Felicity and the Boys Pt. 02

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After sucking Samir’s cock dry, Felicity collapsed onto the bed and fell into an orgasmic bliss. As she savored the moment, she began to feel a hand moving along her thigh. She glanced over and saw Mike feeling her body. The look on Mike’s face said it all. He was looking at Felicity like she was Eros and his flaccid organ was starting to show signs of recovery.

Felicity while ready to go another round, wanted to keep control of this relationship. She wanted the boys to be tamed, to be trained, and broken in… to do her every bidding. To satiate her when needed and how she needed it.

Letting them take her again now would not let her keep control. While her pussy wanted more, her brain said no. God it must be hard to be a man she thought. Luckily she was a woman. A man would have given in to his primal instincts.

Reluctantly, she rose from the bed and said “Sorry boys, it has been fun but my best friend is going to be picking me at 6 am to go on a hike. So you boys are going to have to leave now.”

With that she got up and put on a short robe. Both the boys reluctantly put on their clothes.

As they reached the door, she looked at both of them and said, “We should have a special way to say goodbye this evening.”

A smile came on the boys faces. They both knew this was going to be something they would like. Felicity was now totally in charge and she wanted pleasure. She untied her robe to expose her body. She pointed at her breasts and said, “say bye to the twins will you.”

The boys were about to repeat what they had done earlier that evening. But Felicity had other ideas.

“Kneel,” she said.

Once they had both knelt down, she remarked, “Now you may pamper the twins.”

They each grabbed a breast and suckled on it like a newborn draining milk from it. Felicity was back in a heavenly bliss, enjoying the control she had, and the servitude they were displaying.

“Mmmm that was nice,” she said.

Now to raise the stakes even higher.

“My lips need to be kissed,” she said.

The boys began to stand up.

“Did I ask you to stand up?” She said.

“But you wanted us to kiss your lips” Mike said.

“Those arent the only lips I have,” she said and pointed at her pussy lips.

She then put one leg on a nearby coffee table and pivoted her body slightly so her pussy was obscenely sticking out. It was brazen and crass, in a way how a man would ask his lover to get on their knees to service his penis.

The boys knew what she wanted but there was one small thing. Her pussy was covered with her juices and their cum, and starting to gaziantep escort drip again at the stimulation both physical and mental. Neither of felt like sticking their tongue in that sex nectar knowing their cum was part of it.

She noted their apprehension. It’s now or never, she thought and wondered which one of the two would cave first. Mike was the first to go and planted a peck on her pussy and started to stand up.

She tapped him on his head and said, “Not so fast, young man… That was not good, I like tongue when I’m kissed. Don’t you?”

Mike paused and didn’t say anything.

“What’s the matter, a pussy got your tongue?” she smirked.

Mike lowered his eyes and focused on the task at hand. He stuck his tongue out and nibbled on her pussy, tonguing her clitoris and covering her labia with his lips. After a few sumptuous licks from him, she pulled his head back. He stood up slowly.

She then looked at Samir. He didn’t need to be told what needed to be done. He positioned his head below her pussy, and began his kiss, with his tongue going upwards to seek its prize – a wet clitoris made even wetter by his friends saliva. He kissed her labia with the passion he might have had for her upper lips. She let him continue for a few seconds before pulling his head back.

She then pulled her robe shut, and said “Goodnight boys. This was fun. We should do it again.”

Locking the door behind them, she went up to her bedroom and collapsed in her bed. It wasn’t until it was almost 10 AM that she woke up. As she awakened, she wondered if she should have let them stay the night and had some fun in the morning. She reasoned though, given what she was trying to do, it was right to send them home.

After a quick shower and while having breakfast, she wondered how she would be able to take control of the boys. And then it came to her – her friend Megan. Why didn’t I think of her before, she thought.

She picked up her phone and dialed Megan.

“Hey Megan, it’s Felicity. Are you free this afternoon and would you like to go spend some girl time and work on your tan?”

“Of course, that sounds like a wonderful idea. Does 2 PM work for you?” Megan responded.

“Yeah it does, see you at two, bye.” said Felicity and hung up.

Megan was five years older than Felicity and thought of her as a younger sister. Felicity’s law firm had represented her in a case few years back. The two had become friends at their very first meeting and their relationship strengthened when Felicity got divorced. Of late they didn’t seem to get konya escort to spend time with each other.

