Business , Pleasure Ch. 03

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Big Dick

As Julie lay next to her sleeping husband, her thoughts were about her black lover whom she had just left. Her vagina was still warm and wet and a little sore from the workout Jason’s rigid rod had just put it through. He had plunged deeper into her than anyone had ever before. In her mind she visualized the very thick purplish/black head as it parted the lips of her pulsing pleasure pit and stretched her tight white pussy as the muscles of her loins tried desperately to squeeze the invading onyx shaft while it slid slowly deeper and deeper into her love canal. She found herself on the verge of an orgasm as she recalled how wonderfully pleasurable Jason’s incredibly hard and enormous black shaft felt as the tip of its swelled head pushed against her cervix. Once he had moved his pulsing manhood deep inside of her, Jason lay motionless atop of his white lover and stared deep into her eyes. She remembered now how she had loved that moment as she felt him so hard and so deep inside of her, and she took in the beauty of his body as he propped himself above her, resting on his elbows. His thickly muscled, smooth, black chest with the even blacker puckered nipples came into her mind’s view. Now, she remembered how he moved his handsome face into hers and kissed her long and deep without moving his throbbing black pleasure stick. But when he did finally move it, almost all the way out of her and then thrust it back into her with amazing force, she came immediately and her body arched and twitched and spasmed in pleasure. She remembered how he had continued to thrust into her with fantastic force for many long and pleasurable minutes. She came repeatedly as Jason’s tightly muscled black body pumped his throbbing penis into her dripping white vagina bringing her to new heights of pleasure that she had not until then experienced with any man. Finally, when he came in her, she recalled how his wonderfully sculpted black body stiffened in pleasure while his love shaft pumped stream after stream of gooey cum deep into her womb. She held him tightly, as he did her, and he stayed hard and throbbing in her pleasure port for a long, long time.

They had not said much to one another. Rather, it seemed that they both wanted to experience as much as possible the pleasures that they could get and give from and to one another’s bodies. Clearly, Julie was taken totally with this black Adonis. And, Jason couldn’t seem to get enough of Julie’s beautifully crafted white body.

Now, as Julie lay next to Matt, the man she loved, she felt both enormous guilt and great exhilaration over what she had done with Jason. The guilt she felt because of her betrayal and infidelity toward her husband. She loved him deeply, and she knew that he loved her deeply as well. She felt terrible about being unfaithful to him; she knew that she had not planned for this to happen. But, she also knew that the incredible attraction she felt for Jason was impossible for her to control. As the early morning light began to filter through the blinds of their window at the inn, Julie could see her extremely handsome husband, naked on the bed next to her. She knew that she was lucky to have him. Not only was he extraordinarily handsome with a fantastic body, but he was also a very successful lawyer who provided both of them with a great home and lifestyle. Julie felt sick at what she had done, but she was also torn because she knew she still wanted more of Jason. She fingered her pussy and then sucked her finger, tasting her own love juices mixed with Jason’s cum which he had pumped into her repeatedly in the wee hours of the morning when Julie had left her drunken husband passed out on their bed and gone to Jason’s room. The thought that she might be pregnant by her black lover occurred to her, but as she considered the pleasure she had enjoyed with him, she figured it was worth the risk, and she just didn’t believe it would happen anyway. Julie struggled to put the these worries as well as the guilt out of her mind for a moment as she closed her eyes and massaged her vagina to orgasm, pretending that Jason was fingering her white pussy with his long black fingers. Once she came, she tried to rest, knowing that she would be exhausted during the day if she didn’t get any sleep. Fortunately, she thought, it would probably be impossible for her to be tempted by Jason’s presence during the coming day or two because Matt would want to leave the inn and take in some of the local attractions and sights. This relieved her, but she also yearned, unrealistically she knew, balıkesir escort for an opportunity to spend a full day naked in bed with her black lover, letting him pleasure himself with her body in any way he wanted.

As the conflicting feelings of guilt and lust battled inside Julie’s mind, she knew deep inside herself that if she did not gain control of her desires for Jason, she would ultimately ruin her marriage, something that terrified her more than anything. As she lay closer to sleep at nearly six in the morning, Julie determined that she had to banish thoughts of what she had done with Jason from her mind. She knew that she had to focus on her marriage and to suppress her now burning desire to be Jason’s white pleasure toy. She made up her mind. She had to do it. At the same time, she was terrified that she might not win this battle with herself over her love for her husband and her lust for Jason. Exhausted, sleep took over for several hours.

Matt started to come out of his deep alcohol induced sleep at about eight in the morning. He stumbled into the bathroom to relieve himself and made a mental note that he had to subdue his drinking if he wanted to get any sex at night with Julie. Walking back into the bedroom, he was already sporting a woodie at the thought of fucking his beautiful wife who was lying asleep and naked on the bed. He lay next to Julie and spooned with her, kissing her on the back of her neck while feeling her firm body pressed into his own. Julie awakened from a very deep sleep and realized right away that it was Matt who was pressing his now rock hard cock between her legs and right at her lips that were leaking her and Jason’s cum juices. A wave of guilt overtook her right away, and she turned to kiss Matt, hoping that showing him lots of affection would lessen the rotten feelings she was having about herself. She looked at Matt’s handsome face that was framed with his long and straight jet black hair. His beard’s stubble made him look particularly sexy she thought, and his great physique had always made her horny. As they kissed, Matt mounted his wife and immediately slid his respectable seven inches into her pulsing pussy.

