Upwardly Mobile Pt. 03.5


I had originally written this to go after part 3 of Upwardly Mobile, but I decided to drop it. Recently, I rediscovered and finished it. I was going to change it to be a standalone story with new characters but decided against that. So, with that, here is Upwardly Mobile – Part 3.5

Note: All characters engaged in or exposed to sexual activity are over 18.


Mike Hernandez leaned over the railing on the top of the party boat and yelled down at the younger boys who were milling around on the sandy beach. “Hey, we only have another hour or two before we have to start heading back. So, if you guys want to ride the jet-skis, you better do it now.” Jodie Carter was sitting on the beach in his board shorts, feet in the water. His half-brother Chase was seated nearby on a half-submerged tree stump.

The nineteen-year-old Dean twins, Colton and Luke, were seated on the upper deck of the party boat next to Amanda, Jodie, and Chase’s eighteen-year-old sister. She was lying on a chaise lounge, in her bikini, face down, with the top untied and her back completely exposed. The youngest of the Dean boys, Andrew, was on the red Yamaha wave runner. The remaining two of his siblings, Jordan and Jeremy, were fighting over who would get to ride the blue one.

Colton reclined facing Amanda on one side, and Luke was on the other. It had been obvious the whole afternoon that the boys were impressed with Amanda, following her around wherever she went and watching her every move. Amanda loved the attention but seemed to only have eyes for the thirty-four-year-old boat captain.

Mike was more than just the captain of the party boat. He was the Dean boys’ personal trainer and motocross coach. All five of the Dean children were or had been professional motocross racers. Luke had been the top rider in his age class in the country for two of the last three years before breaking his right leg in three places at a race in Orlando last July. He had undergone several surgeries to help this leg heal properly and had spent the better part of the previous year in physical therapy. Despite all that, he would probably walk with a bit of a limp or the rest of his life.

When Colton tried to get Amanda to swim some more, she had other things on her mind. She wanted to lay outside and get some sun, where she could watch Mike and make sure he was able to check her out. Luke used his injury as an excuse to stay near Amanda and avoid hanging out with the rest of the boys. He sat down next to her, rubbing his knee and showing off his injury. Amanda admired his scars and was blown away by the story of how he had crashed. Colton, not wanting his brother to get more of Amanda’s attention, decided to give up on swimming and sat down on the other side of her.

Amanda was sandwiched between the boys and knew they were staring at her body. She lay there effectively topless, face down with her top untied. The sides of her fleshy boobs bulged out from under her body as she lay with her arms extended over her head. She enjoyed having their eyes on her, but it was Mike’s attention that she really wanted. She wanted to be sexy for him. If Luke and Colton liked the show too, well, that was only a side effect. The guys had tried all afternoon to get her to go topless or to roll over and show them her tits, but she had resisted the temptation.

As she lay there, wondering how to make Mike pay attention to her, Colton spoke up.

“Hey Amanda, you’re getting a little red,” he said as he sat up and raised a bottom of suntan oil. “Want me to put some sunscreen on you?”

She raised her head and caught Mike gazing in her direction. She grinned, “Sure, Colton, I’d like that,” she replied.

Colton poured a copious amount of the dark tanning oil on his hands and began to rub it all over her back. When Luke saw what his brother was doing, he sat up, grabbed the bottle of oil, and said, “Here, let me help,” and started rubbing oil on her shoulders.

Amanda felt incredible and was getting turned on. She glanced over at Mike again and was pleased to see he was watching intently as both boys rubbed oil on her. They were sliding their slippery hands all over her bare back, her sides, and the back of her legs. Colton started trying to rub lotion onto the side of her right breast as it bulged out from under her. She was shocked by the touch of his fingers on her soft skin, but she didn’t want to overreact or look like an “innocent” little virgin in front of Mike, so she didn’t stop him. She felt a tingling inside and closed her eyes.

Luke saw what his brother was doing and slid his left hand slowly up her side from her hip. The sensation of his hand moving over her side caused her to inhale sharply. Amanda pretended not to care, but her heart was racing. Luke’s fingertips brushed over the very white skin of bonus veren siteler her breast, and she fidgeted as she lay there.

