’t normally act or talk like that, honey, but it is pretty cool to hear him do it,” Christy flushed a bit, “I honestly think that you were either sleepwalking or just blacking out, but either way, you weren’t consciously aware of what you did. Still, damn! When Amber came in the first time, she saw you pinning me to the couch and ramming me so hard from behind that I screamed your name and someone had to put a ball gag in mouth. It was that damn intense!”

“I was probably just acting on instinct, the grudge fuck impulse, if you will. I could have just been blacked out, or sleepwalking, or both. I’m still not sure what all I did, but it must have impressed the lot of you. For which I’m very pleased, to put it mildly. I was very lucky that my blackouts didn’t result in something terrible instead, of course. Part of me feels that I should try to avoid blacking out ever again, but part of me wants to revisit that ability, if it enables me to achieve something on that caliber.

“That being said, we’re agreed, then, there are to be many breeding parties, including for you, Christy? How many women are here, by the way? Let’s count you, so we know how many breeding parties we need to plan. I think that part of the appeal of the gang-bangs is that it gives us men time to recover, while letting you ladies keep getting those hard fucks that you love so much. By teamwork, we men are able to do so much more together than we could ever do alone. So, I think that it’s safe to say, then, that this little party bash among cosplayer friends has turned into a sort of club, am I right? Albeit rather improvised as clubs go, dare I say?” I spoke my mind as well.

“Yeah, the Unconventional Cosplay Society!” Sammie punned, kissing my neck and shoulders to make it clear that she was still in a very amorous mood.

“That about sums it up, between the breeding, gang-bangs, amateur porn, interracial, bisexuality, polyamory, cosplay, wife-watching, sloppy seconds, double-penetrations, roleplay, booty calls, anonymous sex, and what else again? What is left to add? What else happened last night?” I asked for clarity.

“Well, there were moments that it all spilled over into an all-out clusterfuck, a free-for-all orgy. So there’s that. There were no fewer than six devil’s threesomes and three standard ones. Oh, and incest. My brother Wayne here fucked me good and hard, too!” Sammie notified me as well.

“So, it’s not all about white cock, then?” I winked at Sammie, and she stuck her tongue at me in a very lewd gesture.

“No, incest is great, too,” she answered me with a devilish grin as she ran her tongue along her lips.

“I counted seven girls, eight once you add Amber, which I don’t doubt that you will. Compared to, get this, eighteen men! It looks like more, but that’s just because there’s limited space in this living room,” Ace informed me at last of his count.

“Well, given the favorite activities of this club, I don’t imagine that the male majority is that big of an issue,” I chuckled, causing the whole group to burst into laughter.

“True, but I wouldn’t mind if more women joined, as long as they brought strap-ons!” Katie teased me as she wrapped her arms around my torso.

“Well, yes, they could also fluff,” I told her as I caressed her pretty, green-streaked hair.

“Maybe we should all get matching tats somewhere to mark our membership,” Jack suggested for his part.

“I like that. The Unconventional Cosplay Society. That should get some attention for sure. We could even have weekly meetings, or monthly, or whatever. Set up a website. Get some kind of symbol. That kind of thing,” Brett proffered his thoughts now.

“Now we’re talkin’! Let’s Kadıköy Çıtır Escort just not forget to still attend the cosplay events. I don’t want to miss out on that due to this or vice versa. This can just be a part of our lifestyle, along with that,” I reminded them.

“And our D and D group, among other things. Which I’m thinking that we should expand a bit,” Jack urged me now.

“Indeed. What else? Active recruiting or no?” Brett asked us now.

“I wouldn’t rule it out. Like I said, I’m fine with more women, should they come attached to some strap-ons. As for more men, why the fuck not? As long as we don’t lose sight of what we love about this whole thing,” Katie told us her thoughts.

“Cosplay!” I shouted.

“And gang-bangs!” Jack added.

“And breeding!” Natasha reminded us.

“So, basically everything that we do together! We have to remember it all!” Brett laughed.

“Indeed. Down to the booze and weed!” Christy pointed out.

“That, too!” Ace said.

“Very much so!” Todd concurred.

