Mrs. Jones Seduces Allen


Hello readers! This is my first story. I know it is not perfect. Writing does not come easily for me. It takes me much longer than people who have natural or well developed writing skill. Feedback is welcome. I hope at least some of you enjoy it.


The love of my life and I met a bit later in life. Better late than never! We have a fabulous all around relationship that includes a passionate, intense, varied, uninhibited, wonderful sex life. Occasionally we engage in role playing. Normally one of us comes up with an idea, develop it in our mind, and then share it with the other prior to playing it out. It is simply a rough draft of the scenario created with our erotic imagination. We then just go with it and have fun letting it play out. Recently I began to think of a new role play, but somewhere along the way I decided to write it out in story form which turned into my first submission to this site, so here it is…

Mrs. Jones was a super sexy, yet proper and classy mature divorced lady that happened to also be very sexual. Most people would never have guessed that she had such an intense sexual fire burning within her. She had worked at a very dull accounting firm for many years. Her sexiness was not fully appreciated by her geeky female and male coworkers. Most of them were much older and quite boring in her opinion, especially sexually, and they seem to be married to equally dull spouses.

She had been divorced for about a year from a husband who was not able to satisfy her for the last few years. The marriage ended because the love and passion were gone and they were no longer happy together. She was still known as Mrs. Jones simply because that had been how her coworkers and others referred to her for such a long time. She had always masturbated regularly, even during periods when she was sexually satisfied, but lately she had become much more in need of many orgasms on a regular basis. The problem was that she had grown tired of masturbation even though she had many toys and was very adept at pleasuring herself. She needed real sex with a man that was passionate, raw, tender and also powerful rather than the fantasies and gadgets that she used alone.

Allen was a young man who had recently been hired at the firm Mrs. Jones was employed. He was handsome, but not in a striking sort of way. He was a bit shy and overly serious much of the time. His sexual experience could be described as average in terms of quality and quantity for someone his age.

Despite his outward personality and behavior, Allen had a high sex drive. He was horny all the time, but almost no one knew this. He masturbated regularly, but it was certainly not as satisfying as sex with a woman, which he craved very much, especially since he had been in a dry spell for a couple of months. Allen was almost desperate to find someone that he could let go with and be his true sexual self, but he didn’t know how.

Mrs. Jones and Allen interacted with one another daily at work. He thought she was extremely sexy and attractive from the moment they met despite the fact that she was older than he. Her scent was intoxicating. The perfume she wore was like none he had ever detected on another woman. He didn’t know if it was in fact some unique expensive brand, or if it was a common variety and the effect it had on him was simply because Mrs. Jones was wearing it. He was certain that her maturity and potential sexual experience were primary reasons for his attraction to her. She became a regular subject of his fantasies. He tried to hide his lust for her, but she soon noticed the way he looked at her and his nervousness around her.

Mrs. Jones found Allen attractive from the get go as well, but at first she was not sure why. He was not what she thought to be her type and she never pictured herself having a sexual relationship with a man so much younger. He did have an easy way about him, was built nicely, had hands that she imagined could provide a very erotic touch, was patient, and he was always eager to please others in most any situation. These things gave her the feeling that he had the potential to be an outstanding lover even if a bit of coaching was necessary for him to reach his full potential.

As time went on, she became more and more intrigued by him and began to think about him when she masturbated. In fact, her self pleasure sessions were soon dominated by visions of this healthy young man providing her with immense satisfaction. At first she passed it off as just fantasy rather than an experience she truly desired to become a reality, but in time she began to realize that her curiosity to fulfill the fantasy was growing stronger. It was only a matter of time before her desire would become powerful enough to give her the courage to go for it.

One day Mrs. Jones made an impulse online purchase of a massage table, perhaps because so many of her fantasies involved erotic scenes of lovers massaging each other and giving each other fabulous orgasms on such a table. Soon after she felt silly about it because what good was the izmir escort massage table without a partner to use it with. It arrived and for no apparent reason, she set it up in the spare room without any real plan to use it, rather than sending it back. As time went on, she began to think about using it with Allen while she lay on it playing with herself. She rationalized that the visions she was having were simply harmless fantasy, until one day she decided to take a risk and try to turn the fantasies into reality. She spent a great deal of time coming up with a plan to seduce Allen.

