The Papergirl Ch. 03

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The sun was higher in the sky than Mandy was used to seeing when she was done delivering newspapers. She was one drop away from completing her newspaper rounds and the day was already getting very warm. She had slept in. School had ended yesterday and she stayed up last night celebrating her graduation with her sister. This morning she got ready and put a pair of tight teensy cut-offs over her smallest panties and shimmied into a tank top that was at least a size too small for her. She buzzed toward her last delivery stop on her Lambretta. She had worked hard for a year to save up enough money for the Italian motor scooter that was vibrating between her legs. She passed her driving test last year and she went immediately out and bought this pink and black Lambretta; a real beauty. Fitted with a big basket for newspapers, it was her pride and joy. Zooming down the quiet residential street she saw Mrs. Lipton’s house. It was a stop she was really looking forward to.

Instead of tossing the paper onto the walkway, Mandy tucked it under her arm and rang the bell. Within a few seconds she heard someone padding toward the front door.

“Mandy! Oh, I’m so happy to see you. You missed the normal collection day,” exclaimed Jenny Lipton. The woman took in the girl with a long sweeping look. She could see the clingy and skimpy outfit and the sheen of sweat coating her perfect skin. A longing ache started in her groin.

“Hi Mrs. Lipton. Well, yeah, I do need to collect, but I didn’t ring your bell for that. I was wondering if you wanted me for anything else today. Summer vacation started and I have all day.” Jenny Lipton must have just finished working out, thought Mandy, she was wearing form-fitting Lycra shorts and a sleeveless tee shirt; her hair was pulled up in a ponytail and she had a special glow to her skin. Even her bare feet were so very pretty.

“Well, Mandy; I think I can find a way to fill your day. And you’ll be able to add to your New York shopping fund.” Jenny winked at Mandy. “Take your motor scooter around back. We can start maybe with a refreshing swim.”

Mandy went through the heavy gate of the stockade fence and dropped the kickstand her Lambretta. Jenny met her there with two bottles of lemonade in her hands.

“Here, we can begin our day with a cool drink.”

“Mrs. Lipton, I didn’t bring my swim suit. Is that OK?”

Jenny laughed. “Better than OK. There is no need to be shy around me, you know. Come on, sit with me and tell me what you have been up to lately.”

The woman and the teen lay down next to each other on lounge chairs in the sun. They talked for several minutes while they drained their bottles. Mandy noticed that the lemonade while sweet and cold put a nice warm feeling in her belly. They were having a great time laughing and flirting. When Mandy mentioned that she was getting warm.

“Is it the company or the weather?” asked Jenny.

“I think both,” replied Mandy.

“Then I suggest we take a dip in the pool.”

Mandy stripped off her cutoffs exposing her sheer yellow panties and dove into the pool. Jenny Lipton could not help but lean forward to get the best view possible. When Mandy surfaced her tank top was all but transparent. Her pert mounds presented pretty pink nipples perfectly.

“Oh, the water feels great. Come on in, Mrs. Lipton,” called Mandy.

Jenny decided to put on a little show for Mandy. She knew that school ended yesterday and that maybe, just maybe if she hadn’t scared Mandy too much the last time she was here, that she might come around today. Her hopes were realized and Jenny was ready. She peeled her skin-tight Lycra shorts off her long legs to reveal a pale green and very scanty pair of panties. With a bit of ceremony she folded the shorts and then turned around. Mandy’s eyes focused on two perfectly round asscheeks that Mrs. Lipton jutted out when she bent over to place her shorts on the lounge chair. There was no fabric covering the woman’s derriere. She was wearing a thong! It was just a triangular patch of green satin connected by ribbons. Mandy had never seen anything like it. It was so feminine and so sexy that her pussy began to quiver. Jenny turned around and saw that Mandy was transfixed by this dainty confection. She smiled to herself, knowing. She then lifted her tee shirt over her head leaving her nude but for the patch of translucent green covering her cunny.

Jenny paraded to her favorite spot on the diving board swaying and bouncing her breasts for young Mandy. “Ready or not…” announced Mrs. Lipton.

Mandy said to herself, “Mrs. Lipton, I am so ready.”

Jenny surfaced right in front of Mandy. Her breasts bobbled as droplets of pool water fell from her already distended nipples. “I’m so very glad you’re here Mandy.”

“I am too Mrs. Lipton. It seemed like forever for school to end.”

“How do you like my new thong panties?” asked the woman.

“I’ve never seen anything like that before; you look so sexy in it,” Mandy replied as fulya escort she reached out and stroked Mrs. Lipton’s arm.

