Wild Night In Vegas


There’s an intimate group of friends on Yahoo that make up JnK Erotica. A contest was held and the prize for the winners was a story written for them of their choosing. That’s where the characters in this story originate from.

It’s enough to say that this is by far the longest story I’ve ever attempted and I thank Paula for telling me to go for it.

I had to break this into vignettes in order to see all of it so I’ve included my early notes and outline as headers for each piece of the story.

Thanks to all of the characters for sharing little bits about themselves with me. Most of all thanks to D who allowed me to write fiction where I needed.

I hope you enjoy the story….I had a lot of fun writing it!




What happens in Vegas shows up on the JnK site… DB 2/12/05

The fishing contest was done and the winners announced. The side bet between them was that the winner would be met in Vegas for a weekend of fun at the loser’s expense. Because they had tied and because their schedules allowed for it they decided to follow through with the bet and play for a night.

Paula was bringing Michael, Angel talked Rebecca into joining the fray, and Passion had convinced Don and D to accompany her and round out the group.

The story that follows is what might have happened during a memorable 36 hours.

Scene 1, Quickies from the planes.. Who’s who

Paula, Michael, and Angel had started the earliest of the group since they had the furthest to travel. The hop from Maui to Honolulu went fast and they were soon boarding their flight that would take them to Oakland before continuing to Las Vegas.

Michael led the trio onto the plane and had waited for Angel to slip by him to sit in the window seat before seating himself. Paula had noticed the male flight attendant following Angel’s every move and especially after she sat and had left her skirt riding up on her thighs to show a healthy amount of her legs.

Not to be outdone, Paula made sure that when she started to put her bag overhead that she asked the attendant to give her a hand. She never moved when the attendant moved behind her and reached up to help her with the bag. In fact Michael could have sworn that she pushed back against him so her ass was in contact with his crotch. When the bag was safely stowed and before the attendant could move away she quickly turned so that her breast were up against his chest before she thanked him for the help.

The attendant muttered something and was clearly blushing at the forwardness and quickly moved down the aisle. Michael patted Paula’s ass as she sat down and smiled at her as he told her to behave, that there was plenty of time to play in Vegas.

“What fun is behaving?” she asked and reached high up on his leg with her hand. She planned on keeping it there and a few other places for the rest of the flight. Angel’s hand was soon on his other thigh and after moving the arm rests on either side of him up and spreading a blanket over all of their laps, he settled back to enjoy the flight.

By the time the plane touched down in Oakland both women had cum multiple times thanks to Michaels roaming hands and though they hadn’t been able to completely return the favor they had promised to make it up to him once they got to Vegas.

Rebecca was already at the boarding area for the flight to Vegas when the trio got there and if anyone were paying attention they would have seen the smoke rising from the kiss that she and Angel shared. Michael’s greeting was next and after reaching back to cup her ass with both hands, lifted her off the ground as they kissed. She was still giggling when she stepped to Paula and was silenced by another passionate kiss.

They caught each other up on their lives as they waited for the plane to board and ended up sitting close on the plane, Paula and Michael in one row, Angel and Rebecca in the one behind them.

About the time they were boarding, Passion was getting on her own flight and she was quietly excited at what she had to look forward to. It had been too long since the last time she had seen Paula and Michael and her recent change to being submissive to Paula’s domme had opened up some new vistas of sexual play and pleasure. She had dressed as usual for the flight, in a skirt and heels and more than one guy was checking her out as she strode through the terminal and concourse.

It will be nice to see Angel and Rebecca as well she thought, and there were two new friends that she had yet to meet. She had been corresponding with Don and with the two of them being the “elders” of this group they had found many things of common interest and then there was his wife, D. This would be very new to her and she reminded herself to pay some particular attention to her while they were together, understanding first hand about opening up new horizons.

The last of the group were flying from San Diego and though past her nervousness about flying years Escort bayan ago, D had been holding Don’s hand the entire flight. He hadn’t said much to her before or during the flight and she was past second-guessing her quick decision to go on this adventure but still.. there were those butterflies.