On a Friday, Mrs. Jones went to Allen’s desk when no one else was within ear shot and told Allen that a newly purchased piece of furniture had been delivered to her place and she was having trouble assembling it. She explained that she had no male friends who could help and she felt that asking a married male coworker to her home would invite gossip. She went on to say that she would be very appreciative if he would help her with this task discreetly. Allen readily agreed to come to her house the following day on his way to work out at the gym.

Mrs. Jones was quite pleased but also apprehensive that it would not turn out quite like her fantasies. However, she was committed to finding out.

Allen could not believe his good fortune, while at the same time being extremely nervous about embarrassing himself in the private company of the object of his desire. For the remainder of the day until the next afternoon, he tempered his sex filled thoughts by repeatedly telling himself that Mrs. Jones was only interested in his help with the new piece of furniture and that her appreciation for his help would be a sincere thank you and nothing more.

Allen arrived at the address Mrs, Jones gave him at the appointed time and rang the door bell. Wearing clothes suitable for the gym, he was dressed in a simple pair of workout shorts and a sleeveless tee shirt that fit him well, but were still tasteful. He knew it was important to hide both his excitement and nervousness and was trying his best to do so.

Mrs. Jones promptly answered the bell wearing a low cut camisole top without a bra that fit snugly on her ample bust and reveled a bit of lovely cleavage, along with light cotton shorts that revealed plenty of her luscious thighs and fabulously shaped full behind. Both were silently pleased with the appearance of the other in less formal clothing than they had ever seen each other in.

Mrs. Jones suggested that they sit and visit over a drink before they began their task. Allen was not expecting this, but readily agreed. She showed Allen to the living room couch and went to get the beverages while he sat down and tried to relax a bit. She soon returned with two large glasses of Vodka and fruit juice and sat next to him.

They conversed first about the firm and the people they work with before Mrs. Jones began to ask Allen questions about himself and his life. This eventually led to more personal questions regarding his current relationship status and his past experiences with girls. Mrs. Jones could feel Allen’s comfort with her. Allen was very open with his answers and after each reply, asked her similar questions.

Mrs. Jones learned that Allen was not currently seeing anyone. His past included a few casual flings and hookups that were exciting for him, but not exceptional. These experiences were prior to and between two long term relationships. The first had been with a girl who had a sex drive that matched his, which made for great fun, but they had little else in common, so in time they broke it off.

The second had been a woman his age that was a good match for him in many ways, but had a lower sex drive than he and was too sexually inhibited for his taste. These differences became so frustrating for Allen that he decided to move on. Despite his reserved personality, Mrs. Jones began to sense that passion burned within him and it was poised to explode out of him in the right situation. She was confident that she was just the one to make this happen.

Normally Mrs. Jones was guarded with the details of her private life, past and present, but she shared things with Allen that she had never told her closest girl friends. Allen learned that Mrs. Jones was a very passionate woman, who was much less reserved outside the workplace. She divulged many details about her romantic and sexual experience prior to her marriage. She revealed that she dated a number of men in the years prior to meeting the one she eventually married and that she had a great deal of fun with some of these past lovers. She also explained that the sexual relationship with her husband had burned hot in the beginning, but as the years went by the the fire went out, which was not acceptable for her, so she divorced him. Since then she had been disappointed with the few men she had dated and was now taking a break from such activities. She went on to say that she was happy living alone, but at times she missed having a lover.

Mrs. Jones seemed to work herself closer and closer to Allen on the couch until their legs were touching and she began to touch him more and more as they talked, sometimes resting her hand on his thigh. Allen was very turned on by the conversation and the touching. It was becoming obvious to both of them where this was leading. They both wanted it in the worst way, but maintained a low key mood as if this were normal everyday conversation. Allen was horny. His face was flushed and his cock was straining inside his shorts. Of coarse Mrs. Jones noticed all of this and she was becoming increasingly aroused knowing that she was having such an effect on the younger man.

