Brazilian Ch. 02

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I arrived at Sally’s house a few minutes early. I was so nervous, my hands were trembling. I was also quite embarrassed for I have never gone commando before and I was reminded with every step.

Ringing the door bell I heard a couple voices which made me nervous.

Sally answered the door and immediately hugged my neck. “Thank you for coming!” She whispered in my ear.”

Entering the house I was stunned at how immaculate the room was. All white, bold move. No animals or children here! I thought.

From the kitchen came Rick, Sally’s boyfriend of several years. He reached out and hugged me. “Hello Nikki, how are you and family?” Rick asked.

Accepting Ricks hug I said, “I’m great, and the family is doing well, how are you? Have not seen you in sometime.”

“I am doing great” Rick answered back.

Hugging Rick started things flowing, he is 6’6″ and an average body but he does workout a lot. You can see it in his arms and legs. Very defined.

Rick excused himself and went back into the kitchen.

Sally approached me with the look of worry on her face. “I am so sorry, Rick was supposed to be on an overnight fishing trip but it got cancelled.” “I know this sucks but we can still have some wine and laughs. If you want? I understand if you do not want to?”

I looked at Sally’s eyes and could not leave. She invited me and I am going to make the most out of it.

Her patio was clean immaculate as her house . Nice looking outdoor furniture and a fireplace in the center.

We all took a seat on the large outdoor couch. Very nice, wife seating with blush material. I sank in as I sat down and it was heaven.

I brought my legs up and curled them to my ass. Forgetting for a second that I was not wearing anything underneath the skirt. We sat drinking the wine. Our conversation soon turned to the event of the day.

“I was telling Rick about my tour of the adult store beside my establishment.” Sally told me. Rick was giggling as she was talking.

“I cant believe she asked that question?” Rick cried out.

“I know, right!” I stated.

With our wine glasses empty Sally motioned for me to come with her to get more wine.

In the kitchen Sally put me up against the sink and through her arms around me and our tongues were dancing in delight.

“Don’t for a second think I did not see your were not wearing panties.” Sally whispered in my ear. Her hand found my wet slit and immediately drove her finger deep into my pussy.

“AHHHHH, I exclaimed.” “Holy fuck that feels good.” I whimpered.

“Know what, tastes great too.” Sally sad as she started sucking on her dripping fingers.

“Hey if you want we can still salvage this night?” Sally asked.

“How?” I said.

“Rick will definitely join us if your up for it. Ever been in an FFM threesome? If your uncomfortable I totally understand and we can schedule another day for just you and me” Sally said.

“NO, I have never been in an FFM threesome.” I stated.

This put a sad face Uzun porno on Sally so I looked at her and said “But I came her for sex so lets have some sex.”

Sally hugged me and said, “You are going to have some fun!”

Outside on the patio we sat down and started another conversation regarding Sally’s trip to the adult store.

Rick, “So Sally, did you see anything that caught your eye?”

“Oh hell yes!” Sally stated. “There was a [pegging dildo I wanted to get so I can peg you in the ass sometime.” she retorted.

We all started laughing as Rick replied, “Bring it on my love!”

Sally looked my direction than in a coy way whispered into Ricks ear.

I could not hear what she was saying but I got a clue when Rick started staring at my skirt. The way I was sitting gave them a clear view of my entire pussy.

“Nikki, looks like Sally did a very professional job on your waxing.” Rick said candidly.

Embarrassed I put my legs down the couch and had my feet on the ground. “Well to be honest I think she missed some hairs.” I snapped back trying to bait them into taking this further.

“Well, we need to do a thorough inspection of my work. I don’t want to do a bad job.” Sally said smiling.

With that I stood up and let my skirt fall to the patio floor. I sat back down and invited Rick and Sally to inspect me.

Rick was first as he said, “I like to do the tongue test!” His tongue began to softly glide over my lips, parting my pussy ever so slight. Down to my rosebud and a few pokes of the tongue into it he began to move back up to my lips.

While Rick was doing his inspection, Sally came to me and we began french kissing as we moved our hands over each other in a sexual frenzy.

Buttons pulled open and bras removed I helped Sally undo her jeans and she pushed them down to the floor. I saw her panties and immediately asked her to remove them and climb up on the couch.

Not a second went bye when Sally was mounting my face and my tongue was inspecting her pussy. So moist and musty. I lapped at her lips as Rick began to suck on my clit.

I jumped with the tingle he sent through my body.

Sally began to rub her clit as I pushed my tongue deep into her waiting cunt.

Again, Rick sucked on my clit and the same bolt of pleasure danced through my body.

Squirming, I again began french kissing Sally’s pussy.

“MMMMMMM” Sally moaned. “Oh, Fuck yea” She let out.

After what seemed to be quite a while we all disengaged and Rick took his clothes off. His cock was beautiful.

I have only seen two cocks in my life. A boyfriend in high school and my husbands. I had no idea they came in this size and shape.

Thick, long, smooth with a curve upward. My eyes looked like a cartoon character with the bugged out look.

“You like?” Sally quipped.

“Yes! but I’m nervous! I have never had anyone but my husband.” I stated.

“You never had another woman until this afternoon.” Sally stated. “it’s Öğrenci porno ok, this is between us and only us.”

