Banging the Boss

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My name is Amelia Shields and I am a 23 year old college graduate. I’m currently doing an internship with the number one law firm in Miami, Florida, called Thomas’ Legal Services. Yes, Florida is my family’s stomping ground. We have lived here for as long as I can remember. Thomas’ Legal Services is owned by the handsome Derrick Thomas. He is tall, Caucasian, well built, and handsome. Derrick has every woman wanting to get a taste of him, but unlike other woman it seems like he doesn’t even notice me. Or so I think. But just the way he looks at me makes my lace thong soak with my sweet juices. Most days I have to bring a change of underwear or a pair of slacks or a extra skirt. That man knows he can make any woman fall to their knees and do whatever he says.

One problem though. He’s married. Just my luck! That bitch doesn’t deserve a man like Derrick. She can’t even satisfy him from my understanding. Your probably wondering how I know this. Well let’s just say, I happened to overhear his conversation one day.

Today, I planned on showing and giving him what he deserves. I just have to get him where I need him.

“Amelia, can you come in my office for a second?”

“Yes sir, Mr. Thomas.” I replied. I stood up making sure my skirt was smoothed out my skirt. It was short enough, but still left him to his imagination. If you know what I mean. I had on my “fuck me pumps”, a black lace low-cut top, with a red Blazer over it. My 42-D breasts sat up high and proud. I loved the way my darken caramel thighs and legs looked in this outfit. and I also loved the attention that I received wearing it.

The closer I got to his door the more excited I became. Just his voice alone sent chills down my spine.


“Come in.” He said. I grabbed the door knob, twisting it, and then, pushing forward.

“What could I do for you, sir?” I asked making my way to his desk. His eyes watched my every move. I could see his eyes darken with lust. I smirk, inwardly. He cleared his throat. I could see him adjust his pants under the desk.

“I need you to find the Woods file for me. We have a meeting with them later on today.” He replied huskily. I nodded my head.

“Is that all sir? You look kind of… stressed.” I purred, walking around his desk. I started to massage his shoulders.

“That feels so good, Amelia.” He moaned. I continued to massage his shoulders.

“You feel tense. Maybe you should loosen your tie and shirt so I could really get the kinks out.” I said. I looked down noticing the bulge in his pants. My hands slid down his chest to his rock hard abs..2, 4, 6, 8 pack!

God I’m in love!

My hands moved down more to his hard bulge in his pants. I gave him a stern squeeze making him groan.

“Amelia.” His voice was strained. fatih escort

“Yes, Mr. Thomas.” I asked innocently.

“God, you’re beautiful.” He moaned as I squeezed him again.

Knock, Knock

“Derrick, why is your office door lock?!” His bitch of a wife, yelled from the other side of the door. He groaned in irritation.

“Call me when your wife not around.” I said biting on his ear lobe.

“Fuck.” I heard him mumble, before I went to unlock the door. She barged in, looking at me with a menacing glare. I just smiled at her.

“Mrs. Thomas.” I said.

“Yes, I’m Mrs. Thomas, but why are you in my husband’s office with door locked?” She questioned.

Derrick on the other hand was thinking of dead dogs so his hard on would go down. Just listening to his soon-to-be ex-wife voice did the job.

* * * * *


* * * * *

I was trying to think of dead dogs so my hard on would go down. But just listening to my soon-to-be ex-wife voice did the job.

“You have no right to question my employees, Erica.” I said getting up from behind my desk. She looked at me shocked that I didn’t have her side.

“Amelia. give my wife and I a few minutes, please.” I said. She nodded before walking out the door, closing it behind her.

“What did you want to talk to me about Derrick?” My whore of a wife asked. I walked around my desk. I opened up my top draw to pull out the divorce papers. I simply slid the papers across to her.

“You want a divorce?” She mocked in fake horror. This bitch isn’t hurt. I’ve known she’s slept with one of my employees, business partners, and even my rival.

“Yes.” I said curtly.

Here comes the fake waterworks. I think to myself.

“B-But why?” She cried. I pulled out the pictures I had of her. She looked down at them wide eyed.

“Derrick, I can explain.” She said. I held my hand up to stop her from talking.

“No I don’t need an explanation from you. What I need is your signature on the dotted line.” I said handing her a pen.

“I will not sign this!” She said angrily.

“Erica don’t make this any harder then it already is.” I stated taking a seat.

“I’ll take everything you own.” She stated. I laughed in her face. She can’t take anything from me. I’m a smart man. I have ways of getting any and everything I want.

“Erica if we divorce you can’t even leave with the things I’ve bought you! Not that ring your wearing, the clothes you have on, that purse, nothing! You signed the prenup, which states you leave with nothing, I bought you with my money. So either you sign it or we can take this to court.” I said sitting back in my chair. She looked at me with anger.

“I’ll take you to court.”

“Suit yourself.” I said with a shrug. She stormed out the office without çapa escort a glance back.

Now back to my Amelia.

