Vacation for Four Ch. 01


Vacation For Four


Claire lay next to me in our bed, drowsing lightly, ready to wake up. Bill and Rita had left two months ago, and we’d worn nothing to bed any night since. My wife of nearly thirty years was as gorgeous as she had been the first time we had seen each other naked in college, long dirty blonde tresses that were now splayed across our pillows, full and generous breasts and hips, flat tummy, and golden brown pubic thatch, the color of a lightly toasted marshmallow, and twice as sweet. She was exquisite, and very talented at lovemaking.

I’d known why throughout the years, but finally experienced it with two of her old lovers, one an almost-petite redhead who had bedded my wife a few times, and the other a blue-eyed guy who had been schooled in erotic congress by her and Rita. I’d been brought into their little circle at the end of September, much to my pleasure and theirs. Everything about the weekend was wonderful, and I’d had my first threesome, and my first foursome, sampling all of their delights myself.

It was a Saturday morning, so I happily didn’t need to get out of bed yet. My cock was waking up, too, and I turned on my side, looking over at Claire, stroking myself, getting hard for her. I leaned over and kissed her breast, and trailed my tongue to her nipple, which I took into my mouth and sucked, lightly at first. Moving my hand from my erection to her pussy, I ran my fingers over the lush blonde curls there, and burrowed into the warmth there.

She was wet almost immediately, and sleepily spread her thighs to give me better access. First one, then two of my fingers slipped inside, moving in and out of her while she moved on towards full wakefulness. Her right hand moved from her tummy to my cock, and felt the rigid flesh there. “Mmm, good morning, baby…”

“Good morning yourself. You’re very wet…”

She turned fully on her back, opening her eyes finally. “Care to see how deep that goes? Think you’re ready to wake me up…?”

I was, and rolled over on top of her. Her practiced fingers slid the swollen head of my dick right to the entrance of her cunt, then slid it up and down her slit, moistening both of us before we started. The warm pussy juices were, as always, the perfect lubrication, and as soon as she withdrew her hands I moved my hips forward, penetrating her all the way, sliding between her labia into the wonderful warmth, deep inside.

This was the fourth time in the last three days we had made love. Over the past two months, we had been all but insatiable. Those adventurous four days had absolutely transformed and invigorated our sex life, and Claire promised weekly that they would visit again, perhaps soon. The thought of that happy reunion had us both yearning for our next foursome, and a wondrous variety of threesomes and couplings.

My thrusts were slow to begin, and we were both satisfied with that for the moment. Her head leaned back into the pillow, and she started to rhythmically tighten the walls of her vagina, squeezing my cock, urging us onward to our eventual climaxes. We began to groan in time to my thrusts, building patiently to exploding orgasms. I brought my face down to her tits and kissed both, not quite able to reach the nipples.

“Hold on… Pull out for a sec…” I knew what she had in mind, and freed my cock from her wet cave, still quivering and erect. Claire lifted her legs to her chest , tightening her twat. “Put it back in, baby…”

Now she was wet and tight, and it felt like I was playing a violin with my cock, sliding across tightly stretched strings. She knew what she liked, and knew I liked it too.

“Fuck me hard, baby… I want to feel that hard cock inside me, fucking me…” She had always been very verbal in bed, not just with me, and it was one more thing I loved about my wife.

Pistoning hard now, I knew I was close, and heard the slapping of our groins with each thrust into her waiting cunt. Claire’s eyes were closed, clenched shut, and she started to chant, “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuckme fuckme fuckme, oh fuckme hard baby fuck me fuckme!” Her voice was rising and I was ready to shoot my load any second.

Suddenly, I knew I was about to make it. “I’m cumming…,” I gasped, helpless in the moment to stop it.

She grabbed my arms, pulling me further into her. “Oh, god, baby, please cum inside me, fill my pussy, fill it, fill me up…”

“Fuck… Fuck!” My semen boiled forth, and I filled her pussy with every single drop, still humping her even as my orgasm began to wane. Thick white cum worked its way out of her, sloshing around my still plunging column, and at last I withdrew, collapsing back on my side of the bed. Claire put her mouth around my dick immediately, cleaning away all of my cum, lapping it up, before climbing on top of me, and kissing me with cum still on her breath and in her mouth.

