A Time of War Ch. 01

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I still remember how I felt when I received it, my draft notice. It seems that my friends and neighbors had decided that I deserved an unsought tour of Southeast Asia. I knew it was possible, especially since the government had discontinued the college deferments, but I was still shocked. It all seemed so unreal.

Basic training was grueling and exhausting. I learned many things which I hoped would help keep me alive. My year and a half of pre-med in college helped me in a couple of ways. I qualified for officers’ candidate school, and as a medic.

As a draftee, I was only obligated to serve two years. If I accepted the commission, I would have to serve a three year tour, most likely as a combat platoon commander in the field. I decided that two years as a medic sounded better.

I was transferred to the army school and briefed on their schedule. 0400 to 0445 mandatory physical conditioning, 0445 to 0530 breakfast/ personal time, 0530 to 0600 company formation and march to school, 0600 to 1150 Class, 1200 to 1230 march to barracks 1230 to 1300 lunch, 1300 to 1500 mandatory study time (PFC and below only).

Combat medic training consisted of three parts. The first phase was fundamentals; all medical specialists attended this phase. The setup of the classroom was surprisingly similar to a high school classroom except much larger. The desks looked like small 2 man tables, and like high school this class was co-ed. There was seating for 120 people, but the room seemed to be able to accommodate maybe 200. Out of the eighty or so of us that were in the class, twelve were women. None of them were continuing into the combat medic course, so this was the only time that I thought that I would ever see them. I needed to hurry, since this phase was only three weeks.

We were told we could sit anywhere we wanted, and I was the acting platoon leader; I wanted to remain aloof, so I sat alone in the back of the class. I was immediately joined by the most beautiful of the women. Cheryl was the most lovely, sexy woman I had ever seen. At 5′ 11″ she was the tallest woman in the class. Her uniform did nothing to hide the fact that her curves were very womanly. She had that indefinable earthy, sexy quality without trying. Her honey blond hair was cut short in a very classy style to conform to army regulations. I was 6’7″ and one of the few in the class taller than her. At 222 pounds I was in the best shape of my life. We were smiling and flirting until the class started.

Military education is to education as military music is to music. It does the job for which it was intended very well, but it is focused only on the job for which it is intended. First they tell you what they are going to tell you, then they tell you, then they tell you what they told you. I was able to glean from the course outline that I would be able to ace the first phase without study. To summarize, for six hours a day I would be sitting next to a beautiful woman who was attracted to me. We both had a lot in common and were training to work in similar fields. Finally, since I was so far advanced, if she needed help studying, I would be able to help her.

At the end of every class hour we were given a break of about ten minutes, more if we finished early. As we walked down to the break room she held on to my arm. We grabbed a cup of coffee and told a little about ourselves to each other. She had re-enlisted and was cross training into a field that interested her. Her divorce had just been finalized four months earlier, ending her 1½ year marriage. She had dated a little since, but hadn’t found anyone she liked. I told her about my three semesters of pre-med, and my ambition to become a doctor when I got out of the service. I also explained that my girlfriend had dumped me as soon as I was drafted, and that I was not at all upset about it.

We decided to go back to class a couple of minutes early, so we got up, threw away our empty coffee cups, she grabbed my arm with both hands and jammed her breast into my elbow on the walk back to class. I was the subject of quite a few jealous looks on that walk back. We went right in and sat down and flirted quietly until class started again. She whispered to me that she was very horny, and was glad that she found someone who could help her with that. I told her that I would see what I could do.

As the class started, the instructor came in and said that the rest of the day we would watch training films, and he started the projector. Cheryl grinned at me, and as the lights went out, she placed her hands on the edge of our desk put her chin on her hands and watched the movie. At first I was puzzled but then I realized that her breasts, in fact her whole body was beneath the level of the desk.

I quietly moved as close to her as I could and rested my left elbow on the desk. Slowly I reached across my body underneath the desk with my right arm and I used my fingernails to lightly rake along her waist to her just below her breast. I heard her sigh and took that as encouragement to continue. I continued from the side of the breast, all the way to her cleavage and back avoiding her nipple. I was acıbadem escort amazed at how large her breasts were. I slowly spiraled in toward her nipple as her breathing became more and more ragged.

