When Darkness Falls Ch. 01



I knew it was stupid when I did it but how else was I going to get home? My boss had kept me late working on a project and let me leave at about midnight. No buses were to come by anytime soon and I didn’t have the money for a taxi so I decided to walk.

Clutching my coat tightly around my slight frame to keep the chill from my bones, I walk quickly with my head down, trying to make myself look smaller. At only 5’6 and 110lbs it isn’t hard for me to do.

Lost in thought I absent mindedly walked past an alley way and realized my mistake when an arm wrapped around my waist and a hand clamped down on my mouth. “If you know what’s good for you, you won’t fight me,” the growl in my ear made me both scared and angry. Did he really expect me to just lay down and take it?

He dragged me deep into the alley and slammed me into the brick wall causing my head to throb. He used his large frame to pin me to the wall while his hand that once held me to him groped along my body. Hot tears prick me eyes with the realization that he was going to rape me. I screamed into his hand and attempted to bite him. The hand on my body stilled and bursa escort disappeared. His fingers tangle roughly in my hair and slammed my head into the bricks. The pain was instantaneous and made me nauseous.

The man holding me is suddenly torn away from me. I crumble to the ground weak with relief and strong arms lifted me and cradled me again his warm chest. “you’re bleeding, I’m going to take you to the emergency room,” His voice was a deep rumble but dripped with the hint of a southern drawl.

I nodded my head against his chest, “Thank you,” I whisper. The walk was quiet until we reached the hospital, “Can I have a doctor over here!?” He didn’t yell, he didn’t have to, his voice was deep and rich, hard to ignore.

A gurney was wheeled over and he placed me on it. I then heard his steps retreat, having done his civic duties and gone out of his way, his job had ended. I opened my mouth to ask him to stay with me, I’m terrified of the hospital, but my vision blurred just as I looked at face and then went black completely.


That date couldn’t have gone any worse than that, he didn’t stop comparing bursa escort bayan me to ex only to criticize my choice of restaurant. Let’s just say I won’t be seeing him again. I sullenly walk down the sidewalk to my apartment.

I look up and see a short, young, beautiful boy hunched over. His black hair hangs long to his collar is the perfect contrast to pale skin. When he nervously looks around I stop in my tracks at the sight of his beautiful green eyes. I gasp as I feel the uncomfortable tightness beginning in my jeans. I adjust myself to a less tell-tale position and blush a little.

When I look at the boy again I see a dirty, homeless looking man with dark greasy hair leering at the boy while he gropes himself. He then walks up behind him, grabbing the boy tightly and dragging him into the alley. It takes me a second to spring into action, I run to the alley and see the beautiful boy crushed against the brick wall, his head being smashed into the harsh brick.

I see red and charge like a bull, knocking the man away from the beautiful boy. I want to beat him until he can’t hurt anyone bursa merkez escort again but the boy is bleeding. I gently pull him to my chest and hurry to the emergency room, “You’re bleeding, I’m going to take you to the emergency room.” I wanted the boy to know I wasn’t going to harm him.

He seemed to accept that and closed his eyes, resting his head against my chest. I felt a pang in my chest as we reached the hospital. I walked in and a few nurses looked up but did nothing, “Can I get a doctor over here?” They finally brought a gurney and I reluctantly put him down. I backed up to make room for the nurses and his eyes fluttered open and looked at me. He opened his mouth as if to say something but he passed out before he spoke.

“Move him now!” The nurse in charge yelled and they began running with the gurney. I took steps to follow them but I was halted. “Are you family sir?” I didn’t even look at the nurse.

“No,” I try to move around her to get to the boy.

“Are you his boyfriend sir?”

I groan, “No.”

“Then I need you to leave sir.”

My heart broke in my chest a little but I knew it was ridiculous to want to be with him because I just met him. So, I nodded my head and turned to leave. When I got back to my apartment I flopped onto the bed and stared at the ceiling. He means nothing to you, I tell myself, you just saved him that’s all. That’s why you feel this way.

To Be Continued…

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