“Come here Mandy. I’ve been waiting, thinking about you.” Jenny Lipton grasped Mandy around the waist and pulled her in. They kissed. Liquid tongues flowed through each of their mouths while lips pressed tightly. They stood in waist deep water kissing for several minutes until Mandy felt the woman’s hand on her breast. Mandy broke the kiss and moaned into her lover’s neck. Jenny, encouraged, pulled the saturated shirt up and off the girl. She took Mandy into her arms and planted a trail of kisses from the girl’s ear down the side of her neck, along a fine collarbone, and onto a firm young breast. Jenny noticed that Mandy’s nipples were distended from the cool water. She took a turgid nipple into her mouth and suckled. Mandy moaned loudly, enjoying the sensation of a hot mouth on her cool nipple.

Mandy held Mrs. Lipton’s head to her breast with her hand as her other hand sought and then squeezed the woman’s round ass cheek. Mandy felt a hand on her belly. It lingered but then slid downward toward her pussy. Mrs. Lipton rubbed her fingers into Mandy’s barely covered nether lips.

“Ohhh, Mrs. Lipton, can we get out of the pool? You are making me weak in the knees.”

Jenny pulled her mouth off the teen’s breast and smiled at her, “We sure can. Come on, I want to show you something new.” Jenny led Mandy out of the water to some new patio furniture.

“How do you like our new chair,” asked the woman as she pointed to a thickly cushioned doublewide lounge chair. She lowered the backrest so it immediately became bed-like. “Try it out, lie down.”

Mandy plopped belly down on it. “It’s very comfortable,” she gushed with a big grin. She rolled over and put her hands behind her head.

Mrs. Lipton circled around and climbed onto the lounger from the side where Mandy’s head was pointing. She crawled as she kissed Mandy’s face and shoulders. Continuing, she kissed and licked the girls’ breasts. Jenny’s breasts hung over Mandy’s face; the girl took them and sucked the silver dollar sized nipples. It was Mrs. Lipton’s turn to moan. But she stayed there only a minute or so. By then the woman reached a tender belly and sweet navel. Also, her fingers reached the waistband of Mandy’s yellow panties. They were slowly eased over hips and ass and then down the length of the Mandy’s thighs. When the damp yellow wisp of fabric reached the teen’s knees Jenny’s mouth was poised just over a glistening cunny. Jenny caught the fragrance of it and could see the moisture gathering in its folds; she could resist no more. She planted a big kiss on the sweet pussy below her; her tongue probed as if it was a lover’s mouth. Mandy’s knees bent as her legs opened, the yellow panties fell from her legs like autumn leaves.

Jenny felt her hips being pulled down and the satin covering her sex pushed aside. A warm wet mouth sucked her labia. A tongue flitted through her pinkness. Lips prized her treasured clit from its lair. This was perfect sixty-nine lovemaking. Two beautiful women, naked under the sun, in harmony, in lust, brought each other to simultaneous orgasmic bliss. When they had come, they were not done. Turning face to cum-covered face and hugging breast to heaving breast, they kissed and caressed until they felt lust growing in their bellies and groins. They wanted each other again; they needed to come again.

“Are you thirsty?” asked Mrs. Lipton.

Mandy simply nodded yes.

“Come with me, I have another surprise,” announced Jenny with a mischievous smile. She took Mandy by the arm and led the naked teen into the house. After one stop at the refrigerator for another lemonade, they continued into the first floor bedroom.

Mandy took a deep drink of the lemonade and asked, “What is the surprise?”

Mrs. Lipton tossed the comforter from the bed, “Come here and sit with me.” The older woman opened a drawer on the nightstand and took something out; Mandy recognized a part of it.

“This, Mandy, is something that I love, I want to share it with you. Let me explain. It is best explained by a demonstration,” said Mrs. Lipton laughing.

Jenny kissed Mandy. They could both still taste each other’s juices on their lips. Mrs. Lipton kneeled behind, with her legs astride Mandy, and reached around her. She dropped the interesting sextoy in front of the teen and took a firm breast into each hand. She rubbed circles around Mandy’s areolas and then pinched each nipple. Mandy was surprised by how much she enjoyed this, but she couldn’t get her eyes off the item in front of her. In sort of resembled one of the toys that Wendy Hollander brought over her house. This one is about the same size but it was more lifelike (she imagined) and mocha brown in color. Also, it was fitted into a harness with straps and a few inches of the mocha brown part came through to the inside. Mandy thought it looked weird but she was bomonti escort definitely intrigued.

“Go ahead,” urged Mrs. Lipton, “pick it up. Feel it.”