I love my wife very, very much.

Afterwards, we took a shower together, then ate breakfast in the living room. The bedava bahis valley was shrouded in snow. Christmas was less than three weeks away, and we had already finished most of our shopping. Settling in on the loveseat, we watched the snowflakes drift down onto the deck and coat the trees in front and below us. The summit of Mount Rainier was concealed by clouds, and we could just make out the very bottom of its glistening snowcap.

Later, we would probably head out to the deck and soak in our hot tub, reveling in the steamy water as the snow fell on our heads and shoulders, the dichotomy very arousing, and probably leading to another lovemaking session right afterwards. Our weekends were lazy in one respect, very busy in another.

Claire turned and kissed me, then got up off the seat next to me. “Have one last gift to make arrangements for.” She lifted her sweater for a moment, flashing her full, luscious breasts at me before pulling the woolen fabric down again. She was braless, and her generous tits danced before me. “Wait for me?” She headed off to our bedroom, and, against my first inclination, stayed put, for several minutes.

After a few minutes she came out, brandishing pages, full-color pictures and text plainly visible, but not the contents. “It’s all set, baby!” She gave me a Cheshire Cat smile. “Rita says hi, by the way…”

“Hi, back. What’s ‘all set’, babe?

“Our Christmas gift to ourselves.” She resumed her spot on the loveseat and snuggled in close, and showed me the papers. I looked over them with rising interest.

“Scandals?” I’d heard of it, a swingers’ resort, adults only of course. The only broadcast ad they had shown had been banned almost immediately last year, packed with provocative images that ended just short of lewd and explicit. Billed as “all you can eat” for more than the endless buffets, it was an all-inclusive party for horny adults, a couple thousand a week per person.

“I had to arrange travel, and co-ordinate our arrival with Rita. And Bill. They’re splitting a room, but made it very clear they’re willing to share everything else. We fly out in mid-January, and stay for a week of sun and fun, fucking and sucking.” Claire looked indecently pleased, and she was filling my head with further indecency.

She plucked the papers out of my hands and neatly stacked them before setting them on our coffee table, then she straddled me. “Just think, hot tropical nights and a choice of three mouths, two hot and willing pussies, and an additional cock for our pleasure.” She slipped her sweater off, and then sat straddling me, naked from the waist up, her magnificent breasts and pink nipples pressed up to me.

I slipped her sweatpants off her, one leg at a time, along with her panties, and felt her hot, wet slit against my sweatpants. The moisture began to soak through; she had been almost perpetually horny since Rita and Bill had left, just like me. Their presence had been an incredible aphrodisiac, and the promise of seeing them again was almost as potent. She kissed me hungrily, as if we hadn’t fucked ourselves awake a short time ago, and I lowered my lips to one of her breasts, sucking hard as the delicate pink nipple curdled with desire, while I spread her ass and pussy with my hands.

She gasped and pushed her pussy firmly into my lap, humping my cock through the thick fabric, which had recovered from before and was ready to plunge inside her again. Claire managed a breathy moan. “You’re in, right?”

As if I wouldn’t be…


After the flight landed on the island, I discovered Claire had arranged a puddle-jumper so we could avoid the bumpy hour-long ride from the airport to the resort. We were greeted at the grand iron gates at the front of the resort by an olive-skinned beauty in little more than a grass mini-skirt and a smile, who got us a porter to bring our bags up to the room, and led us to the registration desk. All of the visible staff here were women, all dressed identical to our hostess at the gate, and all were stunning examples of physical beauty.

It’s a reflection of Claire’s character that she didn’t blush, and even pointed out a few of the choicest young women to my admiring eyes. The gal helping us had skin tanned to an even shade of chestnut, with her breasts as well sunned as the rest of her, and when she bent over to grab a guest bag, I saw her firm, toned buttocks were the same shade. I wondered whether she wore anything off the job. Her teeth were brilliant white, perfectly straight, and she welcomed us to Scandals.

Several signs, most very playful in design and intent, decorated the path to the bungalows. The first warned a bit cheekily that nudity was expected and approved. The next one advised us to be on the lookout for any outdoor sexual activity, and to feel free to watch, or be watched. The third was more serious, broad yellow letters on a wooden board the same shade as our hostess’ skin, stating, “No means NO!” Smaller letters, in casino siteleri a pleasing ochre, clarified, “Yes means probably!”

