Sensations: Oral Sex for a Man

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I wrote this piece as a descriptive challenge to myself — how to describe an experience to a person that they will never have? Since a woman will never fully understand what it is like for a man to be on the receiving end of great oral sex, I wanted to bring her the experience as best as she could have…through words. I hope that you enjoy it.

Warrior Poet


Her lips…it’s all about her lips. Succulent, full, firm, soft as a peach that is ripe and lush, wet with juices, they are about to wrap firmly around my throbbing cock…eager to suck forth my own juices that lie waiting in a well deep within…

It’s all about those lips…not her eyes, not her hair, not even the smile that is formed by her lips…it is not the mischief or the laughter that flow forth from those lips, that wonderfully seductive tongue. It is all about sensation. The caressing of my tongue slathering my cock with the warm moistness of her mouth.

To feel with my cock….to close my eyes to the world, shutting out all other stimuli save for touch….every cell in my cock, every nerve in my cock, every fiber of sinew and muscle and skin shaped into the thick shaft that her lips are about to wrap around, the symbol of my manhood, is trembling and poised to revel in the touch of her mouth.

My cock is full…thick….heavy. As I stand before her, my eyes closed, I sense her mouth mere inches from the head of my shaft. I feel the warmth of her breath rush across the head of my cock like a heated column of air rising from a campfire to cut through the chilly air. Her lips, mere inches from the long, firm, hardened shape of my sex, slowly advanced…to taste, to feel, to caress, the very essence of my sex…

At the first brush of her lips, just a light swipe soft and light from the bottom to the top of the head, round and smooth, I felt the strong muscles deep within the core of my cock tense and constrict, causing my dick to rise slightly at her touch, full of anticipation, of feeling her seductively wet tongue glide up and down the length of the shaft. A little sexual charge courses up my spine at the first wetness of her lips, a spine-tingling jolt of electricity. Her hands have yet to grasp the heaviness of my cock, or to wrap themselves around the back of my muscular thighs, anchors for the chaotic churning ahead. I feel her swipe her tongue swipe again, top to top to bottom this time, leaving a wet path of her saliva across the head of my cock, warm and heavy…. her lubricant.

Eyes closed, my senses are at full attention when her lips, pressed together, move forward to rest against the tip of my cock. Pausing for a moment, I can feel her lips pressed tight, feeling the tenseness of her soft skin against the very tip. Slowly…ever so slowly, her lips slowly open as she pushes her head forward; I can feel that it is the shape of my cock that is forcing her lips into a perfect “O,” her lips dragging wetly down the length of my shaft, feeling every single inch of my cock becoming wet as it disappears deep within her mouth like a snake slithering down into a hole in the earth. Her tongue remains pressed against the floor of her mouth, pressed warmly into place by the thickness of my shaft. I can feel it, feel the gentle roughness of the top of her tongue, like fine sandpaper smoothly polishing the wood of my cock. Her lips, wrapped tightly and firmly and wetly around my thickness, slowly slide their way forward until they rest against the base of my shaft…

Through the sense of touch only, I know that she has completely taken in every inch of my cock into her mouth, wrapping and swaddling it in a wet blanket of her sexual femininity. She holds there…waiting for me, holding her breath as she holds my cock deeply within her throat….

I tighten my strong and firm abdominal muscles, causing my cock to move and twitch around inside its wet cave. She exhales slowly and deeply through her nose…I feel her warm breath wash over my soft pubic hair like a sexual zephyr, riding bağdatcaddesi escort up my groin and dissipating in a warm wash of air.

Her hands come into play now. Eyes closed, I feel her fingers release the tautness of the back of my thighs, gliding around and up over the front of my thighs, meeting together at the base of my balls. I feel her fingers trace a light “u”…up one side of my balls and then the other…..causing goosebumps to rise up along my chest muscles. I feel her hands open, gentle, palm up, like she’s about to gently hold a young baby chick. I feel the air I was holding in my chest expel in a violent rush as I feel her right hand slowly but firmly cup my balls into her palm, folding her fingers gently around each testicle, fondling them. Her fingers now trace light paths across the smooth tautness of my sack, full and firm and smooth from this morning’s shave, the better to feel her tongue glide up between my balls, a feeling I know is to come. Her hand is warm and soft, I can feel my balls relaxing and loosening, dropping a bit as they snuggle into her the depths of her palm.

