The Taking

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I had made it known to you very early on in our relationship that I needed to be inside you. It is something that is very important to me, something that defines who I am. You were too shy and reluctant to even discuss it, but, fully aware of my needs and desires, our relationship continued. We both enjoyed our intimate explorations of each other. You were satisfied with touching and sucking. I too enjoyed it, but I wanted and needed more. Tonight, I will have my way with you. I will take what is rightfully mine. I have indulged you long enough and you have delayed this moment for too long. The time has now come for you to submit to my will and give your cherry to me.

You may be reluctant. You may even be resentful.

Too bad!

Oh my, how precious! The expression on your face is priceless. The fear, the horror, the shock. The realisation that it is going to happen, and that there is no way out. And yet, I am a little annoyed as I ponder, why?

You enjoyed my tongue and my fingers invading your virgin hole. Your moans and gasps and gently gyrating hips gave you away long before your orgasm did. I loved the way your face looked then, too. Your eyes were closed and you bit your bottom lip and shook your head from side to side, but you could not deny the pleasure my mouth was giving your straining cock, nor the excitement of the new sensations deep within you as I gently milked your prostate. I delighted at the exhilaration in your voice as you screamed. I rejoiced as you let yourself go. Such sweet surrender and such sweet nectar for me to drink.

Now you seem pensive again as I roll you onto your stomach and pull you hips back so that you are on your knees. Your arms trail out lifelessly across the white sheets. I guide you forward so that your thighs are perpendicular to the bed, and your ass is as high and vulnerable as it can be. Do you really think I want to hurt you? Do you think that my cock will hurt whereas my fingers gave you nothing but pleasure? I am aware of your reluctance, but I will pay it no heed. I need to be inside you, and I will be. You will take my cock in your virgin ass. There is no turning back now. I am a man and my needs must be fulfilled. You are my lover and this is our destiny.

You shudder adana escort as the tip of my slippery helmet presses against your delicate opening. I lean over to nuzzle your neck and whisper calming, loving words. I press forward, gently but firmly gliding into your hot tightness. I push inside you until I can go no further. I feel your back arch and see your head rock back, as if my cock has pushed into your spine. I am buried inside you. I feel as if you are a part of me. The grip your virgin tunnel has on me is overwhelming.

I reach around and grab a nipple in each hand, and slowly pull you back onto me; your ass rests on my thighs. I delicately squeeze and pull on your nipples and kiss the nape of your neck. We stay like this for an eternity.

Then I rise to my knees and guide you forward. You are like putty in my hands, and I gently push your head down and smile as I see you cup your face in your hands. Is it shame? Is it pain? What makes you bury your face? Is it guilt? Or is it to deny me the pleasure in your face?

Your bowed head makes your perfect ass stick proudly up in the air. It looks more beautiful than ever now, now that my manhood is buried so deeply inside. I gaze down and cherish the vision before me. My dark bush seems to sprout from the white valley of your ass. I stroke your back and your tight buttocks, calming my breathing, making it last.

I pull out slowly and gently, 1mm, 2mm, 3mm. I feel your ass pulling against me, holding me in. I push back in. A muffled moan escapes your lips. I repeat the motion. You gasp. I increase the length of the stroke but not the speed. We both moan and gasp at the delicious sensations.

I start to fuck you. Confident you are comfortable enough to allow me to do what I need to do, and in turn, do what you need to have done to you. I work in and out with a slow steady rhythm. Ecstasy!

Your ass, like a hot velvet glove, squeezes my ramrod so tightly I can feel my climax building and my balls tighten. I must make this last. I must not let my urges take control and rush this moment. I need to slow down. Reluctantly I slowly pull out.

I need to see your face now. Your time for modesty is past. I roll you onto eskişehir escort your back and lift your legs into the air. You spread them obligingly and hold your knees with your hands. I smile with satisfaction at your compliance, your submission, and your acceptance of what we have done, and what we were about to do. I stand before you at the edge of the bed. You manage a faint smile of your own as your intense eyes reluctantly meet mine. A smile that says, “It’s OK”. I feel an overwhelming sense of love for you, my heart pounds in my ears. I lean forward and we kiss, slowly, deeply.

I thrust slowly forward, with consistent yet gentle pressure I impale you and force you slowly apart. You buck against my body and moan, but I continue my slow progress until once again I can go no further. This is where I want to, no, need to be. I pull back away from your mouth, but remain buried deep inside you. I look down at you, observing every expression and movement, drinking in the vision before my eyes. I love you and have no desire to hurt you in any way, and yet I savour your discomfort and anxiety. I feel very alive, very masculine, and very powerful. There is something immensely satisfying about seeing you impaled and overwhelmed by my manhood. I am confident that my experience, strength and technique will see your discomfort and anxiety gradually dissolve into pleasure and arousal. This thought makes your current predicament seem all the more delicious!

Then I begin to slowly withdraw and then slowly push back inside you. You gasp each time I push inside and yet I know you are not really gasping in pain. I start to increase the speed of my thrusts. Your gasps and moans increase to match my movements. I see your eyes roll back and feel the last molecules of resistance escape your body. I feel your muscles involuntarily contracting and your gently thrusting pelvis. You are no longer in control of your body and you know it.

My hands grasp your hips and I push in hard. You cry out. I respond by going even harder. The louder you moan the harder I thrust and the louder I grunt. I am totally consumed by the sensations of your body as it ruthlessly strangles my cock. Your moans and gasps synchronise sakarya escort with mine. Your eyes are still closed and again I see you gently biting your bottom lip, you are so enjoying the sensation now. A low, soft moan escapes from deep inside you and your legs wrap around my ass and pull me even deeper inside you.

I fuck with a deranged energy and anger that only a real man could ever really understand. Like an animal I am consumed by an insane aggression, thrusting harder and faster than physically possible, blinded by unbridled lust, excruciating pleasure, and a desperate, primitive urgency. Time stands still as one berserk thrust blurs into another.

I feel the pressure rise in my balls and I know I am close to exploding, yet I charge on. I am not capable of doing anything else until my climax releases me from this madness. I am almost in pain. Then I hear it.

The deathly silent pause. A moment of total silence before the big bang. Like the one the condemned man must hear as he waits on the gibbet, just as the trapdoor swings open, just before he dies. It is perhaps the sound we here just before we draw our first breath.

The dam bursts and I thrust inside you one last time and scream as an electric current seems to pass through my balls, travels up my spine, and short circuit my brain – disabling the mechanisms which control my breathing, my muscles, and my vision. My rigid body shudders uncontrollably and pumps load after load of my hot, sticky male essence deep inside you. It anoints you, claims you as mine, and eventually becomes part of you. I will be inside you forever. My eyes water and roll up inside my skull as I black out.

I gradually regain my composure. The rigidity in my body is replaced with a magnificent sensation of calm and relaxation. I am awash with the joy and abandon of my release. It passes like a wave from my neck down through to my toes. I feel like I am made of jelly. I can barely stand up. I withdraw from inside you, and collapse onto the bed. I am still puffing as you snuggle up beside me.

I embrace you, squashing your head against my heaving chest. Contentment, satisfaction – exhaustion! And you lie here beside me. Eyes closed but with a gentle, contented smile on your face. Your cheeks glow with embarrassed delight. You did not expect to respond as you did. Your cries of delight broadcast your ultimate acceptance and enjoyment of the act you were once so fearful of. You have been taken. As I drift into a blissful sleep I know I can now look forward to taking you again, and again, and again………………

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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