College Notre Dame of Haiti

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The name is Steeves Saint Morris. I’m a tall, good-looking young black man living in the city of Bolton, Connecticut. I’m originally from the Island Nation of Haiti and I’m finding America to be quite a thrill and a challenge. However, it’s a challenge which I am happy to brave. My parents, Notre Dame University of Haiti Mathematics professor Anne Claude Saint Morris and Petionville Police Chief Antoine Saint Morris want me to get educated and return home when I’m done. America is the land of my dreams. It’s also full of dangers. That’s alright because I come from a much more dangerous place. I’m twenty years old and I am currently studying Criminology, in preparation for a career in law enforcement. Being a cop is what I always wanted to do.

These days, I’m a student at the Central Connecticut Institute of Technology or CCIT. It’s a big school. Thirty thousand students, spread over five campuses. We have campuses in Andover, Ashford, Bethel, Beacon Falls and Bolton. The city of Bolton is the site of our largest campus, with over ten thousand students. Fortunately, it’s a city for all seasons. It’s also the site of the Central Connecticut Institute of Technology’s Department of Athletics. I was quite impressed with the sheer number of sports they offered. I’m a big sports buff. Back in Haiti, I attended College Notre Dame Du Perpetuel Secours, an all-male private high school in the Roman Catholic tradition. They had a lot of sports programs. I played varsity soccer and absolutely loved it. I am forever grateful to the Brothers of Christian Instruction for creating Notre Dame. It helped me become the man I am today.

The Central Connecticut Institute of Technology’s Department of Athletics currently offers Men’s Intercollegiate Baseball, Basketball, Cross Country, Swimming, Wrestling. Outdoor Track, Volleyball, Indoor Track, Water Polo, Soccer, Squash, Rowing, Tennis, Golf, Gymnastics, Lacrosse, Ice Hockey, Football, Badminton, Rifle and Rugby. For female student-athletes, they offer Women’s Intercollegiate Softball, Basketball, Cross Country, Swimming, Wrestling, Outdoor Track, Volleyball, Indoor Track, Golf, Tennis, Squash, Rugby, Water Polo, Ultimate Frisbee, Gymnastics, Ice Hockey, Rowing, Field Hockey, Rifle and Badminton. The Cheerleading Team is coed, as is the Equestrian team, with five females and four male riders. For club sports, they have Men’s Cycling, Men’s Archery, Women’s Pistol, Men’s Boxing, Men’s Table Tennis, Men’s Pistol, Women’s Boxing and Men’s Sumo Wrestling. All of the varsity sports teams are members of the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s Division One. Central Connecticut Institute of Technology is one of the wealthiest schools in the country, with an annual endowment of three billion dollars.

I joined the Men’s Varsity Soccer team as soon as I enrolled as a freshman at Central Connecticut Tech. Soccer is my all-time favorite sport. I’ve been in love with it ever since I could remember. Most Haitians, both male and female, have a deep love of Soccer. For us, Soccer is more than a sport. It’s a passion. Hell, it’s almost a religion. The Americans could never understand this. Oh, well. Whatever. We played the University of Connecticut’s Men’s Varsity Soccer team at the beginning of the season. They played well but we kicked their butts. Hey, Central Connecticut Tech has one hell of a soccer player in me, you know? Yeah, we were quickly becoming legends on the New England Division One Athletics landscape. I wish more colleges offered men’s soccer programs. They have plenty of women’s soccer teams. It’s a really beautiful sport and I know plenty of guys who prefer it to football and basketball. Oh, well. That’s America for you. College sports aren’t what they used to be. I just wish the various escort fatih schools would stop slashing the men’s sports teams. That’s not fair.

Anyhow, I had other things to do rather than reminisce or focus on college sports politics. I never knew that College Soccer Players could become celebrities. Until I almost single-handedly defeated Hartford and was thrust into the spotlight. All of a sudden, everyone on my college campus knew my name. What can I say? I was fast becoming famous. I’m a tall, good-looking young black man. People are always looking at me. Sometimes, it’s not a good thing. There are a lot of racists out there. They’re men and women from every walk of life. They always look at the black man as a possible troublemaker. Never mind that there are black governors, black senators and black police chiefs in America today. Other times, the attention that I receive is kind of weird. I’m a young man with a healthy sexual attitude. I don’t like to be considered a sexual object. Many women, especially white women, see the black man as a sexual conquistador. The dude with the big dick. I don’t like to be thought of that way. At least not exclusively. Well, there’s so much more to me than that. I’m a brilliant student. I’m a good athlete. I’m a church-going Christian. I’m a proud son of Haiti. I’ve got different dimensions to myself and refuse to be boxed into a small, neat little category. I’m a complex being.