Claire and I crossed past the pool, and saw several combinations, couples, threesomes, and one well-tanned lass in a straw hat and sandals, with nothing on the gorgeous real estate between them, seated in a lounge chair, surrounded by four lucky men, two buck naked and the other two with shorts at their ankles, all four with erect dicks saluting in her direction. Her hair was a lustrous, shiny black, almost like velvet, falling to her waist, swaying as her head bobbed, sucking each lucky cock in succession. She was an expert tease, moving to the next man in line seemingly just before their orgasms. She looked up into the eyes of each one as she worked her tongue and lips along his shaft, gazing soulfully into theirs, making each blowjob his and his alone, despite the presence of other erections near to hand.

Claire stopped and watched for a while, licking her lips, and I heard her sigh with desire several times. Bracing herself with one hand on an adjacent table, she slipped her clothes off, continuing to watch raptly, cradling them in her arm. “May as well get comfortable, hon,” she told me without looking away from the multiple blowjobs. After the first couple of men came, shooting ropy white strands onto the brunette’s face and full, dark tits, Claire took my elbow and steered me towards our building, walking by my side, naked but for her sandals. I noticed several pairs of eyes, male and female, follow her with appreciation and obvious interest.

Inside our room, she threw her arms around my neck and hugged me close. “My kind of place. Reminds me of my junior year in college.” I reminded her we were dating in her junior year, and she grinned slyly. “Not the whole year…” She stepped over to the phone, and called the front desk to see whether Bill and Rita had arrived. I watched her dial while I stripped out of my clothes, letting the hard-on that had arisen on the way to the room spring up from its previously uncomfortable angle. Claire saw, and gave me a nod of approval.

I went over to her, hard and ready, and lifted her onto the edge of the credenza, facing me with the phone still in her hand. While she waited for the desk to answer, I spread her legs, displaying her golden brown bush, and the glistening pink slit just beyond it. She started to cover the receiver, but before she could I was already inside her, slipping my cock into the moist, musky pussy. Claire sat higher than our bed and lower than our kitchen counter at home, so the angle of entry took some additional work. Now on hold, she closed her eyes as she felt me make my way inside her, exhaling slowly with my penetration.

I heard a tinny voice through the earpiece, which had fallen carelessly away from Claire’s ear. “Front desk?” I pulled partway out and thrust forward suddenly, going all the way in, and she bit back an ecstatic groan while giving our friends’ names. Through my next three thrusts, Claire kept her voice level, though I could hear her straining against the orgasmic moans caught in her throat. Her face was radiant in the glow of our first island lay. Pulling her towards me, I lifted her off the credenza, and hoisted her ass in the air, letting my hands do all the work of moving her on my pole. Her legs found their way behind my thighs, and she put one of her arms around my shoulder for more leverage and support. The phone stayed gripped in her right hand, close to her ear.

With remarkable poise and calm, considering how hard I was thrusting into her, she got her answer about Bill and Rita, then thanked them and rang off. She immediately dropped the phone on the carpet with a soft thud, and put her other arm around me. Throwing her head back, she moaned to the ceiling, “Fuck me, baby…” I wondered how many people fucked while on the phone here, and how much the front desk staff actually heard on those calls. Most, and plenty, I was sure.

Her moans, unfettered and rising in an erotic crescendo as I pumped her blonde pussy, hurried me on to my own orgasm. Claire leaned into me and flexed her hips, adding her motion to that of my hands lifting her ass as I thrust even faster. My cock quivered, and I felt the delicious sensation as I filled her hole with my cum, and I slowed down gradually, hearing the sloshing sound of my semen and her pussy juices mixing and running down out of her.

Gingerly, I moved her up and off me, and helped her get first one, then the other, leg down to the floor, and she kept her arms around my neck, pulling me down to kiss her. After a long, sensuous joining of our lips, she pulled a little away and whispered in my ear, “Thank you. Watching that quartet of blowjobs got me so hot. Looks like it did for you, too. Thank you!” Retreating a step or two, she grinned at me. “Baby, they’re here, just a few minutes ago.”

It was clear why she’d wanted our first resort lay to be just between us, privately, before bahis siteleri we exchanged ‘party favors’ with anyone else. Still holding her, I said, “We should look around the suite first, then invite them in.”

