Wromocode Ch. 05


Saturday, January 4

3:30 PM MST

Salt Lake City, UT

Pierce Livingston

“Your dorm room is so big!” I said as I walked into Billy Buckley’s dorm room on the campus of Salt Lake University. The room was decked out with the same red and white colors Billy’s team had on their singlets that day. We walked to his residence hall after we found each other at the main concession stand in the arena where our dual was.

“I know. I was so lucky to win the lottery drawing for one of these new rooms.”

Billy was the heavyweight wromocoder from Salt Lake University. He wasn’t close to the two hundred eight-five pounds limit though. I would have guessed more around two twenty. That sixty pound difference made him quicker than many of his competitors. So, while some of his competitors probably had pretty firm muscle mass, others were just too bulky to get to any part of the mat in a hurry.

“Which bed is yours?” I asked.

“Oh like I’m going to get up there on that,” Billy said as he pointed towards the bunk bed above the desk on the opposite wall in the room. I laid down on my stomach on his bed for a second, after I moved the well placed SLU red and white throw pillows out of my way. I should have guessed this was his bed given that I know he’s a fellow pole smoker. I had another look around the room and took in the view between the tall evergreen trees that blocked part of the view out his windows. “I bet you never have to shut your blinds?”

“Nope. And if they want to try to look up and catch me running around naked, that’s on them,” Billy said.

“We’ll both be naked soon enough,” I said before I got up and walked over to his roommate’s desk that was under the tall bunk bed. “Your roommate is so tiny,” I said as I picked up and looked at the framed picture of his roommate and his prom date. “Is this his girlfriend?”

“Unfortunately,” Billy answered. “He’s so distracted by her.”

“Is he a swimmer?” I asked when I looked at the wall and saw a picture of him on the podium with a silver medal around his neck.

“A diver. He’s so fucking hot, too. I can’t help but walk into our bathroom when he’s showering.”

“You like ’em small then?”

“I love a little pocket gay. I like them just big enough to see over the opening of my front pocket,” he said as he pointed at his gym shorts.

I couldn’t help but notice he was getting excited. He was a big boy with a big boy in those fluorescent green undies.

“How long will your roommate be out?” I asked as I watched him slip his shirt over his head.

“He’s at his parents’ house in Provo this weekend.”

“My my. The dorm to yourself all weekend then?”

“Oh yes,” he said. “Wanna stay in tonight and tomorrow with me? We could work in shifts.”

“I wish I could,” I said as I looked at his big bulky pecs. His shoulders and arms were just as bulky. “Our flight is at 8:05 this evening.”

“Oh that’s right. You guys are all off to Phoenix tonight for your dual tomorrow?”


“Good lord. I’m surprised I remember at all that you have a flight this evening. I think all the blood rushed from my brain down to my cock.” He pointed again at his big boy. “God you’re hot. The only thing I like better than thirty-three pounders is one hundred twenty-five.”

“What are we going to do?” I asked knowingly. Billy won his match by three points. I lost mine and so was at his mercy.

“What happened during your match?” he asked.

“Honestly, I think bursa escort I was just tired and sore from lifting this week.”

“Heavy lifting session?”

“Oh yeah. I hit a personal record on Monday.”

“On what?”


“I’m not surprised. I mean. Look at your chest,” he said as he stepped towards me and slid his hand up my shirt to cup my pec. “Can I take your shirt off?”

“That’s why I’m here.”

We both took turns feeling up the other. His chest was definitely worth the price of admission. “Your pecs have some heft to them, for sure.”

“That’s why they pay me the big bucks.”

“You are the big buck,” I said as I groped him. “What are you going to do with me?”

“You know. I would be so happy if I could just use our available time together massaging the soreness away that you mentioned earlier.”

“Awesome,” I said as I smiled.

“Can I help you out of the rest of your clothes?”

“As long as I can help you get naked, too.”

Billy stepped towards me and got down on his knees right in front of me. He raised his hands to grab my sweatpants just above my knees. He slowly slid them down my legs before they dropped to my ankles. He leaned forward and mouthed at my cock over my fluorescent green undies. “Oh my god. I love your funk. It’s so manly.”

