We Know Your Weakness


(Inspired by the stories of BAC)

Jenni screamed as much as her lungs would allow, and thrashed her head from side to side within the tethered restraints of her bonds. Her tormentors stopped abruptly and through the wheeze of her own gasping breath she could hear them laughing and exchanging comments in their strange oriental language.

She lay there, quickly trying to regain her breath before the next torment. Her torturers were experts at this craft. Jenni had always dreaded tickling, and now her mind raced at how she could have allowed herself to get into this appalling situation. Her mind was brought back to reality by the feel of a soft warm hand working its way slowly and teasingly up the inside of her firm and warm thigh.

The three men were laughing and talking excitedly. This was their first close examination of a European woman, and they had been delighted at both the sights and sounds that their unbearable ministrations had brought forward.

Based upon what they had witnessed so far, they were eager to employ some of the more sophisticated ‘tickle torture’ methods that had been perfected in their country for centuries. They knew already that Jenni would be reduced to screaming hysterics within seconds. Although they did not understand a single word she uttered, or screamed, the language of shrieking laughter was universally understood.

In the few moments’ respite that had been allowed, Jenni pondered on her plight. Only twelve hours earlier she had been working as a secretary to the British Consul. The uprising had come as a complete surprise to both the existing Government, and the various High Commissions.

The British Consul had been overrun with armed insurgents within minutes. Many seemed drunk or on drugs. Staff had been imprisoned and separated. Jenni along with others had been in her office at the moment, dealing with relatively minor matters such as travel visas. She along with other female staff had been hustled into a waiting van and driven to an unidentified venue, and that is where the nightmare had started.

Stripped to her underwear, she had been strapped to a large table, where her ankles and wrists had been wrapped in warm padded leather thus holding her completely immobile. Her interrogators had entered the room shortly after, and without any form of questioning had begun to mercilessly tickle her, expertly to the point of screaming hysterics. Right now she would have betrayed her country for any respite.

She became aware of a man speaking to her in broken English somewhere to her left side. She turned her head to face him. He seemed to smile sadistically and began stroking his hand with a soft down white feather;

‘We need to combination of the safe to the office ‘ he began. Jenni understood the question, but of course she did not know, it wasn’t bursa escort within her remit.

‘I’m sorry ‘ she began ‘ if I knew I swear I would tell you, honestly I would’. The man said nothing, but nodded to his two colleagues. Jenni was aware of their strong hands holding her ankles, their touch seemed warm, comforting somehow, but her thoughts were quickly interrupted by the scream that involuntarily expelled itself from her lungs.

With her feet firmly held they had placed small pigeon feathers between her toes and began sawing them back and forth methodically and slowly. Ten strokes between each toe before moving onto the next.

Jenni screamed for as much as she could

‘ I’ll talk, I’ll talk please God I’ll talk’ she shrieked almost inarticulately. The dreadful torture continued for a further two minutes before her plea was acknowledged. The chief interrogator leaned towards her face and gently stroked her hair as she struggled to regain her breath.

‘You were about to say?’ he asked enquiringly.

‘Please’ gasped Jenni as she gasped lungfulls of air, ‘you don’t understand there has been a terrible mistake, I don’t know what………’

She was aware of the movement of his hand, and the terrible tickling started again. Her pretty head thrashed from side to side, and her body attempted to buck and thrust off the table, but she could do nothing other than to endure her terrible torture absolutely passively,

She screamed inarticulate prayers for mercy, and found the words involuntarily coming from her mouth, ‘

I’ll tell you I’ll tell you Oh God please I’ll do anything’ again she was allowed a short respite.

Her interrogator again spoke softly to her

‘We need to know the code to the safe, if it isn’t the next thing from your lips, then you will endure the ultimate in tickle torture, now be a good girl what is it?

Jenni thought she would be driven insane by this madman, she blurted out the first six-figure digit she could think off. Her interrogator smiled,

‘You think I am stupid’ he stroked a light finger across her taut abdomen, ‘ no safe combination begins with that number, you are clearly holding out on me I must try more sophisticated methods to break your spirit I think’

To her surprise and utter relief Jenni had been released from her bonds and escorted to a private room. She had been allowed to shower and felt utterly exhausted. The bed looked warm and welcoming, after towelling herself dry she lay on it and drifted into a deep sleep.

She awoke to the sound of a tray being placed beside her. It contained a pot of hot tea, maybe this wasn’t so bad after all, and they had believed her, but somehow she doubted this. A short time later a maid arrived to help her dress.

