A Wife’s Revenge Goes Wrong

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sex.


As usual, my wife had made us a delicious meal and I had cleaned up the dishes. It had been our pattern since the kids had all left. She cooked, I cleaned up. We managed to have some fun with it, and every now and then I would move everything into the kitchen and while she settled into her chair to read her after-dinner book, I would drop all my clothes on the floor. I always enjoy washing dishes naked. It’s kind of a forbidden thing, since I don’t close the blinds, and the occasional splash of sudsy water is a reminder of my lack of clothing.

The last of the kids graduated from college two years ago and decided she was done living with her parents. The relationship with each of the kids was good, and had actually gotten better as they learned about adult life and responsibility. The oldest, now 26, was married and expecting her first baby. They were the only ones with a house, but since our middle child, a boy, had moved in with his girlfriend, they were also talking marriage and house.

Anyway, today I decided to leave my boxers on while I did the dishes. It was a warm evening, still in the upper 70s, and I felt a little horny. I’d been investigating a new angle in my porn “research” and was having trouble getting it out of my head. I was hoping my wife would notice the slight tent and have mercy, or pity, on me.

Women don’t understand the porn thing, and I think a lot of guys don’t understand the potential. Elaine and I had been married for 30 years now and to say that making sex new, fresh, and exciting was a challenge would be understating it. I had decided, when we returned home after moving Robin into her apartment 100 miles away, that I was going to shake things up a bit. I didn’t tell my wife, I just started trying things.

Some things were successful, such as the time I gave her a blindfold, then slipped a ball gag into her mouth. She fussed a lot at first, but when she realized I was licking her, unable to get my tongue into her mouth, she began to settle down. And let me say, after years of watching lesbian porn, I think I have a pretty good idea of what women like in when it comes to getting licked. That day, I worked my way down and licked her to an orgasm, entered her with my cock and worked up for several minutes, then pulled out and held her wrists while I rubbed my hard cock on the spit coating her lower lip. Oh, she really freaked out about that, but I had no intention of covering her face.

I turned her around and grabbed her from behind in a standing spoon. I’m not a big man down below, but I’m long enough to reach and by holding her tight and teasing her clit with my fingers we ended up very nearly cumming together. I knew I was shallow and a big mess was on it’s way, so I carefully moved her to the tiled kitchen floor, trying to keep my shrinking cock inside so it wiggled a bit. Then I leaned her against the counter and kissed and licked around the ball in her mouth while pressing against her belly. Of course, some cum dribbled out of my cock, but a little mess is good for you, I think.

When we finally stood up, she just stayed where she was. I was surprised she didn’t use her free hands to immediately pull things off, but she seemed to enjoy the helplessness of being blinded and gagged. I moved back, lovingly removed her blindfold first, revealing her deep blue eyes full of lust, then the gag. To my surprise, she whispered, “I like that gag thing. I think I’ll gag myself now.” Dropping to her knees, she did gag herself. On me. I was hard again, then a afew minutes later getting soft as she got a towel to spit onto.

To be honest, her taking me in her mouth for anything more than 30 seconds of getting me hard was rare, but when it happened, ohhh, what it did to my head. That was probably where things went wrong. I’d been doing more “research” and had it in my head that I wanted to try it out. I just needed the right time. No props for this, just opportunity. They say timing is everything, and mine was way off, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

I guess I should tell a little more about us first. By this time I was 55 and she was 53. We had met at a holiday mixer at work and hit it off. Well, we were both a little drunk and I think I was touching her a lot, but she touched me back and somehow we woke up in my bed the next morning. “What am I doing here,” isn’t the best opening line, but she laughed and pointed out it wasn’t HER bed, so I probably belonged there.

We were never loose about our sexuality, but we did get adventerous now and then. We started playing with ropes early, but by the time the oldest was 5 and would enter our room without knocking if we forgot to lock the door (thank goodness for piled up blankets and darkness), we realized some of the things that required props would need to be put on hold. The exception came in her late 40s when she began tightening up through menopause. Her doctor suggested a dildo sinop escort to work on the stretch and we had a little fun with “stretch therapy”, as we called it.