Overnight I became the public face of the Central Connecticut Institute of Technology’s Men’s Soccer team. Usually, only college football and basketball players got that kind of fame. Well, little did I know that collegiate America was falling in love with me. They called me the College Sportsman with the Olympian’s body and the Angelic face. Sounds good, doesn’t it? My father Antoine always warned me not to let fame get to my head. So I handled myself coolly when I got hounded by the press and bugged constantly by classmates who didn’t know I existed before. The hard part came after I wound up on the cover of Sports Illustrated. All of a sudden, I was shot to international fame. You see, college soccer isn’t that big a deal in America but around the world, soccer is a popular sport. I soon found out that pictures of me were on the web. Also, someone made videos of me while I was at practice with my teammates. Come to think of it, maybe I shouldn’t have played shirtless that day. Nevertheless, females across the country, along with quite a few men, went crazy for me. I must say that I kind of liked it.

Who wouldn’t like to be famous and admired for what they do? I mean, I was an ordinary college freshman and I had fans! Hell, a month after the media frenzy began, I was approached by a producer from a television show. She offered me a role on a popular soap opera. I was stunned. I didn’t watch soap operas but they were long-standing popular shows. I did it, and got myself an agent along the way. I played the role of a bad boy who was a new love interest for a sexy heroine on the popular television soap opera All My Children. If I thought playing college soccer made me famous, playing that part shot me to global fame. Before long, I was juggling both a college career and a budding acting career. I tried to make time for both, especially after I became a recurring character on the show. My life changed drastically. People I didn’t know were approaching me on the street. Women especially. I was flattered, and a little bothered by it. I liked my privacy. Still, making thirty grand a month while attending college for free was nice. That’s what the soap opera paid me. My character got killed off the following year but that didn’t end the madness.

My agent got me to appear in a few television shows and later, escort istanbul quite a few commercials. I appeared in quite a lot of beer commercials. Yeah, I fit the profile of the American bad boy out drinking with his buddies at a bar full of sexy women. I took speech classes to get rid of my Haitian accent. My parents were proud of me for finding success in America. But I was desperately lonely. My teammates from the varsity soccer team didn’t like the attention I received. They began to really hate my guts when I was named team captain my sophomore year. I was a celebrity on campus. And I often had to fend off amorous women. I had gone from college sports star to Hollywood newcomer within a year. How in hell did that happen?

When I said that I was a private person, I wasn’t lying. I am a private man. Most people forget that when they see me. A six-foot-three, lean and muscular, 220-pound college sportsman. I wanted my life to return to normal. I longed for a return to times when I was virtually anonymous. Now, I couldn’t do that. I guest-starred on a variety of television shows, notably the CW’s top series Gossip Girl, Smallville and Reaper. I had a minor role on the Sci-Fi hit series Battlestar Galactica. Like I said, I was doing well. That year, I made seven hundred thousand dollars, after taxes. Not bad for a poor Haitian college man, right? I sent my parents money and lots of gifts. Hell, I visited them in the summer. They were so proud of me. I returned home as the hailed and adulated conquering hero. How about that?

There was only one cloud to rain on my parade. One thing which I had never told anyone. You see, I’m bisexual. It’s not something I go around telling people. I haven’t had many relationships. My first love was Cynthia Barrack, a gorgeous, light-skinned Dominican-Haitian gal from my days at College Notre Dame in Cap Haitien, Haiti. She was something else, a feisty dame who attended the nearby all-female Catholic school Sisters Saint Joseph Academy. I recalled with a certain nostalgia the night I lost my virginity to Cynthia. There was a party at Notre Dame College. Young women from Sisters Saint Joseph Academy had been invited. We were all having fun. Cynthia was the light of the party. A tall, curvy and delicious-looking sistah. That night, she only had eyes for me. When I asked her to come check out my dorm, she was cool.

