The Passion of Rita and Lydia Ch. 02

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Note: Dear readers, this is a continuation of my story “The Subjugation of Rita” which was very well received. I’ve had much positive response and have been inspired to continue to story, focusing on the first time 18-year-old Rita visits her mature Mistress.

I would like to acknowledge the very valuable help I have received from Jjohnr3 in editing this story.



I had only met Lydia in person Saturday night at The Pink Haven and I was overwhelmed by how much my new Granny had already taught me about my desires and how she had awakened my body. I had only been allowed one orgasm in the last three days, and that was under the complete direction and discretion of my Granny Mistress, but I will never forget how overwhelming it had been. All communication between the two of us since Saturday night had been through phone calls, text messages, Skype and photos, but that hadn’t slowed down or prevented my complete submission to Lydia.

There were only a few days left for my continued training before I would meet Granny again. She had left explicit instructions for me to follow for the next three days. On Friday morning, new instructions would be coming for me.

Every morning, I was ordered to perform a daily ritual before I showered. For my first task, I was to tease and torture my nipples. First ten hard hand-spanks on each tit, followed by attaching a clothes pin to each nipple for five minutes, then ten more spanks to each breast, and then finishing my breast torture with gentle, soothing caresses until it was no longer painful to stimulate my nipples. I was then to take a shower and finish with cold water for as long as I could stand it.

This ritual was intended to keep my nipples hard and sensitive. To further stimulate my already sensitive breasts, Granny ordered me to use various fabrics in my special bra each day. It was to be velvet on Tuesday, then rough sackcloth on Wednesday, and finally flannel on Thursday. It would make me enormously conscious of my tits and nipples, and since I had also been ordered to dress in tight tops, I knew that they would always be on show. I was glad I would be wearing a bra, but even so, I knew that the definition of my hard nipples would be hard for anyone to miss!

I also had been ordered to wear the panties Granny had supplied me with, and my ass was to be plugged at all times. Granny had told me that I would be a little uncomfortable with the butt plugs at first, but that she knew that I would become used to the feeling of having a plug inserted and begin to relax and enjoy it. I had already graduated from the smallest to the medium size plug and was feeling comfortable with the larger size.

I was also told to be flirtatious with any and all mature women that I encountered, and to always wear stockings and high heels. Granny also commanded me to spank my pussy five times hard after every time that I had to pee, and to thank her afterwards, by saying out loud “Thank you for my spanking, Granny!”

And no matter the circumstances, or how stimulated I might become from any of Granny’s requirements, I was not allowed to have an orgasm. Granny’s instructions would keep me permanently excited, wet, and hot, but I was forbidden to touch my pussy, unless Granny told me explicitly to do so. It would be three very hard days to go through, and I was to report to her every night.

Tuesday, I woke up early. I had set the alarm earlier than usual to give me time to follow Granny’s new commands. I must have had some very naughty dreams, because my pussy was soaking wet when I woke. It became even wetter when I started to spank and torture my titties by spanking them with my bare hands and attaching clothes pins to the nipples.

Granny had told me to keep the clothes pins attached for five minutes. As I watched the time tick by, I imagined the way she looked yesterday, while she was lovingly dominating me.

The cold shower freshened me up but made my poor sensitive nipples pucker and sting, so I was glad the special bra would have a velvet filling! The cloth was soft and teasing against my sore nips. I dressed according to the instructions, and I had to wear a lovely pair of light-yellow panties, snug against my pussy. I found a short blue skirt and a yellow tank top to comply with Granny’s instructions.

At breakfast, Mommy looked at me, thoughtfully, but did not comment. Then Rose called her, and her face lit up, and she went away to chat a bit in private with her friend. Her girlfriend? Was Mommy and Rose…? Or was it just me overreacting? I was glad Mom was happy, anyhow, she had seemed very relaxed and joyous the last few weeks.

At school, I found it really challenging to be able to spank my pussy after peeing and give Granny thanks aloud! I did try, but the spanks were softer, and I only whispered the thanks.

I did manage to flirt with a mature woman, Miss Simmons. She came over to my desk, helped me, and told me she florya escort would love to have me in her self-defense class again. I promised her that I would be at her next class, Thursday afternoon. She stroked my cheek lightly and said: “Lovely, my dear!”