“And ink!” Katie said, adding, “I think that we should all have two tats, at least. Of course, I’m partial to ink and other forms of body art, anyway. One public tattoo at least, with the name and initials, plus the symbol. One private tattoo at least, as a tramp stamp on each of us!”

“I love it!” Ronnie screamed.

“Me, too!” Joey threw his support to the deal.

“Woah, too rich for my blood! I can’t keep this up! It’s fine for a party now and then, but you’re talking a whole fucking lifestyle. I’ll go to parties, if you’ll still let me, but this … is a bit too much. If I keep this up too much, I’ll get divorced or something,” one guy spoke up, proving that in any large group, there was only a matter of time before they splintered.

“Me, too … this was some wild shit, but I’m out … see ya. I was a virgin until last night, and it’s great that I lost it, but damn, dudes! Let’s just form our own group or something. Let’s not go to these parties anymore,” another guy just couldn’t stomach it.

“Good riddance, folks! You’ve totally dropped the ball on your love for cosplay … this isn’t cosplay. It’s just a fucking sex club for swingers who dress up in costume, that’s all. And these three don’t even look like they’re into cosplay,” a third fellow dropped out.

“Hey, I wasn’t until now. I’ve seen the potential,” Christy confessed.

“You got me there!” Joey clinked juice glasses with my ex.

“Same here,” Ronnie chuckled.

“Hey, I’m supposed to be an incel. How the fuck did I get wrapped up in this?” a fourth dude announced.

“Why be an incel when you don’t have to be any kind of ‘cel’ at all anymore?” I asked him, but he shook his head, making me convinced that too much of his core identity, at least while sober was defined by being an incel … what a waste!

“So much for leaving the prudes behind,” I rolled my eyes.

“Sorry, word of mouth. I didn’t intend to draw the bigots, losers, and normies. They just heard of free food, booze, and weed. What happened next … was mostly the booze and the weed,” Jack shrugged.

“And Mother Nature. A pity that some cannot handle her. She’s too much for them, but when relaxed, even the prudes come out to play,” Sammie observed, being spot-on.

“Fuck this! Bye, sickos! I don’t ever want to see this tape of me doing that shit on the web, either! I can’t believe what I did here!” another man left.

By the time that this was done, the group had shrunk by nine members, exactly half of the men in the club. One was an incel, as noted, another was a recent virgin as well, though he was cool with losing that, just not keeping up the kinky intensity of the gang-bang scene, two were married and didn’t wish to get caught, and two were just not into that much amateur porn and group sex, seeing that evening as a fun fluke and a chance to sow their wild oats. Another was squicked by the incest, that was the last straw for him, one felt intense guilt over the “depravity” of what he did (due to being a Mormon missionary) and the last one just felt that the cosplay focus had been discarded in favor of too much sex, booze, and weed.

“Interesting, half of the men gone, but all of the women still here. Any thoughts on that?” I asked the ladies.

“Well, there are plenty of guys who say that they want wild, loose women, but the moment that they actually meet one or two, they run like scared rabbits back to the sort of ladies that they can take home to their folks. Then they wonder why they’re dissatisfied years later. Duh! You fucked up and picked the prudes and Disney princess types!” Christy laughed now, “you were never like that, thank God, nor was Ronnie. I had to break free of my prudery, but I’m so glad that I did so.”

“Or they want whores for their Saturday night trysts and virgins for their Sunday weddings. The Madonna/whore complex. Something like that. I’ve heard of this before. It’s pretty dumb!” the last unnamed man still left spoke up, “I’m Tristan Foucault. I believe that you know Wayne Simpson, Kadıköy Elit Escort of course. Sammie’s brother.”

“Nice to meet you, Wayne, Tristan. Well, ladies, there’s three of you who haven’t given us your names. If we’re going to be members together, and given that all seven girls opted to stick around, it’s high time that we know each other’s names. If you’re still interested, that is,” I turned to the women, who had universally expressed a real interest in breeding parties as well as gang-bangs, cosplay orgies, etc.

“I’m Stacey Weingarter. Wayne’s girlfriend, actually. Good Jewish girl turned bad, I guess,” a curly-haired brunette with a real “soccer mom” look to her, blushed and shrugged as she apparently acknowledged last night’s sins.

