Mom’s Ghost Problem

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For the past few weeks, things have been missing around the house. Little things like my shampoo I use when I shower, mom’s favorite coffee mug and some other stuff.

Hi my name is Ben Anderson and this is my story. Im currently in my senior year of high school and live at home with my single working mother.

My mom is everything to me. She’s so pure and angel like in appearance. She has straight shoulder length brown hair, emerald green eyes and a fair complexion. She’s average height (5’7) has an ample breast size (36B) a narrow waist and a curvaceous figure.

Her name is Veronica Anderson. She works as a PCA. She’s also very health orientated and cooks healthy too. She enjoys yoga and goes jogging in the mornings after dropping me off at school.

It didn’t take long for everyone to tease me on how I still depend on my mom for rides and for gossip to start about my mom. She was mostly talked about among the make students. It ranged from seeing her naked to actually fucking her.

Mom knew she was attractive and in fact didn’t hide it. It became embarrassing for me to go use the school bathroom, as almost all the stalls had pictures of her. Ones of her jogging in tight jogging shorts, her in her swimsuit at the public pool. None were bad, but it was still embarrassing for me.

It became worse with Dean. He wouldn’t just talk about it, he’d boast about how he could get her begging for his cock.

Dean was my bully since freshman year. He was also different than me. He stood at 6’0 tall, was lean and muscular, rich, attractive and popular. He even had his own car and constantly got laid every weekend. Girls who were with him told other girls about his size and were always around him.

It made me jealous, as I’m nothing like Dean. I’m 5’4, skinny, wasn’t rich, and could never be popular. I knew my own size couldn’t compare to his. It made me feel in adequate. Girls would purposefully ignore me and scoff as I tried to talk to one.

I had a few friends and of course they were all nerdy outcasts like me. One of them had an obvious crush on my mom and would awkwardly talk to her. She thought it was cute and smiled at him whenever he did that.

“So what was missing this time?” Mom asked coming downstairs in her usual work out attire.

“Just another mug and the toothpaste” I said sighing.

“Think we got a hoarder of a ghost.” giggled mom.

I laughed along with her.

“We I guess I got to go buy some for toothpaste,” mom said, “I can’t stand not brushing my teeth.”

I nodded my head. We both left the house and walked towards mom’s 2018 Dodge charger.

“Hey mom,” I said as we got into the car, “since it’s Friday, can my friends come over?”

“Why not,” she smiled, “as long as you don’t stay up too late and keep the volume down on the tv.”

I nodded my head again and smiled. I just got a new game last week and wanted to try it with my friends.

As we got to the school, mom kissed my forehead and chuckled. Since the teasing started, I’ve been embarrassed whenever mom does that.

“Quit it mom” I wiped away the lipstick mark on my forehead, “it’s embarrassing.”

She laughed at that playfully. As I got out, she said “hopefully the ghost will live us alone tonight”.

I smiled Avrupalı porno and thought so too. We said goodbye to each other and she drove out the school property.

“What a milf,” said a voice behind me, “How can just a sexy woman like her give birth to a dip-shit like you huh?”

I turn and saw Dean behind me. He had the usual grin of his on his face. He had a cigarette in his left hand and blew a cloud of smoke at my face. I coughed and tried to wave away the smoke.

“Fucking pussy,” muttered Dean as he turned away plicking the spent cigarette on the concrete and heads inside the school. I breath a sigh of relief. I had to tell my friends that my mom allowed them to stay over this weekend. Hopefully nothing will happen.

“Man your mom makes the best cookies whenever we are over,” said Frank.

He was the guy that had a obvious crush on my mom and tried to ask her out a few times.

“Hopefully you don’t make a ass of yourself this time,” said Chris.

He was the leader of our group and also had a crush on my mom. But he unlike all of us saw her naked accidentally. So the situation between those two is awkward.

“So what game did you get?” asked Tom curiously, “I’m hoping it’s a horror game or a rpg.”