* * * * *


* * * * *

After his wife left all pissed and red in the face I went to go finish what I started. I walked into his office right when he was talking on the phone. I locked the door behind me. We didn’t need anymore interruptions. I removed my top, then my skirt, leaving me in my lace bra, thong, and fuck me pumps.

“I’m going to call you back.” He said, hanging up the phone.

“Come here.” He commanded. I walked over to him slowly making sure he seen every inch of me.

“Remove my pants.” He said. I did so slowly. I could feel his dick throb in anticipation. He removed his tie, shirt, and wife beater.

“Take my boxers off.” He said. He didn’t have to tell me twice. He stood in front of me stark naked with a hard 11 inch dick in front of my mouth. I spit on the head and started to stroke him slowly.

“Yes, just like that.” He hissed in pleasure. I put the tip in my mouth sucking, licking, and tasting his pre-cum.

“Take it all on your mouth.” He groaned grabbing the back of my head. I relaxed my thraot and took as much of him as I could. He was fucking my mouth in a steady rhythm. I moaned around his manhood causing him to move faster.

“Shit, my wife needs to learn how to suck dick as good as you.” He commented. I felt a sense of pride knowing I could please him.

He was now harshly fucking my throat. My saliva and his pre cum mixed together leaked out of my mouth. I could feel him expand in my throat.

“Swallow all of me baby.” He moaned. I hummed around him causing him to buck.

“Fuck, here it comes…don’t waste anything…URGHHHHHH!” He moaned. I could feel every spurt of his cum going down my throat. I quickly swallowed because it was so much. I sucked him until he popped out of my mouth. He collapsed onto his chair panting and breathing harshly.

God he tasted good. I thought to myself.

My pussy was so wet there was a puddle starting to form around my feet.

“Lay on the desk and spread your legs. I’m hungry.” He said. I climbed on top of his desk and spread my legs. He ripped my lace thong and started kissing and licking on my pussy.

Sliding his fingers over my wet slit, “You’re so wet baby.” I moaned as he found my clit and started to rub it in circular motions.

“This feels good doesn’t it baby?” He asked, kissing my clit.

“Yes.” I hissed in pleasure. He slid two fingers into me. I couldn’t help but rock my hips.

“You love it when I finger your tight pussy don’t you?” He said moving his fingers in me faster.


“Fuck your dripping baby. I need to taste what’s mine.” He said pushing my legs further back.

“I could sarıyer escort spend hours between your legs; teasing…sucking, sipping, tasting you.” He said devouring my soaken pussy. Oh God!

“You want to cum for me don’t you baby?” He said sliding his thumb over my throbbing clit. I bucked my hips.

“Oh God yes.” I moaned.

“You want to cum very hard for me, don’t you baby?”

“YES! Please let me cum…” God he’s good with his fingers and tongue. I can’t get enough of him.

“When I tell you to, you’re going to cum very, very hard baby. Do you understand?” He purred.

“Yes!” I was literally shaking.

“Cum now baby. Cum for me right now!” He said.

“Fuckkkk!” I shouted. My legs we shaking as he licked up my juices. He didn’t stop there. He continued to eat me making me cum again.

“Damn I love how sweet you taste.” He said rubbing his hard dick over my sensitive clit and pussy lips. My juices were covering his head and shaft.

“You ready baby?” He asked. I nodded. He slammed into me causing me to cry out from the pain and pleasure.

“Shit! You’re way tighter then my wife.” He said watching his dick move in and out of me.

“Fuck Derrick. Don’t stop!” I moaned loudly.

“I’m not.” He grunted squeezing my tits as he pumped into me faster and deeper.

* * * * *


* * * * *

She moaned trying to push me away. I smacked her hands away and pushed in deeper. I’m trying to fall balls deep in this pussy.

“No you going take this dick. You asked for so I’m giving it to you.” I said pumping into her harder. She was going to feel me in her womb.

“Oh shittttt Derrick…daddddyyyyy…don’t stop!” She screamed cuming. Shit she been cuming ever since I put it in. That’s how you know the dick good.

“I’m not. Turn that ass over.” I said pulling out. She was on all fours on the desk.

“Daddy I’m ready.” She moaned jiggling her ass.



I smacked her ass twice before I hit home base. I didn’t even bother to warn her.

“DERRICK!” She screamed. I didn’t have no mercy on that ass. I’ve always dreamed about fucking Amelia abd now I am




“I told your ass don’t run from this dick.” I said with each thrust. She was wet as fuck. My balls and desk was covered with my cum and her juices mixed together.

“Oooohhhh Derrickkkkk…I can’t take no more daddy.” She said. She was squeezing her walls tightly around me. She was trying to make me cum.

“Stop fucking squeezing me.” I was still going hard. I want her ass to not be able to walk in the morning.

“I’m cummmmmmiiiiinnnnngggggg.” She screamed. Her walls clamped down on my manhood. I could feel her orgasm. She was leaking onto the desk making a puddle. I stroked her two my times before I came inside her.

“Damn.” I said.

After a while we both cleaned ourselves up and was dressed as if nothing had happened.

“What about your wife?” Amelia asked.

“Don’t worry about her.” I said. I was divorcing her and going to live the life I wanted.

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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