Mandy removed her hands from the woman’s thighs and lifted the item. It had surprising heft. The ‘penis’ was rubber-like but a lot less squishy than the jelly double-dong that Wendy introduced to her and her sister, Karen. She felt the surface, it was very slick and it had veiny bumps on it.

“Do you want to try it out, Mandy?”

“I think so,” whispered Mandy, only slightly feigning fear, as she felt girljuice gathering and a quiver in her cunny.

“Mandy, help me to put this on.”

Mandy knew that the woman could probably do it herself but it would be so much more fun to help.

Mrs. Lipton spread a drop of clear gel over the shorter end of the stout rod and then handed it to Mandy as she lay back and spread her legs.

“You can guess where I want you to put that, right?”

Mandy smiled, “It pretty big, Mrs. Lipton, are you sure?”

“Oh, yes. And it is the other end that is even bigger, lucky girl,” teased Jenny with a grin.

Mandy saw a series of soft rubber points inside the triangular part of the harness.

Jenny noticed. “That’s my second favorite part.” Mrs. Lipton took Mandy’s hand and brought it to her wanton pussy. She held her lips open, “Push it into me, Mandy; right here.”

Mandy did just that. She remembered how her sister and Wendy worked the dildos into her and each other. But first she couldn’t resist giving Mrs. Lipton a big suckling kiss right on the clittie. The woman gasped in surprise as Mandy eased the sextoy into her pretty vagina. It went in rather more easily than Mandy expected. The gel and the juices allowed Mandy to get the entire four inches in with just a couple of in-out thrusts. On the final push Jenny pushed back and the rubber points poked into her hooded clit.

“Oh yeah, good girl,” gushed Jenny Lipton. She pulled the straps around her waist and a slightly wider one between her legs and asscheeks. They all snapped together in back. Mrs. Lipton said nothing; she looked smolderingly at Mandy as she approached the teen. Without a word she took the girl by her hair and pulled her head back slightly. A hard kiss was planted on a young mouth; a tongue sought the girl’s throat. Jenny’s hands squeezed pliant breasts and pinched their nipples. Without breaking their kiss Jenny reached behind Mandy and kneaded her fingers into the girl’s firm ass. Jenny’s other hand found Mandy’s pussy and she worked her fingers into the already wet folds and then slid one finger into her hole. This time the girl did not recoil.

“Oh, you are so ready,” announced Jenny Lipton. She pushed Mandy onto her back. She took one more second to spread another drop of gel over the business end of her strap-on dildo. Jenny took Mandy’s knees in her hands and swung them up and out. The young girl’s bottom was open to Jenny. It was a sight that made the woman’s mouth water and her loins shiver.

Jenny leaned forward and placed the head of her strap-on to Mandy’s vaginal entrance and pressed forward and in. She could already feel the rubber tips of the clitoral stimulator work on her sensitive organ. Below her she heard a gasp.

“Oh, please be gentle. Oh my god, it feels so big.”

This fanned the flames of lust already burning out-of-control in Jenny. She pressed forward again. She wanted to hear the girl below her cry out in exquisite lust. The head of the faux penis suddenly slipped into Mandy.

“Argh, it so big. Oh please! Please give me more,” cried Mandy. She wanted to feel this new ‘monster’ thrusting into her and bringing her to climax. Mrs. Lipton did not disappoint her.

Jenny leaned onto the backs of Mandy’s legs and rotated her pelvis. She could feel the vein-like bumps of her ‘penis’ sliding into teencunt. The girl purred and placed her hands on the woman’s ass; she was delirious with lust. Jenny’s hands fell onto Mandy’s tits. The turgid nipples poked up between fingers. The woman pressed her fingers tightly together, pinching the distended nipple tips. She did this as she again humped her pelvis toward Mandy’s, but this time she allowed some of her weight to bear down. The rubber intruder insinuated deeper into Mandy’s belly, inch by inch. Mandy felt as if she would split open as she was impaled. She cried out in delicious torture.

“Mrs. Lipton, I don’t know… I don’t know if I can…”

“Sure you can my Lovely; relax a little,” offered Mrs. Lipton as she slowly backed her toy out of Mandy’s tunnel. When it had retreated three inches, Jenny suddenly and forcefully reversed direction and rammed the phallus deep into Mandy’s cunt.

“Oh GOD! Oh my god, ohhh!” grunted Mandy.

Jenny Lipton pulled back a second time. This allowed Mandy to take a breath. Her eyes fluttered and she looked lustily at Mrs. Lipton.

“Oh, I think she can take this,” thought Jenny to herself. kurtuluş escort And as she pinched both of Mandy’s nipples between her thumb and forefinger…hard…she allowed her weight to thrust her toy deep into the girl below her. She pulled back slightly and then pressed forward again. And again. With every forward thrust Jenny felt the rubber spikes jab into her sensitized clit. Her belly was flooded with wonderful nasty sensations.