As they finished their second drink, Mrs. Jones explained to Allen that the piece of furniture she had asked him to help with was actually a massage table which was one of the reasons that discretion was so important. Allen replied that what they did on their own time was not the business of anyone at work or elsewhere and that he was not a gossiper. With that Mrs. Jones took Allen’s hand as she stood up and asked him if he would follow her. Allen almost jumped off the couch he was so eager.

She led him by the hand up the stairs to the spare bedroom. The blinds and curtains were drawn, making the room very dark if not for the candles that were burning. This and the soft music playing delightfully provided more evidence that Mrs. Jones intended on seducing him. She had folded up the table and leaned it against the bed the night before. She told Allen that she had not been able set it up by herself and that if he grabbed one end and she the other, perhaps it would fold out. They did so with such ease, making it even more obvious to Allen that this was a ruse, which confirmed without a doubt that she was in fact seducing him. He was extremely excited about this, but continued to play it cool and act as though he was naive about what was going on.

She was aware that he had figured out her intentions by now and was pleased that he was playing along and not acting as though he saw through her ruse. Her arousal was increasing by the minute and she knew that his was as well despite his outward calm. Mrs. Jones lay on her back on the table, smiled and said it was very comfortable. Allen replied that he was pleased she liked it and suggested that she roll over and see how it feels to put her head in the cradle while laying on her front. She quickly positioned herself that way, let out a deep breath, and immediately began to relax.

Allen could wait no longer. He gently placed his hands on the backs of her thighs and slowly slid them up and down her legs while asking if she would allow him to help her enjoy the new table for the first time. She seductively replied, “Please Do.” With that Allen took the bottle of oil that happened to be nearby and poured a generous amount on her legs before he began to kneed her lovely thighs, calves and feet.

Mrs. Jones loved the way he touched her and her pussy was becoming wetter and wetter. Allen ran his hands a bit further inside her shorts with each pass until he was working on her luscious booty. He was an Ass Man, so feeling rather than just seeing how spectacular her ass was had his cock so hard it was about to burst out of his shorts. Mrs. Jones’ breathing and body language made it obvious that she was aroused and enjoying what Allen was doing.

After some time working on her legs and ass, Allen asked Mrs. Jones if she would like to remove her top so he could properly work on her back. She immediately lifted up enough to pull her shirt off and then said to Allen that he may as well remove her shorts also, which he did. Mrs. Jones then reached under the table and grabbed the wedge pillow that she had hid under a small blanket and slid it under her hips so that her bodacious booty was erotically arched up. She then said, “show me your skills now, I need to cum.”

The sight of her completely naked was intoxicating for him. He could now see most of her beautiful shaved pussy between her legs, which turned him on even more. Mrs. Jones could not have been any more pleased with Allen’s wonderful touch. After only minutes of him working on her legs, neck, arms, back, ass and occasionally grazing he pussy, she was very much on edge. He sensed this and teased her a bit longer before concentrating on her very hot and wet pussy. He alternated between gently caressing her lips, dipping a finger inside her, and slowly rubbing her clit. She was breathing heavily and moaning, ready to cum and wanting it badly.

When Allen felt like much more of what he was doing would be torture for her, he gradually increased the tempo and pressure at which he was working her pussy. He was sliding two fingers in and out of her while massaging her clit with his other hand. It didn’t take much of this to send her over the edge. Mrs. Jones began to shake and moan loader, until the orgasm washed over her entire body. She screamed, “Oooh Fuck, I’m cummminng!” Allen had never been more aroused in his life even though he was still clothed and had not yet been touched. As her orgasm subsided, Allen knew just when to take his hands off her and let her enjoy the afterglow. He remained silent while watching her beautiful, sexy, and very womanly form come down from it’s peak.