I could feel the heat from his mouth work its way through the fabric. If I was semi hard when he dropped to his knees, him mouthing through the fabric made the blood rush to fullness. He slipped my undies down. The sensation of them sliding down my cock felt so good that it made me shiver.

I wanted him to put me out of my misery and put it in his mouth. Instead he stood up, grabbed my hand and led me to his bed. “Were you planning on eating at the airport?” he asked as I sat down.

“Is there anything there I’ll be able to eat?”

“Are you close to being over your weight limit?”

“I wasn’t this morning,” I answered.

“You’ll be fine. They have chicken breasts at a couple of the restaurants,” he said before switching gears. “I want to take my time with you. I want my fingers to feel every muscle you have as I give you a massage.”

“Okay,” I said as I smiled brightly. “I could use it.”

“Maybe it will help you win tomorrow?”

“Could be. Where do you want me?”

“Lay down on your flat belly. I can’t wait to get at those cheeks.”

“They could use it,” I said as I got into position.

“Are you okay if I’m naked while I give you my massage?”

“I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

He mounted me next. “Is that okay? I mean, I’m not too heavy, I hope.”

“I like to feel your weight on me. I like the pressure on my hardon,” I said before I changed the subject. “I still can’t get over this dorm room. Mine is so old.”

“How old is your residence hall in Omaha?” I could hear him open the cap on the bottle of massage oil.

“Who knows,” I said as he put his big beefy hands onto my upper back. Within just a few seconds, I knew my muscles were in for beating. “That feels good.”

“You’re telling me,” he said. “I just can’t get over how ripped you are. I mean, you probably have zero percent body fat.”

“Oh, I’m sure it’s one or two percent.”

“You’re so cut though.”

“It’s mostly genetics. My mom and dad are both really lean, too. It runs in the family.”

“Lucky family then. I look at food, and I gain two pounds.”

“Yes, but you could be bigger,” I said with my eyes bursa escort closed. God his hands felt good. “Have you ever wrestled at one ninety-seven or one eighty-four?”

“Yeah, when I was in middle school.”

“Well you look really good,” I said.

“How can you tell? Your eyes have been closed for the past three minutes,” he laughed lightly after. “I’m so glad you showed up today. When I saw you walk into the arena with your team, I thought to myself that you were the only one I would have wanted today.”

“Oh now,” I said. “You didn’t like our one hundred twenty-five pounder?”

“He’s not as cute as you are.”

“Thank you,” I said. “So was this your first time trying to use the wromocode?”

“No, This was the second time I’ve tried it. No luck the first time.”

“Well your luck changed today,” I said. “I started the wromocode on SpreadIt, you know.”

“You’re gaycollegewrestler?” he stopped the movement of his hands and looked at me.

“I am,” I opened my eyes and looked back at him over my shoulder.

“It was about damn time that someone finally did something to help us out.”

“I suspect there are more out there than we think.”

“I hope so,” he said as he started on my back again.

“Are you having fun?” I asked.

“Oh my god, yes. I just want to touch everywhere on you.”

“You certainly can.”

He got up from his position and stood at the head of the bed on my right side. He took my hand in his and pulled my arm gently. He let it rest on his naked hip as he massaged my shoulder and upper arms. I’d only had two professional massages up to that point, so wasn’t quite certain if that was really something a professional would do. I wasn’t paying him for it so I didn’t think I should question him. Especially since I got to touch him, finally.

He drove his thumb into my forearms, biceps and would stop when he made it across my shoulders. He did that a few times and then walked over my left side and did the same with the other arm.

After a few minutes he sat down on the edge of the bed out of my view. I felt his hands on my ass a moment later. “Jesus,” he said. “I shouldn’t have waited so long. Your ass is pretty much perfect. I bet you could crack a walnut.”

“We can try that later,” I chuckled.

“I wish we had a pull up bar so I could see your back in action. I bet every muscle is visible when you do them.”