When I reached her nipple, I was surprised at the size. The nipple had become fully erect, more than an inch long and as big around as my thumb. I continued to worry her nipple, and her breathing became more and more irregular. The movie was coming to an end, so I stopped and sat back waiting for our break. She stayed where she was for a couple of minutes letting her breathing get back to normal. When Cheryl sat back, she briefly put her hands into her lap. After a minute she surreptitiously grabbed the inside of my upper thigh and whispered “You are such a tease, I love that.” She went to the restroom and I continued to sit there, waiting until I could stand without embarrassment.

During the break, I had to break up a fight before someone got hurt. I didn’t know it, but one of the instructors observed what happened, and I was immediately called into the company commander’s office.

I knocked on the door and was told to enter. I marched in, stopped 18″ from the desk, stood at attention, saluted and reported. “PFC Hamilton reporting as ordered.” I held the salute until it was returned casually, almost as an afterthought. The instructor who had witnessed the incident stood at the side of the desk. The captain examined me closely and said “I have been told what happened, but I would like to hear your version.”

I took a breath and calmly related the facts as I knew them, withholding only the names and ranks of those involved. I then told him exactly what I had done and why. He asked me, “Did you know that there were NCOs’ in the immediately vicinity?”

“No sir, I didn’t see them before I took control of the situation, and it was important that it was controlled before someone was seriously hurt.”

“You don’t seem especially afraid of what is going to happen to you.” The captain said.

I told him “Sir, I thought about that, and I decided that only three types of things might happen. You might decide one, what I did was wrong and should be punished, two, what I did was either right or wrong, but not serious enough to require any action, or three, what I did was right and that I should be rewarded. The odds are with me, two out of three of the outcomes are positive. Since no one was hurt the first was unlikely, but even if you decide to punish me, I’m already going to Vietnam, I’ll need all the fear I can store up for that place, I can’t waste it on stuff like this.”

That last part was said tongue-in-cheek, and I thought that I may have gone a little too far, but he dismissed me with an amused look, returned my salute and told me as I was opening the door to ask the first sergeant in. I went to the first sergeant’s orderly room clerk and passed the message from the captain. He went to the first sergeant’s door and told him. The first sergeant immediately went to the captain’s office, knocked and opened the door. As the door opened, I heard laughter and figured I wasn’t in trouble, so I asked the clerk for a waiver to return to class. I received the waiver and returned to class, and put the whole incident out of my head.

Cheryl and I had to be cool for the rest of the day’s classes, but just before the end of the last class of the day, I noticed out of the corner of my eye, that she reached into her purse and took something out. I didn’t pay too much attention until I felt her slipping something into my pocket.

Class was over and I marched the class back to the barracks. The formation was dismissed, and I was told that my first sergeant wanted to see me after lunch. I went up to my room to change into a clean uniform. I smelled like I had sex at class, and I didn’t want to answer any questions about what I had been doing. When I removed my uniform pants, I remembered Cheryl had put something into my pocket. I reached into my pocket and found a wadded up pair of women’s panties, wrapped around a note. The note said, call me as soon as you are done for the day, and gave a phone number. I put the dirty uniform and the panties into my laundry bag, and went to lunch.

After a quick lunch I reported to the first sergeant’s office. I knocked was told to enter and I properly reported. The first sergeant looked at me for a moment and said to me “I usually don’t meet with people in my office unless they are in trouble…did you know that?”

“Yes sergeant.”

“Do you know why you are here?” he asked.

“No sergeant, but I could guess.” I told him.

The sergeant made a come-on gesture with his hand.

“It has something to do with what happened at school today.” I said.

“You’re right.” He said, “Do you know what my job is? I deal with all of the personnel issues in the company. I need to know what happened.”

I thought about that briefly and realized that he was right so I told him everything. I started from when I first realized that there was a problem until I left the first sergeant’s orderly room clerk, as clearly and precisely as atalar escort possible.

He looked at me, and said that the first sergeant of the school wanted him to check and see if I was an asshole or the real thing. He said “For what it is worth, I don’t think you’re an asshole. Don’t get too excited, I’ll talk to the company commander, but he may want to talk to you. Go ahead and take the rest of the day off, I’ll give you a pass, Oh, by the way, hell of a first day of class.”