I am pretty sure I blushed. I could not really concentrate on the schoolwork; all my thoughts were on Granny and my wet pussy and how lovely the velvet felt against my nipples whenever I moved. Having my ass plugged (I was using the medium sized now) also reminded me constantly of Granny and the constant presence of it inside me gave me a sexy feeling as well as constantly enhancing my state of arousal.

I was a completely aroused sexual mess when I returned home from school. I hurried to the bathroom to pee, and as commanded, I spanked my pussy hard and thanked Granny aloud for my spanking. I was sopping with pussy juice, but knew I was not to touch myself, so I started preparing dinner, which I had promised Mom.

Mom arrived home a bit later, gave me a loving hug and a kiss, and helped me with the salad. She looked happy and was wearing a lovely black dress that really set off her figure. I told her so, and she blushed, and told me I looked really lovely too, and then we had a nice dinner without talking too much.

I went to my room and read for a while, doing my homework, trying to concentrate. At nine I called Granny, as ordered and gave my report. She told me I would be punished for not obeying her orders explicitly while at school, and I should do better. She also complimented me on flirting with Miss Simmons and told me to make to most of my self-defense class on Thursday.

Wednesday was much the same, except I did manage to spank my pussy hard on two occasions after peeing, and I did manage to thank Granny aloud without whispering. On one occasion, another girl came into the toilet just as I was thanking Granny and I got very flustered, flushed the toilet and hurried out. Luckily, she had entered one of the stalls and did not see me. The rough sackcloth against my nipples was tough, however, leaving them raw and sore.

However, something strange happened when I returned home on Wednesday. I arrived a bit early and noticed Rose’s car in the drive. This was not unusual, since she often drove Mommy home, but this was earlier than normal. For some reason I, did not shout “‘I’m home, Mom!” like I usually do, but just entered quietly. Mom was not in the kitchen or living room, which surprised me. Then I heard noises coming from her bedroom. I went to the stairs and listened for a while, and it certainly sounded like the bed was rocking and there were clear whimpers and small shouts of encouragement as well!

I was no longer in doubt: Mom was having a lesbian relationship with Rose! I was very, very happy for her, and admittedly very excited at the thought that my Mom was having lesbian sex in our house, lesbian sex with her best friend! I sneaked out again and went for a walk. When I came back, Rose’s car was gone and I heard Mom taking a shower as I came in, shouting loud and clear this time: “I’m home, Mom!”

I felt it was Moms call, not mine. She would tell me when she was ready to confess to her lesbian daughter that she was having a relationship with another woman. I could wait. I was just happy for her, because she was so visibly very much in love. She came downstairs, smiling and still with a lovely flush on her face. I smiled at her.

“Hi, Mom! You home early – and showering?”

“Oh, yes, dear… I felt a bit hot. Thought a shower might cool me off!”

And did it? I thought to myself. Probably not. She still looked like a woman who had recently had some very good sex. I stood up and gave her a hug. Surprising her.

“Love you, Mom!” I said and pecked her cheek.

She blushed and made us two cups of tea. We chatted for a while, about school and work and the weather. I made some salmon steaks for us and we had a quiet dinner. Rose called just after, and I let Mom have some privacy. I was not in the mood for homework so I read a few stories on Literotica, thinking about what Granny would tell me to do. I wished it were Friday. I wanted to be with her, touch her, smell her, and adore her wonderful mature body!

Granny called me at nine as promised and I reported from my day. I even told her of having overheard Mom and Rose having sex! She laughed at that, wholeheartedly, and said she was very pleased to hear that Mom was a lesbian as well. She then told me to be very seductive with Miss Simmons, but not to let her touch my pussy.

Granny Lydia then looked at me from the screen, with love and a soft smile. “Rita, you’re doing very well! I am very pleased with your progress so far and look forward to training you more directly. Now I want you to touch your pussy with your forefinger, just let it slide inside your vagina, remove it, and lick it clean!”

I obediently tasted my own excitement from my finger, cihangir escort my cheeks hot and my heart beating. Oh God how this mature woman turned me on! Lydia watched me with an amused glint in her eyes. “Good girl! You may play with your plug tonight and use it to further sensitize your delightful little anus, but no more touching of your privates or your nipples!”