“Well, honey, when you fell, you fell hard, but as you can see, I’m here to catch you! Semper Fi! Yes, I’m a Marine, believe it or not. Well, Reserve now, but I was active duty. Did my twenty years. Stacey and I plan to wait on the wedding until we’re clear of the UCMJ, of course. The whole … adultery thing, you know. She doesn’t want me at more risk than I already was,” Wayne Simpson showed me his Annapolis ring.

“You must be a lot older than Sammie, then,” I noted with surprise.

“Fourteen years her senior, believe it or not. Forty-two years to her twenty-eight years of age. Sammie’s … technically my half-sister, but I don’t do things by halves. Same father, different mothers,” Wayne explained to me.

“Oh, I see. Divorce?” I inquired.

“Yep. He was a Marine, too, you see. The Corps can be hard on marriages,” Wayne asserted from experience, “like father, like son. One divorce was enough for me.”

“I hear ya on that,” I fist-bumped Wayne, who was naturally much stronger than me.

“You were Darth Vader!” Brett just realized.

“Yep, like James Earl Jones, one of my favorite actors of all time,” Wayne admitted as he showed us a few pictures of his last uniform, with the silver oak leaves of a lieutenant colonel in the Marine Reserve.

“And I was Counselor Troi, of course!” Tristan confessed, “I’m pretty damn bi, though I lean slightly toward women.”

“You were actually one of the better drag versions of Deanna Troi that I’ve ever seen, believe it or not,” I praised Tristan’s cosplay skills.

“That probably explains why I was able to get you to fuck my mouth when I offered to fluff for a little while there,” Tristan winked at me and showed off his make-up set.

“He has that slender Gallic build, for sure. Very suitable for a Betazoid female,” Sammie observed, wolf whistling at Tristan now.

“Indeed, pairs well with his rich, jet-black hair,” I noted how long it was.

“I always found that wearing my own hair amplifies the drag act better than using a wig. I gravitate toward brunettes and darker-haired women, of course. Naturally, I follow the same rules that many women do for hair care, quite religiously. I’ve studied them to the bone, no joke. It just works best that way,” Tristan spilled another of his secrets as we conferred a little longer over a breakfast now mostly eaten.

Just then, there was a knock at the door. It was one of the guys who had stormed out, in fact. He was followed by another of them almost on his heels. They hadn’t taken long to show back up, had they, I realized, with some astonishment. I wondered what they wanted.

“Um … Melissa, might I have a word with you?” a man with a wedding band on turned to one of the previously unnamed ladies.

“Nikos, anything that you want to say to me, you can say to the group here,” Melissa told her hubby with some resolve.

“Um … Melissa, I hoped that you would join me. You know, walk away together. This was a fun hall pass thing, maybe something to repeat on occasion, such as CosCon, but we can’t keep up at this pace, and we definitely can’t do these breeding parties, babe. I mean, seriously, 24/7, and you want to let any man and his uncle breed you? Think about what that might mean, if, for instance, it’s obviously another man’s brat? This … this is just too much,” Nikos tried to convince his wife, “it will ruin our marriage.”

“Not unless you leave in a huff, it won’t. Nikos, baby, I love you, but you’re blind to what’s really going on here. So I’ll spell it out for you. I’m a nymphomaniac. I have a condition known as hypersexuality. Sorry, them’s the breaks. I should have told you when we wed, but I had hopes of leading you quietly down this path. Two years into our marriage, and precious little progress on that front … and I’m frankly climbing the walls with desire! I really do love you, but this is the best way to make it work between us. These people share our hobbies, our other interests, they share our values, they’re good, decent, friendly people who don’t judge others.

“Please, Nikos, I really need this! Don’t ask me to choose a life of quiet desperation again. It’s just too much to take! Besides, it won’t just be me getting bred at these parties. It will be them, too. Don’t tell me that you didn’t enjoy ramming it deep inside Sammie and Katie, among others? If you can unbend from your Old World mindset about good Greek girls or whatever long enough to accept hall passes, why not this? What’s the critical difference? If it’s the risk of humiliation before your peers, maybe you need some new fucking peers, babe,” Melissa urged him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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