The fingers of her left hand now lightly trace their way up the crease between my cock and my thigh, coming to circle back to the base of my cock, where her lips still hold fast. I feel her touch her fingers to her lips, feeling their wetness, kissing her own fingers, and then taking responsibility for the loving of the base of my shaft from her lips. Knowing all of this by feel, every nerve on hyper-alert, my calf muscles tense into hard knots of steel as her fingers form an “ok” sign around my cock, firmly grasping and holding it in its place for the licking that is to cum.

Her head tilts to the side I know, for I feel the smoothness of her left cheek as it glides back down the shaft, painting a line of wetness across it from her own saliva. Her tongue is out now…I can feel it greedily pressed flat against the curve of my cock as she drags it back down towards the head. Every vein in my dick is now a hard ridge, a network of steely tendrils for her tongue to explore and trace. She does so eagerly now; I feel her tongue begin to work my cock in earnest, speeding up her pace as she glides it up and down from the head to the base, swirling it around and around in a sexual licking lollypop. I hear the wet licking sounds clearly now as my inches of muscle are now being licked hard. I especially like it when she folds my cock up against my tight stomach muscles, holding the head pressed firmly at a point 8 inches up from the base, allowing me to feel the wetness left from her mouth against my stomach. God…her lips now assault the very sensitive underside of my shaft, licking and swirling and sucking especially hard at the base where I am most sensitive. With every flick of her tongue I gasp and writhe a bit in ecstasy as her lips continue to run up and down the underside of my cock, her hands gently squeezing and releasing my balls in a rhythmic motion like the soft squeezing of a koosh ball.

Continuing to hold my cock pressed firmly into place against my stomach, her tongue and lips glide and slide down to attend to my balls. This I truly love, as I sense when her tongue slides out between her lips to ride the seam that goes from the base of my balls to my asshole, that ridge where my body was sewn together. I gasp and shudder as her tongue glides expertly up and down this seam, gliding left to right and right to left as her mouth drags it back up towards my balls. My balls, so round and firm, secure and snug inside their smooth sack, are slowly rolled around in her mouth like a jawbreaker as she opens wide to take both of them into her mouth at once, her lips cinching shut like a Crowne Royale bag at the base of my cock. Both of my balls are now wonderfully enclosed in the deliciously wet cave of her mouth.

I feel her hand release its grasp on the base of my shaft as she begins to stroke my cock now, sliding her fingers expertly around my cock, grasping beykoz escort it firmly yet gently. As she begins to stroke I feel her tongue wiggle up from the bottom of her mouth, gently tease each testicle, her lips caressing and sucking my ball package in even deeper, hungry to have all that she can cram into her mouth. I feel the hot cum from those balls building within my sack, my sack expanding even as it is within her mouth, expanding the size of her cave, as the cum that will soon be there is building within the smooth sack that she now inhales.

Her hand is jerking me hard now, as I both feel and hear the wet friction noises as her palm bears down harder. Her hand is like a warm glove, exactly what it is like when she is sitting astride of me, fucking my cock with her wet pussy…the warm glove of her pussy. Her hand strokes and strokes, going slowly at first, with tight pressure, then I feel her releasing the pressure a bit while increasing the urgency of her stroking. Her index finger expertly rides around the underside of the head when she pauses in her upward stroke, tracing the outline of my anvil, pausing when she reaches the underside to expertly trace her finger down the main vein of my shaft.

I feel the downward slow tugging on my balls as she drags them out of her mouth, doing it slowly like she is shaping the tip of a Dairy Queen cone. With a wet sucking noise I sense her release my balls, feeling both hands on my ass now, her mouth hungrily and quickly moving up to the head of my cock. Her oral assault is all sucking now….not licking, no swirling, just a rapid piston-like pumping of her mouth as she sucks and rides her head back and forth, slamming her forehead into my abdominal muscles, drawing back to the tip, and then wetly devouring my cock once more as she slams her head back down so hard her chin slaps against my balls. I feel her pull my ass hard into her face, forcing my cock ever deeper within her wet vault. They are not tender pulls…but violent yanks into her face as I feel her nails dig deeply into my ass. The sharp tips of her nails dig deep into my flesh in a pleasantly painful way, sharp daggers that prick and sting and scar my flesh.

Her sucking is frantic now, my balls swinging wildly, my cock being yanked and pulled into her mouth as she smashes it against her mouth. She pulls back all of a sudden, breathing heavily, sliding her cheek up against the side of her face, to rub the softness of her face with the smooth thickness of my cock. I can feel the curves of her face as she slathers herself with the wetness of my warm cock, rubbing the underside up her right cheek, sighing as she rubs the precum that is now oozing out of my cock across her nose, and then down the left as I hear her moan in ecstasy of massaging her face with the warmth of my cock and the wetness of her own saliva.