Similar in appearance, someone would have mistaken them to be sisters. There was one outward difference in their appearance. Beth had large D cup breasts and was about 10 pounds heavier on her 5′ 7″ frame. Most of the excess pounds were on her breasts and her ass which had a lovely, generous curve to it drawing whistles everywhere she went. They also differed in the way they groomed me their pussy. While Felicity liked it smooth, Megan liked to keep some hair, typically in the shape of a heart. It was Megan who had encouraged Felicity to get her clit pierced. Beth had pierced both her breasts with barbells.

As soon as she entered the house, Megan knew by the look on Felicity’s face that she had gotten lucky the night before.

“So you got a good fucking last night uh?” she asked.

Felicity was stunned. She smiled and said, “Yes”.

“How many times did you come?” Megan asked.

“Too many times to keep count. The boys were just …”

Before she could finish her sentence, Megan jumped in, “Wait there was more than one. Wow. This is going to be fun.”

“Why don’t we work on our tans and I will tell you the whole thing.”

Both girls walked out to the patio. They both hated tan lines, and typically lay naked on the patio, with legs spread out to ensure that every nook and cranny of their pussy was tanned. They had both taken out the ornament between their legs so the metal didn’t get too hot and covered their labia with a thin cloth to ensure it didn’t burn.

As Felicity recounted the previous nights sex, Megan listened with rapt attention. She started to envision two nineteen year olds with their hard on’s and endless stamina. She asked a steady stream of questions

“Wait one of them licked your asshole? No way … How did that happen?”

“You mean had 2 holes stuffed at the same time?”

“They knelt and licked their own cum out of your pussy?”

All this sex talk was getting to both of them. Megan began to feel her pussy starting to leak juice. Wordlessly, she took her right breast in her hand and held it up to begin sucking it with her mouth. Her other hand threw the wash cloth away and began to rub her clit slowly at first but as she continued to get aroused, the pace quickened.

Watching her friend pleasure herself so openly, Felicity could no longer hold back and began to do the same.

“Mmmm … two young men with hard cocks … mmmm … mmmm,” said Megan as she closed her eyes and visualized kayseri escort her friend getting banged. She now moved the hand holding her breast up and crammed her fingers up her vagina, curling them and seeking her G spot. Finally, she began to experience the first of many orgasms and fell back trying to savor her orgasms.

Felicity was a few seconds behind her violently orgasming and getting her release.

They both lay on their lounge chairs totally spent, savoring their post orgasmic bliss … and getting tanned.

Megan was the first to regain her bearings before saying, “Felicity do you fully trust me?”

Felicity nodded and said, “two hundred percent, with my own life.”

“Ok great then I have a plan,” and slowly began to share her thinking.

Felicity’s eyes widened as she heard Megan’s plan thinking, wow this is one sick plan but if it works, I will have 2 boy toys.

Felicity agreed to go with Megan’s plan, the first step of which was to completely ignore the boys for 2 weeks. All their emails and texts were unanswered. A full 2 weeks later, Felicity sent a one sentence email to the boys,”Come to the office at 10am on Mon to discuss important updates to your case.”

The two weeks of radio silence were agonizing to the boys. They blamed themselves and each other for their performance in bed. Had they not satisfied her. Were they too rough? Too gentle?

Finally Mon arrived and they went to her office. As the door to her office opened, they saw her in a pant suit and their hearts sank. Nothing was going to happen today.

After sharing the update to their case, Felicity finally said, “Your case is now formally closed. To celebrate this let us have a costume party at my house. Each of you will pick out a costume for me and I will do the same. On the day of the party we give each other the costumes to wear.” She paused before continuing,” You will contact my friend Megan Jones who runs Phantasies Inc and make an appointment for selecting my costume. Both of you will go separately”

The boys nodded, their minds racing with ideas.

“You will wear whatever we pick out for you?” Samir asked.

Felicity nodded and said, “Only condition is it has to be a full costume. Not a bikini or something like that.”

As they got up to leave, Felicity got up and kissed them each on their lips and stuffed a worn pair of panties soaked with her juices in each of their pockets.

“Something for you,” she said before adding, “You know the way to the men’s room right?” And winked.

The boys blushed and made a run for the men’s room.

They then called Phantasies to make an appointment. Phantasies was a boutique specializing in providing costumes for sex themed parties. Megan’s clients typically were rich men seeking to live out fantasies. Phantasies had a complete collection of costumes including jewelry and shoes to go with the costume.

Part 3 – Megan plays with the boys

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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