“I can send you a video someday,” I smiled. My eyes were closed again. I was enjoying the feeling of his hands and fingers working my hamstrings. He would return to my ass from time to time. Twice he grazed my hole with his finger. That made my cock twitch underneath me.

He really did like my ass more than any other part. He spent more time on that than he did on my back, shoulders and arms combined. My cheeks needed kneading, too.

He did spend quality time on my calves, though. I knew they were tight. He commented on how veiny they were. The few pictures I’d taken of my legs recently always showed my veiny calves. If I had one or two percent body fat on other spots, my calves definitely looked like there was none at all. They were probably the densest of my muscles. It felt so good to have them pulverized by Billy. Eventually, he raised his hands off my calves and said, “Okay. Time to flip over.”

I got up onto all fours and looked down to where my cock had been pressed. “Yep. I knew it. There’s a huge wet spot.”

“Oh my god,” Billy escort bayan said as he shifted to he could get a good look at it. “That is hot.’

“You are hot, and you give an amazing massage. So, of course, you’ve made me wet.”

“I’m never going to wash this bedspread again.”

“You’re certainly welcome to. Dried precum is kind of gross after a while isn’t it?”

“Bite your tongue!”

I laughed as I shifted my weight to flip over. My left cheek landed square on my juices. “Yep. I knew one of my cheeks would find the wet spot.”

“That’s the price you pay,” he said as he leaned forward and finally put my cock in his mouth. He went down once to take all of me into his mouth. He ascended and let me slip out his mouth. My stiffy swang back and smacked my belly with a thud.

I spent so much of the time on my stomach with either my eyes closed or looking out his windows. The view while on my back was much different. Billy commented on my chest earlier. His was really more of one to write home about. It was massive! I couldn’t help but free my hands so they could explore his pillows. The hair on his chest wasn’t thick, but it was nice and soft. I assumed he probably manscaped or shaved his abdomen since the hair on his chest seemed to end so perfectly where it was.

“I’m massaging you,” he reminded me as he returned my hands down again to my sides.

He continued by working on my quads. With the abuse they took each week with the running I did and the time in the gym, they definitely needed some attention. Of course he grazed my balls from time to time, which made me involuntarily flex my Kegel muscle.

The arch of my erect cock rose and fell and allowed my precum to land just below my belly button. After a while, he leaned forward and lapped it up and then, finally, kissed me the first time so he could share my juice with me. Even though I’d had plenty of it before. I mean, the gallons of my own cum I’d consumed over the years while I beat my cock until it was throbbing and red and so eager to explode.

He left my chest for last. I wasn’t certain why until a bit later. My cock was aching too. It had been rock hard for so long. He didn’t spend as much time on my chest as he did my ass cheeks. My chest was a close second though. He straddled my quads while he was doing my chest. I looked to see how he was doing it. I thought he would be awkwardly stretched too far forward. It must have been part of his plan to blow air onto my hardon while he massaged my chest. It felt amazing.

And it made me harder.

I looked up and saw a stringy bit of precum that started at my Kegel stretched cock to my belly. God my cock ached. It needed a release. I had no idea how much time had passed or whether or not I would ever get to cum with Billy.

And then he really surprised me.

In just a few short seconds, he grabbed my cock with his massage oiled palm, quickly got it nice and slick, lifted himself over me, grabbed the base of my cock and in one amazing motion sat down on my cock and let it go all the way in. It was so fucking hot and I was so pent up. Didn’t last very long at all. I rocked and shook when I felt the intenseness come and go. It was an intense and very overdue orgasm. Badly needed. Especially after being worked up like that with Billy’s glorious and massive hands.

A little while later, I could feel Billy’s cock poking the side of my leg when he laid down at my side. His adult size bunk bed wasn’t really made for two. It helped that I was nearly half the size of Billy. I didn’t rest for long, which apparently surprised him. At least he looked surprised.

“I cum. You cum,” I said with a smile. I wanted to see what I could do with his red rocket.

And I did just that.

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