After a few moments, Mrs. Jones’ breathing returned to normal. She got off the table and looked directly into Allen’s big brown eyes with her beautiful green eyes and said, “Thank You, that was wonderful, I needed that so much.” She put one hand on each side of his face and drew him to her for their first kiss. It was tender while at the same time deep and passionate. They both realized that the other was the type of great kisser that they most enjoyed. Mrs. Jones could feel Allen’s hard cock pressing into her abdomen as they made out. She knew his pulsing cock would need attention soon and she needed more from him as well.

Mrs. Jones stated to Allen that it was not fair that she was naked and he wasn’t while she peeled his shirt off and then looked at his flushed face as she pushed his shorts down his legs. Allen was breathing heavily as she looked and reached down to grasp his rock hard cock. Out of her full sexy lips she said, “Mmmm, is that big lovely cock hard for me?”

Allen said, “Yes, you are an incredibly sexy and arousing lady” as he put his arms around her and began to gently rub her soft naked skin from her neck to her thighs. She then reluctantly let go of his manhood and ran her hands all over Allen’s firm young hard body. Her post orgasmic bliss was further heightened by the feel of his skin in her hands and his very manly scent. His arms, chest, back and butt felt wonderful in her hands. She had forgotten how a young man’s hard body and cock felt.

With her hands on his firm ass and looking deep into Allen’s eyes, Mrs. Jones knelt before him, holding his balls in one hand and his cock in the other. Allen watched her tongue slip out of her mouth and slowly lick the under side of his cock from base to tip, making it twitch from the incredible sensation. He was leaking copious amounts of precum that she eagerly licked up. She loved his taste and it made her even wetter.

After a a few long tongue swipes, she gently took his engorged head between her luscious lips and slowly took more and more of his cock into her mouth. Her tongue never loosing contact with the underside of his member, she worked his cock in and out of her mouth as far as she could take him. Allen was in heaven. No girl or young woman had ever worked his cock so wonderfully. After a few minutes, Mrs. Jones pulled back and suggested that Allen sit on the edge of the bed so that he could more fully enjoy her skills.

With him sitting, she was now able to get her tongue to the sensitive underside of his ball sack. She licked and suckled him there while gently stroking his hardness. He moaned and quivered as she licked him. She ran her tongue lower and flicked it all over from his ass to his balls. He inhaled deeply.

This was a new experience for Allen and he loved it. Mrs. Jones sensed that he was nearing explosion, so she replaced the hand on his cock with her hot wet mouth. She sucked him more aggressively this time. He was breathing hard as she worked his cock magically.

Even though they were both fully aware of his pending orgasm, Allen cried out, “Mrs. Jones, you’re going to make me cum!” With this she sucked him even harder and within seconds his explosion rocked him from the tip of his toes to the top of his head. Mrs. Jones didn’t stop as he came and came in her mouth and down her throat. She swallowed all all of his cum. When he was spent, but still shaking, she released his cock from her lips and let him descend from by far the best oral orgasm of his life. After a few moments, Allen said to her “I need to taste you now.”

Mrs. Jones smiled and said “I would like nothing more than to have your tongue on my pussy”. She did not hesitate in laying back on the edge of the bed and spreading her shapely thighs for him. She was very anxious to find out if his oral skills were all she had dreamed they would be.

Allen knew that he was going to enjoy this nearly as much as Mrs. Jones. He got down on his knees, held one leg in each hand, and said to her, “Your wet little pussy smells and looks delicious” as he leaned down and began to lick from the inside of her thighs all the way up to just above her clit being careful to not yet make contact with her pussy. She quivered with each pass of his wonderful tongue.

She inhaled deeply at his teasing and said “Oooh my God how I Love to be licked.” This spurred Allen to take his time, be attentive to what pleased her the most and do his very best to give her an earth shattering experience like she had for him. When he sensed that he had teased her enough, he placed his tongue at the very bottom of he lovely slit and slowly licked each lip all the way to her clit. He did this over and over until Mrs. Jones grabbed his head and pulled his face to the center of her wetness. He then worked his tongue inside her pussy, in and out and all around to her delight. He was doing exactly what she wanted, so she massage her breasts like only she could.

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