I try to get to the gym fairly often, and even run a few times a week if the weather is good. I’d say that, at just over 6 feet tall, I’m probably 15 pounds over where I’d like to be. My hair is beginning to gray, but I keep it to the shorter side of medium length so it seems to look ok. Small beards have come and gone, but during warmer weather they at gone. The rest of me is natural, not too hairy, and, as I mentioned, not too large. I commented on that once, and Elaine told me that must be a guy thing, but I was just the right size for her. We had discussed sex long ago and I knew I was only her third partner. I hoped she never decided to find out what she was missing.

Ah, yes, she, she wasn’t missing anything as far as I was concerned. After 3 children her hips were a bit wide, but she didn’t look large. Her chest was always on the small side, and she had wondered, when we were first married, if they were good enough for me. I told her anything that didn’t fit into my mouth was extra and proceeded to suck one of her breasts into my mouth. With her at 5 feet and 4 inches, I was a fair amount larger than her and most of her soft orb fit inside my mouth where I could bathe it with my tongue. I guess I sucked too hard because she told me it hurt. I filed that as a lesson to remember. She looked really good in snug, pastel colored tops, but it was slacks or a medium length skirt that looked best on the bottom. She had a piercing in each ear and that was it. Her light brunette hair showed no gray yet, without any help, and was still parted in the middle, just like when we were first married.

That fateful day when I nearly destroyed my marriage, it was Saturday and I’d been doing some yard work. I had a couple of beers after my shower, a beer while grilling dinner, had a beer with dinner, and another after dinner. I wasn’t drunk, but I felt good and loose. We’d been flirting during dinner and dessert (the things she did to the fruit in the pie with her tongue, wow) and now it just seemed a shame to go to our book and computer. We glanced at each other as if it were choreographed, then we were heading down the hall to our bedroom, leaving clothes as we went.

By this time we had a sort of flow to our sex time. I tried changing it now and then for variety, but tonight she decided to change it. We kissed for a little while, my hands squeezing her meaty ass cheeks and holding her against my hardening cock. Oh, how I love the feel of those ass cheeks. She accepted the kiss for a while, our tongues dueling back and forth between mouths before she induced me to follow her and she closed her lips, sucking on my tongue. No more hardening at that point, she had me rock solid and I adjusted so as not to dig into her belly. She sucked for a while, teasing my tongue with hers, then broke the kiss and dropped to her knees.

She got me into her mouth while I was standing there and began using her mouth in a way I didn’t know existed. The good food, the beer, and the joy of getting sucked like this was all getting to me. I waited until she had me edging, then tried to pull away. To my surprise, she dug her nails into my ass and giggled. I realized she wanted to finish me like that and I stopped struggling. Soon I was pumping my cream into her mouth and I felt something different, but my head was in an ero-zone and it didn’t register yet.

She stood up and smiled at me with her wonderful red lips, then through the sexual fog that still swirled in my head, she pulled herself close and kissed me. Before I thought, I responded and took her tongue into my mouth. That was when it hit me. Her mouth, though tasting of my cum, was empty. She had swallowed it.

At this point some guys are probably squirming or going “ewwww” or whatever. I’ve never had a problem with tasting my own stuff. If I came and my girl hadn’t gotten to a climax, I wasn’t going to let some goo that came from me keep her from having that wonderful feeling. I’d dive right down and lick her over the top. Elaine wasn’t concerned about kissing me. She was excited about swallowing and how I would react. Well, that’s when I started to ruin it. My mind went racing and I started to do before I thought.

The first thing was getting her into position. I just moved forward, pushing her until she pretty much tripped over the bed backwards. Then it was my turn between legs and I made the most of it. My hands caressed and squeezed her breasts, her hands moving over mine, and my mouth was looking for all the right places. She came once and I moved up to kiss her. A minute later my finger was in her and I was laying her down again. I felt her tongue licking her juices from my face and decided it was time to reload.

My fingers and thumb now teased her more and a minute later as she was gasping and moaning I slid off the bed and was back between sivas escort her legs. By now I could feel myself getting hard again. At 55 and never porn star material, I couldn’t go back to back. The sexual energy and our continuous touching and rubbing was creating a magic. I was about as aroused as I had ever been and she was just finishing her second orgasm when I moved up and slid my cock into her. A look of ecstatic surprise met my gaze when I looked into her eyes.

