When Love Takes Over: Epilog


Two years after our first kiss under a sea of paper lanterns and tinsel stars, Chance and I danced our first dance as a married couple. In honor of that night, I used similar decorations, just a lot more of them and the decoration budget was considerably higher. But even if the wedding wasn’t being professionally photographed for publication (thanks to Nigel and Greg’s media connections), I wouldn’t have begrudged a penny.

I hadn’t been entirely sure about involving the press, but the magazine agreed to allow us photo approval. And as Nigel and Greg pointed out, not only would it be important publicity for a caterer and his designer husband, it might serve as inspiration for some small town gay teen out there that their own dreams of a farmhouse wedding could come true. I rolled my eyes at that one, but I gave in.

Besides, I was very proud of the changes in the house and grounds in the past 2 years, and I was happy to have people see what we had done. While I had worked on the warehouse project, Ben had spearheaded some projects here on the farm. We had converted my father’s large former shop into both a catering kitchen and a small scale canning facility to create the preserves, jams and relishes Chance’s clients bought in increasing quantities. Ever since he had helped with the school’s prom, catering jobs had come in, first in a trickle, then in a flood as he established his own organic farm. The local food movement had made it to north Louisiana, and there turned out to be a huge market.

There had also been interest in renting the barn we had held the dance in for events, so Ben and I developed plans to convert to a climate controlled environment, while still preserving the rustic appeal. Polished concrete floors had been installed, along with a system of sliding industrial glass panels that allowed the front of the building to be open during good weather, but secured during inclimate times. We had also built a rustic building between the catering kitchen and the barn to serve as a green room for brides to use during weddings or photoshoots. bursa escort bayan Concrete pavers with turf in between, connected the three spaces into kind of a courtyard, and a landscape architect had used plantings of jasmine, climbing roses, honeysuckle, azaleas, camellias and other traditional plants to create a unified effect.

Sometimes I thought I was insane for starting the renovations when I was spending most of my time 5 hours away, but Ben and Chance had done the real management of the project. Plus when the warehouse project ended, I wanted to come home to peace, quiet, and completed renovations.

The same landscaper had helped design the rest of the gardens into a coordinating effect, including making the new building I added in the former pasture behind the house look like it had always been there. The original house was fine for two people (as soon as Chance and I had become serious Miss Pauline begged me to make him move in with me since he was “cramping her style”), and I didn’t really want to expand it, though I did add to the back patio, put in skylights in the dark hall and replace most of the windows with French doors, but it wasn’t big enough for a work space for me and room for the surprisingly large number of guests that wanted to visit.

So I had a part poolhouse, part guesthouse, part office built close enough to the house for convenience, but far enough away for privacy. The nearby pool was the only true extravagance I allowed myself with my financial windfall, but when I went skinny dipping with my hot sailor after a long day of work, I considered a very sound investment.

Right now, the guest house was full. Nigel and Greg had come for the wedding, along with Ben and Don. Reed had also come, though he preferred staying in town. His relationship with Chance wasn’t exactly warm, but it was cordial enough. Reed hadn’t brought a date, but seemed in a good mood. That good mood was probably enhanced by the attention that Frank and his cute hipster friend were paying him. By the hard core flirting I bursa anal yapan escort had witnessed, Frank’s friend also seemed to enjoy older men and threeways, and I as I noticed the three of them leave early in the reception and head toward the car park, I had a sneaking suspicion Reed’s night might be just as memorable as my own.

As the night wore own, and I hugged guests, drank champagne, and danced with Chance, I reflected on just how lucky I was. It wasn’t that long ago that I had been in despair over the loss of my partner and the death of my parent, faced with an uncertain future. Now? I was in love…married, no less to the man I sometimes referred to as my childhood sweetheart. My career was healthy; the publicity surrounding the warehouse conversion had paid off, I had good friends. I had it all.

I had spent a lot of time deciding whether or not to take on the warehouse project, but in the end, I realized it was important not only in and of itself, but also realized that if it went well, it could help secure the future I wanted. I had made it clear early on though to Nigel and Greg, that while I would give the project my best, that my relationship with Chance was also an important priority. Over the 18 months of the conversion, I spent many weekend hours driving back and forth, taking most Fridays off after 14 hour days during the rest of the week. Of course some weekends that wasn’t possible, but I usually made the effort.

Chance was busy, too, with his farming, the catering, and the renovations, but he also made time to come visit in New Orleans, and I admit, while shallow, I got a huge kick showing him off during the round of Mardi Gras balls. He also managed to make several shopping trips with me to New York, where I got to live out some Fleet Week fantasies in that city.

After the warehouse job was finished, I managed to turn the ensuing publicity into an e-Design business; While I planned to take the occasional high profile job out of town, I wanted to focus on living bursa rus escort here with Chance.

So here I was, on a balmy night in May, surrounded by friends and loved ones. Miss Pauline and my stepmother were resplendent in silk suits, both with corsages big enough to throw them off balance. A surprisingly large number of church members were here, undeterred by gay men marrying, champagne flowing, and people dancing. It was a special night, and when I looked at my watch, I realized one of the highlights, a fireworks display was about to start. I looked around, located Chance, and managed to make my way to him. Grabbing his hand, I led back into the darkness just outside of well light courtyard. I pulled a small flashlight out of my pocket, and led him around the side of the catering kitchen long the wooded path that led to the pond.

“Where are we going?” he whispered.

“I have a surprise.”

Luckily the night was bright enough that the flashlight was enough to enable us to make our way to the edge of the water. The pond was set not too far from the former shop, but was ringed with greenery, which provided some privacy. at the edge, tied to the small dock, was a boat I had prepared earlier, with some blankets and pillows and a bottle of champagne. We cautiously climbed inside, and I untied the boat and pushed us out into the water as quietly as possible. I had already opened the champagne so it took no time for us to pour each other a flute and settle in.

“I wanted it us to have a VIP view of the fireworks,” I said, as I settled against Chace. “In private.” Ben was in on our plan, so I knew as Chance and I were getting into the boat, Ben was leading guests to the official viewing area on the deck. The foliage surrounding the pond screened us from their view, but we could hear their “oohs” and “aahs” as the colored missiles began firing. It was magical to float in the water and see the fireworks bursting overhead, the colors reflecting all around us in the pond.

“Here’s to happily ever after,” I said, clinking my flute against Chance’s.

“Here, here,” he said.

“I guess kissing all those frogs was worth it in the end,” I said, finishing my champagne as the last of the fireworks flickered.

“You better believe it,” he replied as he as pulled me down on to the blankets and proceeded to show me just how lucky I really was.

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