The boys didn’t stop. Amanda could feel Luke’s hand on her left leg behind her knee, his fingers curled over her leg, brushing inside her thigh. He started rubbing her, kneading the flesh, as if massaging her, sliding his hand up and down slowly.

The tingling feeling was growing, and she took a deep breath, letting it out very, very slowly. Suddenly, she felt Colton’s hand on her other thigh, emulating his brother’s actions. “Oh my god,” she thought and tried not to squirm. She didn’t really want their hands on her like this, but she didn’t want to push them away, not while Mike was watching. She wanted him to think she was mature.

His right hand moved up her thigh more. “Oh shit,” she thought. She needed to stop him but was afraid to. She also realized she actually liked it, and the conflicting thoughts and feelings just caused her to freeze and not react at all. She wanted him to stop, and she wanted him to continue.

She opened her eyes and was surprised by what she saw. Mike was sitting in the captain’s chair, watching her intently. He had his left hand on the steering wheel, but his right was gripping his cock through his swimsuit. It was clearly hard. She stared at his bulging pants and the way he squeezed his dick. The tingling grew more potent. At the same time, she felt Colton’s hand move up, his fingers tickling the softer flesh of her inner thigh.

Just then, Luke squeezed her left tit, clearly feeling her up now, any pretense of rubbing oil on her was gone. As if on cue, Colton started to squeeze and massage her other breast too, at least as much of it as he could reach.

Mike started tugging on his cock through his shorts. She watched, mesmerized as four hands fondled her body. Amanda was breathing rapidly, and her heart was pounding hard in her chest. She needed to stop this before she lost control, but it felt so good, and she loved being the center of all this male attention.

The effect it was having on Mike made it even more intense for her. She fidgeted again, arms still over her head. She opened her mouth and lightly bit down on her upper arm. As she moved, she elevated her chest, just a little, but it was all the room the boys needed to slide their hands under her and hold her entire boobs in their hands. She let out a little whimper, and immediately reddened, blushing brightly.

“Oh my god,” she thought. “They had to have heard that.”

They had indeed heard her, and the sound told them that Amanda liked what they were doing. Luke pulled her thigh out to the left as Colton pulled on her right, spreading her legs slightly. She shifted a little and lifted her hips, allowing her legs to be opened. She had closed her eyes, in embarrassment, when she moaned, but opened them now and looked back up at Mike.

He was trying to not let the boys see what he was doing, but to her great shock and profound pleasure, he had pulled his cock out and was stroking it. It made her shudder to see the erect flesh in his hand. She sucked in a big gulp of air. In response to her reaction, Colton grew emboldened and began to massage her tit. He moved his other hand higher until his fingertips brushed her bikini bottoms, right where they covered her pussy. Her hips jumped, involuntarily and she bit down on her arm harder, sucking on it.

Luke started massaging her left breast, more firmly and aggressively than his brother. His right hand moved to her ass and began to rub her round ass cheek, which was mostly uncovered. Amanda lowered her head and pressed into the cushion, lifting her ass up against the boys’ hands. Colton rubbed her pussy through the fabric, and she moaned again, louder than before. She turned her head back to the side and opened her eyes. Mike was sitting with his legs open now, facing toward her, openly jerking his cock, not caring who saw it. She gazed up, and their eyes met.

She felt her heart stop for an instant, as an electrical thrill shot through her body. Mike smiled and raised his eyebrows. She slid her arms down, bent at the elbows, and raised her chest up. The boys took full advantage, squeezing and kneading her breasts, pinching and pulling on her erect nipples.

Amanda knew Mike could see and hear everything, and it thrilled her. She looked deeper into his eyes and let out a loud moan followed by “Oh my God.”

As Colton rubbed her pussy harder, Amanda moved her hips, pressing herself against his hand. Luke slipped his fingers under the waistband of her bikini bottoms to massage her bare ass. At the same time, he rolled her nipple around and around between his fingers and thumb.

Amanda was shaking and moving uncontrollably. She made soft, whimpering sounds as bahis she felt the boys’ hands move to her bikini bottoms and tug at them. She started to protest, but they pulled them down, exposing her ass.