My hips were moving and our lips were meeting and I was thinking about my most recent research when I decided since she had done a couple of firsts already, this would be a good time to add one of mine. I should have saved it for another time and spread the wealth, I should have discussed it, but by now I was headed toward another orgasm, my hands and mind were full of my beautiful wife and I wasn’t thinking any more.

I grabbed her left arm and pulled her up, giving a slight push, and then holding her down again. But now she was face down. She probably thought I was going to try getting under her, because I felt her legs spread out, but I had been researching anal sex and my cock was hard and very wet right now. I knew where I was expected to be and intentionally went a little high, using a finger to feel for the new target.

“Phil, what are you doing down there?” she asked as I felt what I sought. “No, stop it, I don’t want it there. NO! Get away from my aAAHHHSS!” My hands were on the bed next to her, blocking her arms from reaching behind her. I had found my target and pushed, not hard, but steadily, and she was beginning to open up. But she wasn’t happy.

“Get the, fuck, get off me. AANngnn, stop that. Get off me and aANNGGnn.”

I kept working my way in. When she tried to slide under me to get away I did something I had never consciously considered before. I put my hands on her back and pushed down, pinning her in place. She bucked her hips and suddenly I felt I was inside. Oh man, it was tight, and I was lost in a sexual cloud. Somewhere she was moaning loudly, begging me to fuck her ass. I’d seen the videos of porn stars doing hard and fast but knew Elaine wasn’t ready for that. I went slow so I wouldn’t stir things up too much. I had also learned that in porn they did enemas before those scenes, and we had just been fucking.

She kept squirming and twisting under me, I kept trying to keep a steady pace, but the constant movement and the prolonged arousal was affecting me and soon I was tightening up. Suddenly my mind half woke up. I didn’t plan to leave my cream in THERE, but I wasn’t putting it anywhere else in her now and wasn’t crazy about the idea of jerking it after where it had been. I looked for a cloth to empty onto.

She took care of my dilemma. Still twisting and writhing, her movements took me over and I began firing streams of cum into her ass. It felt amazing, and she was shaking in sexual arousal as she kept screaming to cum. No, as my head cleared it wasn’t cum, she wanted me to stop. Like getting hit with a board I suddenly realized what I had done. She wasn’t shaking in arousal, she was crying. In 30 years of marriage I had never done anything in the bedroom that left her crying, until tonight. I felt terrible and all sexual arousal faded like frost on food in a microwave.

“Get the fuck OFF me, what is wrong with you? Can’t you hear. Oh my god, you’re an animal, a fucking animal. I hate you. DON’T TOUCH ME.”

I had stopped moving and was laying on her back, caressing her arms, mumbling, “I’m sorry honey. I’m really sorry.” She wasn’t having it.

All her squirming, coupled with my rapid shrinking when I realized she was crying, had me slipping out of her pretty quickly. In the videos, a creampie is always very sexy. As she felt my cum run out of her and down over her pussy she started shrieking and bucking. I got off her and stood back. She stood up and made a sound of disgust as she reached behind her.

We weren’t done with our night of firsts yet. Just as I had never made her cry, she had never struck me. Until now. Her hand, wet with my cream running out of her ass, moved at a blinding speed and smacked my cheek. Then again. I moved backward, but she followed me, now pounding her small fists on my chest as she called me any name she could think of. I wanted her to stop, but didn’t want to hurt her more than I had already done.

I managed to grab both wrists and held them. “Honey, please, I’m sorry, we need …”

“Get your fucking hands off of me. Let me go you bastard, and stop calling me that. Shit, you fucking raped my ass and now you want to be nice?” I tried to speak again, but pain suddenly radiated from my belly, just before it collapsed in on itself like a black hole and lights flashed in front of my eyes.