Don wasn’t nervous so much as curious since he knew only from online activity the new friends they would be meeting. Would they be as wild in person as they were online? Only time and this weekend would tell and the butterflies he felt were from anticipation.

Scene 2, Meet and greet at the airport..Everyone arrives

At 1 in the afternoon, the airport in Vegas was relatively quiet for the group when they started arriving. They were all scheduled in within 45 minutes of each other and had agreed to meet at the entrance between the two baggage claim areas.

Don and D had arrived first and had just gotten to the area when they spotted Passion moving down the escalator at the other end. There was no mistaking who she was as she walked towards them and once she saw Don wave a smile broke out on her face.

“I like em tall, Don” she said as she got close and was in his arms and kissing him hard in the next second.

“And this lovely creature has got to be D,” she said and placing a hand on either side of her face drew her in for a softer but no less sensual kiss.

“I hope your ready,” she told D, “because once the rest of them get here things are only going to get hotter!”

“You mean like now you slut?” said Paula, laughing, who while the three of them had barely said hello had come up behind her along with the others.

The smile was back on Passion’s face when she turned to Paula and said “well hello to you too gorgeous, about time you got your sweet ass here!”

Paula looked closely at Passion, noticed for the first time what she was wearing and said “are you wearing that for me?”

She reached out her hand to take hold of the end of a length of fine gold chain that hung from below a similar chain that Passion was wearing. Using the chain, she drew Passion to her and kissed her hello, both of their tongues teasing the other’s mouth as they did.

While this was happening, Michael and Don had shaken hands and slapped each other’s back, Angel and Rebecca had hugged and kissed D and Don got a couple of sloppy sexy kisses from the girls. Paula finally broke her embrace with Passion and when she turned to face Don said, “It’s about time we did this stranger.”

Michael was thinking the same way and had already moved to kiss D as Paula stepped up close to Don and wasted no time throwing her arms around his neck, kissing him hard. It might have continued longer but when Angel teased Paula that she should save some of that for D, she stepped towards D and kissed her with the same intensity.

“Welcome to the group,” she said when she finally stepped back.

D exhaled, smiled and said quietly, “wow, this is gonna be fun.”

Rebecca was laughing again and said “It’s gonna be a lot more than fun girlfriend,” and took D’s hand and started walking towards the baggage carousels.

Scene 3, The limo to the hotel..Paula’s toast and Michael gets some relief

Everyone had packed light so they were out of the baggage claim quickly and the limo driver was easy to find. He was the one holding the sign that said JNKErotica. He opened the door for the ladies and started putting bags in the trunk while everyone climbed in. Michael and Don were the last to enter and definitely enjoyed the view of each of the ladies as they bent at the waist to get in and slid across the seats.

There was champagne in a bucket and Michael opened it and started pouring as they limo pulled out from the curb. Before raising the glass between the driver and passengers he told the group that there were a few traffic problems on the way and that it would be about 30 minutes to the hotel.

The first glass of champagne went down quickly for all of them and after their glasses were refilled, Paula raised hers and said, “Here’s to hot women, hot men and all the nasty fun they can have when they get together.”

They all touched glasses and while Paula leaned over and whispered into Passion’s ear Angel took Rebecca’s glass and set it aside. Saying she had been waiting since Oakland to do this, she leaned over towards her and soon the two were locked in a passionate embrace. Both women’s hands were caressing the other’s body and it wasn’t long before Rebecca had her hand under Angel’s skirt and from the sounds of her moans, it was clear that her fingers had found their intended target.

In the mean time Passion had moved from her seat to kneel in between Michael’s legs. She was busy unbuckling his belt when she told him that Paula had said that she’d promised him some relief when they got to Vegas and that she intended to be his relief. Michael’s response was to lift his hips off the seat so she could lower his pants and put his hand on the side of her head Bayan escort as she lowered her mouth to take his cock inside of it.

Paula was happy to sit back and watch all that was happening in front of her and with champagne in one hand and the other under her skirt slowly massaging her clit, she relaxed on the seat and watch the two couples as the action heated up.