Eyes still closed, every nerve afire, I feel her going completely insane on my cock and balls, sucking and licking and swirling over every inch. I shudder violently as I feel her run her wet tongue up between my two balls like the parting of the Sea, pausing to wiggle the tip of her tongue into the wet softness of the flesh that is inside my sack, sending jolts of electricity through my body. My entire body is trembling violently now as I feel her tongue and mouth dance in an electric mix of inhale, suck, and lick. My left leg begins to tremble and physically starts tapping on the floor as the animal assault on my dick continues…I can feel the cold hardness of the wood floor beneath my heel as it repeatedly slams uncontrollably on the floor.

And then I feel it coming…I feel the tightening deep in the muscles behind my balls that signal that my cum is about to flow up my cock. At first it is merely a deep tingle, a tightening of muscles deep within my groin. I can physically feel the cum begin to move up from it’s reservoir up into the base of my shaft, at which point the “cold steel” of an orgasm takes over. As her powerful mouth continues caddebostan escort to suck in a flurry of suction and wetness, racing and dragging over my shaft, I feel the pressure building and building, like a water balloon being filled and filled, my body being the faucet, filling and filling and stretching the walls inside my cock like the stretched tightness of a filling water balloon. My toes begin to curl involuntarily as I am rapidly climbing towards climax, the cum filling the pipe inside my cock with an incredible pressure…pressure that it is time to release. I do that through the “cold steel….”

With every muscle in my groin contracting I bear down tightly on this focused area behind my balls, feeling like I am wrapping my hands around a bar of cold steel, squeezing powerfully, almost painfully. Bearing down with every muscle within me, colors explode behind my eyes as I grit my teeth, the constricting of the steel is so intense. And then with a mighty explosion that I feel deep inside my cock, I release the incredible pressure of the cum inside the anvil of my cock, spurting it deeply and flowing heavily into her wet, hungry mouth.

Her lips feel greedy as they too contract, their turn being around the shaft of my cock itself, tensing and pulsing as they force every drop out of my cock into her waiting and hungry mouth. I feel her gulping my cum now…one of the most primal and satisfying sensations a man can experience…feeling her drinking and slurping and swallowing my hot cum, tasting and writhing her tongue around and around it the white pabulum of semen…My toes are now curled like an ape on the floor as I bear down on my cock, feeling my hands wrapping around the back of her head and violently ramming her mouth down over my spurting cock, willing each and every drop to be tasted and savored and drank deep in her throat. I feel her tongue racing up and over the top of my shaft, desperate to be everywhere at once as her cheeks swell and constrict with the intense sucking action she’s using to greedily inhale my cum, eager and hell bent to taste each and every drop before she slides it slowly down her throat….

My cock now drained of its nectar, I feel her mouth now relax and allow my cock to slide slowly forth from its wet and cum-slippery home. I slide it out, uncurling my toes, releasing the grip of my fingers from the ropes of her hair. The stinging on my ass from her nail marks now begins to arise in a much heightened state of nerves, deliciously afire from the ragged clawing of her fingers. My cock is now drained, soft…relaxed…spent…I am deliciously wet with her juices, throbbing quietly with the aftershocks of the monster orgasm, twitching and moving just a bit as it hangs there, resting for another round. My balls have relaxed now as well, dropping from the ceiling of my sack into the soft folds of the bottom of their fleshy home. She pulls back those deliciously soft lips…eyes still closed, I can sense that she is running her tongue slowly across them clockwise…first the top one, then the bottom one, pausing at the right corner of her mouth to collect the one stray drop of cum that she did not capture. With a quick flick of her tongue the warm little creamy drop is captured, eagerly sucked in to join the mixing of cum and saliva that is still rolling deliciously around in the back of her throat…..

I am spent now, completely drained of both cum and energy. I feel myself slump to the floor in a heap, my trembling legs now temporarily incapable of supporting me any longer. I sprawl exhausted on the floor, eyes still closed, head upturned with the most satisfied smile imaginable on my face…for I have just had the best blowjob of my life. I feel myself doze for a few moments, lost in the hazy glow of cumming, drifting off just a bit, when I feel, once again, the circular pattern of sucking about to begin once again, as I just felt it 18 minutes ago. There, on the floor, my eyes still closed, I feel her start all over again…

“I feel the warmth of her breath rush across the head of my cock like the heated column of air rising from a campfire to cut through the chilly air. Her lips, mere inches from the long, firm, hardened shape of my sex, slowly advance…to taste, to feel, to caress, the very essence of my sex….”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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