As soon as we got into my dorm, all hell broke loose. Cynthia went from reserved Catholic gal to wild and horny hussy. She threw me on the bed and practically ripped my clothes off. Then, she undressed in front of me. I watched as she got naked. The sexy light-skinned chick was beautiful. Tall, curvy, with large breasts, wide hips and a plump ass. She also had a really pretty face. She grinned and climbed on top of me. We kissed. I put my arms around her but she took them and pinned them on the bed. She smiled naughtily, and began kissing a path from my lips to my chest. Her hands found my groin and she began stroking my dick. She noticed that I was uncut, and told me that she didn’t mind. That’s a relief, cause I like being a natural man. Cynthia grinned, and finally made her way to my belly. Next stop was my groin. She took my cock into her mouth, slowly. I closed my eyes. Oh, man. This was awesome! Cynthia began sucking me, and I surrendered to her warm mouth. I had never felt anything like this before. I had seen women sucking men’s dicks in porn movies but I never knew voluptuous beauties like Cynthia did things like this.

When I came, she surprised me by drinking my hot manly seed. I sighed in pleasure. Cynthia wiped her mouth with the back of her hand, then smiled at me. She climbed on top of me once more, holding my dick in her hand. I looked up at her. escort bayan taksim Truth be told, she seemed larger than life. A voluptuous goddess come to seduce and pleasure a weary traveler. She slowly impaled herself upon my dick. I gasped as my cock entered her. She winced, and placed her hands on my shoulders. Then, she began riding me. I thrust into her pussy, placing my hands on her hips. We happily fucked and sucked the night away. When I woke up the next day, she was gone. We never had sex again, though she was polite but distant in our future rapports. I’m told that she was sexually adventurous and seldom hooked up with the same man twice. Who says females can’t be players?

And this, friends, was my first time with a woman. I’ve never been the sexually adventurous type, though both men and women would show interest in me over the years. I wasn’t that interested in sex, to tell you the truth. I had strict parents. Plus, I came from a Roman Catholic family and they frowned upon promiscuity. Shortly after my sexual encounter with Cynthia, I became aware of my emerging attraction to men. I ignored it as long as I could. In Haitian society, you could be killed for being gay or bisexual. The Haitian people aren’t fond of queers. And they don’t hide it either. My first time with a man wouldn’t occur until much later. I got seduced by a six-foot-tall, good-looking Latin stud named Enrique Barros in the city of Boston, Massachusetts. He offered me a good time and I took him up on his offer.

I was new to the USA back then and I was visiting some relatives in Boston. Enrique was a student at Emerson College, a member of the Men’s Varsity Basketball team. He had a sexy girlfriend named Maria Brown, a tall, long-haired, big-booty black chick, and didn’t consider himself to be gay or bisexual. He told me he liked hooking up with men on the side. Especially sexy black men like myself. I was curious, so we hooked up in his dorm one night. Enrique unleashed in me a passion I hadn’t known was there. We began kissing in his living room, and continued in the shower, undressing quickly. I stood naked before this sexy Latin stud. He looked hot. Like me, he had a sexy athletic body. He was tall, lean and muscular. He also had a big dick and told me he wanted me to feel every inch of it.

Enrique kissed and caressed me under the warm water of the shower. He stroked my dick and rubbed my chest while kissing me. In no time I got hard as hell. He got on his knees and took me into his mouth. If I thought Cynthia’s blowjob was good, Enrique’s was even better. The Latin stud knew how to suck cock. He got me hard in no time. When I came, after his stroking and sucking of my cock and balls, he drank my seed. Then, he fucked me. I had never been fucked before. Enrique promised me he’d be gentle. He bent me over, then spread my butt cheeks and rubbed his cock against my ass. We used soap and water as lube. He placed his hands on my hips and slid his cock into me. I screamed as he entered me. He was fucking huge! Enrique laughed and fucked me good. He shoved his dick deep into my ass. It hurt like hell. But after a moment, it felt oddly good. I relaxed, and enjoyed. It was a good time. Afterwards, we parted and never saw each other again.

There you have it, the sum total of my sexual and romantic experiences. I’ve been with one man and one woman. Separately, of course. Threesomes might be fun, someday. I’m okay with being bisexual. I don’t think the world would react positively if they knew about me, so I keep it to myself. I’m not ashamed. It’s just that I lead a complicated life. I’m a college sports star. I’m also a Hollywood heartthrob in the making. I’ve got big plans for my future. I’m going to graduate from Central Connecticut Institute of Technology in a couple of years, with a Bachlelors degree in Criminology. Then, I might either enroll at the Connecticut State Police Academy or continue with my acting career. I don’t know. I’ve got some time to kill until then, I guess. Anyhow, see you around.

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