I nodded silently agreeing with him thinking, he doesn’t know the best part. I hurried back to the barracks, and grabbed my laundry bag, and went to the nearest payphone. When Cheryl answered the phone, she told me that she would pick me up in a few minutes. I dropped my laundry off at the cleaners, holding back only the panties. The woman who took in my laundry sniffed my laundry looked at me and smiled widely. I was a little embarrassed but I grinned back at her as she handed me my laundry ticket. When I had the ticket I went outside and I saw Cheryl pulling into the parking lot. I got into the car and we left the post headed for her apartment.

Cheryl’s roommate Linda worked at the hospital on the evening shift, and was leaving shortly. She had long dark brown hair was about 5’6″ Linda looked to be about a 36C- 25- 36. She had brown eyes, a wicked smile, and seemed to be a couple of years older than Cheryl.

Linda looked at us, and said “Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.”

Cheryl said “It’s ok; we’re just going to have tons of sex.”

I was getting a little excited by this banter between these two women, and began getting a hard on. Cheryl came behind me grabbed me around the waist from behind and dropped her hand to my crotch and began rubbing.

Linda stared hard at my crotch and said “Maybe not tons, but looks to be about a foot.” She chuckled turned around and walked to the door. Linda got to the door, turned slowly looked intently at me and said, “I’ll see you later.” Then she left and closed the door.

I turned around and looked at Cheryl, gave her a kiss on the lips. I nipped her lower lip as I ran my hands up her back. I could hear her breathing becoming irregular, and I knew she was getting turned on. When my hands reached her neck I backed up slightly, gently grabbed her face. I looked deep into her eyes and asked her “What did she mean by she would see me later?”

Cheryl’s face reddened, she looked down and nervously licked her lips. She was quiet for a moment. When she started talking she was nearly whispering, but she gained volume as she continued speaking. Cheryl said “Linda is a bit of a voyeur, and I am a little bit of an exhibitionist. What she was asking was for me to keep you here overnight so that she could watch us make love while she masturbates. We’ve done it once before, but the guy got upset when he found out, and he slapped me. I was too scared to say anything, thinking you might hurt me, or think I was strange.”

“Actually” I said, “I’m turned on by the idea. It gives me a clue about how to make you orgasms more intense. Take off your clothes.”I demanded.

Cheryl looked at me, with shock that quickly resolved to lust and began to unbutton her blouse. But I stopped her and said “Take the bra off first.”

She looked at me slightly puzzled and asked “How can I do that?”

I sat down on the overstuffed sofa and told her to sit on my lap facing away from me. She slinked over to me, sat on my lap and ground into my crotch. I told her to bend forward for a minute. I reached up the back of her blouse and released the catches on her bra. I reached her arms and gently pulled her back into my chest. I lightly ran my fingers up her arms, through her sleeves, all the way to her bra straps. I hooked my fingers around her shoulder straps, and pulled them over her shoulder, down her arms to below her elbows. One at a time we bent her arms at the elbow and pulled them out of the straps.

I looked over her shoulder down her blouse. She had left the top two buttons undone. I was going to pull the bra all the way out through one of her sleeves, but looking down into her cleavage, I decided to pull from the front. I reached down her cleavage and pulled. The bra was more difficult to pull off then I thought, but it did come off. I looked at the bra and realized that it was the largest I had ever seen, so I asked “What size is this?”

She giggled and replied “They’re F cups.”

“Why are you giggling?” I asked.

“You are the first person ever to ask the girls size without looking at them.”

I laughed, threw the bra aside and reached down to undo the rest of the buttons. “You call them the girls?” I asked as I finished undoing the buttons.

“Yes, since they first started growing. When I was young I was tall and skinny. Everyone laughed at me, and made fun of me. I was taller than anyone else in my class. When my breasts and hips started growing the guys stopped teasing me, but the girls got very nasty and mean. I was hurt, I hadn’t done anything to them, and I couldn’t help it. By the time I was fifteen I could hardly fit into a D cup bra. aydınlı escort I started wearing baggy clothes and sweaters. A lot of guys asked me out but I said no. I got a reputation as an ice cold bitch.” Her eyes closed as if recalling a painful memory. “I finally said yes to a boy late in my junior year. We went out to a movie. He was all over me from the time the lights went out till I left. I told him that I had to go to the bathroom, and I left, I walked out and went home.”

