After Dinner Surprise

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This is a true story that happened about 10 years ago.

“I invited Cathy over for dinner and a soak in the hot tub tonight” announced my wife, Tracey, out of the blue. Cathy had been divorced for about two years and had met Tracey and me a couple of months previously at a school function.

“OK”, I said and added facetiously “but does she know we don’t wear clothes in the hot tub?”

When Tracey replied “Oh, I don’t think that will worry her”, I was surprised and my interest was really sparked because all I remembered about Cathy was that she was petite and gorgeous and somewhat demure.

Dinner that night was a lot of fun with much wine consumed by all three of us and some nervousness on my part because I had no idea how Cathy would react when the time came to use the tub. Would she be happy to strip or would we all have to wear swimsuits (that would be a disappointment!) The conversation during dinner started mundanely but gradually became more personal as Cathy talked about her ex-husband and that the two brief and sexual encounters she had had since – the latest with a black man, whom she described as “huge where it counted”. You can imagine how that made me feel knowing I would probably soon be exposing my own fairly average equipment.

The big moment came after dinner when Tracey suggested we take our glasses and adjourn to the tub. I, in light of the recent conversation, stripped off and jumped as quickly as I could into the tub. Tracey was next and she showed no embarrassment as she stripped and stepped slowly into the tub, giving me an eyeful, as she always did, of her cunt, knowing that it turned me on. Cathy then modestly turned her back while she stripped and slid quickly into the tub on the other side of me, but not so quickly that I didn’t get a good look.

Now I was getting excited! Tracey is tall and willowy with smallish pert breasts and a light dusting of blonde pubic hair over a very pronounced pubic mound while Cathy is short and petite with a narrow waist accentuating large breasts and a small patch of dense black pubic hair.

I had to say something to break the tension so I blurted out “Wow, your breasts certainly don’t show that you’ve had two kids Cathy.” ( smooth right?) but with that, Cathy raised her breasts out of the water, stroked them with her hands and said

“Thanks Mike, they are nice aren’t they?”

I was stunned and Tracey, laughing, said “Oh, put your tits away Cathy and stop trying to seduce my husband”.

Now I was silent, my hopes dashed but with two beautiful naked women on either side, how was I going to carry on a social conversation. My heart was racing and my throat had dried up already. What came next really threw me because while sex between kaynarca escort Tracey and me had always been good, it was fairly conventional.

Tracey asked Cathy “So what was it like fucking a black man?”

“Well, he had great equipment and the actual fucking was great” replied Cathy “but he relied totally on his size and wasn’t very good in other departments, you know, like eating cunt.”

I could not believe that my wife and this seemingly shy woman were using words normally only used by men. I decided to stay out of this conversation and just listen, especially because Tracey’s hand had crept up my thigh and was now fondling my erection as she said

“Well, I certainly don’t have any complaints in that regard.”

“So what kind of sex do you like Tracey?” asked Cathy. Just where was this conversation going?

“Don’t give away too many secrets Tracey” I managed to squeak out.

“I know it’s unusual” said Tracey “but I love sucking cock – and I also enjoy being fucked in arse provided it’s gentle”

Now I was embarrassed and I’m damn sure it showed in my face, but that could have just been because Tracey’s fingers were now lightly playing over the top of my cock and I was trying not to come, an attempt that almost failed when Cathy replied

“Actually I love sucking cock too, although my last boyfriend was so big I could hardly get my mouth around it, but I have never been fucked in the arse – I don’t think I would enjoy it.”

Then Tracey turned to me and teasingly said “Actually Cathy and I have talked about this before and we have a favour to ask of you.”

“What’s that?” I asked as I felt a hand on the other side slide up my thigh. Now I was visibly trembling with excitement.

“Well, you are fantastic at eating my cunt but of course I have never been able to watch how you do it, even when we use a mirror your head is in the way. So….I want to watch you eat Cathy’s cunt. It will satisfy my curiosity and I know it will show Cathy just how good cunnilingus can be.”

By this time both Tracey’s and Cathy’s hands were playing with my balls and stroking my cock, so I was barely able to stammer “Well what man wouldn’t accept that invitation?”

“But before we do that” Tracey interrupted “as a reward, we will take turns sucking your cock so that you can tell us who has the best technique”.

I was speechless, so Cathy suggested I sit up on the side of the hot tub while she went first.

Unlike Tracey, who usually starts at the top, Cathy started by flicking her tongue over my balls and then licking slowly up the shaft until she swirled her tongue over the glans and then back down again. This was different and exciting, especially since Tracey was küçükyalı escort watching avidly. Cathy repeated this four or five times (I lost count) and then placed her lips over the glans and began sucking it like a teat. I don’t know what was exciting me more, my wife’s friend sucking my cock or my wife becoming so excited watching.