Rick stood there stroking his cock and looking at me with a seductive look on his face.

I approached Rick and Sally put a pillow on the floor. I knelt down and began stroking his cock. It was hard and very rigid. I licked the underside of his cock from his balls to his head lapping up the precum oozing out at the top.

Sally sat on the couch masturbating slowly at first than she had a great ides. She put the couches cushion on the ground and laid down with her face just between my legs. She wanted to pay some attention to me as I enjoyed this cock.

We got the hint and re positioned ourselves with Sally licking my pussy and me sucking Ricks delicious cock. I could not get his entire cock in my mouth. As much as I tried it would not go. I put some sucking pressure on his cock and let him lead.

His cock fucked my mouth and I knew he was about to unload. I could feel his balls tighten up so I pulled him out of my mouth and said “No, not right now, we need to for a long time tonight”

Sally got up and we went into her den. The rug was so soft and we began playing immediately. Rick got behind me as I knelt into the dogie position. Again, Sally was between my legs licking my clit and Ricks cock as it penetrated my pussy.

This was absolute divine.

Rick started pumping me faster and harder with every stroke. I could feel every inch as he pumped me. Sally moved in front of me with her legs stretched out wide. I leaned down and began lapping at her pussy which she raised with some pillows.

As Rick fucked me I noticed he pushed his thumb into my ass. Lucky I lubed it before my arrival. I was hoping to enjoy this experience again.

Synchronizing his pumping my pussy with his thumb fucking my rosebud I started to drip from his cock. I was getting so fucking wet. Draining out like a drain on a house. Constant flow.

Rick pulled his thumb from my ass and his cock from my pussy and motioned for Sally to come to him. Without hesitation Sally went to Rick on her knees and began licking my cum from his cock. Cleaning him with great care.

We sat there talking about some sexual fantasies that Rick and Sally had when they asked me my Sexual fantasy.

Nervous I admitted that just this morning I experienced something that engraved an image into my head. I was thinking of having two cock fuck me at the same time.

“Double penetration?” Sally asked.

“I stammered, Yes”, not being sure what it was called.

With a wild attitude Sally jumped up and ran into her spare room. When she returned she had a box. She opened the box and it was filled with sex toys.

I looked with fright and delight as she rummaged through the box.

“Here it is!” She stated.

She held up a dildo with a strap on it. She stood up and put on the dildo.

“Here, suck my cock!” Sally said as she approached me.

Unsure I opened my mouth and she began fucking my mouth in a playful way.

“lets lube up and I will lay down so you can climb on me and take my dildo into your pussy. Rick will than position himself behind us and put his glistening cock in to your ass.” Sally than asked me. “Is that what you were thinking of?”

I nodded my head and Sally laid down as I straddled her and guided the dildo into my lubed pussy. It felt so nice and Kissing Sally as she slowly stroked me with her toy sent waves of pleasure through my body.

As Sally pumped me slowly, Rick began inserting his cock into my ass. At first I was not sure this was a good fantasy. I did not feel any pain the last times I played with my ass but this was different. When he withdrew bolts on pain shot through my entrance. I winched and Sally noticed. “Perhaps we need to work on anal a bit more before you try this.” Sally Said.

“NO, just take it real easy Rick.” I stated.

Again Rick entered my asshole with great care and a steady push. Soon he was all the was in my ass and I was amazed that I had a dildo stretching my pussy and his cock stretching my ass.

“OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH GOD that feel so fucking good.” I let out.

Rick stayed berried in my ass as Sally began pumping my pussy. Each stroke was delightful. I could feel both the cock and the dildo pressing against each other. As Sally began pumping quicker Rick began to withdrawal his cock from my ass. Again ripples of pain filled my ass but not as intense as before. Manageable pain.

“Let me know if this is too painful?” Ricked stated.

“NO, keep going.” I replied.

Rick withdrew all the way until the head of his cock was just inside my ass. Slowly he entered me again. This time there was even less pain. He got all the way in and withdrew yet again. No pain this time.

“Let me control this Rick.” I said.

With that Rick just knelt here as I pushed my ass onto his waiting cock than withdrew it. Pushing again down his cock that pulling it out to the head. Faster and faster I picked up speed until I felt so much pleasure. I was gushing out of my pussy as I fucked Ricks cock with my ass.

Flowing onto their rug my juices puddled under us. After several delightful minutes Rick stated, “I am going to cum.”

With that he pulled out and took off the condom. I was not sure what to do. I was not familiar with a man cumming so I took Sally’s lead.

We knelled in front of Rick as he stroked his wet cock. Faster and faster he stroked this delicious cock.

All the sudden Rick let out a scream and his cum sprayed all over Sally and I. I never felt that kind of excitement before. Cum dripping down my face and I looked at Sally as she began sucking Ricks cock. Squeezing all the cum from him. She turned to me with a mouth full of his cum and started kissing me.

Our tongues entwined with the musty salty taste of his cum was something knew to me. Feeling dirty with his cum on my face Sally began licking his cum from my face. When she finished I returned the favor. This time it did not taste as bad as the first.

We finished cleaning up the cum from our bodies and than all three headed to the shower.

The start of my sexual awakening has begun.

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