Tom was the only one besides me who loved watching anime and playing RPGs. He was also into VNs and would constantly boast about his online girlfriend. We’d laugh at him and said 2D girls aren’t the same as real girls.

“It’s a new rpg game and yes Tom you can try it.” I said.

I’m looking forward to this weekend.

The school day couldn’t pass by sooner. The moment the bell ring, I was out the door and rushed to the parking lot. I nearly fell when Dean tripped me. Luckily I caught myself. I turned to glare at him and he laughs walking away.

“What a fucking asshole,” said Chris, “I don’t know what his problem is with you.”

“Me either Chris,” I sighed, “he’s everything I’m not and that’s still not enough for him.”

“Well next time I’ll stand up for you,” said Chris patting me on the shoulder.

A short while later my mom showed up. Chris like always took the front seat, while Tom, myself and Frank got into the backseat. Mom chatted with Chris awkwardly and occasionally asked everyone how their day went. Frank mumbled with his words and we all laughed. Mom blushed at his attempt at flattery.

We got to the house and went into my room and hung out til dinner. Mom ordered pizza and asked Chris nervously to go down to the store with her. She forgot to get drinks. Chris and mom left to go buy the drinks as we waited.

For some reason it took longer than expected. I began to think that maybe they were doing something. They came back a few minutes later. Mom apologized stating that the car wouldn’t start on their way back. Chris backed up her story and went to sit in the living room.

Mom called her client and told them the situation. She sighed and went upstairs to her room.

A short while later there was a knock on the door and I went to answer it. Dean stood in the doorway.

“Whose at the door sweetie?” mom called from the landing.

“Nobody mom!” I called out and began to close the door.

I heard mom walk briskly to me.

“Don’t Video porno be silly sweetie,” she said, “hi who are you?”

“I’m one of Ben’s friends,” lied Dean.

She looked at me and back at Dean as if confused as to why a guy like him would be with her son. Then smiled warmly.

“Any friend of Ben is welcome, “she said allowing him inside the house.

“Thanks Mrs.Anderson,” beamed Dean.

“You’re welcome Dean,” she replied warmly, “oh and it’s Ms not Mrs. I’m not married anymore.”

He smiled that smile of his and went to sit in the living room. My other friends were shocked to find him here. Mom came down a few minutes later in her loose fitting nightgown. Everyone stared at her.

“Right boys,” she said sternly, “I’m going to bed now. So keep the volume down okay?”

They all said okay and watched her go up the stairs to her room.

“I’m definitely going to tap that tonight,” muttered Dean to me.

My heart was beating fast in my chest. I hope he was just kidding. I don’t want him anywhere near her.

We got along with Dean as we played my new rpg. Despite him being a asshole and laughing every time we died, it went surprisingly good. As 3am came around, we were all getting tired and camped in the living room.

Suddenly there was noises from the stairs and everyone turned their head to look. It sounded like footsteps. Chris and Dean looked at me and I told Chris that we had a ghost in the house and about all the stuff that’s gone missing. Dean scoffed and said he didn’t believe in ghosts or the supernatural.

The footsteps became more clearer. We all sat quietly and waited. Then there was a slender arm that came into view. Then the apparition showed itself in the form of my name mom. Wait mom’s the ghost? She held my bottle of shampoo in her right hand. She then places it on the table.

Everyone was staring at her ass, as she turned away from them. I felt myself getting hard and felt ashamed that this is arousing me.

She turns to face us and everyone saw her breasts and shaved pubic area. Then walks into the living room. I could smell her sex and froze as Dean very stealthy touched her ass. Everyone was too fixated on her nudity to notice what Dean did.

She bends over and picks up something from the coffee table. It was Dean’s cellphone. She turns to leave and walks back upstairs. Dean smiles at me and gets up to follow her.

“She has my cellphone,” he chuckled, “I have to get it back.”

