Urinal Confessions Ch. 04



Although the last time I went to the office building and up to the restroom there things didn’t go well, I had a better idea of what was going on. I figured if I went there about the times I had gone when my meetings had finished I’d run into my friend. It’s not that I was so horny that I had to get back here, I wanted to talk to him some more. Anyway, I left early for lunch and rushed over to the office building.

Once in the elevator lobby, I waited for the elevator and stepped into the mirrored interior. I was alone riding up so I turned and looked into the mirror, fixing my hair a bit. When I arrived at the floor I headed directly to the Men’s Room. Stepping inside, I thought I’d be alone, but I immediately saw one of the stall doors was closed, the one closest to the far wall, the same one I had used the three times I had been here before.

Walking toward one of the urinals I heard a whispered voice and then a whispered response. I quietly turned from the urinals and stepped into an empty stall. Sitting down I remained silent trying to listen to what was happening just two stalls down.

The two men were very quiet, but I could hear the faint moans, the gentle slurps, the rustling of clothes and then the heavy breathing and final sigh. It was odd hearing the action from the other düzce escort side of the stalls and I wondered if perhaps anyone had come in when I was in that stall with another man.

Of course I knew exactly what was happening and was turned on by it all. By the time they had finished and I heard the stall door open I had an erection. As their stall door opened, I jumped up quickly in spite of my erection and opened my door just as one of the men walked past heading for the door. I looked over and saw my friend.

“I wondered if that was you,” he said. “Normally I get here in the slow times so whoever comes in comes in for one reason. Of course there’s the occasional visitor needing to use the restroom, but they normally are very quick about it.”

“Do you ever do more than oral sex here?”

“No, it takes to long getting undressed and everything. It’s so much more physical that I’m sure we’d make far too much noise. Besides for most of the guys here, oral sex with another man is as far out as they are ready to go. Of course some progress.”

“You go elsewhere with them?”

“Me? No, here is the only place I see anyone here. I have my own life well away from this building, different place, different people,” he replied.

“So you go home…”

“To edirne escort my wife and our cat.”

“Your wife?”

“I told you I wasn’t gay.”

“So it’s only here that you…”

“I didn’t say that,” he interrupted. “I go home to my wife, or sometimes I stop off at my lover, my male lover on the way home.”

“So you are gay?”

“We’re all gay and we’re all straight, the distinction blurs. I get turn on by sex, sometimes it’s with a man, sometimes a woman.”

“You’re bi then.”

“If that’s what you want to call it.”

“Does your wife know?” I asked.

“Not that I have a lover, no. She knows I am attracted to men… and women. And no, she is not attracted to women.”

“Okay, I’m sorry about the questions, I get too curious at times,” I said.

“So, why did you come here?”

“I wanted to see you.”

“To just talk?”

“No,” I lied.

“Well…” he said holding open the stall door.

I slipped inside and he followed me in, closing the door behind him. After standing there for a moment looking at me he nodded down at my pants.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” I said, unzipping my zipper and pulling my cock out.

“That other guy sucked me off so this is the only way we can go now,” he replied, elazığ escort dropping down onto his knees.

I pushed my hips forward and watched his mouth close over my cock. After a few moments of just sucking on the head, he brought both his hands up, one talking hold of my shaft, the other cupping my balls. He continued sucking as he began stroking me with his hand while bobbing his head up and down in unison. His other hand gently squeezed my balls.

Pumping my hips back and forth, I watched how he anticipated my movement and backed his head away or moved it forward depending on how I moved. The suction he created with his mouth was intense and I could feel the sensations moving down my cock all the way to my balls. It wasn’t much longer and I felt it building in my balls. I arched my back and came, spurting into his mouth.

He swallowed so fluidly, not letting a drop escape his mouth as he pulled it away from my cock. Continuing to gently stroke me, he milked out a few more droplets of cum, licking it up as each appeared on the tip of my cock. He then stood up and waited while I zipped up.

“Damn, I need to get back,” he said,looking at his watch “sorry I have to run so quickly, but this was supposed to be a fifteen minute break.”

I just waved as he left and then slowly walked out of the restroom wondering if this was what I wanted or if there was something more. Once again it was an incredible blow job, and the time I did him was exciting, but did I dare look for something more? I rode the elevator down to parking level and then headed out to my car.


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