Mike stood and moved to stand next to her head, stroking his fully erect cock in front of her face. He was completely naked, having shed his clothes on the way. She raised her hips and then her legs, as the boys peeled her damp bikini bottoms off all the way, leaving her naked as well. Together, the three of them rolled her on her side to face Mike and Colton, her back to Luke. She let them do it, lost in the lust which had overpowered her will.

Colton knelt and moved down between her legs, raised her right leg, causing her legs to open wide, and pressed his mouth to her pussy, licking and sucking at her.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh,” she cried out. Nobody had ever licked her pussy before. She was shocked and excited at the same time. The sensation was intensely pleasurable and instantly took her to a new level of arousal, one to which she had never before been. Watching Mike stroke his cock was turning her on, not to mention the mouth on her pussy, and the six hands fondling her body.

Mike knelt on the cushion next to her and pointed his cock at her face. She knew what he wanted. She opened her mouth, extended her tongue, and licked the head, tentatively.

Mike groaned, “Yeah, that’s it, Amanda.”

Hearing him encouraging her drove her into action. She licked him more aggressively, rubbing her mouth all over his cock. She took it in her hand, stroked it, rubbed it on her face, and licked every inch of it.

Suddenly, Amanda felt something warm, soft, yet firm, press against the crack of her ass. She quickly turned to see Luke behind her, rubbing his hard cock against her. She started to panic. She was a virgin, and she didn’t want to change that status here on the deck of the party barge with a boy she hardly knew. If anyone here was to take her cherry, she wanted it to be Mike, not Luke or Colton. She needed to stop him.

She opened her mouth to tell him to stop, and Mike shoved his cock in, blocking any protest. Amanda had sucked cock a few times before and loved the feel of a dick in her mouth and the thrill of making a guy cum. She just didn’t really like them shooting their sperm in her mouth and had always pulled away to finish them off with her hand. She’d never sucked one this big before, and it scared her, but also made her pussy wet and clench, unlike any time she had done it before.

Just then, Colton found her clit with his tongue and flicked it rapidly up and down. Amanda moaned, which was muffled by the cock in her mouth, and bucked her hips, causing her ass to push back against Luke’s dick. Colton licked faster, and his tongue was driving her crazy. Now she understood why other girls liked having their pussies licked so much.

She felt Luke’s hard cock rub into her pussy slit, the head pushing at her opening. Suddenly, her mind cleared enough for her to pull her mouth off Mike’s erection and shout, “No! Stop!”

She still had one hand on Mike’s cock. Colton continued trying to lick her, but she was squirming hard and pulling away from him. Luke stepped back, clutching his cock, his need visible on his face.

“I’m a virgin!” Amanda blurted out.

Mike smacked Luke on the top of his head, “Back off, dude! You’re not fucking her!”

Luke sat on the edge of the lounger, behind Amanda stroking his cock, looking like a dejected puppy. Colton was still holding onto her hips, his face between her legs, his tongue still slowly licking at her pussy. Mike stroked her hair and gently fondled her breasts. She lay there, looking around. “I’m sorry,” she let out breathlessly, trying to pull away, “I can’t do this.” She was almost in tears.

Mike leaned down and kissed her softly. Amanda moaned, hesitating briefly, then returned the kiss. She clung to him with one hand. The other hand still gripped his cock. Colton gently nudged her onto her back, then quickly moved between her legs for better access, and began to slowly lick her pussy more tenderly. She sucked in her breath and bucked her hips, moaning into Mike’s kiss. He pulled back and smiled, asking in a gentle whisper, “Ok?”

She bit her lip and nodded. Mike kissed her again, then raised back up, moving his hips close to her face. She had never stopped holding his hard cock. Amanda opened her mouth and resumed sucking it, hungrily, stroking its lower half with her hand, her mouth only able to go down so far. She closed her eyes, tried to force herself to relax and go with the flow.

As she did, she felt Luke stirring behind her, then his hands gripped her breasts and squeezed them. Suddenly, he sucked her right nipple into his mouth and sucked on it, rolling his tongue all over deneme bonusu the bumpy areola and protruding nipple. The sensation sent electric shockwaves through her body, that connected with the pulses from her clit, causing a strong sense of tingling in her belly.

She relaxed, and within seconds she had her first orgasm, whimpering and moaning as she shook hard, holding on to Mike. The suddenness and intensity of it surprised her, leaving her quivering and laughing.

