Weekend at the Cabin Ch. 01


Hunter and Jeremy were siting at the kitchen table in the cottage having breakfast. They had arrived at the cottage yesterday to spend the long weekend and Jeremy had taken the opportunity to come out to his fellow jock. Things were a bit awkward between the two 18-year-olds, but they had always been good friends, maybe even best friends, and Hunter had been very supportive of Jeremy. The two boys were eating quietly at the breakfast table, still in a sort of awkward shock form last night’s coming out.

“You know” Hunter said breaking the silence “If you’re curious… I guess we could always like… fool around or something I guess…” he said hoping to make his friend more comfortable.

Jeremy looked up from his plate. “Really?” he asked.

“Yeah.” Hunter said “I mean I’m open to try stuff I guess.”

“Umm… When?” Jeremy asked.

“I don’t know. When ever I guess. We’re leaving tomorrow.” Hunter answered.

“After breakfast?” Jeremy asked enthusiastically.

“Umm.. Sure. I guess…” Hunter answered.

Jeremy ate the rest of his breakfast, trying to be fast, but so fast it was obvious, although Hunter did notice it. He finished fairly quickly and brought his empty plate into the kitchen and left it in the sink and came to sit back down with Hunter. Hunter took his time finishing his breakfast. When he had finished, Jeremy took his plate away. Hunter got up, and the two boys walked through the tiny cabin to Jeremy’s bedroom which had a double bed surmounted by a single bed making a homemade bunk bed in which Hunter had slept last night. Jeremy stood in the center of the floor and looked at Hunter who was only wearing skin tight boxer-briefs.

“Close the door.” Jeremy said nervously. urfa escort Hunter closed it behind him and looked back to his friend. He was nervous but didn’t want to let it show.

“Now…” Jeremy began “Um… Get naked.” he said. Even though they were great friends, and both jocks, Hunter and Jeremy had never seen each other naked, as they were on different sports teams, Jeremy being a swimmer, and Hunter a wrestler.

Obeying Jeremy’s order, Hunter pulled down his pajama pants, revealing his naked body. Hunter had strong, hard abs, defines biceps and pecs, which were big, and a muscular defined V leading down to his trimmed pubic area and four inch soft penis.

“Okay. Me.” Jeremy said taking off his pajamas. He put them aside, naked in front of Hunter. He was a muscular guy with pecs that weren’t as big as his beefy friend’s, nice muscled arms, powerful legs of coarse, but a fairly flat stomach that only hinted of abs on the sides, even though when he turned slightly the full washboard glory of his abdomen was revealed, and a longer, more elongated V leading to his hairy pubis which grew uncontrolled and matted after what must have been a distant trim.

“Okay…” Jeremy said unsure of himself “Sit on the bed.” he told Hunter, who sat on the bed with his legs spread, letting his soft penis hang fully visible. Jeremy came up to Hunter and knelt down in front of him. He put his fingers on Hunter’s cock and felt it. He squished it a bit, pulled on skin and finally wrapped his hand around the soft shaft. Hunter didn’t say anything, simply letting Jeremy explore his body.

“I’m gonna jack you off.” Jeremy said, beginning to pul his hand up down Hunter’s chunky, but not thick, penis. uşak escort In not too long Hunter’s cock had hardened, showing a nice 8 inch long penis with a perfect head and beige fleshy, clean shaven scrotum that held hefty testicles.

“Oh… Oh god.” Jeremy said seeing the hard member. “Um…” he said not knowing if he should let his urges take full control. Finally he did. “Can I blow you…” he asked

“Uh, yeah.” Hunter said, and Jeremy lowered his head and put his lips around Hunter’s penis.

Hunter let out a small groan as he felt pleasure rush through him. He didn’t really want to admit it, but it did feel nice to get a blowjob, even from a man. Jeremy kept sucking on Hunter’s cock for a while, feeling what it was like to have a penis in his mouth. Hunter was leaning back against the wall with his arms limp to his side and his eyes closed as his fellow 18-year-old pleasured him. Jeremy was a nooby with no experience, but he was putting effort into giving suction and using his tongue, which felt fantastic on the head of Hunter’s penis.

Jeremy put his hands on Hunter’s hefty, manly hips and felt his muscular V as he moved his tongue around his friend’s cock. He hadn’t ever let himself indulge in the pure erotism of the male body and he wanted more. Jeremy lifted his head and pulled his lips away from Hunter’s hard, wet penis and looked up at his beefy friend. Jeremy moved up, sliding his hands across Hunter’s stomach up to his massive pecs, moaning his pleasure at feeling Hunter’s body.

“What are doing?” Hunter asked opening his eyes to look down at Jeremy who was almost at kissing range.

“Ahhh… Just, you know… feeling you…” Jeremy answered “Are you… van escort not okay with it?”

“No, no! It’s fine… It’s just… my dick… I mean… It felt, well… No, never mind.” Hunter said. Jeremy slid back down a bit, then all the way back to where he was and looked at Hunter’s stiff cock pointing up at him, still wet with his saliva. Jeremy gave Hunter a quick look, then lowered his head again and kept sucking the jock’s penis. Hunter gave a moan as his head fell back against the wall. “Yeah… That feel good.” he said.

Jeremy gave Hunter a blowjob for the next while, but soon Hunter started to make more noises, as if his climax would come. But It didn’t quite yet, and Jeremy kept on sucking Hunter’s cock. He pulled his head up, his lips trailing behind as he sucked the air out of his mouth and left a film of saliva on Hunter’s vascular member. The he lowered his mouth pulling in Hunter’s flesh all the way to the back of his mouth, almost deep-throating, because he couldn’t fit all of Hunter’s 8 inch cock in his mouth.

“Oh! I’m gonna cum.” Hunter said as his whole body tensed “I’m gonna cum!”

Jeremy lifted his sore jaw from Hunter’s penis and wrapped his hand around it to jack him off to finish the job.

“Ah! Ah! Aaaaahhhh!” hunter said feeling his climax arrive. Jeremy looked intensely at Hunter’s penis as he neared orgasm. Hunter’s penis stiffened as he began to yell. It throbbed and spat out a jet of sperm that flew onto Hunter’s stomach “AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Hunter yelled tensing his body. His penis spat out a few more, less powerful jets of sperm before only pushing out a slow, steady flow of cum. Hunter let his body relax and all his limbs softened. “Ahhh….” he said breathing out heavily. Jeremy got up and sat on the bed beside Hunter.

“That was good.” he told Hunter.

“Yeah…” Hunter said a bit coldly.

“Thanks for letting me… You know… explore you…” Jeremy said.

“No worries, any time.” Hunter said casually.

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