A Special Request

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Last spring I received an email from a friend. It read as follows:

Dear Trane,

You and I have known each other now for over three years. We met long ago on the internet but have thankfully had the chance to meet in person and look each other in the eye. (I had no idea that your smile was so nice. Until that day I had no way of knowing.) The lunch we had that day was one of the most exciting things I have ever done. To have felt that I knew you, but not really know you, to finally have the chance to meet you. But when I finally sat there across the table from you, I felt I had known you for ages. And perhaps I had. You already knew more about me than even my husband. So, I feel comfortable saying that you and I have come to trust each other. Accordingly, I am writing you to ask a favor, a special request.

I have a friend, Trane, a woman friend. She and I have become quite close, so close she and I have shared our fears, our thrills, even our fantasies, particularly our sexual fantasies. She has a special fantasy and I have suggested you to be the person to fulfill it for her. I know you, and she trusts me to only suggest someone she can trust.

If you agree, I will mail you a key and an address. On an agreed upon day you will go to the address, use the key for the front door, and find my friend in her bedroom. She will be blindfolded and tied to her bed. I will do the honors of tying her myself before I leave to allow you two to meet. (She and I have agreed that I will come back three hours after your meeting time in case you don’t show up for some reason.)

My friend only asks that you not hurt her or abuse her, that you not remove her blindfold, and that you honor her request if she should at any point ask you to leave.

Obviously, she lives in the same city as I do, so I am hoping your travel schedule puts you back here sometime soon.

Please consider my request and trust me to not ask this of you if there was any risk to you.

My love,


I waited a couple of days before I emailed her back and agreed.

* * * * *

The address and key came in the mail a few weeks later. Arrangements had been made by email with Suzette. I was to be in New Orleans for four days. I was staying over an extra day to meet Suzette’s friend on a Saturday afternoon at 2:00 p.m.

I thought a great deal about what I might be getting into. I also thought a great deal about what I knew of Suzette, how stable I considered her to be, how trustworthy. I finally decided to trust her and go with the plan.

Trust aside, I decided to be cautious. On the designated day, I arrived early, several hours early, and drove the neighborhood. It was a suburban cookie-cutter neighborhood in Metarie. Expensive brick houses with fenced yards and very few trees. I drove by the house with the designated address several times, each time looking more closely for anything out of the ordinary. There was no car in the driveway. The garage doors were closed. A children’s swing set was in the backyard. A doghouse acıbadem escort near the back corner of the house, a small doghouse, I was relieved to see. The lawn had been treated by Chem-Lawn recently, so said the little sign in the yard. The house looked well-kept, just like all the others on the street with it.

I parked the rental car two blocks away, left my wallet and identification under the seat, and began to walk up the street. I had dressed casually, khakis and a white shirt, old running shoes, and I carried a canvas briefcase on a strap over my shoulder. Inside the briefcase were a few emergency items along with a few pleasure items I had picked up in town the day before. The can of pepper spray and Oriental fighting stick, a kubaton, were the emergency items. The bottle of lubricant and brand-new black vibrator were the pleasure items.

I tried to be relaxed as I walked up the sidewalk toward the front door. The key was in my hand before I stepped onto the porch. The key worked without a hitch when I turned it in the lock at exactly 2:00 p.m.

The house was quiet, completely still. From the foyer I could see a stairwell leading upward. On each of the steps was a small glass with a candle inside. Suzette had lit the way.

I began to slowly move up the stairs, listening hard for any clue of trouble. I had the pepper spray in my left hand, the blunt fighting stick in my right. I made no sound, I heard no sound. Moving slowly down the hall I followed the line of candles. They ended or entered a doorway I had seen from the top of the stairs. I eased myself into position to look inside the door.

Lying there on the bed with the curtains drawn was a woman. Her hands and feet were tied with cotton cord to each corner of the bed. I stepped into the room and stood beside the bed. She had black shoulder length hair. A black silk sash was tied around her head, across her eyes. She looked to be maybe 5’5” or so, average build, maybe mid-thirties in age. She wore a black negligee, its spaghetti straps already sliding down over the corners of her shoulders. With her ankles tied as they were, her legs spread, I could see she was wearing black lace panties.

“Hello,” I said evenly. “I’m Trane.”

She flinched slightly at my voice although I had thought she knew I was in the room.

“Suzette told me you would come,” she said with a slight quiver in her voice.

I only smiled and didn’t answer.

I took a small pocketknife from my pocket before saying, “I will not hurt you. But I need to get you ready. I am here for you, here to please you, here to show you how special you are, here to make these few hours something you will never forget. I will speak to you only to give you instructions, suggestions, I should say. And by your choosing, if you should ever tell me to leave, I will, no questions, no complaints.”

The woman on the bed only smiled and nodded.

Without another word I began to use my knife to the slit the front of her negligee. The fabric cut smoothly, zippering atalar escort down from her breast to and through the bottom seam. The negligee lay open. Her breasts were full and tanned. Tanning bed, I thought to myself. Her nipples were dark brown and hard. Her black lace panties were next. My knife cut down each side allowing me to pull them out from under her. I did the same with her negligee and tossed it on the floor leaving her completely naked. Her pubic hair was black as her hair, thick but shaped on each side to hide it beneath swim suits and tights. Her torso was also tanned. Nude tanning bed work, I smiled to myself.