D was doing much the same as Paula, though with out the champagne, it left one hand free to be teasing Don’s cock just as the girls had done to Michael on the flight from Hawaii.

Having done this before with Michael, Passion had him fully erect in no time and between her mouth and hands was treating Michael to a sensuously intense experience. One hand was fondling his balls, one stroking his shaft and her mouth was taking as much inside as possible with each trip down his cock. Her technique was working because Michael had started thrusting his hips up to match her head bobbing on his shaft and he knew that he was close to cumming.

Angel in the mean time had shifted so that she was sitting beside Rebecca who was leaning back panty less. Angel had complete access to her pussy and she was busy teasing Rebecca with her fingers. When she bent over to tease her clit with her lips and tongue, Rebecca moaned loudly and told her to stop teasing her, that she wanted to cum. Angel slid her fingers deeper inside Rebecca’s pussy and trapping her clit in between her lips, sucked and tongued it until she was bucking her hips off the seat, moaning and cumming multiple times.

Hearing Rebecca cumming, Passion took her mouth off of Michael’s cock long enough to tell him “your turn to cum lover,” and swallowing the head of his cock once more increased the speed that she was bobbing her head on his shaft.

She could feel his balls pulling close to his body so taking the head deep, she held her head still and massaged him with her throat, both hands now fondling his balls. It was exactly what Michael needed to send him over the edge and he groaned once before his body tensed and relaxed and continued to do so each time another spurt of cum was propelled out his cock into Passions hungry mouth.

As Michael and Rebecca came down off their climaxes, Passion and Angel kept their mouths busy, sucking, licking, and stroking with their hands though much softer than what had been happening earlier.

Paula looked over at D and said, “Quite a show, wasn’t it?”

“Yeah and I missed part of it cause I closed my eyes when I started cumming,” D replied. “I’ll try to do better the next time,” she continued and got a smile from Paula.

There was a tap on the privacy glass and after lowering it a few inches, the driver told the group that they were about 5 minutes from the hotel, and then raised it once again.

Angel offered Rebecca’s panties back to her and Rebecca declined, smiling, and once Passion had moved back to the sat next to Paula, Michael slid back into his pants so that by the time the limo was pulling into the entrance to the hotel, the group was at least reasonably dressed.

Scene 4, The afternoon in the suite

When the limo had stopped and the driver opened the door, Paula was the first one out and because she had slid across the seat, her skirt had ridden up high on her legs so as she stepped out, the valet closest to the limo got an eyeful of legs and a hint of her ass. He was quick to move to the limo when he saw Passion’s foot moving out the door and by the time she was ready to stand he was there offering her his hand. He got another eyeful as Rebecca slid across the seat since she was panty less and was speechless when looking in as Angel moved to the door and had Rebecca’s panties hanging from her finger. She flipped them back into the limo as she stepped out.

Don was the last one out and after tipping the driver and letting him know to be back at 8pm to take them to dinner, he followed Michael in to the hotel. Paula was already at the check in desks and there were a few eyebrows raised when she explained that yes, all 7 of them were staying in the suite. It was clear that Paula had taken care of the hotel arrangements and Michael explained to D that the suite was in fact a good sized apartment, about 1000 square feet, two bedrooms, 2 baths, wet bar and a large Jacuzzi in the master bath.

It wasn’t long before they were all out of the elevator and into the room. A light lunch was waiting for them as well as more champagne and after nibbling and chatting for about half an hour, Rebecca took Don by the hand and said time to go check out the Jacuzzi. D and Angel followed right after them and by the time the Jacuzzi was half full they had all lost their clothes and started climbing in.

In the other room, with a silent look of agreement between them, Paula and Michael stood and took Passion by the hand and led her into the other bath, where a glass door shower big enough to fit at least 4 waited for them. Michael turned the water on at both ends of the shower and was Escort pleased to see that one of them was an adjustable spray head and had plenty of tubing to reach about 5 feet. He knew immediately what he would be using it for.

