A Subbie Life Ch. 04

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The Next Morning

As my eyes begin to flutter I can hear slight sounds in the room. Movement, as if you both have risen from bed and are getting dressed. Then I begin to make out the words that I am hearing.

You asking “Are you sure?”

Lil One responding “Absolutely!!!” with excitement not ever trying to hide in your voice.

I can feel you get on the bed once more. I’m curious now to what you are talking about and know that once I open my eyes you both will stop talking and I will learn no more. Unfortunately the thoughts running threw my head are killing my deception as my cock starts growing hard with anticipation of what is going on.

Suddenly I feel an hand petting my thigh as if hoping that my cock is going to come and play. I carefully open my right eye just a crack to try and get an idea of what is going on. Though to now help for the window shades are open and the morning sun is blinding to my sleepy eyes.

As I feel a second hand rubbing my other thigh, I can no longer control my cock any longer as it thrusts as if to say “Good morning to both you beautiful women!!!”

I hear you mumble “Are you sure he’s still asleep?” You continue, “I don’t want to piss him off this early.” Concern in your voice.

I can hear Lil One almost snickering as she responds, “No, if he was awake do you think he would just lay there. He would be telling us to get to work!!!” as the giggles overflow from her.

With that said I feel your warm mouth engulf my hard cock in a single lushes bound. Wasting no time Lil One quickly begins sucking on my nipple closest to her while her hand caresses my balls. Your hand still on my thigh, sliding up and down the length as if stoking it like you would my cock. I feel your other hand graze my stomach on its way to Lil One. As Lil One’s hand slides across to you. I know now that you both desire pleasure this morning and this will not be a problem. I feel the warmth of Lil Ones mouth slowly working its way down my stomach now while you continue to impale your throat with my firm cock.

Knowing that you both are doing this of your own will only secures it in bağdatcaddesi escort my mind that you have truly given yourselves to me and that my pleasure is first on your minds. This thought in its own way is erotic to me this morning and with that thought still in my head I feel your tongues collide around my burning cock in a ring of warmth and wetness that I could only dream of till now. I feel my orgasm growing as my hands slide around on the bed searching for both of you. As my hand caresses your leg it quickly finds its way to your damp pussy dripping with your sweet nectar. My other hand easily finds Lil Ones butt as well and sliding gently to her to her pussy also drenched in her own juices. Both aching for attention.

I push my fingers in to both of you simultaneously as I open my eyes to see the expressions on your faces. Lil Ones eyes close quickly as your widen in surprise your mouths still around my cock. With all this to push, my orgasm flies over the edge spraying my seed up into the air like a fountain of hot sticky liquid. You both realize what’s happening about the same time as you both move over my cock trying to catch what ever taste you can. My cum splattering you both in the face on its decent from its fall.

The warm salty taste only fuels your lust as you feel the tingling sensation in your stomach telling you that your climax is coming. As the tingling begins to spread to like warmth flowing over your insides filling every crevasse of your body your head feels light and your body feels like it will explode an second. Your thighs begin to shake as your nectar gushes from you soaking my hand and the sheets beneath it. You almost collapse from the pleasure. You slowly lay down forcing my fingers out of you, cuddling up head on my shoulder with my arm around you, hand placed lightly on your ass.

Lil One on the other hand sees you move and slides her leg over me straddling my cock left semi hard from your orgasm and quickly trusts it into her flaming pussy. The wave of warmth flows over me as she is filled with every inch I have to offer. Her hips bucking wildly as her fingers begin beykoz escort to molest her clit. Her other hand caressing her breast and nipple while my hand glides to her stomach. Her thrusts begin to quicken telling me she is on the verge of orgasm. I slide my hand down pushing her hand away from her clit, allowing me ample time to catch it between my thumb and forefinger squeezing it lightly at first, watching her squirm in pleasure. Finally I pinch it hard knowing it will be the final straw.

Her hips buck madly as I feel the cascade of her juices flow over my cock and balls. Feeling her shiver in aftershock. As she lays on me, head on my chest and my cock still in her. She looks at you with a smile that can only be “I told you so.” You both kiss lightly then you start feeling for each others tongues, the warmth, the caress, and of course the lust. As the sexual haze passes and the gloss of orgasm fades from both your eyes.

You both look at each other then to me and in unison say, “Good morning Master, I love you.”

With this I smile to both of you and reply, “Good morning my dears. I love you too.”

With that said you both seem to melt as you lay against me. I hold you both as tight as my exhausted arms will allow, while I kiss the tops of your heads lightly. I close my eyes and fall back to sleep holding you both.

Once again my eyes begin to flicker as I hear sounds around me, however this time it’s more of pots clanking and laughter as my eyes open, thankfully the blinds pulled down shutting out the blinding rays of the sun. I look around quickly trying to get my bearings. I see my robe hung neatly on the post of the bed closest to the door. I quietly get dressed and come down the stairs to find you both in the kitchen cooking breakfast. This would be no different then any other day, however all you seem to be wearing is an apron slung around your neck and tied behind your back. Lil One has simply tied hers around her waist exposing her breasts and hard nipples. Both the aprons are red trimmed in a ruffle of the same red, however not the warmest selection in the house I can see the goose bumps caddebostan escort covering your bodies.

As you both turn around when you hear me enter the room, gorgeous smiles on both your faces. You both quickly untie your aprons, throw the on the counter and grab your coffee cups to join me at the table.

After a few moments of silence, it breaks with you asking, “So what do you desire of us today, M’Lord?” the quark in your voice shows there is still uncertainty of what had transpired earlier this morning.

I lean back for a moment of reflection, letting this morning’s escapade gush from my memories. A smile crosses my lips.

“Well my dears, I thought we might play in the basement today,” as a devilish smile broadens on my face.

I watch as Lil Ones eyes seem to light up with delight and yours dim with confusion and worry. You have a look about you that indicates that your not sure how to react, but don’t want to say anything.

I stand up still smiling and walk down the stairs to the dead bolted door that leads to the basement. I look back, Lil One perched on the edge of her seat almost ready to jump if given the word.

“You two finish breakfast. I have a few things to set up before we begin,” I comment.

Pulling the key from a nail that hangs right next to the door on the wall.

As I unlock the door I hear you questioning Lil One, “What’s so special about the basement? What does he mean “Set up”? Does this have something to do with this morning?” Your questions come out a mile a minute.

Lil One sits there for a moment before answering making sure I have gone down the stairs. “The basement is M’Lords dungeon per say.” Your eyes widen. “Don’t worry about it; you were going to see it eventually. And “Set up” that’s just him deciding which floggers and rope he’s going to use. It also lets him get anything else around before we begin so he doesn’t need to run off and leave us all tied up.” These words were meant to ease your mind however that isn’t what they’ve done.

You can feel your heart pounding in your chest as you get a horrific image of an old movie in your head with somebody on a rack being whipped to death. Yet at the same time the anticipation has begun to build knowing that your body will be completely given over to me. That I will use your body to please my senses, as that thought runs through your head a sparkle gleams in your eyes.

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