University Blues Ch. 07


Chapter 7

Disclaimer: the following is a work of fiction. It may contain scenes of violence, bondage and/or sexual situations which may or may not be consensual, and is intended for adult readers only. All characters portrayed in this story are adults. This work in not for profit and is intended as entertainment only. The author does not support or encourage violence or humiliation towards women or anyone. Characters in this story are fictional and not based on any person living or dead, and are not meant to infringe on any existing characters in other literatures.


The semester’s third week had left Tom Brown with an odd impression. All week, his mind had wandered to the previous weekend’s unusual activities and the emotional rollercoaster that had come with it. He had enjoyed two dinners with his mentor and friend, Dana Foster, and had also spent some sexy time with Myriam Holt and her friends.

On Saturday, after having a pleasant meal at a restaurant where Dana had impressed upon him some kind of attraction, he had rushed to Myriam’s place to hang out with three gorgeous girls, two of which he had quite passionately fucked – all the while somewhat romancing Dana via instant messages, planning Sunday’s dinner. On Sunday morning, he had agreed to further take part in Myriam’s sex games with her friends, next event to be held on the following Friday, only to spend the evening with Dana in his arms and in his bed, where she had practically given him the authorization to pursue whatever sexual activity he wanted, since she could not commit to him fully.

Dealing with the ramifications of these events and the decisions they curtailed was certainly taking a lot out of Tom – especially since he could not ignore either of the women that were involved in his plight. He would see both on the same days, Dana in his office, Myriam in his classroom. Nothing happened between them either on Tuesday or Thursday, but his mind raced to the intense pounding he had given each in kind, Myriam on Saturday, Dana on Sunday. If he were asked, he would have been unable to tell which he had preferred – mainly because they both mattered equally to him, but for different reasons.

Because of this stress, Tom spent lots of time masturbating that week. He had access to his regular stash of cosplay porn, but he also started using the pictures in Myriam’s folder. He didn’t have any of Dana (he hadn’t even considered snapping her portrait when she had visited him in his home last Sunday). Mornings before heading and then coming back from the university, he spanked the monkey hard to help relieve the tension he felt accumulating.

It became even more tense on Thursday when Dana ambushed him just as he was about to leave for class. She appeared at the door and blocked his way.

“Tom. Hi.”

“Hi Dana. I gotta head to class.”

“Just a minute.”

He had retreated into the office and she had closed the door behind them, obviously wanting to keep the discussion private.

“I managed to get my mom to take David for the weekend.”


“And Randy’s not going to be an issue either.”

She waited for his reaction; Tom, a little stressed, said nothing. Dana appeared annoyed.

“Well, do you want do something this weekend? I’m free from Saturday morning to Sunday supper – that’s when David comes back.”

The innuendo could not be ignored.

“I’d love to,” he answered.

It wasn’t a lie, but there was confusion in Tom’s mind. He was expecting to spend Friday evening with Myriam and her friends, participating in quite an engaging sex game of sorts; he fully intended to sleep on site. There were no current plans for the weekend so spending it with Dana was entirely feasible. Tom merely wondered if Myriam had other plans for him that weekend. If he committed solely to Dana, any chance of spending more time with Myriam or the other girls would go out the window.

Dana noticed the hesitation and, as before, misinterpreted it completely.

“Lots of correction to do?”

Tom could lie. There were no assignments due for the weekend, and his course plan was ready. He had no professional obligations. Still, the temptation remained. Again, because he didn’t answer, Dana continued talking, veering in another direction.

“Am I going too fast?”

“No. No, you’re not,” he reassured her.

Tom needed to commit somehow. He didn’t feel too confident that Myriam wouldn’t have some plans, but if Dana really wanted to press forward their relationship, if it started on Saturday, then it didn’t prevent anything on Friday. Tom could see it as one last sexcapade before taking a plunge.

However, it couldn’t be too early on Saturday morning. Tom expected to be very tired the next day.

“I’d love to,” he finally said. “Just thinking about my plans, but I’m free from Saturday late afternoon. How does that sound?”

“Okay. I can go have lunch with my mom and David, and we can meet… when?”

“Three PM. What do you want to do?”

“Just… illegal bahis maybe go for a walk before dinner?”

He agreed. They decided on a restaurant they both liked; Dana would make the reservation. She leaned over him, kissing him gently.