Back in the Jacuzzi, Angel and D were busy discovering each other’s bodies and after some stroking by Rebecca, Don was hard and ready so she had moved in front of him, guided him inside of her, and was now busy rolling her hips from side to side as his hands reached around her front and were playing with both nipples and her clit. It wasn’t long before they were moving in concert and Angel teased Rebecca about leaving some of the water in the Jacuzzi as she rocked back and forth with him buried inside of her.

Angel had discovered how much D liked her nipples played with and had maneuvered her in the Jacuzzi so that one of the water nozzles was pushing water all over her pussy and she was busy sucking and nibbling on her nipples to increase her pleasure. It wasn’t long before D’s eyes got glassy and soon she was cumming repeatedly from the heavy stimulation of both her clit and nipples, and when satisfied for the moment, moved back to lean against the side.

In the shower on the other side of the suite, Paula had wasted no time getting Michael hard once more and was leaning against one wall while he was stroking in and out of her from behind. Passion was behind Michael and was running her hands over his body and telling him that when he was done with Paula that her ass was next. Michael told her to get the showerhead and after setting it to a pulsing spray, passion knelt to the couple’s side and directed the spray so that the water bursts were hitting Paula’s clit and Michael’s balls.

It was only seconds before Paula was cumming hard from the dual stimulation and Michael, not wanting to cum just yet, held his cock deep inside her while she rode out her orgasms.

When she finally moved off of Michael, he sat on the seat in one corner of the shower stall and slowly stroked his cock as the two girls kissed passionately for a couple of minutes. Paula broke the kiss and asked Passion how bad she wanted Michael’s cock in her and in reply, Passion turned away from Michael and slowly lowered her pussy onto his lap and engulfed him.

There was no gentleness as she rode his hard cock and with Michael’s hands guiding her hips they were soon pounding against each other. He asked passion if her ass was ready and he took her moans in reply as a yes. He held her above him and slid back a couple of inches on the seat while Passion reached back and grabbing both cheeks, spread her ass wide for him.

Paula, who had been using the shower massage to keep her pussy and clit stimulated, waited until Passion was fully seated again on Michael before directing the pulsing water on Passion’s clit, and engorged lips. The added stimulus caused her eyes to open wide and for a moment she stopped moving on Michael, overwhelmed as she was.

Michael had other plans however and when he stood and lifted Passion with him, he turned them both so she could rest her hands against the wall and now he was controlling their coupling. His thrusts were increasing in speed and it was all Passion could do to stand against his assault.

It might have continued much longer but Paula once again used the shower massage on both of them and when Passion started cumming again. The contractions of her ass set Michael off as well and soon they were both cumming hard, Michael spurting each time Passion’s ass clenched around him.

Still joined like they were, Paula kissed each of them hard and could only smile at the expressions on both of her lover’s faces.

“Save some of that for tonight,” she told them and then reached for the soap so the three of them could start washing each other.

While this was happening, Rebecca was climbing off of Don’s lap, having cum multiple times. When he stood to stretch his legs Angel told the others that they needed to do something about his still hard cock. She directed him to sit on the edge of the tub and bending at the waist, quickly had his cock in her mouth. D winked at Rebecca, pointed to Angel’s ass and both of them started teasing her pussy and breasts as she continued to bob her head on Don’s shaft.

Rebecca took her turn sucking and the girls paid her exposed pussy the same kind of attention as Angel had received. She knew he was getting close and when she asked D if she wanted to finish the job, D didn’t hesitate to move in front of him and take him deep in her mouth. Her tongue swirling over the head and her hand massaging his balls put him over the top.

D lifted her head, kept stroking him with her hands and the girls were applauding as spurt after spurt flew from his cock and landed on her breasts and stomach. Each woman got a finger full and made a great show in front of him of licking it off and finally D leaned forward and they shared a sloppy kiss.

Scene 5, Getting ready for the night..The ladies look hot

Angel was the first in and out of the shower and by the time the whole group had reassembled in the main room they were all clean, sated for the moment and in various states of undress or at least what the towels didn’t cover.

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