The sound of her footsteps faded as she left the room, but I barely heard them. I was on my hands and knees trying to catch my breath as I realized another first had been reached. She had not only been tekirdağ escort hitting me, but when I tried to stop her, she put her knee into my balls. I wanted to be angry, to hit her back, but by now my rational mind was working again and it was telling me this was all my fault. It was. I had taken it from one of the best, most amazing experiences of our marriage, to her feeling like I had raped her ass. Well, shit, I had to admit that I had done exactly that.

I sat on the bed for what seemed like an hour, but was probably only 15 minutes. When she returned she went right to the closet and pulled out her robe, then headed back to the door, stopping just before walking out. Her words were haunting, the kind that stays with you.

“You are going to regret that.” I had never heard that tone of voice from her before. I was actually glad she went into the bathroom and I heard the shower going.

After 30 years of mostly good marriage and somewhat adventerous sex, I had managed to mess it up in a half hour. I could blame the beer, the porn, the crazy mood, but at the bottom of it I had stopped listening. Now I could hear her screaming for me to stop. In the moment, I was so caught up in having my adventure that I hadn’t stopped to listen.

It was still early, but when she came out of the bathroom she got dressed in her pajamas, really nice pink satin that I loved to run my fingers over, and she headed out the door again.

“I’m going to sleep downstairs,” she told me. “I don’t want you anywhere near me, so just stay up here all night.”

I stood up, suddenly conscious that I was still naked and lamely putting a hand over my cock. “Honey, how …”

That didn’t go well at all. “I told you to never call me that again. Now I’ll say never, EVER, call me honey again. I’ll let you know in the morning if one of us is going to leave.”

“Elaine,” now I had to hurry, “look, it’s my fault and I admit it. Why don’t you sleep up here in the bed and I’ll take the couch.”

She walked up to me and I automatically crossed my legs to protect against another possible assault on tender bits. “I’m not sleeping on a bed that reminds me of what you did. I gave you something so special, and you totally disregarded that while you got your happy balls emptied into my ass. So here are the new rules around here until I change them.”

I stood sheepishly as she went through the new rules. “Don’t ever call me honey, ever again. You broke that word and I don’t want to hear it from you. Don’t touch me, at all, anywhere, any time. If you accidentally touch me, apologize fast before I get angry and hurt you. Be very careful what you say to me. And last, file this one away, I will get back at you for that. You are definitely going to regret what you did.” And she stormed out.

I looked at the clock. Not late enough for bed, but a shower would be good. If nothing else, it would give me something to do while I was banished to the upstairs.

The next day was a very cold day in our house. I went outside and worked in the yard as much as I could just to avoid her. We at three meals in silence, every look from her was a scowl, and I began to dread falling asleep in case she came creeping into the room with a knife. That night, I locked the door, thinking how ironic it was to lock it now AFTER sex when the last time the door had been locked was 6 years ago DURING sex.

By Monday we had the issue of work. Since we worked at the same place, we usually drove in together. Now the drives were quiet. She had already eaten breakfast when I got downstairs so she could go up and shower while I ate, and then she could dress without me seeing her. I was feeling worse every day, but hoped we would come up out of this mess. For one thing, we had an anniversary trip planned for August, only 3 months away. Thirty is kind of a big deal, and I was hoping we would be back to snuggly by then. That would be a huge bit of progress from where we were now.

By Wednesday we were chatting just a bit on the way home. Elaine was grumbling about somebody who wasn’t carrying his weight in her office. They guy seemed to get special attention from her female supervisor. She said if she could prove fraternization she’d get them both fired. Well, it was conversation, though not real encouraging to me.

Friday night she slept in the bed, making sure I understood not to touch her. At all. Not even in my dreams. That was a bit much, but she had scowled at me so much during the week I was fairly convinced she would know it if I touched her in my dreams. When I woke, she was still asleep and I crept out of the room and down the stairs to make some pancake batter. I heard her moving about an hour later and by the time she got downstairs, already showered and dressed, the last of the pancakes was nearly finished.

She didn’t comment on the apples and cinnamon, which was unusual and I was disappointed, and, I’ll admit, a little resentful. I was trying to make things better and it seemed she wasn’t trying anything. At least at the end of the meal she announced she had decided we would make a go of it and neither of us would be leaving the house. That was a relief, but I knew I needed to behave and keep any mistakes to a bare minimum.

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