“Babe, are you lubed or what? You must want this every bit as much as I do. You’re freakin drenched in there.” Matt said as he looked directly into his beautiful wife’s eyes.

“I wanted you last night.” Julie lied. “I’ve been this wet since then.” She told the truth.

In reality, Julie did love Matt inside her. And she loved the feel of his tightly muscled and hairy body pressed against hers.

Matt began fucking her slowly as he kissed her deeply. She responded with passionate kissing of her own, but felt like her actions were almost mechanical. She was thinking as she was kissing her husband that Jason kissed much better, and Matt’s cock didn’t fill her anywhere near the way Jason’s did. Nevertheless, she could feel an orgasm rising from within her as Matt repetitively pumped his not so small cock in and out of her drenched vagina. She was turned on by the fact that Matt’s cock was lubricated by the huge amount of Jason’s cum that was still inside of her, and he had no idea about it. Finally, Julie felt herself climaxing as thoughts of Jason’s body intermingled with the pleasure she was getting from being fucked by her husband. She and Matt came almost at the same time and she felt his muscles contract as he mixed his own cum with that of his new found black friend inside of Julie’s well used pussy. As Julie lay under her spent husband, she couldn’t help but think about how different he felt from the way Jason did inside of her. Julie had always loved sex with Matt. But now that she had had sex with Jason, she knew that getting fucked by Matt could never quite equal the incredible pleasure she had had with Jason’s thick black monster buried deep inside her vagina. What’s more, it almost seemed like Jason knew when he was fucking her that he knew he was as good as he was. He seemed completely confident that everything about the way he made love to her was going to be remembered by her as her best ever sexual experience.

Matt was delighted that Julie decided that she wanted to suck him off after he had just fucked her. No sooner had he pulled his semi-hard cock out of his wife than Julie set about sucking it back to a full blown erection once again. Julie herself was totally turned on by the thought of sucking off the spent cum of her two lovers from her husband’s throbbing balıkesir escort bayan penis. After another hour of love making, the beautiful couple showered together where they continued to keep one another at a full state of sexual arousal. Matt fucked Julie in the shower, and she knelt and sucked him off a second time after it. Matt was crazy with her sucking skills and loved how passionate she was today. He knew that the day could not have started off any better.

For the next two days, Matt and Julie spent a lot of time enjoying the beauty of the mountains and visiting local attractions. They also spent a lot of time in bed satisfying one another’s very strong sex drives. Frequently while they were having sex, Julie pretended that it was Jason who was kissing her, sucking her, tonguing her. Her game lost its impact when she took Matt’s penis in her mouth, or had it in her vagina. Her sex drive was such that although Matt had always satisfied her in the past, she now longed for

Jason’s confidence as a lover; for his smoothly muscled ebony body; and for his much longer and thicker cock. But, she also knew that she could not have Jason, and she knew that she had to put the thought out of her mind.

Finally, Friday rolled around, the day when Jason was supposed to finish his consulting job. He was planning to leave the next day. Neither Julie not Matt had seen him at all since Tuesday. And while Julie told herself that it was better that way, not to see him and be tempted to arrange another meeting with him, she was also going crazy with desire for just one more taste of her taboo lover. Matt had been with her every moment, so she had not even had a chance to get a message to Jason. On Friday afternoon, Matt said that he was going to go the local liquor store to get Jason a thank you bottle for what he had done for Julie on Tuesday. Julie said she’d stay behind and take a short nap as she had a headache. As soon as Matt was out of the parking lot, Julie called Jason’s room and after the fourth ring, he answered.


Hearing only his voice was enough to cause Julie’s crotch to drench her panties. Her heart began to race and her mind was whirling as she had all she could do to stop herself from dropping the phone and running to his room.

“I was afraid I wouldn’t have a chance to say goodbye. We haven’t seen you at all.’ Said Julie as Jason answered.

“Babe, it’s soooo good to hear your voice. You have no idea,” was all Jason said.

“Matt’s gone to the liquor store to get you a thank you bottle. And, I wanted at least to say goodbye,” she managed to get out.

“Oh Julie, I couldn’t go without saying goodbye, but I didn’t think I could handle seeing you for what would probably be the last time and saying goodbye with Matt there. So I figured that I would probably send you guys a note saying so long, leaving my address and phone, and saying for both of you to look me up if you ever got out to my area. But really, Jule, I was hoping you’d call me and we could meet someplace, and we could fuck our brains out. Babe, you’re all I’ve been thinking of these past few days. Julie, it was more than just sex with you…, I don’t know, I think there was a chemistry that we both felt…….at least that’s what I thought. But, I know this can’t work cuz you’re married, and everything is cool between you and Matt. And, really Jule, I don’t want to be the cause of any problems for you that way. But, you have no idea how much I have wanted to be with you just one more time…”

“Jason, I’ve felt the same way for the past three days. But I couldn’t get away…….and I feel so guilty about Matt, but I think that there was a chemistry between us…….I don’t know, I just think that I want to be with you again, and yet I know that I can’t do that, but I want to. Not making much sense, am I?”