He heads up the stairs to her room. I get up to follow him followed by everyone else. I heard her door creak open and saw Dean walk into her room. I shushed everyone as I crept up to the door. I could hear mom’s soft snoring and the sounds of Dean rummaging through her stuff. Suddenly she wakes up.

“Dean what you doing in here?!” she said in a urgent whisper, “get out! I’m calling your mom tomorrow.”

Everyone else quickly scrambled back downstairs. Afraid of her spotting them in the hallway.

“You have something of mine,” he said defiantly, “give it back.”

“I have nothing of yours” said mom shocked.

She gasps as he points to the cellphone by her dress or.

“You took it when you came downstairs,” said Dean.

“C-came downstairs?” asked Mom.

She shrieks and covers herself up. Telling Dean to turn around.

“Did anyone else see me-or just you?” she said after a while.

“Just me,” said Dean, “I was texting on my phone before you came down.”

“Good,” she sighed, “I can’t handle anymore of Ben’s friends seeing me naked.”

“I’m a different kind of friend of his,” said Dean softly, “I thought you were sexy and knew I had to have you.”

I hear mom giggle and then nothing. Then the sound of her gasping.

“Dear God!” she said, “I’m at a lost for words.”

Dean chuckled.

“You sure nobody would miss you or … anything?” mom asked softly.

It sounds like she’s breathing hard.

“They’re all asleep,” he lied, “I’m the only one awake…besides you.”

I heard the sounds of clothes being falling to the floor and mom’s giggling.

“I’m glad my son actually has a friend like you,” she said after long silence, “couldn’t take anymore of his friends hitting on me.”

“Me too,” said Dean, “his friends are weird.”

“They are weird,” agreed my mom, “I might like having you over.”

Her breathing is sharp. I’m curious as to what he’s doing to her. Her room is dim enough to o see what’s going on. My heart froze. There was Dean playing with her pussy as she jerked his big, thick, 9inch long cock.

“Oh fuck that feels good,” moaned my mom, “it’s been forever since I had a man touch me.”

“Im gonna do more than touch you,” stated Dean.

“Oh I’m looking forward to it,” said mom squeezing his two big egg shaped balls.

Dean then gets in between her legs and pushes his big cock into her. She pulls him closer to her and kisses him as she moans. Her bed starts to shake and hit the wall as they began to fuck each other. He laid on his back as she mounted him and bounced off his cock.

Her skin making a wet slapping sound as they moaned.

“Oh God baby!” moaned mom, “your cock feels so FUCKING incredible in my pussy…ugh!”

“Fuck that dick!” said Dean and slapped her ass hard.

“Ouch!” cried out mom, “not too hard!”

They stopped talking and continued fucking steadily. Her ass rippling every time it makes contact with his waist.

I didn’t want to be caught as they switched positions and got louder. I snuck out her room and closed her door. The sounds were still loud from downstairs as I entered the living room. I froze as I walked towards my friends. They all had their cocks out and we’re jerking off listening to my mom getting fucked. I felt disgusted as I took mine out and started jerking off too.

They didn’t stop fucking until 6am. Dean had alot of stamina and my mom couldn’t get enough. Finally Dean walks downstairs weak and tired. He collapses on the couch as my mom goes back to sleep upstairs. Content and full of Dean’s cum.

When I woke up, everyone was gone and mom was humming a tune as she made breakfast.

“Morning Mom,” I said, “smells good.”

“Morning sweetie,” she chirped, “sit down at the table and I’ll get your breakfast.”

“Did anything happen last night down here?” asked mom, “did the ghost show up?”

She’s acting like I had no idea she fucked my bully last night during my sleepover.

“Nope,” I said, “nothing. Slept like a rock.”

“Oh your friends left before you woke up. Chris said something about working, Tom said something about a family obligation and Frank said he’d be back later. Oh and Dean said that too.” She said smiling at his name.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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