“I want to spend the night with you,” she said in no uncertain terms.

“I feel the same,” he answered.

Dana shivered from anticipation, then moved aside to let him go. Tom hurried to class, thinking of this weekend date, only to find Myriam standing at the back, wearing a miniskirt that showcased all her legs and a top with cleavage to match – something almost indecent for school. As he walked past her, she licked her lips.

Concentrating for the first minutes of class proved to be a challenge that day, and Tom hurried to his home to take care of the burning desire both these events had stirred inside him.

Friday came around and Tom spent his day relaxing, playing video games and getting ready for the evening. When supper came around, Tom considered his level of anticipation and wondered if he shouldn’t relax beforehand by masturbating a few hours before heading out. He decided against it, not really mindful of his performance later on. It was best not to build up any form of expectation from himself or from his potential partners. He did wonder who would be there besides Myriam and Rebecca; they had kept the guest list quiet, as well as not telling him what game they wanted to play.

Tom ate a light supper, then gathered his things. He packed the remaining condoms, 9 in all, in a go-bag. He probably wouldn’t need more than one or two, three if he were really lucky. Still, it couldn’t hurt to have them all with him. He chose a nice shirt and jeans, and headed out for the bus, eager to meet up with his girl friends.

Rebecca welcomed him to the apartment with a smirk and a hug. She dragged him into the living room, where all the furniture had been pushed away. Clearly, whatever game they had planned would require some space.

Rebecca was sporting a black camisole with words that ironically read ‘My eyes are down here’. She also wore short jean shorts. Either she wore a strapless bra or none; Tom opted for none when he spotted her nipples through the cloth.

Myriam, when she came in, gave a passionate kiss to her lover, then checked him out. He returned the favor, admiring her curves in the one-piece green summer dress. Given her penchant for matching colors, Tom suspected she wore undergarments of the same color.

“Ready to play?” she asked.

“Of course,” he replied, “but aren’t we missing a few players?”

“We are,” Myriam confirmed. “They should be about within the next thirty minutes.”

Myriam offered him a beer; the couch, leaning against the wall, was still accessible so Tom sat down there as he watched Rebecca and Myriam prepare some food for the evening and get the alcohol ready.

“What are we playing?” he inquired further.

“You’ll see.”

Tom didn’t insist, slowly gulping down his beer, waiting for the rest to arrive. He didn’t wait long. A knock on the door stirred the girls to it; three new girls crawled in, only one which – Lea, the red-head – Tom already knew. He watched the girls hug and gently kiss as the welcome dragged on. Eventually, he got up and was introduced to them. He took the time to check them out as well.

Lea was as gorgeous as the first time they had met. She sported a red-haired ponytail today. Her beautiful frame was hidden behind a pink t-shirt with a kitten over her ample chest; she too seemed to have opted to go braless today. Her lower body was covered with dark leggings perfectly caressing her delicious figure. She smiled at Tom, clearly happy to see him again, wondering how involved they would get this time around.

The next girl was named Aisha, a dark-skinned African American whose curly dark hair flayed about wildly on her head; she wore lipstick of scarlet red that matched her red blouse, open to the third button to reveal the gorgeous curves if her cleavage. She wore a dark skirt down to just above her knees. As she was introduced, she gave Tom a clear stare between his legs, checking out his package. He humored her by staring at her bosom as she turned around.

Thea, The last girl was blonde with flowing hair down to her mid-back, tall and lanky; her breasts were obviously fake from the stiffness and size mismatched from the rest of her frame. She was sporting a form-fitting beige dress to her mid-thights, with thin straps on her shoulders; Tom could make out the white bra straps underneath. She was as tall as Tom and she stared into his eyes with some excitement.

Clearly, they had heard of him – perhaps of his performance with Tina, or even with Myriam. Regardless, they all looked eager for sex to Tom – but perhaps he was projecting, he told himself.

Everyone sat down in the empty living room while Rebecca poured drinks to everyone. General conversation filled the air. Tom mostly listened as the girls talked casino siteleri about their respective weeks. Thea was currently studying to become a pharmacist, telling her friends about her recent difficulties with her last exam. Aisha talked about her nights at the nudie bar, serving drinks to half-drunken men leering at naked girls dancing and rubbing against the pole.