Then she said it. “Do you want me to come by right now to say goodbye. There isn’t much time, Matt should be back in a few minutes.”

“Babe, I’d love to have you come by right now, and I promise I won’t keep you longer than just a few minutes.”

Jason opened the door even before Julie had a chance to knock. Her eyes played across his body thinking how his loose fitting silk shirt and baggy dress slacks made out of summer weight material really disguised the magnificently muscled and toned body beneath. As soon as the door was shut, the two lovers embraced, kissing and exploring one another’s bodies in a passionate escort balıkesir frenzy. Jason loved the feel of Julie’s firm and very ample breasts pressed into his torso. He loved cupping his hands around her well rounded and delightfully firm ass. The two lovers, kissed and completely explored and then reexplored one another’s mouths with their tongues. Julie reached down between their bodies and felt Jason’s manhood, swelled to the max beneath his pants.

“Do we have time babe?” He asked.

Julie only nodded.

Quickly, they both stripped off their clothes and fell naked onto the bed, now feeling one’s another’s toned bodies, and Julie feeling Jason’s enormous and throbbing black shaft pressed against her mid section. Quickly, Jason straddled Julie’s body taking in the view of her firm nipples on the beautifully shaped breasts, her beautiful face, and her amazing crotch with the closely cropped v-shaped pubic hair covering it.

“Jule, I can use a condom if you want. What will happen if I get you pregnant? You might already have little Jason in there, instead of little Matt. That would be a bad scene for you Babe.”

“I’ll take the chance and deal with it if I get pregnant. This will have to be our last time, and I don’t want your beautiful shaft with all those thick veins wrapped in anything but my wet pussy. Please, fuck me Jason, we don’t have much time.” She had her hands on his waist as she said this and then she ran them up to his sculpted chest and pinched his nipples showing her beautiful smile. At that point, Jason toyed with her as well and he jerked his cock hard into her and she gasped as it hit her cervix and then pulled it out fast. Her body shuddered with pleasure. And then, Jason did it again. He positioned his enormously thick head at her lips and pressed into her, hearing her gasp and moan as he continued the invasion of her cunt with his pulsing ten inch ebony rod.

“Oh Jason! You feel so fucking hot in me. What am I going to do without you?” As she said this, she gyrated her vagina on Jason’s black monster and squeezed him tightly.

For his part, knowing that time was an issue, Jason began fucking in and out of his white beauty, pounding her harder than he had in their earlier encounters. Her whole body shook with the force of each plunge, her firm and rounded breasts bounced back and forth, and Julie screamed in pleasure as she felt herself cum. Jason’s own orgasm was incredible and all of his muscles stiffened as he shot gobs and gobs of cum into his newly acquired white slut. He knew that Julie really thought it was their last time. But he knew better than that. As he came inside her tight cunt, he knew he didn’t want to ever give up this incredibly tight hole. She was such an excellent fuck. But, he worried that she might really get pregnant by him, and the problems it would cause in her life he did not want either of them to experience. When they did it again, he would require her to take precautions. And they would do it again, he knew.

Jason’s room faced the parking lot and as his thick cock pulsed its final streams of cum into Julie, he watched Matt pull into the lot. Jason fondled Julie’s breasts and kissed her deeply one last time before pulling his drenched and rock hard ebony shaft from her. Her eyes opened, almost pleading for it not to be over.

“He’s back Babe. Sorry. I don’t want this to be goodbye, but you have to get back to your room. Just remember, this was more than sex for me Babe, you will always be special for me.” He kissed her deeply and passionately, and she held on to her black god for just a moment, feeling his hard body, his beautiful cock.

“Jason, you’ve been special for me too.” Then Julie hurriedly dressed and left the room for her own, kissing Jason as she hurried out. Jason handed her his card with his home number on it. “Call me sometime, Babe. I just want to hear your voice.” She took the card and was afraid.

As Matt entered their room, Julie was lying on top of their bed. “Jules, are you okay, your face is flush and you’re sweating.”

“I’m okay, just a little headache.” There were traces of Jason’s cum all over her pubic hair, and her vagina was leaking his spent sperm. Julie lay there with her mind racing over how fucking hot it was to have sex with Jason.

“We can give this to Jason later when you’re feeling a little better. Or I can run it down to his room. I think he’s in cuz his car is out there.”

“Why don’t you bring it Matt. I’m not feeling that well right now.” Julie lay on the bed reliving her last few moments with Jason. She loved the feeling of his hard body on top of her and his throbbing manhood planted deep inside of her. She loved how he fucked her, how he kissed her, how gentle he was with her. And she was terrified. Terrified that she would use his card and call him.

to be continued…….

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