The maid produced a pair of barely bursa escort bayan black fully-fashioned nylons with a dainty white lace suspender belt. These were everyday items to Jenni, but she wore them willingly, it added to her sense of being feminine and made her feel good. The shoes accompanying the outfit were fine soft black leather with three and a half inch heels. Looking around for the rest of her clothes Jenni discovered that she was being offered only a thick white towelling bathrobe that she hurriedly put on. The maid smiled, nodded courteously and quickly left the room.

No sooner had she gone than two men entered. They were in their thirties and dressed in traditional Chinese style mandarin tops. One had a plaited pigtail, and both gave the appearance of having come from some distant past. Jenni s stomach churned when she recognised them as two of her torturers.

She was on her feet in seconds, but hey simply held her firmly by the arms and quickly marched her down the corridor. She very quickly lost track of where she was, and soon found herself in a warm but darkened room. Ahead of her was a large solid table. Its centre was padded, and two thick straps sat approximately 18 inches apart. Two smaller straps were attached to the side of the table. With the sinking feeling that her torture was about to begin all over again, Jenni attempted to speak to the men. Neither could understand her.

Her dressing gown was removed and she was skilfully manhandled into a kneeling position of the table, with her high-heeled clad feet placed over the edge. Straps were secured around her ankles, and the larger straps around her legs just below the knee. Her lower legs were thus held firm. Jenni became aware of a sound above her, and immediately both of her wrists were grasped and placed in restraint. She struggled against this shyly aware of her nudity apart from a thong, her nylons and her shoes. The men stood back and laughed with sadistic pleasure, one walked the side of the table and began turning a handle.

To her horror Jenni became aware of her hands being pulled slowly above hear head. She struggled and thrashed but could do nothing. Soon her body was held firm and taut. Her hands stretched above her head, and her legs and ankles secure on the table.

The men were clearly waiting for someone, but amused themselves by gently running their fingers across her very ticklish tummy. She seemed even more ticklish today, had they slipped something into her drink she wondered? Her tormentors were experts, and would stop just as she approached and ear piercing scream.

They were fascinated by her body and teased her now growing nipples with light touches of their fingers and tongues. After a while they stopped and Jenni could hear footsteps approaching from the corridor. To her horror escort bursa the man who entered was her same torturer as the day before. He stood before Jenni, his arms folded into the cuffs of his jacket and smiled at her.

‘ I have shown you kindness and mercy, now I expect your cooperation; what is the combination to the safe Jenni?’

‘If I knew I would tell you, I swear it’ started Jenni as calmly as she could.

But before she had finished speaking, he had walked around behind her. She felt his warm hands gently exploring her legs.

‘You have an excellent body, and I particularly enjoy this western invention’ she heard him say as he continued to play and stroke her legs. ‘Your seams, I think will assist me in my purpose’ he said with a hint of menace.

Jenni struggled as she felt her shoes being slowly and teasingly removed, she attempted to curl her toes to prevent it, but of course any resistance was useless, and these sadistic tormentors knew it. She felt him gently pet her foot, and involuntary shriek of laughter burst form her red lips,

‘Oh God, no please not that, not my feet I can’t stand it’. Holding the toes of her right foot firmly, her torturer now traced a finger around the edge of her reinforced sol and then just flicked a finger slowly and lazily up and down the seam of her foot. Jenni thrashed and screamed as much as her bonds would allow. Her mind was just blur. The torture made worse by the fact that she could not see what was happening, and that it was completely out of her control. After approximately thirty seconds he stopped, and returned to face her

Jenni opened her mouth to attempt some sort of negotiation, but it was a pointless exercise, in her line of vision his hand appeared. He tickled the air with his fingers. On the end on each was seemed like a small thimble, narrowed to a point, but ending in what looked like a small metal ball ~ ‘ I believe that you may have heard of this’ he began with a smile,

Iit is known as the memory trigger; those who have felt its touch very soon become wise to its ways, and it is amazing what they can remember. It has been a particularly effective form of torture for centuries. I have no reason to believe it will fail me now, especially on one so ticklish as your self. Now Jenni, the combination?

Jenni’s mind raced, she struggled to remember if she had ever heard the numbers mentioned, but of course she hadn’t. Her situation was just hopeless.

‘Please I swear I would tell you if I knew’ she began, but he interrupted her by placing his finger on her lips.

‘You see, you have already promised to tell me, but now you say you do not know. Imagine how confusing that would sound if you were I, don’t you agree?’

She had to of course, thereby sealing her own fate.

‘I admire your courage, but we know your weakness’ with that, he again walked behind her.

Despite her hysterical pleadings he slowly made himself comfortable by her imprisoned feet, and then began to slowly and lightly scrape the beads across the arch of her left foot.

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