“Only one kind of pole I like to rub myself against,” she claimed while looking at Tom.

Rebecca complained about the morons calling in to her call center, mostly about how they couldn’t understand simple billing issues. Myriam didn’t talk much, and neither did Lea, at least on this topic.

Eventually, Aisha chimed on, taking charge of the conversation.

“All right, all right… we didn’t come here only to gab. We came to play. And I have just the thing to get us started.”

Everybody quieted, waiting on the black girl to speak.

“We have a new friend today, in Tom. We’re going to treat him right, and I’m sure he’ll give it back ten-fold, ain’t that right, Tom?”

“I’ll certainly try.”

“Myriam,” Aisha asked one of their hosts, “what had you planned for tonight?”

“Nothing fancy,” she replied, reaching for a small box containing plastic cards. “Trivia.”

“How do we play this time?” Lea inquired.

“Well,” Myriam explained, “one of us asks a random question, and the other four write down their answer. We compare and score points – 2 for correct, 1 for partial. We play until a set score. I was thinking increments of 10. Whoever reaches the plateau first gets to ask something – anything – from anyone.”

Rebecca started laughing.

“You better not be asking me to drink hot sauce!” she warned her friends.

“You had another idea, Aisha?” Thea asked.

“I did, but let’s keep it for later – or another day. Hopefully, we won’t scare our stud away after tonight.”

“He’s already survived me once,” Lea sneered.

Tom, still quiet, smiled at the quip. The game quickly went underway, with each participant in turn asking a question from the deck, and with each player volunteering an answer. When 10 points seemed to take some time to reach, everybody agreed to take it down to 5, and that scores would reset each time.

The playfulness of the first few questions soon became intensely erotic, not because of the questions themselves but because of how much sexual innuendo was woven into each response, or because of how each participant, Tom included, hinted at the more adult setting of their environment. When someone failed a question, they acted all shy, sometimes flashing a bit of skin to compensate for the wrong answer.

It didn’t take long for a first winner to emerge in the person of Lea. Her eyes darted immediately to the only male.

“Tom, we all want to see it.”

“It?” he quizzed her with a grin.

“Your lovely pumping rod,” she let out sarcastically. “The one you’ll be hammering down on at least one of us later.”

“Hopefully more than one,” Rebecca chimed in.

“So take off those bottoms!” Lea ordered him.

It didn’t even faze Tom now – not with what he had lived in the previous weekend. True, there was a moment when he was undressing that shyness took over, and the fact that he was flaccid did not help his confidence. Even so, underwear and pants off, the girls gave him a pleasing look when checking out his package.

“Don’t worry,” Thea stated. “It won’t stay at rest for very long.”

The girls giggled, then the quizzing resumed, with Tom barely distracted by the fact of being bottomless. As it turned out, perhaps he was distracting the girls because he managed to win the second round, scoring more points on questions than they did. He considered his win for a moment, asking himself which girl should be the target of his command. Given that Lea had bossed him first, it only seemed fair to return the favor.

“Take it all off below the belt,” he imitated her order.

She winked at him as she rose, turning her ass to everyone as she wiggled out of her leggings. She continued pulling down her underwear, revealing the roundness of her plump behind, desirable in each of its curves. She tossed the leggings and underwear aside to applause from the crowd. She sat back down without exposing her sex to anyone, mindful of playing that ‘surprise’ for later.

In the third set of questions, three girls arrived at the same score at the same time, a scenario that no one had anticipated. Myriam, Aisha and Thea all stared at each other.

“We should all take something off,” Thea suggested.

There was no argument from anyone. Myriam stood up, pulled her green panties from under her matching summer dress (just as Tom had suspected) and she tossed them in the middle of the room, flicking her tongue at everyone in playful movements. Aisha pulled off her blouse to reveal a super red silk bra that supported her luscious breasts quite beautifully. Finally, Thea went under her dress straps to pull off her white bra, expertly poker siteleri manipulating it under the cloth; it joined Myriam’s underwear in the middle of the room.

Tom, watching the stripping, couldn’t help but start sporting an erection which did not go unnoticed. As the girls wooed him, he spoke earnestly.

“Honestly, girls, when we get to sex later, don’t ask me to pick one of you over the others.”