Claire smiled wickedly. “Let’s clean up a little first. Unless you think the scent of our mingled juices and cum would be a welcome aphrodisiac for them.” I demurred, and we took a quick shower with only a little making out. This was going to be a wonderful week in paradise.


Once we were dried off, we took in our surroundings. The shower had no door or curtain, just a pair of waist-high walls on one side and a wide entry. The floor to ceiling windows had shutters on them, easily moved out of the way for those outside. Claire joked that the bathroom was large enough for entertaining, and I agreed wholeheartedly, picturing the four of us enjoying the nice warm spray from the twin rainfall showerheads, and six side sprayers. There was even a handheld showerhead I could think of a couple of uses for.

The sitting room was separate from our bed chamber. The small refrigerator, filled with drinks and some small snacks, was within easy reach of the bed, and both main rooms had sliding doors that led out onto our covered deck and hot tub, as well as sliders between going into the short hall the bathroom was off of. We were on the second floor, and had a clear view of two hot tubs and one of the pools. In the pool six sexy women were bent over the rigid cocks of men sitting in a line on the shallow end of the pool. All of them were completely naked, except for the occasional sunglasses or hat, and all were covered in tanning oil or sunscreen.

Looking more closely, I noticed that the sixth recipient in the row, on the far end, was a woman with a deep, all-over tan, middle-aged like my Claire, with smaller breasts, and she was leaned back to give her partner of the moment better access to her pussy. As I watched, she spread her legs a little further, and leaned back, eyes blissfully closed, silently moaning. The woman going down on her had hair that was a striking, exotic platinum, and she was slender and pale glistening with sunscreen, and happily enjoying performing a very public cunnilingus next to the five equally public blowjobs.

Claire noticed at the same time I did, and sighed, her desire plain. “I understand they have a great pool filtration system…” Her words were innocent enough, but I knew she was thinking about what it would be filtering, and how to give it more to filter.

The last detail I noted was the door in our bedroom, on the wall between our room and the next one. Standard hotels had the shared entry in the main living space, but the resort was anything but standard.

Our friends were in the room next to ours, and I made as if to open the passage, but Claire put her hand on mine. “Let’s use the door in the hall, my love. This one later.” I agreed.

Stepping out naked into the hall was unsettling at first. Walking around naked for all to see was a new experience, and I’d half-expected to be surrounded by perfectly shaped bodies of both sexes, which would have been a little daunting and embarrassing. Throughout the resort, many of the bodies were indeed beautiful or handsome, but none incredibly so, and a few looked downright ordinary and, more importantly, comfortable.

Claire rapped her knuckles on the door, and it flew open. Rita stood there in a pair of panties, and I guessed we had interrupted her undressing. She was clearly pleased we were naked, and gave Claire a big hug and a brief kiss, then did the same to me, her tongue darting into my mouth for a quick ‘hello’ in front of Claire, who clearly didn’t mind. Her tan had faded slightly in the past two months, but not enough to blur the twin distinctions of her creamy, untanned breasts and pussy. “I missed you both,” she whispered in my ear, then stepped away, squealing with delight as she slipped her panties off.

Bill was there, of course, slipping off his socks last. His cock, thick and long, dangled between his legs, and my breath caught in my throat. Since his divorce, he’d released his inner bisexual Kraken, and it had been his and my morning tryst late last summer that had led to his return to our home in the Pacific Northwest, and Rita’s joining us, a couple of months later. I admired his body openly, and he returned the attention, before lifting one hand to mimic a phone, and mouthed, “Suck me later?,” arching his eyebrows seductively.

I nodded, eager to experience that particular set of sins again, with both gorgeous women watching us. Our sexual odyssey at the house had been eye-opening for me, and I was eager to share my wife with either or both of them. My first threesomes and foursome had been with these two and my wife, and Rita had shared my bed most of the weekend, while Bill and my wife got reacquainted for the first time in years.

We chatted easily about their flight and the bumpy road they had ridden on to the resort, but it was just a cover, a prelude to the intimate delights we fully intended to enjoy again with each other, and possibly new playmates. Claire and I were aware of their enthusiastic desires for the vacation to fully begin, and decided to go down to dinner together.

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