Abruptly she stopped and Tracey took over, using her technique of holding the top in her mouth for a few seconds without moving and then sliding her lips down the shaft until they reached the base, at which point my cock was deep in her throat. She repeated this a few times until I said “I’m going to come!” at which point Cathy grabbed the base of my cock and squeezed tight, whispering “Not yet you’re not!”

These two gorgeous women then swapped places again and Cathy imitated Tracey’s technique until the head of my cock was in her throat, at which point she released her hold on the base and I exploded down her throat as she rapidly swallowed, but not fast enough to prevent a dribble of cum running out of her mouth.

“Wow!” said Tracey, who had watched closely “that was unbelievable! I don’t think you have ever come so much!”

I was in no state to comment as my softening cock was still firmly in Cathy’s mouth.

At that point, Tracey suggested we go back into the house, have another glass of wine, and continue the adventure, as she put it.

“Now it’s my turn” demanded Cathy as she lasciviously sat on the couch in front of us and spread her legs, exposing herself to our inspection.

Beneath the small bush of black hair, her cunt was beautiful – small outer lips framing larger and slightly open inner lips with a very pronounced clitoris, already peeking out from under it’s hood. Very different from Tracey’s, whose outer lips totally conceal the inner lips until the are separated.

Tracey sat on the floor beside me, watching intently as I began to enjoy the delicious flavour and aroma of her girlfriend, slowly using the tip of my tongue to travel from her arsehole to her cunt and then running it between the outer and inner lips on each side to the clit. I could feel Tracey’s breath on my face as I repeated this until Cathy was so tense I could see the muscles in her thighs. Then, as I probed my tongue deep into her hole, ran it hard up the center of her cunt and sucked her clit, she screamed and Tracey gasped. I stopped for about 5 seconds in spite of her pleas to continue and then I started the process again, realizing in the interim that Tracey was playing with herself with one hand and using the other to again fondle my cock.

I then probed just the tip of my finger into Cathy’s arsehole as I continued to lick and suck her until she screamed sancaktepe escort again, lifted her arse right off the couch, grabbed the back of my head and literally began fucking herself with my nose and came hard, her legs shuddering, her arsehole spasming around my finger and her cunt creaming my entire face. Tracey moaned in my ear as she came as well and by this time, of course, I was rock hard again.

“So now I know how you give me such incredible orgasms” Tracey said and, to my great satisfaction, Cathy agreed

“Fuck huge cocks!” she said (I’m not sure she intended the pun) “Give me a man with an expert tongue any day”.

“Now, quick, it’s my turn” Tracey said. “Mike, I want you to fuck Cathy while she eats my cunt”.

Cathy objected at first, saying that she had never made love to a woman.

“Nor have I” said Tracey “but it will be interesting to see whether you can do it better than Mike”.

Tracey then sat on the couch, exposing herself just as Cathy had done while Cathy knelt in front of her and I knelt behind Cathy. Then another surprise “Cathy’s never been fucked in the arse, I want you to do it to her” explained Tracey.

Cathy expressed concern but we were all so horny, she was willing to try anything, especially when I promised to be gentle.

So, as Cathy began eating my wife’s cunt, I positioned my cock at the entrance to her arsehole, which was quite well lubricated, and began to press. As she seized up, I told her to clench her arse tight and then release it, and, as she did so, I gently pushed the tip in and, with great restraint, held it there for a while. Then I told her to clench it and release it again and this time I slid right in.

“Wow! That’s actually exciting” she exclaimed in a rather muffled voice as her mouth was otherwise occupied.

I couldn’t see exactly what Cathy was doing but it took no more than a few minutes for Tracey to come, pushing Cathy’s face into her crotch and then releasing her, ordering us to “stay exactly where you are” – not a difficult order to follow as, by this time I had developed a steady rhythm plugging Cathy’s arse.

Tracey must still have been really horny because she immediately squirmed her way under us, so that her head was between Cathy’s legs as she said “I want a really close look!” .

At that point she used her hand to play in turn with Cathy’s cunt and my balls while she watched my cock plunging in and out of her friend’s arse. Almost immediately, Cathy came again, her arse spasming around my cock this time and that sent me over the edge, filling her arse with what seemed like a gallon of cum.

As I softened and my cock slipped out, Tracey took it into her mouth and sucked it clean, after which we showered together, had another drink and arranged dinner for next week.

Tracey’s parting comment as we said goodnight to Cathy was “I’ve got something else in mind for next week, have you ever shaved your cunt?”

I couldn’t wait, but it turned out to be worth it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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