And then suddenly she felt a thud followed by a sweet-electric jolt in her clittie. Their pelvic mounds had bumped together. Jenny smiled; she had fully impaled Mandy with her favorite sextoy. A full eight inch long, 2 and a half-inch wide, dildo was buried deep in her papergirl. The girl was lying there breathing deeply as sweat coated her glistening body. Jenny’s cunny filled with girljuice because her favorite part was just about to start.

Jenny opened Mandy’s legs slightly as she withdrew the toy from Mandy’s pussy, she then thrust forward pushing back to the hilt. When their mounds slammed together Jenny got what she wanted, a spray of sensation that began at her clit and coursed through her entirely. She withdrew and then shoved again; their pelvises crashed together, this time harder than the previous. She repeated this, each successive thrust was faster and their hips collided harder. Again…again…again…by now the phallus was lubricated and nectar squished out of Mandy as Mrs. Lipton pounded her cunny. The woman was relentless; Mandy could feel warm pressure building up in her depths. She would soon be brought to orgasm.

Jenny Lipton was in nether-lust land. Her rhythmic assault on young Mandy was not being done with conscious effort. The clit under her toy had revealed itself; it was allowing the rubber beaks to do their worst and their best. Jenny too was nearly there, nearly there…

Mrs. Lipton grasped Mandy’s shoulders and pulled against the girl. Mandy grasped Mrs. Lipton’s ass and pulled the woman against her.

They were moaning, they were crying aloud. Their cries became grunts. Their grunts turned to screams.

Jenny fell onto Mandy. Their breasts mashed together, their mouths joined.

Almost there… their hips pounded together, they breathed each other’s breath…

Thrust… the sensation of the huge phallus was too much Bang… Jenny’s poor tortured clit overloaded…

Orgasm! Jenny Lipton came. She ground her pelvis into Mandy’s; she writhed in rapt joy. Her orgasm poured through her like honey. Orgasm! Mandy followed with her own powerful orgasm. Her fingers dug into soft assflesh as she shook with wave after wave of unrelenting bliss.

It lasted quite a while, but slowly they returned to the world. They both thought the same word, “Unreal!”

They lay there for several minutes in each other’s arms; the huge sextoy still buried deep in Mandy’s belly. The girl heard clicks from the harness as Mrs. Lipton unhooked the straps from around her waist and ass. Mandy could feel the rubber phallus move inside her as the woman unplugged herself from the shorter end. There was a slight sucking sound as Jenny Lipton pulled her body free. The woman sat up and began to ease her toy from Mandy. To Mandy the removal was bittersweet; she loved being filled but she was stretched and sore too. As the dildo was being slid out it rubbed her g-spot; just as it was pulled free a small orgasm rippled through her. She gasped as her chest flushed.

Jenny Lipton chuckled, “My but you are a responsive little plaything aren’t you?”

Mandy’s responded by brushing the hair from her eyes and cooing a smile at the woman.

“You relax dear girl,” whispered Jenny and she picked up the comforter, shook it out over the girl and covered her.

Jenny Lipton walked out into the kitchen naked and made herself a drink; stronger than the hard lemonade she and Mandy had earlier. With drink in hand she made a phone call.

About an hour later Mandy woke and went into the kitchen with the comforter draped over her shoulders. In the kitchen were Mrs. Lipton and another woman. The woman was tall and very pretty with auburn hair. Mandy paused at the entryway upon seeing the other woman but Jenny Lipton saw her.

“Mandy, oh, you’re awake. Please come in; there is someone I want to introduce you to. Would you like a drink, I made a pitcher of ice teas?”

“Yes, Mrs. Lipton, I’m very thirty, thanks. But just water would be great.”

“Mandy, this is Mrs. Charlotte Renborn, she lives a few blocks away, on Poplar Drive. You deliver papers on Poplar don’t you? She is interested in having you deliver to her.”

“Well, yeah. I had a client there a year or so ago, but she moved away. But the street is in my area. I would be able to deliver a paper for you Mrs. Renborn. That will be great.”

“Who were you delivering to on Poplar? I wonder if I knew them.”

“It was Mr. and Mrs. Conroy. Did you know them?”

“Why yes, I sure did. Debbie Conroy was a dear friend. You remember her Jen, a pretty little thing with big green eyes and big boobs. Oh, I sure miss her,” offered Mrs. Renborn as she bit her lower lip. “So Mandy; when can you start?”

“Umm, I can come over tomorrow and complete the application with you, then the paper delivery would start next Monday.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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