“That’s a good girl,” Mike said softly, then pushed his cock back into her mouth. A few seconds later, he thrust until the head of his cock was against the back of her throat, groaned loudly, and came in her mouth. Usually, the idea of a guy spewing his sperm in her mouth grossed her out, and she would spit it out or avoid it altogether. She couldn’t spit now, as he was wholly occupying her mouth. She almost choked as the sperm splashed directly against the back of her throat, but it left her no choice but to swallow. So, she did, and as she did, something inside her changed, and she realized she liked it. No, she loved it. Greatly. And she wanted more.

He fucked her mouth until Amanda sucked out the last bits of cum, then he pulled out and stepped away. She wiped traces of Mike’s cum off her chin and was surprised as Luke appeared in front of her, stroking his much smaller boner that dripped precum. Mike reached down and stroked her hair, speaking softly, “Be a good girl, Amanda, and suck Luke’s cock. He needs it.”

As he spoke, he pushed her head forward. She bit her lip, then nodded and opened her mouth. Luke immediately stepped forward and pushed his dick in her mouth. Amanda closed her mouth around it and sucked, working her mouth up and down several times before he abruptly let out a groan and came in her mouth.

She swallowed all of it quickly. Spent, Luke pulled out, wiping the wetness off on Amanda’s cheeks. She was breathing hard, partially from having sucked two cocks, but mostly from the work that Colton was doing on her pussy with his tongue. She lowered her head, moaning and trembling as her hips bounced up and down, thrusting her pussy into Colton’s face.

“Oh, fuck!” Amanda shouted. “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!”

Amanda cried out, threw her head back, and arched like a cat. Her entire body shook like she was having a seizure. She held her breath, her body tensing up like a spring about to snap. She let her breath escape, all at once, with a loud, “Oh! Fuck!!” and began to thrash on the lounger cumming hard and long into Colton’s face.

She thrashed through the orgasm, bucking, and grinding. Colton stood up, straddling Amanda, and jerking his cock, which was slightly longer and more curved than Luke’s. He was panting wildly, then gasped out, “Shit!” and came all over her tits, spray ropes of cum on one, then the other. When he finished, he slumped forward, his weight pressing down on her and his face laying in the cum he had just sprayed all over her tits.

Mike chuckled and said, “Alrighty, then. That was a pleasant surprise.”

Amanda opened her eyes and smiled. She was happy but in a bit of shock. “No shit!” she said, laughing. “What the heck guys, what kind of girl do you think I am?”

Mike rubbed her hair gently. “The beautiful kind. He leaned down and kissed her.”

Luke laughed. “The kind with cum all over her tits.”

Colton looked up, cum smeared on his cheek. “The kind that tastes really good.”

She laughed, “Oh, geez,” she began, “you all must think I’m a slut.”

They all spoke at once, trying to reassure her. “No way, Amanda,” Mike said, speaking for the three of them. “You’re a sweetheart. We know you didn’t plan to do this. We’re just happy you did. But we can’t tell anybody. Your dad would probably shoot me.”

She smiled, “Yeah, don’t worry. I don’t really want my family to know what happened. Speaking of my family, where are my brothers?”

Mike pointed out on the lake to the wave runners zipping back and forth. “They’re having fun. Nobody knows about what happened, other than the three of us. We won’t tell anybody, right guys?”

Luke shook his head, “Yeah, no way. We like you, Amanda, and this was fun.”

Colton smiled and kissed at her titty. “Yeah, if we talk about it, then we may not get to do this again.”

Amanda smiled. “You want to do it again?”

The guys all said yes, and she smiled, replying, “Me too.”

After that, they all jumped off the boat into the lake, naked, to clean up and cool off, then climbed back on and got dressed before the younger boys came back. They all hugged her and again promised not to say anything.

A few minutes later, Mike signaled for the other boys to come back to the boat. Within ten minutes, the boys were back on the boat and the jet skis secured. Mike cranked up the engine and turned the big houseboat back toward the Dean’s house.

Jodie sipped on a Dr. Pepper and shouted, “Man, this was the best day ever!”

Everybody agreed. Amanda gave Colton, Luke, and Mike, a wink.

“Yeah, it was the best day ever!” Amanda agreed.

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