I stepped down to the foot of the bed and began to undress. I watched her closely as I pulled my clothes off and tossed them to a chair by the wall. Her stomach rose and fell quickly with her shallow breath. Her breasts lay flat, her nipples poking upward even further than a moment before. The thick lips of her pussy were shining with her wetness. And she was waiting for me.

Naked, I eased up onto the bed and sat on my heels beside her. I reached down between her legs and ran one finger lightly over her pussy. She lurched slightly at my touch. Her pussy was wet, her swollen lips offering her wetness, inviting attention. I took her wetness with my finger and slowly spread it over each nipple. I took more from her pussy and moved my finger to her mouth. She understood, taking my finger into her mouth to suck it and taste her own excitement. My finger went deep into her mouth and I moved it in and out, fucking her mouth with my finger. I took it from her and moved it back between her legs. With one firm move I pushed it into her pussy pressing my knuckles flush against her lips. I felt her pussy grip my finger, clinching on it, trying to pull it deep inside it seemed. I pulled my finger from her pussy and put it in mouth to taste her. Smooth, warm, musky, silky wetness, perfect.

I sat back and smiled to myself. Such a moment to ponder and remember.

I moved up beside her face and took my cock in my hand. I moved forward, she could feel my weight shifting on the bed. I began to gently run my cock over her lips. Her tongue came out to lick me. Her head turned toward me offering her mouth to my cock but I didn’t want to give it to her yet. She began to lean forward, searching for my cock with her mouth. I stroked myself while rubbing the underside across her tongue. And then without a warning I pushed my cock firmly into her mouth. I felt her sucking me, working her tongue around me in her mouth. I knew if I didn’t stop her I would be emptying myself into her mouth so I put one hand on her forehead and gently but firmly pushed her away from me.

I got up from the bed and got the vibrator from my briefcase. Getting back on the bed, I untied her legs and lifted them with my hands on her thighs. She understood and strove to help by holding her legs up and wide apart. I turned on the vibrator and began to run it slowly in circles over her clit. I positioned myself between her legs and alternated aydınlı escort kissing her thighs, her pussy, her clit, anything that would excite her. I ran one finger over her, again gathering wetness before pressing it to her puckered ass. I eased the finger inside her ass in one smooth stroke while I sucked her clit. The vibrator lay on the bed humming and waiting.

Her orgasm was no surprise, but only a beginning in my estimation.

I waiting for her orgasm to subside before pulling my finger from her ass and lifting my face from her pussy. I reached for the vibrator and eased it’s full length inside her. I watched its end moving, moving from her pussy’s gripping it.

I pulled the vibrator from her pussy and tossed it to the floor. I planned to leave it there as a remembrance. Her legs were relaxed in my hands, her pussy shining, so wet, swollen with passion and need.

I positioned myself between her legs and leaned forward. The tip of my cock found her as if helped with a beacon. She was so wet that only one push of my hips were required to sink inside her all the way. Her moan was infinitely satisfying.

I eased her legs down and let them lie straight on the bed. Alternating my legs, I placed my legs on each side of hers, straddling her, holding her thighs with mine. As I began to stroke her slowly I leaned down and licked each nipple in turn. They responded quickly, hardening, pointing. I took them each in my mouth and sucked hard as I began to stroke her harder, faster. Her pussy was so wet it gripped my cock with a wet sounding kiss.

Releasing her left nipple, I moved down on her lying flat against her, my mouth at her neck, her ear. I ground my pubic bone down on hers, fucking her now with a grinding thrust. I began to kiss and lick her neck as I fucked her, wanting her to feel me on her completely. I ran my tongue up her neck to her ear before taking her ear lobe into my mouth. I bit her, gently, but with enough power for her to know I could bite her harder. I was fucking her faster, grinding into her harder, more insistently.

From the pattern of her breathing I could tell she was approaching orgasm again. Good, I thought, I wanted her to cum again. Without a word or a warning she did cum. I stopped stroking into her and paused to feel her pussy spasm on me, trying to milk my cum from me it seemed.

I knew my balls needed release. I rose off of her and moved upward. She knew, she seemed to welcome my cock with her mouth. She greedily sucked me into her mouth, washing me with her tongue, eating our collective juices from my cock. I came hard, spewing my cum into her mouth. She seemed to suck hard, drinking my spunk, my essence.

Her body was totally into the moment. I watched her hips move, undulating, looking for something to fuck. Her mouth seemed to not want to let me go, wanting to suck every bit of moisture from me.

But I pulled away and rose from the bed.

I gathered my clothes from the chair and moved toward the door.

“Say hello to Suzette for me, okay?” I told her.

“Please don’t go,” I heard her say as I stepped into the hall.

I tossed the can of spray and the kubaton into the canvas briefcase as I walked out the front door.

“Trane,” I heard her voice saying as I pulled the door shut softly.

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