The Reconnection

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On a visit the two Friends have not seen each other for a long time. There has always been a line they did not cross to make sure the bond of Friendship remained intact. They were seated on the bed in the guest bedroom upstairs talking just like they did on the phone. She was in hospital Scrub shirt and panties. He was wearing sweatpants and t-shirt. They had been talking for a while, like they always do; nothing suggestive, just about life and its trials that they seem to be faced with. There has been a sexual tension that has been growing of the last few days of her visit. His recent divorce has shown her a side that she has not seen before. She feels the unknown feelings towards her Friend, the looks in his eyes as they are together are different from any that had shared and the tension has been growing as the visit prolonged. Her sexual appetite has always been minimal though, until recently, she has begun to feel tensions that were never there before. Her Sexual history is that of Vanilla and his much more diverse and the tension provides new feelings for both.

Lighting in the room from the open bathroom door has his face in silhouette and though she can not see his eyes in shadow she can still feel his eyes burn into hers with this unknown desire that has been building to a crescendo. She sees his shoulders rising and falling and knows that his breathing appears to be excited. Not able to take it any longer she relents to her desires and though both seated on the bed facing each other she takes her hand and places it behind his head just above his neck. He has just shaved his head and the smell of his cologne and the smoothness of the skin causes her to flutter her eyes closed as she tilts her head to the side and lean in for a kiss. This kiss is nothing like either of them have experienced together and they both feel sparks on their Avrupalı porno lips as their breathing becomes even more excited. As the kiss deepens she explores further into his mouth and his initial shock now abated he flits his tongue against hers and begins to challenge the exploration of her silky tongue and explore her mouth with his skilled tongue. Their tongues begin an erotic, slow dance into and out of each other’s mouth.

The sudden awakening of what she now realized was her prey and turned on like never before she sits up back onto her knees and presses him back onto the bed and straddle him. Through the layers of clothes she can feel his growing hardon pressing against her. She leans over him continuing this kiss that has moved their friendship to the most beautiful heights, her other hand travels to his chest to explore there. She has remembered every conversation with him. Knows that this feels good. Secretly she has admired him, his likes and dislikes through his various horrible relationships. Under her caress she feels his nipples harden and his smell is becoming intoxicating she releases her hands for the slightest of moments as she runs her hands to the waist of his sweatpants and begins to tug and pull his shirt from inside his waistband causing him to sharply pull back as his breath does the fastest doubletake and she feels his muscles contract along his lower stomach.

She has never been this excited. She has never taken this much control of a man until now. Her one hand rises to the back of his head again in soft caresses, her lips now lift off of him and she trails her tongue so lightly to his jawline and begins to place the littlest of kisses along his jawline to his ear where he can hear her breathing not able to take much more his hands which have been on the back of her neck Video porno until now travel to lift the scrub shirt, that smells of wildflowers to expose her swollen breasts. When his fingers each reach and outline her achingly hard nipples, he is rewarded by a sharp intake of breath that seems to stop her sucking on his earlobe in her tracks. She leans back trailing her hands down his torso to the waistband for his sweatpants, leans back and in a frenzy, pulls both his pants and underwear down to his knees.

With her leaned back, sitting astride his thighs, he sits up and reaches for the lowered hem of her loose scrub top and with slight touches from the back of his fingers grazing her belly as he lifts the top off it is now her turn to breath heavily. He begins to caress, pinch and eventually lowers his mouth to a nipple, sucking on one than the other; softly at first then harder while flicking his tongue across the hardened nipple. He switches breasts when he hears the intake of breath indicating that she has reached a slight limit in the intensity he feels she has ever been used to before. She now grasps his head in both her arms and squeezes his lips to her breast as the newest sensations hit her in places that do not seem possible between her legs.

Unable to take it anymore she pushes him away and again onto his back leans forward and trails her tongue to his nipples. She laps at one then sucks and, in his surprise, he becomes even more aroused when she looks him in the eye with desire before switching nipples. His nipples sting with the suction of her mouth and his mouth begins a silent scream of ecstasy.

The attention to his nipples has made him so hard and it throbs against her through the thin fabric of her panties. The exquisite torture for both of them has been a long time coming, over 20 years of both silently wishing the other was single and the release of tension is unbearable. She sits upright, and rubbing his shaft through the lace fabric, while allowing him to massage her breasts and they each tease each other’s nipples while sliding her slit back and forth along his now leaking hardon but thinking all the wetness she feels is not just his precum but her juices as well. She has never been this excited before.

Unable to stand it anymore, he sits up to embrace her, forcing his tongue back into her mouth with a groan. He pulls back to look at her with all the lust in his eyes that ask without words if she trusts him. She looks into his eyes and with her face shaking he pulls her even tighter to his cock causing the friction between them to make her legs begin to shake in an intense orgasm. The O shape of her mouth the dilation of her pupils while looking into his eyes is almost too much to bear. Her face flushed with the largest orgasm she has had is looking deep into his eyes. She moans as the head of his cock has leaked so much precum over both of them. Unable to take the torture anymore he slides his hands down to the thin lace holding the sides of her panties and surprising not only her but himself at his own loss of control rips the sides of her panties. Sensing his need and desire she immediately lines up and slides down onto his hard cock completely filling her in ways never before felt. The tight, wet, friction as she slides down the shaft is incredible, and they shatter together in mutual orgasm. For the first time she can feel a man pulsing inside her has he releases inside of her.

She collapses onto him breathless and in tears of joy that this one thing has been in the way of truly feeling one with him. This is a feeling neither wants to let go of and as both regain their breathing his spent cock slowly shrinks and falls from her leaking both of their fluids onto his now soaked member. Both too exhausted to move they instantly fall asleep briefly in each other’s arms and each one’s desires sated; for the moment.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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