“Rest assured,” Rebecca somewhat reassured him, “you probably won’t get a say.”

“Thanks… I guess?” he mumbled, only half-relieved.

No score went to anyone for this third round; the fourth set of questions got underway. Alcohol didn’t flow but some of the people were starting to get in a much lighter mood, which wasn’t helped by the fact that sexual tension was building.

This time around, Rebecca ended with the highest score. She got up and raced to her room, coming back with an item Tom had not suspected she possessed: a strapless dildo, with two ends designed for pleasure in both wearer and receiver.

“One of you girls is going to stick it in,” she told her friends. “Tom’ already covered.”

“Is that new?” Aisha asked. “Someone’s gotta try that on me later!”

“Bought it a month ago,” Rebecca confirmed. “Now… do I have a volunteer.”

There was some hesitation among the girls; eventually, Lea, because she was already bottomless, volunteered. This time, she had no choice but to expose her pink as she spread her legs. Rebecca handed her the device and she slid it against her sex. Then, gently, she managed to slide the part for the wearer inside her hole. She bit her lower lip as she did.

“It feels nice,” she simply mentioned.

“It should stay in naturally,” Rebecca told her. “It does for me anyway.”

“Great!” Thea called out. “Now we have two dicks for our pleasure.”

Tom was very hard now. Watching Lea insert the dildo inside herself had triggered an appropriate reaction. Again, this did not go unnoticed, but no one acted on it. All eyes were one Lea’s face; except for the initial penetration, she wasn’t having any reactions.

“Does it vibrate?” Lea inquired, curious.

“Not that model,” Rebecca confessed. “The vibrating one was 500$! I can’t afford that.”

As the attention shifted back to the game, a new round of questions was called out. Another matched round came up, this time involving Tom, Lea and Aisha. The previous agreement for stripping stood, so Tom stripped fully naked, trying to make a spectacle of it, getting some applause for his attempt. Lea wound up stripping naked as well, pulling off her pink kitten t-shirt over her mounds; they plopped back into place as everybody watched with anticipation. As for Aisha, she rose to her feet and begun a slow moving dance where she undid the snaps on her dark skirt, gently pulling it down – revealing that she had chosen not to wear any underwear, exposing the dark skin of her firm buttocks, splitting her legs to show her own pink, focusing it mainly on Tom. sporting only her red bra, she sat back from down her erotic posing.

“Ain’t that something, Tom?” Myriam asked him.


“I watch the girls on stage,” Aisha confessed. “I must confess – sometimes, I want to climb up here, either to strip myself or to bury my face in one of their snatches.”

Thea, staring at her friend, commented while sliding her hands under her beige dress.

“Fuck I’m wet now.”

“You’re not the only one,” Lea commented; everyone could see fluids leaking around the dildo inserted inside her.

“Tom likes it,” Myriam pointed to his erection.

There were a lot of giggles, which the slight inebriation helped along. Myriam leaned in to Tom, asked him to retrieve his condoms, stating it could escalate at any moment. Tom had prepared; he reached behind the couch and pulled out the entire box.

“Oh my!” Rebecca called him out.”

“Ambitious much?”

“They come in packs of twelve,” he said. “It was simpler to bring the box than to guess how many I might need.”

“Hopefully all of them,” Aisha slurred in his direction.

Myriam took control of the game, bringing everyone back to questions and another round. This time, it went to Lea; her second win. She stared at Rebecca who still hadn’t lost a single item of clothing.

“Take it all off!” she ordered.

The brown-haired girl didn’t hesitate; without standing up, the pulled her black camisole off, exposing her beautiful breasts to all. She leaned back, undoing her shorts nd pulling them off with her legs pointed upwards. Only in her thong now, she flipped onto her front, raising her ass and pulling down on the sheer piece of clothing. She bundled up her items of clothing and tossed them into the corner, then rolled onto her back and stared lewdly at Lea.


“Oh how!”

Lea made a motion to crawl towards Rebecca, but Aisha held her back.

“Hang on a bit more,” Aisha whispered to her friend. “We’re almost there.”

“Better be there soon ’cause I want some pussy…”

The sexual tension had peaked for many, including Tom. His balls ached for release now; he didn’t even know how long he could last during intercourse, but it didn’t feel like it would be enjoyable to the girl. He almost wanted to apologize beforehand.

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