I closed her blouse and held her as Cheryl continued her story. “The next week I found out that I was a nymphomaniac who had attacked a boy in a theater. None of the other girls would even talk to me, not even the two girls who I thought were my best friends. I was crushed. I finally decided to hell with them. I was going to take control. I started to dress to show off my body. The boys all started to ask me out, I no longer ever said no, but I never said yes either. I became a real tease.”

“That summer I started going to the swimming pool every day. I bought the skimpiest bikinis I could find. I got a great tan and men from twelve to sixty were nice to me. I wore my bikinis all day during that summer.”

“When I had to go out I had a tie-dyed skirt that wrapped around and tied at the waist. I used to like wearing it with a lime green bikini that I had. The color really showed off my dark tan, and the top barely covered my nipples. On the way to the store, I would turn on the air conditioning and tease my nipples so that they would really stand out when I was in the store. Sometimes when I felt especially daring, I would move one side of my top far enough to the side so that my areola showed. I pretended to be oblivious to the open mouth stares I was receiving from men, and even a few women.”

“Every time I came back from an errand, I was so turned on that I had to masturbate. I was masturbating five times a day or more. I was still a virgin, but I was a slut. I was so bored; I couldn’t wait to go back to school.”

“That fall, when school started my new personality seemed to make my life much easier. I was a senior and one of the most desired girls in school. All of the boys would do anything I wanted, and none of them spread any rumors about me. I had everything I was supposed to want, but I was still unhappy. There was still no one who cared for me, or that I cared for.”

“School went on much the same until the last quarter. I started going out with one of the basketball players. He wasn’t as tall as you, but at least he was taller than me. Todd was drafted right out of high school and went into the army. After basic training he went to advanced infantry training. He had written frequently, and he assumed that we would get married. I liked him a lot, and I might have learned to love him, but I wasn’t there yet.”

“He came home for ten days leave on his way to Vietnam. He wanted to get married, but I didn’t, not until I was in love. I decided before he went to give him my virginity. He took me to a motel and got a room. Once we got inside, he turned off the lights and kissed me a couple of times, pawed my breast and then began to rip off my clothes. It was over in 3 minutes, embarrassing a little painful left me wondering if that was all there was to sex with men. I still liked him but we didn’t have sex again before he left.”

“When his leave was over he went to Vietnam. He wrote every 4 or 5 days. I wrote him back less than half of that, but I could tell that my feelings for him were beginning to grow. I thought that maybe I could change his attitude toward sex.” Cheryl’s voice stopped, and I could almost hear her eyes filling with tears.”

When she finally started talking again it was in a low and slow voice with plenty of emotion. “Todd died after he had been there about 3 months, in a place called the Ia Drang valley. The army sent me his personal effects and a check for his life insurance. I took out my letters that I had sent to him and gave the rest to his mother. She told me that I had made her son real happy, and she was glad that he had known me. She began crying. I couldn’t stay.”

Cheryl stopped talking for a moment, when she resumed her voice sounded a little steadier. “I waited until after the funeral to do anything, because I needed some time to grieve. I bought a car, packed up all that I owned and moved to the nearest big city. I started working in a gentlemen’s club as a waitress. I brought the men their drinks while they watched the topless dancers. I became friendly with a couple of the girls. One day after work they asked me out to breakfast with them.”

“We met at the restaurant and began talking, and I found out the kind of money that they made as they counted their tips. Both of them had made more money that night than I averaged per week. I was curious, so I asked them about their jobs. They told me about the three song sets, the table dances and the private dances. As I listened, I could feel myself getting more and more turned on. They watched me and smiled. Lyn, one of the dancers, said to me that she and Tracy had been drinking, and really shouldn’t drive, but if I took them home, they would show me what I would have to do to earn good money as a dancer. They were roommates, so it wouldn’t be too far out of my way, besides, they could mix up some drinks and we could have some fun. I quickly agreed and we left right away.”

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