“Oh… yes, Mistress..!” I answered, pouting.

“Now kiss me goodbye and I’ll call you same time tomorrow.” I blew her a kiss, and then kissed the screen like a silly schoolgirl in love, she was quietly laughing, and blowing me kisses back as she signed off.

I woke up that night, lying in the dark in my cotton nightie and feeling my body and how much I needed a release. I stroked my tummy, I nuzzled my earlobes and whispered Granny’s name. I spanked my ass a few times, very hard, but that did not help. I slept fitfully, dreaming of Granny Lydia but also of Mommy and Rose kissing and making love.

Thursday Mommy woke me up by just knocking on my door and telling me breakfast would be ready in ten minutes. I hurried to give my nipples and tits their morning work-out and took a short shower, leaving me freezing cold and shivering until I rubbed some warmth back into my body. The panties for the day were string bikini panties in white, tight satin that felt like a soft touch on my pussy and left my bottom cheeks half-naked. Flannel cloth in the bra, a very welcome change, soft and gentle – and very arousing – on my nipples. I dressed in a dark-blue cheerleader type skirt with a yellow border. The skirt ended just above my knees and I was sure it would excite Miss Simmons. I also put on a tight yellow top with short sleeves. No stockings just socks and sneakers.

Mom looked at me, speculatively, but did not comment. At least not directly. While I was having my morning cereal and she was nursing her second cup of coffee, she did ask: “Rita, you look very sexy this morning. Is this new style working? I mean, is the lucky girl reacting to it?”

I am sure I blushed. I know I almost choked on my cereals. “Oh, Mom! I did say it was hard, right? Being sure. But, yes, she has sort of reacted. You know given me a compliment.” Granny certainly had given me a compliment. She had called me a ‘good girl’ last night and just thinking about that made me hot and made my cheeks warm.

Mom smiled at me, with love in her eyes. “I’m sorry, Rita. I did not mean to pry. I just want you be happy, and it does seem like you’re very much in love!”

Well, she would know! I managed to smile back at her. “It’s Ok Mom! Yes, I am in love with her. It’s just, well; she’s older than me…” Granny Lydia sure was older than me! Forty-eight years older!

“Oh, yes, I see. She is more experienced, I suppose. Does that that make you feel insecure, dear?”

Fuck yes! Insecure and hot and horny as never before! Like a little girl. I loved being Granny Lydia’s little girl and being trained and controlled by her. But I could not tell my Mom that! “Hmm. Yes, I suppose. A bit. But I also like, very much, that she is older and more experienced!”

Oh, Mom! If you only knew! Mom reached over and stroked my hand. “I’m sure it will turn out well for you in the end! If you’re in love with her, I’m sure she’s a very nice person!”

Oh, she is Mom! She is! She is a mature woman who gets aroused when she is controlling and disciplining young women. Nice! Very nice! I was getting turned on just by thinking about it! I smiled back a Mom, wanly.

“Oh, by the way,” Mom said. “I’ll stay over from Friday to Sunday at Rose’s place. We are planning to have a relaxing weekend, just the two of us. Having some girls’ time together!”

She blushed and I saw the happy glint in her eyes. “Oh, that sounds cool, Mom! I was planning to visit some friends anyway.”

That came out a bit fast. Mom looked at me closely. “Ok, dear. I hope you’ll have a good time, and maybe make some progress with that girl!”

She stroked my hand again. I just nodded. I was making progress with Granny Lydia all the time. Sliding into her devious delicious web of seduction. She had plans for me on Friday and my mind was working overtime providing me with all sorts of thoughts and fantasies about those plans.

I finished my tea and told Mom I would be home a bit late since I was attending Miss Simmons’ self-defense class and then left for school. I did not have Miss Simmons until later in the day and the day dragged on and on whilst I dreamed about Mistress Granny. I dutifully spanked my pussy every time I peed but refrained from thanking her on one occasion because a girl was in the stall right beside mine. I felt very exposed in my small panties and the flannel kept my nipples sensitized. I could not help touching them after I had peed, which made my pussy even wetter.

I was on edge in class, and had problems sitting still. My almost naked buttocks kept sliding all over the mecidiyeköy escort chair. Luckily, none of the teachers really noticed and I smiled my way through the day, only chatting briefly with some of the others in class.

