We Met Online… Ch. 01


If you are under 18 years of age, please close this and move on. The story is about man 2 man sex and it is true. I recently decided to explore this part of myself and have no regrets. It was a beautiful time and I will be sharing more if I receive positive feedback.

Names have been changed, but events have not. Thank you and I hope you enjoy.

We met online…

I have been very curious for a long while about man-to-man sex. After many sessions online chatting to bi-curious and gay men, I met Karl.

Karl was a very pleasant man, who enjoyed his lot in life, yet like most single gay males, there was something missing. The need and desire to share time with another man.

Karl and I chatted for many weeks, till the day I asked if we could have lunch or something and at long last meet face to face. I was very interested in knowing where I would go with this attempt at fulfilling my own desires. They (my desires) were running on overtime, every time I chatted with Karl. I had the desire to suck his cock and anything else he had in mind in turbo motion.

We decided to have “lunch” at my home. We had spoken many times and express our desires, to the point we both knew it had to happen. I prepared a wonder lunch of pasta and wine with cheese and crackers. The place was comfortable and clean.

We enjoyed the lunch and seem to be getting along very well. Karl must had known I was nervous for he asked “ Are you ready for the next step?”

I smiled a shy smile and answered him with “ Am I ever ready.” “Karl, we have become close over the Internet and the phone, but I need you to take control from this point on.”

Karl then smiled himself and took my hand. He stood up and pulled me up as well. I looked at him a touch of fear and excitement. I knew my first kiss with another man was able to happen. He moved closer to me and as I felt his lips close to my own, I melted. I got lost in that kiss and with his hands on my body, I knew I was where I wanted to be at that moment. In his arms, kissing his mouth and giving myself to him.

Oh my gosh, want a thrill that kiss was, it never seem to end. I lead him to the bedroom, which I had prepared with as much care as I did yalova escort the food we ate. Karl noticed the music playing and the incenses burning. I wanted him to as relaxed as I needed to be. Karl kissed me again and I once again became weak in the knees. I moved quickly to recover, but Karl knew the state of mind I was in, I needed him NOW!

I helped him unbutton his shirt and kiss the chest that was coming into view. He was beautiful and so tanned. His nipples had rings in them and I knew as soon as I licked them, it was something I would do again. Karl lifted my face to look into his eyes and said “ I want you to enjoy yourself and do want ever you want.”

I released a moan of desire and lowered my mouth back down to his hot, sensitive nipples, hearing him moan just as I did. I continued down his body. Licking every inch as I went. I arrived at the buttons on his tight jeans and released those as well. Before I knew it, I was on my knees before him. I quickly realized the submissive I had just shown and loved it.

As his pants were lowered, a view unlike any I had personally viewed came into my sight. A hard 7.5”, and very thick, oh so beautiful cock. I need once again I was where I wanted to be. Before this man, sucking his hard cock and giving him the pleasures that I had, up to that moment only dreamed about.

Karl, trying to relax me, asked “ Do you want that cock, baby?” I answered him with a moan and a quick flick of my tongue to the head of his cock. I looked up him with the overwhelming desire that I had for this moment. I removed the rest of his clothing items and still on my knees, with no hands; I licked him from the root of his cock to the very tip of his piss slit. No joy before that I had ever experienced match the one I had just experienced.

I was a bit shocked to realize that this man was wearing a metal cockring. The thrill of seeing that on him only added to the excitement I was already feeling. I continued to lick his cock and get him wet from the moisture of my own mouth. After some time, Karl gently pulled my face deeper onto his manhood, giving me all 7.5” of his thick cock. I was not going to deny this man of anything yozgat escort he wanted from me.

H e fucked my face time and time again. I was lost in becoming a true cocksucker for the first time in my life and I loved it.

After what seem like hours, Karl removed his cock from my mouth and throat and told me to stand up. I didn’t realize I was still dressed. Karl started to remove my own clothes from my body and kissing every inch as he did. Once undressed, Karl had me recline back on my bed. The bed being off the floor high enough to allow him to just slightly bend over and he sucked me deep into his hot, wet mouth. The feelings were out of this world to me. I was hard and thick and he knew what he was doing. I knew I had found the perfect man for my first experience.

Karl sucked me deep and fast, slow and deeper. He did was fulfilling all those jerk off sessions I had ever had. At the point of near cumming, he stopped.

I was asked to turn over and place my ass up in the air. This was something that I truly wanted to hear. Karl kissed me from my neck, whispering that he was going to make love to manlove hole. The thrill that ran through me was believable. I knew I was where I wanted to be. On the end of this man’s cock in any fashion and I knew, that he knew that as well.

The moment that I felt the lube and his fingers playing around my anus, was the moment I had spent 20 years waiting for. To be fucked and fucked good. I didn’t wait much longer. He had my man hole open and taking three fingers quickly. I felt a shift in the bed and knew that Karl was between my legs, ready to take me to a place I have never been before. Hi s fingers did a great job in preparing me for this moment, much as I did with t he lunch and bedroom.

The pressure of his cock head entering me was non-existing. He was slow at first, tell me what a hot hole I had. He continue a in and out motion which drove me near crazy. I was enjoying being fucked. I needed his cock and I needed this man to be the one to take my virginity. I moaned into the pillows, I thrust my male love hole onto his cock, loving every inch. I at last felt his balls slapping my balls and knew ankara escort I had every inch of him buried deep in me. I was on a high, unlike any high I had ever experienced before. I wanted more of him in me. I wanted his cum to blast in me and full my manhole. I wanted his man to breed me, if that was possible.

Karl reached around me and started to jerk my won cock, hanging between my own legs, but I slap his hand away, telling him “I want to cum with you just fucking me, for as long, as hard as he could.” I also told him, “ I want to milk your cock with my love hole, please don’t stop fucking me, baby, please don’t.” What a rush that was, I had dreamed for years to tell a man those exact words.

Karl, at this point took noticed to the fact that I had cleaned my manhole out very well. He comment about being clean still and I acknowledged that I had prepared there as well. I wanted to be clean just incase we would be doing what we were doing. Fucking the day away and loving it.

Karl took me in many positions that day. On my side with a leg in the air. On my back with my legs pinned toward my ears. He even lifted me off the bed and drove that hard cock as deep as he could. At one point with having such a high bed, Karl had me stand and bent over laying on the bed with him behind me. Driving his cock into me, with me begging him not to stop. I felt his balls slapping at me and I wanted more. I wanted him to stay in me forever. I loved what his cock was doing to me and wanted him to cum in me.

Karl and I fucked for two hours straight, non-stop. At last the time came and I knew Karl was about the blast his cum deep in me. I felt him expand and the shaft of his cock grew thicker. Karl grab me by my hair, pulling me closer into him. He moaned my name, stating, “ Baby, here it cumms’, just for you, I am going to deposit my cum deep in you and you will forever remember this moment. This is what you wanted and now you are going to get it. Take it Baby, take my cum…OMG…your manhole is so good…that’s it squeeze it tight…take this cock.” At that, his cock exploded. Filling me with so much cum I felt it running down my thighs. I loved his cock and what it did to me. It made me a real man and I knew I would want more.

When Karl removed his cock from my manhole, I laid there out of breath. I had been fucked and fucked royally. Karl lifted me once again from my position and stated, “Baby, please clean this cock. Take it and clean our juices off this cock.”

To be continued….

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