I met Miss Simmons in one of the corridors while changing classes, said ‘Hello’ and gave her a timid smile. She slowed down, let her eyes linger over me and looked me directly in the eyes. “Why, hello, Rita! I am looking forward to having you for self-defense later. You will be coming, right?”

I managed to nod and answer with an almost inaudible “Yes”. Miss Simmons scared me. But she also aroused me. Not as much as Granny Lydia did. Far from it. It was just the way she looked at me. As if she wanted to taste me, eat me; let her hands slide all over me. I shook my head, suddenly a bit scared of attending her class later. It could very well be, that I would have to defend myself, against her!

Miss Simmons ran her class in self-defense for women in the school gym. We did not change clothes. She felt it was best just to wear our everyday outfits, since that mimicked the situations we could find ourselves in. She had changed her own outfit, however, and was in a tight pair of light grey yoga pants and a pink top that did little to hide her magnificent bosom. She based her teaching on the Krav Maga system, which is focused on defense in realistic situations that could occur in our daily lives. So we started with a bit of discussion on how to read danger signals, how to use our body language to minimize the risk of being attacked and so on, followed by a short and intensive warm-up.

Miss Simmons wanted us to train how to manage an attack from behind, and she asked me to be stand-in for the attacking person. I had to grab her from behind around the throat, and she would then show how to get free and how to counterattack, involving pulling my arm forward and kneeing my groin. It was like a dance, a choreographed exercise. Miss Simmons muscular body against mine, her firm touch on my arm, her knee between my thighs. A sharp pull, and then I would be flat on the floor with my arm locked and Miss Simmons astride me. We repeated it quite a few times. That is the whole idea of the system: To make us all react instinctively to avert an attack with as little force as possible.

I got quite hot and sweaty, the proximity of the gym teacher’s well trained, and muscular body did nothing to alleviate that. She would also surreptitiously caress and grab my almost naked ass cheeks, and I was certain she realized that I was plugged. At least I heard her chuckle delightedly after having forced me to the floor once again, her hand rested with studied carelessness on my ass, she gently grabbed one cheek, and her forefinger explored my crease. If the other girls noticed, they ignored it. They were probably happy that I was the one chosen to play victim for the day.

She smelled nice, however, Miss Simmons did. A heady mixture of sweat, a musky perfume and something more. I only realized what the something more was towards the end of the lesson when we were training another move, where I ended up on my knees facing Miss Simmons. She stood very close, ignoring me and explaining the move to the other girls, and her legs were spread a bit, showing off her mature vulva and a distinct camel toe in her tight yoga pants.

That was of course where that delicate scent emanated from! She was aroused after her cavorting with me and the other girls! I could not help it; my eyes were glued to her visible and mature cunt and I felt very aroused at the thought of being between her thighs, servicing her needs by kissing and licking her snatch.

I licked my lips and then caught her gaze as she looked down at me, an amused smile on her face. “We’re finished for today, girls!” she announced and helped me stand up. As I stood there, very close to her, she added in a whisper: “I’d love to train you more Rita!” Then she kissed me on the cheek, stroked my hair in a maternal manner, and added: “Did you like being trained by me tonight, you lovely little slut?”

I blushed furiously and could only nod my head. “Good girl,” she whispered, making me shiver. My pussy was wet and I contracted my sphincter muscles around the plug. My nipples suddenly hardened. A teasing finger slowly slid down my front. She pulled me very close, as the other girls left the gym, chatting and laughing. Her eyes, close, bored into mine, and obviously saw the raw desire flaming. She smiled. Kissed me once, hard, on the lips and left me trembling, shuddering and dizzy with need.

Mom always worked late on Thursdays so I fixed dinner. Just a tossed salad and some good bread. I could not stop trembling. My body was screaming for release. I took a cold shower after dinner. Really cold. Standing there, shuddering, icy water cascading down over my body. I sprayed my needy pussy for a long time. Cooling it down. Thinking of all the stuff Granny would do to me tomorrow. Longing for her dominance, wanting to obey, lusting for her training.

The shower helped a bit. I dried my shivering body and put on my white fluffy bathrobe. I did complicated sums in my head and doodled. All doodles ended up looking like Granny. Except one which looked a lot like Miss Simmons. Without her clothes on.

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